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Becoming Hygge


Becoming Hygge

31-Day Challenge

Written by Hilda Christensen

Although the author and publisher have made every effort to ensure that the information in this book was correct at press time, the author and publisher do not assume and hereby disclaim any liability to any party for any loss, damage, or disruption caused by errors or omissions, whether such errors or omissions result from negligence, accident, or any other cause. No part of this book may be copied or used without written consent of the author.

List of Contents

Why is Hygge Important in Today’s World? 7

Essentials of Hygge 8

Being present 8

Mindfulness 8

Slowing down 8

Minimalism 9

Simplicity 9

Togetherness 9

Warmth 9

Creating safe space 9

Authenticity 10

Intimacy 10

Thoughtfulness 10

Traditions, Celebrations 10

Sense of community 11

Community building 11

Trust 11

Teamwork 11

Courtesy 11

Hygge in the Morning: Connect with Yourself 12

Waking up: Alarm Clock 12

Getting up: Prepare your mind for a beautiful day 12

Enjoyable exercise: Learn how to Love Every Movement of your Body 12

Breakfast: Mindful preparing 13

Fresh Shower – Energize Yourself with a Cold Sprinkle 13

Dressing up: Clothes Harmony 13

Leaving home and work: Hug and Kiss Mindfully 13

Hygge Exercise: 13

Hygge at work: Courtesy and Teamwork 15

Commuting: Say Good Morning to your Bus Driver 15

Meeting Coworkers: How did You Enjoy the Concert Yesterday? 15

Workspace: Tidy and Simple 15

Lunch: Shall We Eat? 16

Afternoon coffee/tea: Time to Briefly Discuss Future 16

Hygge Exercise: 16

Hygge in the Afternoon and Evening: Thoughtfulness and Closeness 18

Meeting friends or family: Listen First 18

Shopping: Finding Cozy, Little Shops 18

Community activities: Build Social Network 18

Dinner: Cooking Together 19

Hygge Exercise: 19

Hygge at night: warmth of home 21

Showering and bathing with scented candles 21

Preparing bed: Lighting Lamps+ Lavender 21

A Little Talk with Your Beloved Ones: “What Have You Enjoyed Today?” 21

Before Leaving for Land of Dreams: Imagine Your Ideal Tomorrow 22

Hygge during Weekends: Safe Space and Authenticity 23

Doing Chores: Ask for Help and Reward 23

Decorating Your Home: Simplicity, Light, Harmony 23

Visiting a Local Market 24

Going for Walks 24

Cooking Cookies Together 24

Reading Short Stories and Creating 24

Celebrations 25

Preparing them 25

Hosting people 25

Creating enjoyable atmosphere 25

31 Day Challenge: Becoming hygge/ living hygge lifestyle 26

**]Thank you:

Mom for all the little family celebrations,

Jaana for showing me the beauty of candlelight,

Eeva for all baking afternoons,

Paula for every early evening tea,

And all friends for helping me to live a hyggeligt life.

Why is Hygge Important in Today’s World?

Open your eyes fully, concentrate and see, for the first or not that first time, in what world you are living. After that, you can either like what you see or not. If you like it – then I am sure you have already heard about something I will talk about in this book, and I am glad about that. If the answer is “no”, then you are at the right place and with a great person to explain you everything.

Don't you like what you see? I understand, of course, that it's not something new if I say that bad things are happening in these days more than often and more than they should. If you ask me why they are bad- the answer is simple: they distort relationships. If you want me to give you an explanation or more of them, okay, the answer is even more simple. They can cause loneliness, solitude, feeling blue, fe ar, lack of confidence, egoism - and if you want me to continue, I could- but that would be one long list, without end.

Let's see that on few examples so popular nowadays, sadly: families do not hold together, fear of strangers, spreading fear of immigration, materialism, stinginess- again a list without end. We live in a time where everything is happening so fast, and all we can do is to watch and try to understand as good as we can so when we grow older we would have some stories to tell our children and the children of our children.

Is that our only possibility? Is accepting this the only thing we can do? No, I don't think so. We always have a choice- so let's see what that choice is. Let's think again. When the whole world is in a rush is it possible to slow down and find joy in little things? It is.

Just one word – Hygge! How can hygge help us solve everything that is making us feel uncomfortable?

