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Big Glass Door



Big Glass Door


S T Harker


[] Copyright

Big Glass Door

by S T Harker

Copyright 2016 S T Harker

All Rights Reserved

Cover Design by S T Harker

Amazon Kindle Edition July 2016

Shakespir Edition July 2016

This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, trademarked products, events, and locations are fictitious or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual events or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.

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[] Beep 1

Is it supposed to beep like that? Just because it’s recording, I guess. Huh. Mine doesn’t do that when I do my little podcast. Never had a fancy set up like this, though. It’s just me and a microphone.

What do you call this? This one of those library making places? Makerspaces?

Fancy. I guess if people use it or need it or whatever it takes, huh.

After the internet we gotta find the fancy things. Can’t be just a library. Who needs a library? I mean, you got a whole recording studio in here, some video stuff over there.

Is that a lathe? What do they do, make a table leg while some poor bastard wants to record? Seems problematic.

But anyway.

You want to know about some of the stories that happened in the library while I was here. I get that. What is it, coming up on the centennial?

I don’t pay attention. Not like I should, I guess. I just let the years go by now, reading and puttering around, doing my little podcast. Tried writing a bit, but my hands don’t work like they used to. A lot of things don’t. Huh.

I guess start from the beginning. I came up, got my undergrad in teaching from the University of Southern Mississippi.

I wasn’t cut out for it. Did three years in Mississippi public schools in the sixties, watched them integrate and get a little better and then settle down into mediocrity.

Could not take it. Kids, all the damn kids, every day. Good ones, bad ones, I could never tell the difference. Just wanted to throttle most of them.

Tried to teach them stuff. Middle school, history and english. Back then you didn’t need to know anything about the specifics for the lower grades. I learned a lot of history right along with the kids. Lot of stuff about commas, too, but I forgot most of that.

Not like it matters much, but I guess to some people it’s a thing. Language is like the library, whatever you need it to be.

But anyway.

After my three years, I wanted out of the schools. Then I met my Angie, right here in the library. Well, not this one. The old one over on Second Street. But I guess a library isn’t a place.

They fill your head with all that? All the people at the ALA? Slogans and such. A library isn’t a place. A library molds minds. All that READ poster shit.

I see you smiling. They do. Sorry about the cussing, but they do.

No, don’t try to tell me it does good. I know it does. Puts out the image of the library as a refuge, a vault, a community place. All that and such. Doesn’t need to be more or less.

I met my Angie in the library that summer in the library. I come in for something, some dumb spy novel or what have you. Just something to pass the summer before I started back at the school.

And there she was. Loved her from the first second.

Angie didn’t work for the library. No. Just another patron like me. That first day, I didn’t even talk to her. Funny, huh? Didn’t have the courage to talk and now that’s all I do on my little podcast.

I kept coming back to the library and sometimes she’d be there and sometimes she wouldn’t. Then one day I got up the nerve. Easy as that.

Except, I been coming around the library so much looking for her that I started making friends with the folks behind the desk. Back then the place was run by Seymour Coggins, a good director. Children’s was Charlotte Gaines. And they needed a reference librarian.

I learned all this from Maryanne and Katie Clepper. They were clerks on the front desk and sisters. Did the stamping and greeting, typed up the cards for the catalog. Good ladies, and I think Maryanne had a thing for me and that’s why they pushed me for the job.

By then I had already asked Angie out, though.

Can’t think of life much different, but you never know. Me and Maryanne might have made a pair, but she married that Porter kid. The one with the dealership. They moved off. Don’t know where to.

They were sweet, though, Maryanne and Katie. Sisters, like I said, lived with their mother until they both married and moved off. Like I said, Maryanne went first and I don’t remember Katie leaving.

I know that sounds bad, but things fade.

So I got the job and we got married. Angie was working as a secretary over at the lawfirm of…. Can’t get his name either… He ran for mayor and left with all the money from the campaign and his secretary. Not Angie, the girl after her.

Doesn’t matter.

Working at the library was different than teaching, but a lot the same. Small town and all that.

Like I said, I was the reference librarian, but I also handled ILL. Interlibrary loan. Is that still a thing?


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Big Glass Door

  • ISBN: 9781370798063
  • Author: ST Harker
  • Published: 2016-07-22 01:50:09
  • Words: 6263
Big Glass Door Big Glass Door