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Chapter One. 7

Begin within. 7

Within my body. 8

I learned something from my death. 9

What went wrong in our life? 12

“Why them and not us?” 13

Choose to begin within. 16

Chapter two. 18

Know Thyself. 18

I felt so free 19

Who are you? 19

Start by asking yourself; 20

Psychological Types 21

What is your personality type? 24

Chapter Three. 26

Reason for Existence. 26

The purpose of life. 27

What is your life purpose? 28

What do you want to give? 30

Intuition power 33

Basic intuition exercise. 34

Chapter Four. 38


“Towards” pattern People. 39

“Away from” pattern people. 40

Differentiate between pain and pleasure. 43

Chapter Five. 46

The Mystery of Genius 46

Are you genius? 47

10,000 hour rule 49

Opportunity. 50

Chapter six 53

The Mystery of beliefs. 53

Beliefs. 54

You CAN DO what YOU THINK you CAN do. 57



I take immense pleasure in thanking the Almight God, not only because he gave me a chance to born and live on this Earth; but also for what he implanted within; I thank him for his spirit in me and everything that I am going through.

I extend my gratitude to my wife, love of my heart Secilia Njaidi, my beautiful son; Brian Tenganamba and my mother Dr. Christine Hongoke whose their encouragement, care and patient was an instrumental in accomplishing this task.

Needless to mention that my publisher who had been a source of inspiration and for his timely guidance in writing of this book.

Words are inadequate in offering my thanks to all sisters and brothers of mine, Rose Tenganamba, Stella, Grace Tenganamba, Sibrina, Teofrida, Anorld, Epaphras, Cleophace and many others of whom I care so much for their encouragements and cooperation in carrying this work.

In addition to that I thank all people; of whom I have quoted their various sayings; stories. I admire them for what they have done to my life. May Almighty God bless them.

Finally, yet very importantly, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all my friends and all readers for their help and wishes for the successful completion of this book.GOD bless you all.

By Geophrey A. Tenganamba


Genius is a path that we can all take and derive much benefit, happiness, fulfillment, and success from… not a genetic windfall or divine gift. Ultimately, this is the path to greatness.

All great geniuses are incredibly extra ordinary in their own ways. They’re able to take what is known, dream of new possibilities, and bring them into the world. Every mathematical enigma solved, every masterful symphony composed, every revolutionary machine invented, every brilliant philosophy penned, every great corporation built… they all sprang from a person with an extraordinary abilities.

Most of us regard GENIUS— as a mysterious gift that can’t be explained or cultivated and some other people like to think that geniuses are so inherently extraordinary that they navigate their journeys with clairvoyant ease. This simply isn’t true. Genius is a process, not providence. It requires that you make sacrifices, interests, and—sometimes—possessions. And it all starts from within.

A FEW YEARS AGO, I heard a wonderful story by osho, which I’m very fond of telling.

Once there was a woodcutter who used to cut wood from forest and sell it in the market to earn his living. Every day he used to come across a sage meditating in the forest. He used to feel some kind of attraction towards that sage but sage never used to talk to any one.

One day he decided to take blessings from the Sage. So he went to the sage for his blessings. Sage just said “go deep into the forest” and closed his eyes in meditation. That day Woodcutter went deep inside the forest and to his surprise he found big sandal wood trees. That day he made lot of money enough for one week. Now he used to cut sandalwood only in a week.

After some days he felt I should go more deep inside the forest and to his surprise he found the silver mine just ahead of the place where he had stopped last time. Now he was very happy, almost on the 7th heaven. He came back and thanked the Sage but sage repeated his words “go deep into the forest” and he went still further inside the forest.

To his surprise he found Gold mine there. For a while he thought it’s a dream. Then he thought why not go still further.

[_So the Woodcutter went very deep inside the forest. Path was not easy and there was danger of wild animals also. But some voice was constantly asking him keep on moving inside the forest. At times he was scared also and wanted to turn back and enjoy the luxurious life by selling Gold. _]

Any other day he would have stopped and turn back but today some inner voice was pushing him towards the forest. At last he came across a diamond mines. He was literally shocked. It was too much. He sat under the tree and remembers his past. Few weeks ago he was a poor Woodcutter earning every day just enough to feed his family and today he is the richest person in the whole country.

Long time he sat under a tree and then he realized its all because of the blessings of that sage. And there must be some thing better than this Diamond mines that’s why sage is not after these diamonds.

He came back and fell at the feet’s of the sage and asked for his blessings again.

Sage took him up by arms and said “All the while I was waiting for you only. Now go deep inside your heart. You will come across many beautiful experiences; extra ordinary things and many spiritual powers will come to you. But don’t stop there. Just keep on moving inside until you find yourself.”

It all starts within.The seed of greatness exists in every human being. Analyzing the lives of geniuses in a wide range of intellectual, artistic, and athletic pursuits confirms this concept. From Mozart to Bobby Fischer to Bill Gates to the Beatles, their diverse journeys from nothing toward excellence in their respective fields shared a common denominator: they all started within.

If you’ve picked up this book, if you’ve come to this material, chances are you’re here because you are a seeker of knowledge, you are looking for answers, you are in pain or perhaps you want to be extra ordinary.

For whatever reason that brought you to the pages of this book, be prepared to trully recover your destiny, to remember your unlimited potential, and to build your own world.

The secrets you’re about to uncover are from number of ancient wisdom systems, blended together to truly build you up and make you more than you can ever begin to imagine.

Geophrey A. Tenganamba——AUTHOR






[] Chapter One.

“The Universe is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper”

Bertrand Russell


[] Begin within.

[]Within my body.

There was a period in my life in which I simply was not fully present to what was going on within me. I was very unhappy during that period, personally, professionally, and emotionally, and my life was feeling like a failure on all levels. Few years ago after publication of my first Swahili book (Kichwa Chako ni Dhahabu). I thought I was smart enough to start a new company with a good friend of mine. I was completely unprepared when I answered the telephone from my long time friend. He introduced me about his business deal. He said he’d been trying to contact me for some time. A few days later, he called me. He told me he had a business deal to share with me. He assured me that all he wanted to do was pick my brain. I was happy to meet him. We discussed and concluded to start a new company. And Perfect Path Innovators was born.

Perfect Path Innovators was very promising company in the beginning. Few months’ later money started coming into my life like a river through Perfect Path Innovators. Because of that, I stopped writing and doing radio show. I became so busy, so self-directed, lost touch with my inner voice and my sense of self because of this new company. It was that time, my girlfriend got pregnant. I thought I was growing rich, but rather my life was falling apart piece by piece unknowingly.

Two years later, my business partner I trusted, stole everything I invested and worked for two years. And Perfect Path Innovators Company died. I don’t want to go in detail for now.

For the next few months I could barely eat or sleep. I worked and prayed, but there was no more progress in Perfect Path Innovators and all my businesses. Because of the financial problems, my most intimate relationship, started to fall apart too.

I wanted to die, when I heard my mother- in law said:

“We cannot give you our daughter, when we are not sure how she’s going to survive with you”.

I wanted to be rich in a minute to prove that I can take care of her, and my son in her womb. I was frustrated, discouraged and unfocused. I wanted someone to tell me; “you can handle it”.

In my own room, alone, crying. My girlfriend is pregnant and had no money, no job and the landlord wanted me to move out of the house immediately. I tried to think and ended up with headaches. I just wanted my life to end there. I had many friends but no one was there to hold my hands, maybe there were so busy with their own problems. Sometime I blamed God, how can he let this happen to me?