It’s simple. Hygge can help us not just slowing down this more than a fast world, but helping us focus, widen our focus and heart, understand people, create intimate connections with people, allow us to live simpler, happier and more enjoyable life. Sounds impossible – but hygge is more than possible and more than available.

That’s an enjoyable lifestyle that you can start following in every moment! So, let’s find out together what hygge is and how to become hygge in a little amount of time!

Essentials of Hygge

We have just started talking about hygge lifestyle; about what would we learn from reading this book. We talked about examples of what’s happening these days. When you think again about terms I gave you, it’s obvious that they can be organized in few sections. So, let’s finish this introduction part and dive into explanation!


Let’s start with the first one and probably the most important one – that’s the relationship with you. One word – reconnection. That is the first thing you need to do to live a happier life. Relax, find happiness in little things, let your spirit be free and you will immediately get in a joyful state of mind.

After that, it would be more than easy not just to love yourself but to also love other people and enjoy their presence. There are a few terms that are essential for this topic, so let’s explain them.

Being present

The Past is something that is over – so why do we need to think about that when we can’t change something that has passed? Future is something that will happen, so why do we need to focus on something that will or won’t happen?

Again, the answer is simple – we only need to concentrate on something that is going on now, because now we can make things better before they became a not that pretty past or give our best to let good things happen in the future.


It’s as simple as I say: we need to do things mindfully. Think twice before doing something, put as much effort as it is required to make good decisions and not regret anything.

Slowing down

We need to let ourselves enjoy everyday or odd activities, have enough time to concentrate and live life to the fullest. Forget about rush- take your time and use every minute wisely.


It’s unnecessary to say that we do not need that many stuff we have – so let’s change that. Let’s only buy and keep things we need. Little by little, we will become more and happier.


Even with the things we have, we need to make them simpler. Decorations are okay, but only if they aren’t something shabby. Calm the chaos in your mind and your stuff so you can continue with the changes in your life.


The next one is relationships with family and friends. It’s obvious that this illuminating lifestyle can help us to build deeper relationships with the people who are surrounding us and not just that – you become less selfish and more focused on other people’s needs. Your priorities change. as it is important for you to be happy, it is important for others. The final goal is to have a smile on your face when you see someone else is smiling. Let’s talk about terms.


As the word says – it is enjoying being together with other people: someone you love or your close ones. Choose people wisely and then do your best to have them in your life forever.


As it is too important to surround yourself with people you like, it is also important to create a warm atmosphere. The best tip how to do it is to recognize new things about people – although that means you actually see them, not just look at them like you would look at something that is not worth your time.

Creating safe space

If you ask someone for help you can’t ask for something enormous and complicated – the tasks should be simple and easy. When you think about other’s people feelings, you don’t want them to have a hard time fulfilling your orders. Also, criticism is not allowed.


Not only to be yourself, but letting others to also be by creating safe space for them. Every person is unique on her/his own way. It would be a huge mistake if authenticity isn’t something that describes you or anybody else- in case you copy someone- who will replace your personality if you are busy trying to be same as someone who is original? Exactly- no one, it would be gone forever- one amazing personality would be lost because that person tried to be someone else. Never choose to be a copy!


We need to create close and intimate relationships with the people we love and that’s something that goes with time and needs a lot effort. Letting people in our life is often a process which is often pretty hard for both sides. Although when we change our habits nothing should be hard for us!


We need to understand others and pay attention to their desires, wishes, and needs. When someone comes to our place, the smallest but so important thing we can do is to ask is he/she thirsty or does want something to eat. Little action but proof that the person means something to us.

Traditions, Celebrations

We have so much to learn about, to explore local traditions and accept, incorporate them into our lives, if we like them, of course. When we talk about celebrations – we need to let others help us. Everyone is happy when participates in celebrations – that would make your relationships even tighter – so plan celebrations with family and friends, cultivate relationships on purpose.


And finally, relationships with the outer world – this delightful lifestyle helps us noticing other people, build friendly relationships, sense of community, make everyone feel special and loved – make little “families” where ever we work or live.

Sense of community

This is built by spending time together with other people, have experiences- and by that time you get a lot of memories together. To have a sense of community- you need to understand people who surround you and pay attention to little things they like or not. Putting other people’s wishes in front of yours means not just that you have feelings for them- it also means you respect them and that’s the definition of sense of community (and a definition of being a good person).