Sometime I thought maybe it was a mistake from the very beginning. A day I was born, parents I was born with; color, life and country. And friends I had. I just wanted to die and be born in another family, may be in Donald Trump family with another color and another continent and another name. I wanted to bury everything about me and incarnated as a new one with a new skin. Crazy thoughts!

How could this happen to me?

Each thought made me more nauseated than the one before it. I was in pain. Joy was a completely unfamiliar emotion in my life at that time. Everything started here; it was from this time when my life started falling apart. I lost the confidence I had before. Sometime I thought may be God was punishing me for what I have or have not done.

This cocktail of events had me at the lowest place I had ever been in life. The hurt and the pain were vivid. I felt slighted and disgusted. I was hurt. I felt stupid, betrayed, lost, confused, scared, angry, unimportant, and unattractive. Even the woman, who loved and believed in me, couldn’t believe in me anymore. I had no idea that this was just the beginning of a collapse that would span five years. It was October 2010 when I started my businesses; written my first book and January, 2012 started making more money with my friend through Perfect Path Innovators. It was December 25, 2012, when the proverbial brick hit me in the head. And it didn’t stop there.

We all have those days when we feel down, ugly, betrayed and totally lost. In those times, we need something, some little thing to pick us up. For me, on this day, it was the true story of a woman who came from dead.

These were her own words;

[] I learned something from my death.

“The next few minutes we were out crossing over the road to the other side. Shanitha, Declan and Prisca were behind us.

I was totally intoxicated by his love, that I couldn’t see the car which was coming fast to my side with high speed.

I heard the screech of the braking tires. Turning quickly to the sound, I saw the car, skidding Mercedes Benz which was about to smash over my body. It was very fast, that I couldn’t even try to move myself. Benjamin was on the other side safe, he rushed speedily and pushed me to the other side and took over my place. It missed my head, but my chest slammed into the side mirror as the car passed, ripping my shirt from my chest and flinging the framed photo out into the street where it shattered on impact.

Benjamin, however, was standing directly in front of the car. Its bumper smashed into Benjamin’s legs which buckled from under him. Benjamin’s body flew across the hood of the car. His head and body came to a crushing stop, smashing against the car’s windshield.

Behind that car, there was oncoming lumber truck which had crossed the center line.

Moving fast to Declan and Shanitha direction. Who were running away from the same Mercedes benz. Prisca Kiwia was behind them.

The truck was over the speed limit, It missed Prisca, but Declan and Shanitha were bumped from behind. Declan’s body flew above and throwned to the other side of the road. Shanitha’s body was also throwned to another side like a stone.

I saw Benjamin laying beside me motionless. Like Declan, his legs were twisted under his body, obviously broken. He bled from the back of his head, which now made circular indentation into the shattered safety glass. Crawling desperately for something to stop the bleeding, I felt a tremendous pain. I yelled in pain, “Agghh,”

The pain was immense, I took a deep breath , screamed at people who were watching us in a shock through my clenched teeth, “Call an ambulance!”

The driver, a woman, cut across the chest and face, stumbled out of the car, toward Declan. Crying hysterically she sobbed, “Oh, my God. Oh my God!”

I felt faint, knowing I was about to black out. I tried to move, but I couldn’t. Everything seemed to be caving in. My vision narrowed as if I were viewing the situation through a closing tunnel and, by some miracle, all my pain in my body stopped. My hands ,legs and head all went numb as I made one last attempt to move. Exhausted and disheartened, I had no more fight left in me. I felt no attachment to my body as it was lying on the ground. It didn’t feel as though it were mine. It looked far too small and insignificant to house what I was experiencing. I felt free, liberated, and magnificent!

Every pain, ache, sadness, and sorrow was gone. I was completely unencumbered, and I couldn’t recall feeling this way before—not ever.

It was a good feeling. I don’t know if it was hallucination but I saw myself going out of my body as new, like someone who was locked inside the house and now was out.

I felt completely renewed and out from a house. It made me feel as though I was locked in a shell and now I was free.

My body has died but my kernel, the consciousness was alive and strong. It was then I realized that death can never destroy the consciousness. And I can continue to live in spite of the breaking of the shell. Death cannot penetrate inside of us—it occur outside of us.

The next thing I knew was strange. Which makes no sense to me as I recall it, being out of the body; I watched doctors coming from the ambulance and carried my body. They left me in the ambulance and went back for Benjamin, Shanitha and Declan. They were such loving doctors.

The more strange thing. I was able to travel anywhere – any place within seconds. And pass through anything.

The next minutes, I followed the ambulance behind. I was able to travel at very high speed. At last, we arrived at the hospital. The ambulance doors flew open. The paramedics pulled stretchers from the vehicle and the wheels extended to the pavement. Suddenly there was a team of nurses and doctors all around my body.

They took Benjamin, Shanitha and Declan’s body to another emergency department. As soon as they wheeled them into other emergency department, and I, was wheeled to another department, the doctors and nurses set for operation. The head emergency doctor placed the defibrillator paddles on my chest and said,


Everyone paused and watched the monitor. My body jerk on the operating table. I was watching everything.

“ Hey you Doctors, what are you doing with my body? The real me is here standing before you”

I yelled at them, the voice was loud. But they couldn’t hear me. I tried to stop by blocking them, but I couldn’t. I was like air. Within few seconds, I made a decision to go back to my body.

“Again…do it again at one-eighty. I’m not going to lose her. Nurse, call up and get another bag of blood, no…make that two, AB Negative, STAT! And get more fluids.” Doctor said.

“Yes, Doctor.” I could tell by the urgency in nurse’s voice that she was not about to question Doctor. “Clear…” Again I heard my body jerk then settle back on the table with a thump. Beep……….Beep…Beep……….Beep…Beep…Beep…Beep…Beep

“You got her back, doc,” Another nurse said. I could hear more shuffling around, more metal instruments being used on my body, but the most important noise I heard was the sigh of relief from a Doctor.

Then suddenly, I opened my eyes. I was back to the world.

My lips cracked with dryness as I opened my mouth to speak. I felt as if I’d been hit by a train, and couldn’t form words.

Doctor was happy to see me back. I swear I could feel the tension leaving his shoulders as I saw him pull the gloves from his hands. He thrown his used gloves in a hazardous material waste container. I learned something from my death that, I am not my body but rather I am within my body”

The story above, is a proof that “ALL humans have UNLIMITED potential within their bodies. What we are within is far more than what we can ever begin to imagine.

Lao Tzu said: “We are all capable of much more than we think we are.”

And Anne Frank added

“Everyone has inside him a piece of good news. The good news is that you don’t yet realize how great you can be! How much you can love! What you can accomplish! And what your potential is!”

Question: If we are unlimited potential beings, why is that, most of us failed to accomplish what we wanted? What went wrong in our life?

Follow me……..!!

[] What went wrong in our life?

When we are born, we have something in common with everyone on this planet.

As babies we are born mentally identical: with empty conscious minds, but full access to the collective unconscious minds. As children, we all had amazing dreams.

We thought we could make them come true.

We couldn’t wait to grow up.

But when we grew up, most of us became part for the rat race. Just to survive.

Nothing more!

The environment and society around us conditioned us into believing that all our hopes and dreams are unrealistic and will never come true.

We became so brainwashed, living life like everyone else.

We stopped dreaming and resigned ourselves to what many call it fate. Yet there are some among us, appear to lead charmed lives. They have achieved everything they want. Blessed with wealthy and have successful and fulfilling careers. They drive expensive cars; they can travel and live anywhere in the corner of world without any budget constraints. These are people we all look up to. They never let their Dreams die instead, no matter what the whole world said, they believed in their Dreams and accomplished it.


What went wrong in our life?

Why is that, most of us failed to accomplish what we wanted, but these people achieved it all?

What is it that they posses and many others don’t?

There are millions of people that work incredibly hard, yet have little success to show for it. Why?

What is the secret behind al these?


[] “Why them and not us?”

It took me more than 10 years to answer above questions.


And it all started from this story.


“I had a lovely Uncle, from our village. When I was 10 years old; he lost his wife due to lack of Tshs.15, 000/= equivalent to 10 US$ for hospital bills.

One day he came home. Discouraged. He had given up his life. And had stopped taking care of himself. Few days later he drunk poison, fortunately we rushed him to hospital.

While at hospital I asked him:

“Uncle, what exactly wrong with you? Why do you want to take your life?”

His eyes were filled with tears.

I couldn’t stop myself. I was crying too.

“Don’t cry,” he whispered, and then continued

“My son, I just want go out of this hell. I’m really tired”

“But why?” I asked

“My son, it’s life. Very unfair. When you grow up you will surely understand. People like us were born to suffer, crawl in the mud, eat worms, get sick, die and go to hell. People like Bill gates, Oprah, Warren and others were born to fly into the sky. Eat anything they want, drive wonderful cars, travel anywhere they want and do anything with money and power”

With a polite voice I asked;

“Why them and not us?”

“They are chosen one. Lucky and highly favored” he replied.

“But God is not like that, he can take care of us. We can pray and he can make things happen you know” I said.

He shook his head as a sign of disagreement;

“Do you think I don’t pray? Do you think I like this? I have prayed….prayed and prayed and ended up here. Look, your Aunt died because we couldn’t afford to pay for hospital bills. I have been working hard all my life, but ended up here. This is my destiny. This is how it was meant to be. I have no power over it. Look up there to the sky; the one who is up there is the decider of all things. Some people like us, were made to be poor for the rest of our lives.

“Think of Africa, was made to be the poorest continent in the world. There is no way to change that. People like me were made to die in poverty.

“The same way as we are powerless to avert birth and death the same it is with our destiny. Just Accept it. This is the only truth you can inherit from me, your parents, your family, your nation and your poor African continent”

Two days later he died. I was very disappointed with life. I lived my life believing that I will never amount to anything. I know, I am not alone. Many of us especially Africans marinated in wombs that did not support the development of a solid foundation, a clearly defined puzzle picture, a strong sense of who we are.


This is not to blame our parents or teachers. They too most probably did not have a clear picture of who they were or from what and whom they originated.

Sure, our parents and grandparents may tell us family stories and reminisce about the good old days.


However, it’s rare that we get the low-down, dirty, all-the-news-that’s-fit-to-print truth about truth about who did what to whom and what was really going on when we came into being.


I know that, sometimes life can be impossibly cruel.


I know that now.


I discovered it in those days when my parents died too few years ago, because we couldn’t afford hospitals bills. I don’t wish to go further with this for now.


In my life I had my own shares of failures. In business and relationship. I had experienced many reactions for which I could find no action, no first cause. From this I concluded that there was something wrong with life.


But later I came to recognize that there was this piece of me, one I did not understand, that controlled how I moved in the world. I discovered it was the disease I inherited from my parents.


It killed my Uncle and stole my parent’s life.


I am not just talking about physical disease. I am addressing pathology of mental slavery, emotional, and behavioral disease, patterns that had infected the foundation of my life.


I found it interesting, puzzling, and quite disturbing that although my parents died many years ago; I had repeated many of their mistakes.


I couldn’t believe I was in jail of my own mind. I sense that many of us live a pathology like this, of mental slavery and behaviors passed down from one generation to the next, causing us to live lives plagued by low self-value, a diminished sense of worth and submissive victims.


When you come to the mental slavery somewhere man has gone wrong – not any particular man, but human society as such has gone wrong. And this has gone to the roots. Whenever a child is born, the society starts changing the child to the abnormal pattern – the unnatural pattern through which everybody else is suffering.


Psychologists have been trying hard to probe the mystery of where a child goes wrong and they have stumbled upon the age of four. Somewhere near that age the child becomes part of society; somewhere around that age he is no longer natural. Before the age of four he is still part of the great world of trees, flowers, birds and animals; before the age of four he is still wild. After that he is domesticated. Then the society takes over. Then he lives according to rules, morality, right and wrong. Then he is not total. He is not natural.


When we’re children, school keeps our minds busy in regimented classrooms. When you go to school as a child, this is what you are told, “Sit down, shut up, and look like all the other kids in your row. Color within the lines, and we will give you an ‘A’.”


And in our adult lives, work keeps us busy with the daily grind. In our spare time, the mass media holds our attention with the official version of world events. The system doesn’t want the public to have their own time, to listen their own hearts and to think about things such as life, existence, and the purpose of life. My parents and many people had died, not aware of their God given potentials within. They were mentally slaves.


[] Choose to begin within.


What has been the direction of your life thus far?

What has happened in your past?

What is your personal history?

The fact is — no matter what has happened there are a certain number of doors open for you, possibilities you’ve ignored, and opportunities you haven’t even noticed. And, you will continue to do so over time unless you begin within.

There are three keys to begin within.

First, you must fully believe that all results begin with a thought. You may have heard this before, and you may agree on some level, but you may have a few exceptions to the rule. Perhaps it’s easy to see the connection between thought and result in some areas of your life. However, when events in your life become challenging, it’s not as easy to see the link, or perhaps it’s simply hard to make the connection on a large scale.

For example, you may not be able to grasp the notion (yet) that one little thought can trigger a tsunami or a stock market crash.

The second key is to fully acknowledge that emotions catalyze the power of your thoughts. Emotions are the juice, the electricity, and the lighter fluid of life. When you’re in an intense emotional state, your hypothalamus floods your body with neural peptides that communicate directly to your physical body. Thus, when you’re intensely happy, all the cells in your body are also happy, which benefits your entire body— your cells expand and allow a positive inner and outer flow. Likewise, when you’re angry, all the cells in your body are also angry. In fact, they contract and become restrictive the angrier you get. Thus, managing your emotions will continually affect you (and your overall health) in life for better or worse.

Third, and most important is your acceptance and deep understanding that all humans have unlimited potential, including you. You must understand this as a fact. Take a moment and really feel this sentence because here’s the truth— you may be able to accept this on a philosophical level, however, when it really comes to fully owning this truth and employing its sheer magnitude in your own life, you likely fall short. You may be able to accept that human beings are unlimited; you may be able to see brilliance and talent in others; and you may even be able to philosophically try on this concept in your own life.

However, all that is not enough— you must “get” this message on a very deep level. You are a human, therefore you have unlimited potential. It’s that simple. Over the years, you may have been taught that you have limitations. You may have inaccurately deduced that your past struggles mean you are imperfect in some way. You may be struggling with deep seated fears about the possibility of failure. However, take a moment now and read this statement twice if you need to.

“There is a potential in you greater than anything you have ever imagined. You are an unstoppable, magnificent force with the potential for deep fulfillment and infinite prosperity”

Remember, the key is to begin within, to explore and become intimately familiar with your internal landscape. Anything and everything you have experienced has been purposeful, brought you to where you are now. If you are fat and happy, thin and sad, wealthy and miserable, poor and sick, you have collection of experiences to use as stepping stones to take you to where you want to go. Like cotton which grows as an ugly, thorny pod and is transformed into beautiful colorful cloth, you can tranform your experience into beautiful lessons.

How? Begin within.

Be prepared in the folowing chapters, because we are going to eat the mountain one bit at a time. You must begin within, and be willing to release worn out thoughts, habits and situations inorder to receive and put to use the information, your within will bring.