Community building

You need to initiate activities that will trigger social networking like talking, exchanging tips and tricks or more. Those activities could be barbecuing or picnicking in the park.


Here we are – the most important thing in the human relationships. Feel free to trust people, have confidence in them and let them trust you as well – by creating as good opportunities as you can for that.


Connection with the group you are working with – by supporting hierarchical structures, learning how to work in a team, interact with others by respecting everyone. You need to learn when to take on leadership and when to step back and allow someone else to lead – because the goal is to fulfill the request, not to raise your ego.


Lastly, you need to be courteous with others, think of other people's needs- because just in that case everyone can be happy, your relationships would continue to expand, and you would feel better in the place where you work. That can be numerous activities- like holding doors or carrying something for a person with weak hands.

Hygge in the Morning: Connect with Yourself

From the second you open your eyes, let the positive energy get in your body, feel how your body is being filled with it. The morning is the most important part of the day. So, if you start your day with a smile there are good chances that you will finish it in the same mood, and that’s our goal. So, take your time to start your day in the best possible way.

Waking up: Alarm Clock

You first need to think about how much time you need to get rested – so if you are busy today, don’t party the night before or stay up all night. Sleep is important for your body, so make sure you sleep enough and well. Think about your time and you won’t be tired anymore. When you need to get up early, set a pleasant melody for an alarm clock.

It’s always better to wake up with the sounds you like – that would maybe make you sing or dance in the sounds of your favorite melody – simply said: you will feel energized and be willing to wake up when your ears are filled with pleasant melody. After some time, alarm clock won’t be needed – you will wake up by yourself and be ready to start your day without any melody – because your habits would fully change after you become hygge and learn how to love and respect life, yourself and others.

Getting up: Prepare your mind for a beautiful day

The second you wake up, let pleasant thoughts fill your mind, heart, and body. Be positive and always look at the things from an optimistic point of view, because everything you imagine can be realized just if you believe enough – so, believe in yourself and love yourself if you want others to love you and believe in you. Think about what you will do in the day and then do your best to fulfill that during the day. Your mood would be ameliorating with positive thoughts or citations or whatever you think that could help you live happier and better life.

Enjoyable exercise: Learn how to Love Every Movement of your Body

Even though a lot of people are tired in the mornings – when you become hygge the verb “tired” won’t be the one which would explain you. Use your time in the morning to relax by exercise, for example: take courses on tai-chi, or yoga, or whatever you think would help. Be active and do a favor to your body by keeping it in good shape. Mens sana in corpore sano (a sound mind in a sound body) – don’t ever forget that!

Breakfast: Mindful preparing

Breakfast is the most important meal, so put as much time is needed in preparation. That won’t need to be something difficult – a bowl of flakes with dried fruit would be as good as some hard-to-make meal if you put a little effort – at least to think about how to combine the tastes. For the people who need coffee in the morning the best would be to enjoy every sip, to sit or lay and watch something interesting, read a book or simply just think about how happy you are and grateful for this morning – because someone doesn’t have it.

Time is important – you never know how much of it is left.

Fresh Shower – Energize Yourself with a Cold Sprinkle

Take your time to choose and buy an aromatic soap so the shower in the mornings would be more relaxing. Find your favorite scent and let yourself enjoy in energizing cold shower which would make you ready for whatever is happening later in the day.

Dressing up: Clothes Harmony

It is important what you are wearing, so choose colors which would make you feel as good as they could. Make your own harmony with colors, have fun to choose pieces that go together and remember – the most important is to feel comfortable in them.

Leaving home and work: Hug and Kiss Mindfully

There isn't much to explain here- let people feel how happy you are. Kisses and hugs are meant to show others your feelings, to make them feel safe and loved. Express yourself with actions- show emotions, there is nothing wrong with that. Hold people you love tight, kiss them often- and they will be happy near you.

Hygge Exercise:

How much time do you need for morning hygge?

What is a minimum of time you need to get prepared?

What do you usually do in the morning?

How do you love spending morning?

What would you like to do more of?

What hygge habit would you like to incorporate in your life?

How much extra time do you think you will need?

Hygge at work: Courtesy and Teamwork

Commuting: Say Good Morning to your Bus Driver

It is simple to be polite when you want, that’s just a little effort, just to say some words which will make someone’s day. Think about how he or she feels. They work every day, help people to get wherever they need to or want to be, but no one ever thinks about how does it feel when nobody greets you. Like you are not a person and don’t need to be greeted – like you don’t deserve someone’s attention. And that’s sad – so let’s change that!