[] Chapter two.

“Turn the light on”

[] Know Thyself.

[]I felt so free

The student approached the master and queried, “Master? When I was young, I desired for my family and loved ones to be proud of me. Were you ever the same way?”

“Yes,” the master answered.

“Why did you desire this?” the student asked.

“So that they would feel they had more reason to love and accept me,” said the master.

“And the reason I desired this was so that I in turn would feel I had sufficient reason to love and accept myself. That was what was at the root of it. But then one day, I woke up and realized, ‘What if I bypass all of that and learn to unconditionally love and accept myself, without requiring anyone else’s love, acceptance or approval in order to feel good about myself? Then my happiness will no longer be dependent on outer circumstances, but will be as constant as my own heartbeat resounding strongly within my chest.’ Thus began my quest for Self-realization.”

“And you never desired them to be proud of you after that?” asked the student.

“My ego did, but I no longer completely identified myself with my ego as I had. And I no longer cared what others thought in the same way. I respected it, and honored it, but no longer gave it so much weight or paid so much attention to it,” the master replied, smiling.

“And never had I felt so free, as when I finally released myself in this way…”

[]Who are you?

Are you exactly who you are supposed to be?

Are you staying true to who you want to be, to who you really are?

Do you feel a certain pressure from society or your inner circle to act a certain way because you feel that if you don’t, you will be judged or rejected?

Have you faked your personality so bad that you don’t even know who your authentic self is anymore?


Are you too far gone with your fake self that when you are yourself no one would even know it was you?

It is impossible to function in the world without knowing who you are. Imagine trying to negotiate life without a personal identity, without knowing who you are.

We are living in a world that has carelessly slapped on specific ideals and norms for everyone to follow. There is a specific formula to life and we are obligated to become what everyone says we have to become. They say you can do what you want to do and be who you want to be… So long as you do it within what’s considered normal limits to the eyes of the sheep who don’t have enough courage to be exactly who they were supposed to be.

We are born and are instantly brainwashed to think unconsciously. We are programmed to walk life like we are asleep and we have zero control of how we are meant to live. We are brainwashed because our parents were brainwashed and because our parents-parents were brainwashed and so on and so forth. 

[] Start by asking yourself;

Are you submissive or dominant?

The world wants us to be submissive. According to the great psychologist Carl Jung, submissive people are extraverts: Those who look to the outer world”

While dominant individuals are introverts: “Those who are drawn to the inner world”

Extraverts: “[They have] an outgoing, candid and accommodating nature that adapts easily to a given situation, quickly forms attachments, and, setting aside any possible misgivings, will often venture forth with careless confidence into unknown situations.”

As for introverts: “[They have] a hesitant, reflective, retiring nature that keeps itself to itself, is always slightly on the defensive and prefers to hide behind mistrustful scrutiny.”

Does the latter sound like you?

Using a different approach that referred to as cortical arousal. “Introverts,” he said “are characterized by higher levels of activity than extraverts and so are chronically more cortically aroused than extraverts”.

Consequently, an introvert seeks lower levels of stimulation because he is already “buzzing” internally. The extravert on the other hand craves stimulation because he has so little going on inside; he’s bored to tears with his own company. He wants lots of activity, a hectic social life, all sorts of external arousal, to compensate for the vacuum inside him.

(And consider another possibility; the higher self is much more active in the introvert, and this is contributing to the increase in cortical arousal. The level of arousal may actually be a means of measuring the degree to which the higher self is attempting to make contact with the ordinary self.)

So, are you submissive or dominant, extravert or introvert?

I know, for those reading this book, will be dominant introverts.

From the ranks of dominant introverts come all of the world’s greatest philosophers, poets, mystics, artists, seers, theoretical scientists, theoretical psychologists, theoretical mathematicians, prophets, authors of novels of ideas, makers of spiritual films, visionaries, shamans, gurus, wandering holy men.

They are perfectionists, system builders and architects of grand utopias. They are often highly unconventional but they try to mask it for sake of social conformity. They are the inspiration of the world. I want the world especially Africans to be full of these people. Dominant introverts have the answers to the world’s problems but they are very few. Majority of us are submissive extraverts and dominant extraverts.

[] Psychological Types

According to Jung’s definition of two basic “attitudes”: extravert and introvert.

He said If you strongly exhibit one attitude in your conscious life then, the other attitude becomes unconscious and acts in a compensatory manner i.e. if you are extravert normally, your unconscious will compensate by being introverted and in times of stress this unconscious attitude will erupt and take command of your consciousness until the stress is relieved and you return to normal.

He continued and defined more of two opposite pairs: thinking and feeling, intuition and sensing.

A thinking person is someone who likes to make judgments using the power of reason in preference to emotion and snap value judgments; a feeling person is guided by value-judgments and emotions rather than reason.

An intuitive person is future-orientated and imaginative, their mind instantly trying to conclude what a present event means for the future; a sensing person lives in the moment with no regard to the future – his five senses are fully engaged, sucking in every detail. He lives in the “now” rather than a hypothetical future.

If you are a strong thinker, your feeling side will be pushed into your unconscious, and vice versa. If you are strongly intuitive, your sensing side will be pushed into your unconsciousness and vice versa. In times of crisis, these unconscious functions can erupt in uncontrolled and disturbing ways.

Each of us is dominated by one of these four functions. Some of us are ruled by the thinking function, some by intuition, some by sensing and some by feeling. The opposite function (with the opposite attitude) then becomes unconscious. The other two become auxiliary functions, one of which will support the primary function (with the opposite attitude) and one of which will become unconscious (with the same attitude) to compensate.

The unconscious functions can play a huge role in our lives. The thinking person may react ferociously and with excessive emotion when others act irrationally.

The feeling person, in a crisis, may try to adopt a thinking approach to get him out of it, but is likely to get it all wrong and reach terrible decisions that make his situation worse. The sensing type may suddenly be overwhelmed by intuitions that are chaotic and crazy and lead him to join cults and the like. The intuitive person, in stressful situations, may be overwhelmed by sensations and engage in entirely inappropriate sensation-seeking activities. 

Repressed feelings manifest themselves in hysteria. Repressed sensing manifests itself in phobias, compulsions and obsessions. Repressed thinking manifests itself in dogmatic certainty. Repressed intuition manifests itself in wild speculation.

Good mental health involves trying to cultivate the repressed, unconscious function and make it conscious, and also bringing the remaining functions more into consciousness. A fully rounded person is someone who has a good, conscious balance of all four functions.

From above categories resulted eight psychological types, in four pairs:

1) Introvert Thinking

2) Extravert Thinking

3) Introvert Feeling

4) Extravert Feeling

5) Introvert Intuition

6) Extravert Intuition

7) Introvert Sensing

8) Extravert Sensing
1)    Philosophers and theoretical scientists are typical introverted thinkers. They construct grand, rational schemes that explain the whole of reality. They are not highly engaged with the normal world or normal people. They are obsessed with their own ideas.

2)    Practical scientists, economists, lawyers and management consultants are typical of extraverted thinkers. They look for facts and evidence in the real world. They avoid speculation. They are much more interested in small, well-verified projects than the all-compassing grand schemes of the introverted thinkers.

3)    Poets, artists, musicians, monks and nuns are typical of introverted feeling types. They can seem mysterious, enigmatic and appear as they though they are enjoying the most exquisite, overwhelming and profoundest feelings of which humans are capable. Their loves, their passions, their emotions, will always seem vastly more intense than those of others.