Be a person who makes other people smiling because your little is too much for someone else. You will create a pleasant atmosphere all around you if you are behaving right and making people near you feel good and extraordinary. Little effort for a lot of joy.

Meeting Coworkers: How did You Enjoy the Concert Yesterday?

Just one little question will make someone’s day. Why? Because your question will mean not just that you want to know person’s experiences from the concert – it would mean that you remember what he or she told you while talking about something common.

While people share information, they consider that you’ll forget, because everyone has his/her problems or things to do. But you’ll be different. You’ll proof people that they mean something to you and that you remembered what they told you. You weren’t just nodding and thinking about something else – your thoughts were with them, and you were and are an excellent friend which they will remember.

Workspace: Tidy and Simple

If you want to feel okay, you need to create a good atmosphere around you, starting with your interior. Even little bit of psychical work would make you feel better – the fact you are doing something for yourself would immediately make a smile appear on your face and make you more beautiful.

You’ll complete that with creating harmony. You can do it with candles, drawings; cozy bonds or something that you think would help you. You’ll decorate it the best way you could, and that will result in increasing your mood. You’ll feel better whenever you are in the place or room that you have decorated and be instantly productive because of that fact.

Lunch: Shall We Eat?

This is a great time to connect with your coworkers even more. Why would you eat alone when you can have a great time and talk with a people you have a same or similar profession with? If you ask yourself with whom you should have a lunch- the answer is simple- with everyone! Give all your coworkers a chance. Even though you don’t speak much with someone – that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give your relationship an opportunity to grow.

Who knows, maybe exactly that person share the most of your interests? Food and chat are a best combination- so use it wisely because nothing is more interesting than making new friends and meeting people in general. It's always fun to try new things and food is one of the best topics or excuses you can use to talk with people.

Who knows, maybe some of your coworkers know a great new restaurant with your favorite food and will enjoy visiting it with you? Use every chance you can to make bonds between you and other people tighter.

Afternoon coffee/tea: Time to Briefly Discuss Future

Another excellent opportunity to use your communication skills and make new relationships. Everyone has some vice – drinking either coffee or tea. You just need to use it in the best possible way – to connect with people over them. That would be short but experience worth remembering, and I’m sure your coworkers will be amazed if you suggest going out after work because everyone needs a break – and a break with coffee/tea and with small chat is the best possible break!

That’s not something as big as lunch but long enough for a small talk about either project you are working on together or something out of work, hobbies, interests or whatever you feel that you and your friend would like to talk about and both have a good time.

Hygge Exercise:

Try to find something stunning and impressive about someone you barely know but meet from time to time. What did you find?

What are beloved interests of your coworkers?

How could you make your workspace more hyggeligt*?

*hyggeligt is an adjective with the roots in the word ‘hygge’= like pleasurable.

Hygge in the Afternoon and Evening: Thoughtfulness and Closeness

Meeting friends or family: Listen First

As someone who pays attention to other people's feelings, you should listen first - let the others say what they have, what is in their minds for a long time or only said - if they want to share something with you- let them do that. You will feel special because you are the chosen person to be talked with or to share secrets with.

After that, you can say whatever you have, suggest topics, ask their opinions. It’s not important in which topic your wishes to speak are from – it’s possible – after you let the person you have dialog with to finish.

Shopping: Finding Cozy, Little Shops

Wherever you live in, there are always places you don’t know about, or you have just heard. So, there is always an opportunity to search for great new places and expand common places you usually go to. Because how can you be sure that you love or don’t love some sort of food, sport or art if you haven’t tried it already.

And of course – do that with your friends or family members – whoever you want to do with, just don’t be alone – because it is a shame and damage to go somewhere alone while you have a lot of people that will be more than willing to be your company.

That can be some new shop where you can find unique cozy things. Maybe for your decoration or for present to someone – the reason isn’t that important, but the fact you have changed your habit and went out with someone so amazing just shows you that little by little you are becoming hygge and making your lifestyle fit in a hygge one.

Community activities: Build Social Network

Take the lead and be the one to suggest activities. It doesn’t matter which activity is in question but if you have a company and they enjoy it – it’s perfect. That can be pick nicks, barbecue meet-ups at your favorite restaurant or café – wherever you feel comfortable and where you think your company will feel alright. Remember not to be selfish in making decisions.

First, it is important to be sure that other’s will like the place you have chosen and then that you are okay with it. You are going out with them – so it is important to make them satisfied, and by that, you’ll get satisfied too.

After fulfilling other people's wishes - you get extra points on the "good friend's list"- which means you become more and more socialized, more and more ready to make new friends - simply said - you become a favorite person to spend time with.

Dinner: Cooking Together

Like we were talking about in the part where we were discussing going out with someone to the restaurant – here are we now – making our own food. Cooking is one of the simplest ways to improve your relationships with people – because you not just spend time together but produce new things. The biggest and the best part here if we talk about socialization is communication with your company, with ones you have chosen to spend time with and the ones you have decided to make food for.

You can try something you both like to eat but never have an opportunity to make, something one of you knows how to make and will teach others also or something entirely unknown for all of you – and that’s probably the most fun part – so I highly recommend you trying that.

I hope that your recipes would end up tasty- but either if they don't - you'll know that you have an enjoyable time, so I guess that you'll have a lot of fun tidying and making up the kitchen again after a cooking catastrophe the same after a tasty food. Learn new things. Or learn what not to do if you want to make new things.

In both cases, you’ll have more experience and laugh – maybe because you have made a funny mistake or because your tasty recipes ended up not that tasty. In any case, your time was spent in the greatest possible way.

Hygge Exercise:

What hygge tools can you use more of while talking with your family/ friends?

What is happening with your buddies/family that is important for them?

Which part of town have you always wanted to visit?

What kind of social events would you like to organize/ be part of?

What food could you cook together so that others can join you?

Hygge at night: warmth of home

Showering and bathing with scented candles

After a hard-working day, your best friend is relaxing, and you’ll get along pretty good. Hot bath with scented candles around or rose petals or whatever you think that make you feel more relaxed and let you forget about the job you had that day.

Because night is a time for remembering things you need to do and forgetting about obligations. That’s a time to finish with your duties in your mind – you’ll work tomorrow, you’ll think your job tomorrow and have a help of your colleagues and coworkers, so everything’s going to be okay.

But now – the only important thing is to close your eyes and relax in the hot bath. Let your phone in your room – this isn’t a time to get interrupted by work or whatever else – this is your time and us it in the best way you can.

Preparing bed: Lighting Lamps+ Lavender

After a pleasant bath, specifically the hot one, you are feeling not just relaxed but tired. After some time in hot water and scented candles, you feel like you are ready to dive into a dream world and sleep without waking up till the tomorrow morning.

Let’s make the atmosphere even cozier by lighting lamps in your bedroom and have something that has a lavender scent. That can be a body lotion or something that will make your room smell amazing. Lavender is famous for its anti-stress effect and on its easy making you to feel sleepy – a cure from nature. So, lavender is the awesome choice if you are searching for something to make you forget about busy world and job.

A Little Talk with Your Beloved Ones: “What Have You Enjoyed Today?”

The person near you that sleeps on the other side of your bed that is always cheering you up that is always here for you. In two words – the chosen one. Your second half. Before diving into a world of dreams, you need to find out how was your love’s day.

Sorry, you don’t NEED TO, but it would be amazing if you do. You should be curious about his/her day and if something great happened, you should share the joy and be both happy. But if something bad happened – he/she needs to know that you are here for them and ready to comfort them. To share sadness, if that’s in question, to fix every problem that can be fixed or simply to wipe their tears if the situation is that serious.

That is more than just "everything is going to be okay"- that's proof. When you look into your partner’s eyes and repeat this while you are giving reasons why it is going to be fine – then your partner will be calmed.

Your partner needs to feel loved, and you also need to feel that way in the opposite direction. So, let’s find out was everything okay today and share experiences from a new day – because every day is special for its own reason, don’t hesitate to find that out.

Before Leaving for Land of Dreams: Imagine Your Ideal Tomorrow

Okay, after you have a little talk with your partner about what have happened today, it’s time to forget everything that can stop you in your decision to fall asleep and use a little bit of time that is left before fulfilling that decision for imagining and planning what will happen tomorrow.

You can talk about that with your partner, but also can hold your thoughts for yourself. But remember – talking create tight bonds as long as you share your thoughts with your partner there won’t be problems. After thinking about obligations for tomorrow, you can move to the nearest future, your dreams.