4)    Actors i.e Hollywood actors, chat show hosts, public relations experts, media “personalities” are typical of extraverted feeling types. They love making shows of their feelings and can often seem fickle and obsessed with fashion as they switch their passions from one thing to another. Their love lives can be chaotic as they can rapidly fall in and out of love. They crave social success and being in the limelight.

5)    Introverted intuition types can be mystics, future-oriented poets, painters and writers, religious thinkers, authentic clairvoyants, authentic psychics, seers and visionaries. They often see themselves as unrecognised geniuses, unfairly overlooked by society, but with great and unique knowledge of esoteric, religious, scientific and philosophical matters at the most speculative end of the spectrum.

6)    Extraverted intuition types are those who are quick to see and seize an opportunity. Entrepreneurs are of this type, and con men, scammers, carpetbaggers, and speculators. Many “conceptual” artists belong to this type. Public relations spokespeople, advertising bosses, illusionists, “magic” performers, fake psychics, adventurers and explorers are other examples of this type. They tend to manipulate people on the basis of future promises and dreams.

7)    Introverted sensing types are those who are almost overwhelmed by sensory information. They suck in and savour every detail. Connoisseurs, aesthetes, wine tasters, art critics, food critics, music critics and fashion critics are of this type.

8)    Extraverted sensation types are those who seek pleasure through their five senses. They aren’t interested in the world of intuition and are firmly wedded to the physical world. They are practical and hard-headed, dealing strictly with the facts. They love eating, drinking, sex, speed, drugs, sports, dangerous sports, excitement, music, fashion. Their craving for novel sensations can lead them into addiction, compulsion and perversion. Racing drivers, sportsmen, film producers, many celebrities, music stars and leading actors are of this type.

[] What is your personality type?

As you have read above different psychology types of people. You can imagine, why we struggle to understand each other in relationship. At work, business and family. The reason behind, is because we entirely different in many ways. We don’t tune into what the others are tuning into.

We misunderstand each other, dislike each other, don’t relate, and don’t empathise. We seem alien. We often get into conflicts with the others and become enemies. We frustrate and exasperate each other. How can other people possibly be like this, each category thinks of the other. But it’s not that one is right and the other wrong, one good and one evil. Rather, we’re just seeing the world differently. If we want a better world with more harmony and less conflict there’s a simple way to achieve it: keep similar personality types together and keep them away from dissimilar personality types.

It’s as though the world has several alien races living on it. We’re not alien via race, religion, family or sex, but via different psychological make-ups. Everything in the world can in fact be understood and explained through Jungian psychological typing.

You see… life is psychology, not to put too fine a point on it, psychology is the key to unlocking the potential of humanity. The first nation that turns to psychological principles to shape its future will be the one that sets the destiny of the human race. If you want to know thyself, start from here. Know your personality types.

Nations have psychological types. I don’t need to mention psychological types of all countries. You know your country. I think you already know your country psychological type. For my country, I know. Tanzania is submissive and extraverted. And majority of Africans are like that.

Families have personality types. The father and mother set the tone. Many disputes between neighbors will almost certainly relate to differing psychological types.

Schools are sausage factories, designed to squeeze out compliant submissives at the end of the production line. Schools should instead be dedicated to particular psychological types. There should be schools for thinkers (both extravert and introvert, or separated if that proves more successful), schools for feeling types, schools for sensing types and schools for intuitives. The thinkers and intuitives will be far higher achievers academically. The sensing types will enjoy sports and subjects that stimulate their senses.

The world’s main problem is majority don’t know themselves. I suggest that everybody’s education should involve learning the eight different psychological types. That way there is a greater chance that different personalities can cooperate although they are entirely different, even opposites, once their education is completed and work starts. 
Society should take an interest in the psychological nature of each and every person in order to create the conditions that allow each person to flourish. At the moment, I had no idea which nation on earth knows a single thing about the psychological nature of its citizens. How then could any of them possibly offer policies that will increase the psychological well-being and contentment of the citizens?




[] Chapter Three.

“There is no road to success but through a clear, strong purpose. A purpose underlies character, culture, position, attainment of whatever sort”

T. T. Munger.

[] Reason for Existence.



[] The purpose of life.

A frustrated young man went to see the wise man in his village.

I don’t know what to do with my life.  How do I find my purpose?” the young man asked.

Follow me,” said the old man.

Silently, they trudged together to a far away river where they found dozens of prospectors panning for gold.

There are three types of prospectors here,” the sage said.

What do you mean?” the young man inquired.

There are those who strike gold straight away.  Excited, they take their plunder, cash it in and live comfortably for the rest of their lives.  Then there are those who pan for years.  They know that there is gold here and they have seen others strike it rich, so they persist until they too find the gold that they’ve been searching for.”

What about the third type?” asked the young man.

They are the individuals who get frustrated that they haven’t found what they are looking for, so after a day, a week or a year or more, they give up, walk away and never find gold.”

Slightly confused, the young man asked, “What has this got to do with finding my purpose?”

Aah yes, the age-old question.” the old man smiled and looked his companion in the eye.  ”There are those in life who look for their purpose and seem to find it almost immediately.  From a young age they have a clear sense of purpose and pursue their dreams with energy and enthusiasm.  Some others have to look a bit harder, perhaps for many years, but if they persist and keep looking, they will find something to live for.  Finally, there are those who want to know their purpose, but they become frustrated with the search and give up too soon, returning to a life of meaningless wandering.”

Can everyone find their purpose?”

Is there gold in the river?”  the wise man responded.

So, how do I find my own purpose?”

Keep looking.”

But how do I want to find it quicker?”

Son, there are no guarantees that you will be able to find it quickly, the only guarantee is that if you give up and stop looking for it, you’ll never find it.”

The young man looked despondent, feeling that he had wasted his time with the old man.

He felt a reassuring hand on his shoulder, “I can sense your frustration, but let me assure you, if you can find your true calling in life, you will live with passion, make the world a better place, be richer than you could imagine and feel as though the very face of God Himself is smiling upon you.  That may happen next week, next year or in the years ahead, but the search will be worth it and your life will never be the same again.  So for now, your purpose is to find your purpose.”


Oh, and there’s one other thing that I forgot to mention.”

What’s that?”

Just as those men and women need to get down to the river with a pan to find their gold, so we need to remain active to find our purposes, we don’t find it sitting around at home doing nothing.”

It was getting late, so the too men turned for home and began their long walk back to the village.

As they walked, the young man was deep in thought about what he had just learned, and the wise man smiled to himself, knowing that conversations like this were an important part of living his purpose

[] What is your life purpose?

You were conceived in love and brought forth with a purpose. No beast, no plant, no wind, no rain, no rock, no lake had the same beginning as you. Trying to live without knowing the purpose of your life is like trying to travel comfortably without knowing where you are going!

Can you enjoy a movie that has no plot, no purpose?


Can you be happy when you don’t know where your home is?


Is it the same with life?


Unless you know why you were created and what you ought to do with your life, living means nothing more than turning days into nights and getting older and older.


Everybody learns, earns, marries, has kids, gets older and dies – generally speaking.


Why are here?


Washington Irving— the famous author, historian and essayist— said, “Great minds have purposes, others have wishes. Little minds are tamed and subdued by misfortune, but great minds rise above it.”


The great need of this world is strong men with purpose. Not goody-goody worshipers and submissive ones; we have too much of it. The world needs men who are shining with divine spark. Those who know who they are and creating themselves to who they wish to be.


The world is crying.

All businesses are crying.

Science is crying.

Technology is crying.

Design is crying.

Art is crying.

The nation is crying.

Where are these men with purpose to save us?


Even God is crying…

Where can I find a man who can prove others wrong, that I don’t create garbage?