That can be a little chat about what will you like to happen in your dreams or your partner’s dreams. You can talk about your desires, fantasies, wishes – about whatever you want to say – and say it. After that, little kisses for a good night would be amazing and then hug your chosen person and let your body and mind rest from a busy day.

The psychical touch would make you more relaxed and make your bonds tighter than if both of you turned to their sides – you sleep together, why do you need to move from each other when you can hug all night, be warmer and feel your partner’s body near yours. Sweet dreams! And after hygge tips that is guaranteed!

Hygge during Weekends: Safe Space and Authenticity

Doing Chores: Ask for Help and Reward

Hygge teaches you that is okay to ask for help – more than okay – because hygge is about doing things together – because only by that you’ll have fun and finish things faster in the same time. If someone used his time to help you – respect that.

Don’t be one of those people who forget when someone helped them, just ask for a favor, but never does something for you – that people are just using you – and you don’t need them in your life. So, after your friend or whoever helped you – show them how much that means to you.

Show them how grateful you are by going out with them for a coffee, tea or buy them cookies, or whatever their favorite food is. Because food is one of the best options to thank people and by going out for their favorite food you’ll show them that you do remember when they told you what they like and love – again, points on your “good friend” list.

Decorating Your Home: Simplicity, Light, Harmony

Your home should be a definition of harmony if you think about decorations, so choose them wisely. Colors should represent peace, so what colors come to your mind when you think about peace, these colors should be present in your home. Shapes, materials – the same story. What do you think will make you calmer – use that.

The good scent is also important- that can be air fresher with distinct floral smell or whatever is your favorite one - but the same job can candle do - your only job is to find ones that you think would fit in your room the way you'll like that. Fruit and flowers should be present, so try at least to put them in bowl or pot and decorate windows or tables.

When I mentioned windows – make sure that your rooms are light – have big windows with moved curtains because you can’t let light in your heart if there isn’t light in your room!

Visiting a Local Market

If shopping is something you do on a daily/weekly basis – why not try to make it more fun by going with your family or friends? You can make simple, everyday tasks great and make them attractive to both you and your friends.

You don’t need to buy something every time – it’s also okay to look, plan what will you buy, listen to the suggestions of your company. Shopping won’t be boring ever again.

Going for Walks

When you can combine something good for you and fun – that’s the best compromise ever! You don’t need to always go to the restaurants or cafés – it’s less expensive and healthier for your body if you go for a walk in nature.

You can combine a walk with activities like volleyball, football, basketball or whatever sport or activity you and your company love. Time will pass, and you will feel stronger – because as you are working on your mind, you need to work on your body too – and this is a great opportunity.

Cooking Cookies Together

Food makes people closer – that’s the fact. The fastest way to someone’s heart is by stomach – but this time in question is cookies off all food. That means even children can participate. That can be a family reunion or when you want to make your kids or your friend’s/family’s kids happy by making cookies with them. They can choose molds or put a glaze on finished cookies.

Simple tasks which will make all of them have a good time and enjoy in something they made by themselves with a little bit of help.

Reading Short Stories and Creating

Again, an activity in which you can let your kids participate. This is a time to show them how reading is important. Someone will read out loud, and the others will listen, draw on that topic or paint.

That is going to be amazing because you can use their creations to decorate your rooms or to save them till they grow up and then let them show that to their children. Numerous activities – a good will and little bit of time are the only things needed.


There are always reasons to celebrate something when you have a hygge lifestyle. You are reminding people that you love them by inviting them to various celebrations or by coming to the ones they have invited you. There are three steps when we are talking about parties:

Preparing them

You need to create a list with everything you’ll need for a celebration. If you have hard time choosing something- you can always ask for help- that would make preparations even more interesting. When you create a list all you have to do after that is to follow it.

Hosting people

It’s important to be charismatic and to have a smile on your face whole night/ day. Your guests need to feel how grateful and happy you are for having them by your side. You can’t forget greeting with every guest- at the beginning and in the end.

Creating enjoyable atmosphere

Nobody should feel lonely at your celebration. As a host- you need to pay attention to your every guest. The atmosphere depends on you- so do your best to make it worth remembering. Talk with everyone, meet people with other people, be funny- nothing can break the tension as good as few witty jokes. Have a good time in general.

If you want your celebration to end up well – all you need to do is to fulfill these steps the best you can.

31 Day Challenge: Becoming hygge/ living hygge lifestyle

After reading this book you have learned a lot of new things, have questioned a lot of stuff you have done in the past – but now that part is over – now it’s time to use everything you have read theoretically practically.

You can always go back and reread the book, to make sure you don’t forget something important about hygge – but we all know that’s impossible. Magnificent lifestyle can’t be forgotten and everyone near you would realize that.

When they see how happier you have become just because of hygge – they will be more than willing to try it by themselves – and till you blink with your eyes – hygge is spreading – happier style of life is spreading.

Now when you have learned what the hygge is – here it is. A list of activities you can do with people you like. Of course, practicing the actual activities is important – but more important is to feel hyggeligt.

It is important to do various, and numerous activities – but more important is to think positive, to make your thoughts cleaner from worries, anger, bad thoughts or whatever that can make you feel the way you don’t want to feel.

Simply said – that can make you feel different from happy. Happiness truly is a goal of hygge. Because activities just remind you of what you are and what you have learned – but, as you know, the hardest part to become hygge is to fix your thoughts and change the way you look at the life.

That is the most difficult part – but after a little effort, the results would be seen till you blink with your eyes. Life with a Danish concept of living hygge is a happier life. On your own is, will you try it or not.

This list should give you examples of what you can do to have fun and make your life better – combined with your changed way of thinking.

Let’s dive into examples!

Like we have learnt, you first need to realize how to love yourself if you want others to love you. Feel good in your own body, respect everything you are. Hygge shows you how to have a great time with others- but also by yourself.

It’s not a secret that everyone need a time for themselves occasionally. So, here it is- the list of examples what you can do in your free time when you want to be alone or when others are too busy.

1. Find a cozy little shop

2. Buy scented candles

3. Explore local traditions, try new things

4. Keep the decorations and things simple

5. Buy and keep only things you need

6. Prepare a celebration

7. Host a celebration

8. Take courses on tai-chi

9. Make breakfast

10. Have a cold energizing shower

11. Pick up your clothes

12. Decorate your workspace

13. Find other people’s beloved interests

14. Ask people for help if you can’t fulfill something

15. Talk with the people you have already known or meet the new ones

16. Exchange tips and tricks with people near you

17. Read short stories

18. Visit a local market

19. Decorate your home

20. Reward people who have helped you

21. Draw or paint, be creative

22. Prepare your bed – buy lighting lamps and lavender

Now let’s talk about activities you can do with other people. Like we have discussed – the reasons why it is important to have good relationships with other people are numerous. You are making people happy and because of that, you are also happy.

Helping someone, spending time with someone, whatever the reason is - socialization is one of the most important things for every healthy person with clear thoughts. Be surrounded with people that you like and do whatever is needed to keep them by your side- because the value of an individual is the number of his or her friends, people who are near her/him whenever is needed.

Here is the list.

23. Cook together with friends and family

24. Barbecue with friends and family

25. Pick nick with your friends and family

26. Meet your coworkers

27. Go out for lunch with your coworkers

28. Go out for a walk

29. Hug and kiss people you love

30. Plan celebrations with your family and friends

31. Visit a café with friends or family

Now you have seen how to make your life and life of people around you hyggeligt. Please, help me spread this magnificent art of living throughout the world and share it with your friends.

What are your favorite hygge activities? How did you enjoy this book? Please get in touch! Here is my e-mail address: [email protected].

Becoming Hygge

Hygge – a simple word, a depth of meaning. "Open your eyes fully, concentrate and see, for the first or not that first time, in what world you are living..." Let this book take you for a beautiful adventure – to enjoy your life to the fullest. We the Danes are the most happy nation in the world. Why not join us and spread the happiness throughout the world? They say - to learn how to go down the path, you need to become the path yourself. Let this book show you how to experience the omnipresent and pleasurable feeling of hygge. Meet the essential principles of hygge and let you see how they can show in everyday life. Let it take you from the first blink of your eyes in the morning, through the challenges of work, to the last blink in the night and get curious about what to do in between! Enjoy 31 days of adding up little hyggeligt habits in your life for that hygge becomes natural part of you. Short and simple: let this book show you how to Become Hygge - click and buy hyggeligt!

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  • Published: 2017-04-02 19:50:12
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Becoming Hygge Becoming Hygge