This man —it is you, it is I; it is each one of us!

How to constitute one’s self a man? Nothing harder, it is to discover the purpose of your life.


“Hear me, O men,” cried Diogenes, in the market place at Athens; and, when a crowd collected around him, he said scornfully, “I called for men, not pigmies.”


The world is full of donkey-engines, of people who can whistle and puff and pull, but they don’t go anywhere, they have no definite aim, no controlling purpose. To live is to move with definite purpose. Choose to be something, take guts, give up the security and tempting petty jobs, petty careers and petty cash flows and be a man.


I have studied great leaders who changed the world, like Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, Nelson Mandela and many others and found that the good reason which made them Great is not because they were potentially greater than you and me but because they followed their own path, they went against the tide. They kept their eyes on the prize. They did not allow themselves to be distracted or even pulled aside from their definite purpose.

What do you want to become?

Where do you want to go?

What do you love to do?

Imagine what the world would be without YOU.

Imagine what the world would be without computers, vehicles, electricity, internet, antibiotics, technology, songs, music, speakers, fresh water, medicine, business, writers, poets, art, design, and entertainment and so on.


The modern world as we know it simply wouldn’t exist without people’s ideas.

Peoples Dreams.

People’s missions.

Everyday people just like you create ideas that advance our world. Sure, some of these ideas come from professional inventors, engineers, scientists and medical researchers. Yet many more ideas come from common people who have the courage to seek the rewards from realising their Dreams.


[] What do you want to give?

Is it Computers, vehicles, electricity, internet, antibiotics, technology, songs, music, speakers, fresh water, medicine, business, writers, poets, art, design, and entertainment and so on….?



If you find ideas you love, it’s yours. But ideas, come at a cost; to turn them into reality takes time, passion, commitment, energy and resources. Yet not realising your dream also comes at a cost.


When an idea you consider worthwhile is left idle in the recesses of your mind, it nags at you, constantly reminding you it’s there.

This idea will keep popping up,

Distracting you,

Pleading with you

And continuing to take up valuable mental space and energy for the rest of your life.


Remember the old adage, ‘What you resist persists’


Do you know why people are not happy, not dissatisfied and not contented?


What do you love doing just for the sake of doing it?


If you had all the money in the world, what would you do?


What drives you?


What turns you on?


What fires you up?


We are all inventors, each sailing out on a voyage of discovery, guided each by a private chart, of which there is no duplicate. The world is all gates, all opportunities.’

– Ralph Waldo Emerson, essayist, philosopher, poet (1803–82)


Imagine if you are the one to create something revolutionary. Imagine if you are the one to make life better or easier for others. Imagine everyone is singing your song. Eating your food. Reading your books. Dancing your music. Using your medicine.


When it comes to finding our life purpose, human beings are motivated by one of the following reasons:

p<>{color:#000;}. Passion.

p<>{color:#000;}. Joy

p<>{color:#000;}. Love

p<>{color:#000;}. Family

p<>{color:#000;}. Contribution.

p<>{color:#000;}. Personal growth

p<>{color:#000;}. Legacy

p<>{color:#000;}. Curiosity.

p<>{color:#000;}. Recognition

p<>{color:#000;}. Pioneering/pushing boundaries

p<>{color:#000;}. Money.

p<>{color:#000;}. After life.


A word of warning: Finding your life purpose can be both addictive and fun. The first thing to remember in finding your purpose is what drives you. Without it, you will be swallowed up by myriad excuses such as ‘It’s not worth doing’, ‘It’s too hard’. You’ve got to believe in the worth of your purpose.


Take a look at you; find the things that you are inspired to do. Find out the things that you are passionate about. You can find the answers in your own actions if you pay attention to what drives you.

The whole sense and the reason behind our all actions is to find what drive us.


Finding your purpose, will cost you time, energy and money, thus why you need more drives. Passion, Joy, love, Family, Contribution, Recognition, Curiosity, Personal growth and so on.


If what you are doing; does not allow you to experience joy—is not your life purpose.

The most important thing to remember, the purpose of life is not about what you get but rather what you feel and become.

To find your purpose, is to experience yourself as All Of It. And becoming all of it.

So, you must be aware of your drives too, if you are not becoming, if you are not growing then your drives are taking you to hell.


So, in everything you do, ask yourself…..am I Becoming? Am I Growing? Am I Expanding? Am I happy?

Whatever you construct in your life, in your human society, which does not serve your purpose in becoming human, is faulty. It is a faulty construction.


People say, do whatever makes you happy. No, it’s not enough. Do what makes you happy and grow.


The wonder of the purpose of life is never-ending. An ending is a limitation, and God’s purpose is without such a boundary. The more you are, the more you can, and the more you can become, the more you can yet be.


To find your purpose is to generate your own light, to find your own glory. Find things which when you do, you will be filled with passion, with energy, with love, with joy, with contribution, with recognition, with the conviction that you are becoming human. And there is no limit to what you can become. It’s easy to know whether you are on or off purpose, based on what you are experiencing. You were born with an inner guidance system that tells you when you are on or off purpose by the amount of joy you are experiencing.



To begin with,

p<>{color:#231F20;}. Make a list of the times you have felt most joyful and alive.

What are the common elements of these experiences?


Can you figure out a way to learn, grow and make a living doing these things?


p<>{color:#231F20;}. Secondly, set aside some time for quiet reflection. Allow yourself to imagine and answer these questions:


What is my unique role in the universe?


What can I give to the world?


Let it be as expansive as you can imagine.


The world is an abundant place. Abundant with opportunity, abundant with good fortune, abundant with ideas, and abundant with love. Only those who have access to the voice within can have it all. For most of us, our early education and training focused on looking outside of ourselves for the answers to our questions. Few of us have had any training on how to look inside.


You can learn now. Listen to your Self today. You have been telling yourself something very important for days now. Today, listen more closely. And heed. Trust the still small voice within. Your soul is gently leading you to your purpose.


[]Intuition power


We all have intuition power to live our life purpose, make more money, make better decisions, solve problems more quickly, unleash our creative genius, discern, envision a new business, and create winning business plans and strategies.


Start Now, IMAGINE your life PURPOSE, your FUTURE, in the next grandest version of the greatest vision you ever held about Who You Are.


I love this story, of the Ancient According to an ancient legend; there was a time when ordinary people had access to all the knowledge of the gods. Yet time and again, they ignored this wisdom. One day, the gods grew tired of so freely giving a gift the people didn’t use, so they decided to hide this precious wisdom where only the most committed of seekers would discover it. They believed that if people had to work to find this wisdom, they would use it more carefully.


One of the gods suggested that they bury it deep in the earth. No, the others said—too many people could easily dig down and find it.

“Let’s put it in the deepest ocean,” suggested one of the gods, but that idea was also rejected. They knew that people would one day learn to dive and thus would find it too easily.


One of the gods suggested hiding it on the highest mountaintop, but it was quickly agreed that people could climb mountains. Finally, one of the wisest gods suggested, “Let’s hide it deep inside the people themselves. They’ll never think to look in there.”


Intuition is not something relegated to certain people or to psychics. Everyone has it and everyone has experienced it.


Have you ever been thinking about your old friend Anna, and then the phone rings and it’s Anna on the line who was just thinking about you?


Have you ever felt a burning sensation on the back of your neck, and then turned to see a man staring at you from across the room?


We’ve all experienced this kind of intuition. The trick is to learn how to tap into it at will to find our life purpose.


[] Basic intuition exercise.


To help you find your life purpose use a few main principles.


p<>{color:#000;}. First, you establish the vision, then you need to be aware of your current reality so that you can create some structural tension to help you head towards your vision. Then you need to find out your next step.

Here you can use your intuition.


Of course, using your intuition may be confronting if you have never tried it before, however, the more you do it, the better you will get. Try to keep an open mind and see what you come up with.


Make sure you are comfortable and close your eyes. Take in a big breath and let out a big sigh,




Now take in another big breath and let that go with a sigh as well.


p<>{color:#000;}. Acknowledge (mentally) any thoughts and feelings you might have at this present time. It does not matter what they are, this is just a starting point. This exercise makes contact your gut instinct by interpreting any symbols or objects that arise in your mind.


p<>{color:#000;}. Choose to be of service to yourself (or to the other person if you are helping someone else). Take a big breath and allow the breath to completely go.

p<>{color:#000;}. Imagine yourself transforming into a beautiful white mist. Feel your whole body release. Feel how soft and cool you have become.


p<>{color:#000;}. Imagine a tunnel. Allow yourself to be drawn into the tunnel. Feel yourself as a mist being sucked upwards, going faster and faster. Feel yourself becoming brighter and brighter as you travel faster and faster up the tunnel.

p<>{color:#000;}. At the end of this tunnel, you arrive at a wonderful place where everything you ever wished for is there. This is your land of plenty. Make a conscious decision to find your particular vision if you already have one in mind and notice all the wonderful qualities about it. Enjoy it, know that you can create it. And think of the way to GROW in it and BECOME IT.

p<>{color:#000;}. Choose to receive any image, word or thought that comes to you. When you feel you have come up with something, slowly open your eyes and start to write.

Keep writing and don’t stop until you’ve written at least one page. Make it up if you have to. As long as you have chosen to be of service to yourself, then what you write will be true.


If you have lots of choices, sometimes you can get confused about what you should focus on. You can use your intuition to find out which will be the best to focus on. The more you actively use your intuition, the faster you will become at creating choices. Remember you can always keep yourself focused by asking yourself and answering these questions:


‘What do I want?’

‘Why am here?’

What do I want to enjoy doing?’

‘What is my unique role in the universe?’

What can I give to the world?


The following sentences have been crafted to help you start coming up with some ideas about what you want to become. Feel free to finish all the sentences or just one:


Wouldn’t it be great if there was less ……… in the world.


Imagine if there was more ……… in the world.


Wouldn’t it be great if someone invented something to…………


Wouldn’t it be great to run a business which……….


Then memorize everything that you have been doing to people and you think whether those things are adding value to others and ask yourself:


p<>{color:#000;}. When do you feel your life is most meaningful?

p<>{color:#000;}. What do you love and enjoy doing most?

p<>{color:#000;}. When do you feel like energy of doing something; why?

p<>{color:#000;}. When did you ever feel excited in doing something? And why?

p<>{color:#000;}. What do you think you can do naturally and easily; but because of where you work; or where you are; you don’t get a chance to show it?

p<>{color:#000;}. What do you want to do; and you feel within you ability to do it but you don’t do it because they don’t give a chance?

p<>{color:#000;}. What do you think you are good at and you wish people to know it?

p<>{color:#000;}. What are your current hobbies?

p<>{color:#000;}. What do others think that you are naturally born with?


Then Consider 5 people who are close to you; your close friend, core worker, family, boyfriend or girlfriend and people who know you from what you do and how you live. Then ask them these questions;

p<>{color:#000;}. What do you think I am good at? And why?

p<>{color:#000;}. Can you see any talent I have? Why?

p<>{color:#000;}. What do you like about me?

p<>{color:#000;}. Who do you think is like me?

p<>{color:#000;}. What kind of things you don’t like me doing? Why?

p<>{color:#000;}. Am I selfish? Why do you think I am selfish?

p<>{color:#000;}. Are you happy being with me? why?

p<>{color:#000;}. What do you think I was born to do?



The most important thing is for you to choose, to grow and to BECOME.

You can make a living, working on something that tapes your talents and fuels your passion. The world is what it is today, because some people like you chosen to do something.


You can be anything you think you can.


If you can think,


If you can love,


If you can will,


If you can laugh,


If you can imagine,


If you can pray,


If you can speak,


If you can dance,


Then you can plan,


Then you can heal,


Then you can create.


Then you can BECOME.


You are God’s ultimate creation. A complete living being. One who can adjust to any climate, any hardship, any challenge and be anything.


In finding your life purpose, you should be interested in working on something that make you STRONG not in jobs that make you weak. Don’t work on something that makes you weak, even if it pays you well. Because one day, you will wake up in your cemetery because of the money which is killing you day by day. If you work on something which is growing you and BECOMING the right person, money will come to you eventually.


Ask yourself:


Where were you one year, two years, three years or five years ago?

Where you are now is it where you wanted to be back then?

Are you the one you wanted to be back then?

Where will you be in next one year, two years, three years, five years or ten years?

Since the day I discovered my life purpose, I have been learning to be the best. You are reading a book of a man who failed English many times. Even today as I am writing this book I know, I still have a long way ahead of me. I know I must be the best, and will never stop improving myself.

We all have excuses and justifications why we can’t be what we want. We blame others, education, government etc… But we all have the choice to be free and live our life purpose. I want to be somebody that people will be inspired to read me and be like me. Nothing stupid to follow your path, it is the only favor you can do to yourself..





[] Chapter Four.

“Perhaps what you are really afraid of is the light, and the dark is actually pretty comfortable”




Your life is in constant motion, and you are always either moving towards what you want or away from what you don’t want.

Think about this for a moment, and feel how it applies to your life.

In life overall, are you moving towards what you want, or are you moving away from what you don’t want?

[] “Towards” pattern People.


Several studies indicate that less than 10 percent of people operate from a “towards” pattern. These are the individuals who predominantly and consistently produce outcomes and results for themselves by knowing what they want. People who come from this place are obsessed with obtaining their end obsessed with obtaining their end result.

Time has no meaning; there are no stipulations. Regardless of how long it takes or what it might take, visualizing and embodying the joy of obtaining their end target is completely worthwhile. When you must have something, there is a direction to your life. You will head towards the thing that you want no matter what. Sometimes you will have progress, other times you may get a little stagnant, and you may even get completely stuck from time to time. However, you will always continue to move forward.


Ultimately, you’ll find pleasure in any progress you make because you’ll know that you’re moving towards what you really want in life. The progress you make while moving towards pleasure will be based on a series of decisions.

When you are in a “towards” pattern, you’re able to see this truth. All decisions are “right”— some are just more right and others are less right. The less right answers don’t really bug you too much while in this “towards” mindset though because they always bring you value in the form of a lesson. Eleanor Roosevelt asked a great question: is failure the opposite of success? Most believe, of course, that it is.


She says that it is not. In fact, Eleanor proclaims that to have success, you must have failure, and to have great success, you must have great failure. This is one of the best truths about this pattern. Even on your worst day on the planet, when you’re in a “towards” pattern, your worst day is only “less pleasure.” How great is that!

If we measure all of the love, money, joy, and happiness in the planet, the 10 percent of people who are “moving towards” their desires in life have 98 percent of it. This is the path toward Greatness.




[] “Away from” pattern people.


So now, let’s talk about the other 90 percent. Here is their primary thought process: “I don’t want this problem,” “I can’t stand this job,” “ I’ve had enough of this relationship, “I don’t like this place,” and “I don’t want to be poor any longer.” These people are not wired to win because they are consistently stuck in what they “don’t want.” This group is driven by pain and how to avoid pain. As intensely as “towards‐driven” people move towards pleasure, this group obsesses about their pain, and as a result, every day of their life gets worse; every day gets harder. On their very best day, “away‐driven” people will only get to experience less of what they don’t want. They will define success as “less wrong,” and they may never even know the feeling of true fulfillment. What is “better” in their life will only be a little less painful. And, because their focus is about less pain, and pain is always attached to “wrong” decisions, there is a profound sadness amongst this group. In fact, it physically pains me when I see most of my fellow Africans, Tanzanians are coming from this place because life doesn’t have to be this way.


Let me give you an example.

I grew up in Tanzania. One of the country blessed with the richest natural resources in world, but is among of the lowest income countries in the world because of its GDP has been declining year after year. My late parents were peasants. The home I grew in was poor and not happy. When I was in ORDINARY SECONDARY LEVEL, my brother suggested that to get away from poverty, I should study hard to become an ACCOUNTANT.

Few years later, I also learned from my friends that; if you want to be rich, be an ACCOUNTANT. From that day, I had a Dream to become the richest Proffessional Accountant In Tanzania.

In 2010 I graduated from Zanzibar University with bachelor degree of Accounting and finance. After my graduation I worked with different companies and governmental organizations. All my life, I never knew what was important to me. I just lived my life to get away from pain. Though I had all good qualifications and my career as an accountant, but I was not happy. To get away from all this, I resigned. And started a company called RUGE Investment ltd, and failed; then went back and applied for a job in Morogoro-Tanzania; I found that nothing in it for me; after two weeks I resigned; with no money; no job; no business and no experience but only my inner voice telling me that there is something for me to do; there is something for me to do; then I applied for masters degree at University of Dar es salaam,Tanzania; the question in me kept coming;

“Geophrey what have you done with your first degree?”



2011 I decided to apply to Tanzania Commission for universities as volunteer; for about 4 months I found that nothing in it for me as well; the question came again;


What am I here for?


Am I here to work for money; get away away from poverty and get frustrated?


I bought a book called “Think and grow rich by Napoleon hill” that was the first time in my life to buy and read a book.From there I fallen in love with books and started reading like crazy. And made my own home library.


Few months LATER, things were still the same. One day I was at a bus stand; I checked my pocket. No bus fare. I begged a lady sitting beside me for a bus fair (Tshs. 500 equivalent to $0.3)

She told me;

“You are thief”

It was a bad luck may be. I left and decided to walk on foot from Posta to Ubungo for 17 kilometers.


Few months later, I met the following statements from a book:

“You can write a best seller book that changes the world while surviving on food stamps”

“You can start from nothing and be every man’s ultimate dream and fantasy”

“You can be totally handicapped and still become spectacular”

“You can be a failure by all standards of society and turn around to be the visionary of the next century”

“And above all, try something”

From the above statements, something came in my mind; telling me “Why don’t you write a book”

“You can write a best seller book that changes the world while surviving on food stamps”

I saw it as a bright idea; few months later I wrote the swahili book(novel) : The Secret That Kills(Siri inayoangamiza); from then I discovered something in me. I am talented. I can write books. But still I couldn’t publish it, but I never stopped writing. So many things happened, companies and friends because I tried something. And I never stopped there; I want to be the best selling Author, Actor and Enterpreneur that changes the world.

If you read my story carefully, you will find two different parts of “Me”. One part of me moving away from poverty and one part of me moving toward greatness.


Let me give you another example;


Assume we have two DOCTORS namely; Dr. A and Dr. B.


Dr. A was 11 ‐years‐old when he decided he wanted to become a doctor. As a result of his supreme dedication, he went on to get great grades in high school, college, and med school. He was always at the top of his class and worked very hard towards his dream. He is now a respected doctor in his community.

Would you say that Dr. A is in a “towards” or “away” pattern?

Don’t over‐think this— it’s a metaphor, and the question isn’t complicated.

As far as we can tell, he‘s in a “towards” pattern, right?


Now meet Dr. B,

Dr. B is identical to Dr. A. He knew he wanted to be a doctor at age 11, he got good grades all through school , and he now owns and operates a successful practice that he loves in his hometown.


Here’s the difference. Dr. A is not just a doctor; he is also a saxophone player. He once picked up a saxophone at a very young age and could play it nearly perfect from the beginning. He was incredible, and he loved playing.

However, Dr. A’s mom was a doctor, his dad was a doctor, and his grandparents were doctors.


They always told him,

“Dr. A, when you grow up, you’re going to be a doctor because that’s what we do. We heal people, we make good money, and we contribute to the community. You’re going to be a doctor just like the rest of us.”


And so, about the time Dr. A was 11, he was convinced. “Yeah, I probably do want to be a doctor. I don’t want to live in smoky bars and have a rundown trailer for a house,” he decided. But, even today, Dr. A still relishes in playing the saxophone. In his spare time, he records music in his private studio and plays in a popular garage band. After all these years, he is still a world‐class musician.


Now that you know a little bit more about Dr. A, would you still say he is operating from a “towards” pattern? Of course not.


He’s been moving away from a life of potential poverty and from disappointing his family. If a person grows up thinking, “I’ll never be poor, I’ll never be poor, I’m never going to be poor,” he may be able to create a lot of wealth for himself. But, even if he figures out how to acquire a million dollars, do you think that person is happy, fulfilled, powerful, and loving life? Absolutely not.


Regardless of your success, when you’re driven by what you don’t want, every decision will ultimately be based on avoiding pain.


Let’s go back to Dr. B. When he was 11, Dr. B got very, very sick. He was in and out of hospitals, and his condition grew very dire. His family was prepared to lose him. However, just as they were all about to give up hope, Dr. B went to see a phenomenal doctor who literally saved his life. Dr. B never forgot how important this gift was to him, and he became very passionate about dedicating his life to healing others.

Quite obviously , Dr. B is in a “moving towards” pattern. His practice is set up to satisfy a life‐long passion, and his focus has always been moving towards the fulfillment of saving lives.


So, what’s the point of this entire story?


Sometimes, you can’t tell what really drives you until you dig a little deeper. Sometimes you have to look at the foundation behind your psychology to see which path you’re on.


Are you toward pattern person or away from pattern person?


Start moving toward greatness.Once you embody your “towards” pattern, your life wil change. . If you are moving towards a “must,” you will always achieve it. It may take a little longer than you thought, and the details may shift, but those changes will probably make the final result even better than you ever imagined.


Accept this. Don’t get so tied to the details that you lose sight of the bigger, ultimate vision . Just stay focused and you will get what you want.


Being in a “towards” pattern is more about the journey than the destination. Even if you don’t see a vision through to its finality, you will still feel vibrant, fulfilled, and rewarded while en route. Keep moving toward, and never stop wanting what you want. You cannot give up or compromise. Maybe life has beaten you down; maybe you’ve started to believe you’re not really “good enough” to create your true desires. May be because, you think you are from poor country like Tanzania, village or uneducated then you can’t get what you want. I want you to remember— you are expected to fail on the way to success. The only way you can ever truly fail is to quit, give up, or back away.


[] Differentiate between pain and pleasure.


Inorder to change your life, you need to start looking at the decisions you’re making— are you “moving towards” your goals or are you “moving away” from something?

Greatness only lies at the end of an incredible blueprint that you design for yourself. It is your personal rainbow, your vision, and hopefully, seeing and understanding this tool will allow you to do some deep work moving forward. The most important part in making decision, learn to differentiate between pain and pleasure.


Think of this, whenever you create or do something, what happens to your brain?

Whenever you do something, your brain constantly cycles these three steps.


One, you ask several questions. “What does this moment, this breath, and this sequence mean,” “Is this safe,” “Is this dangerous,” “Is there too much risk,” “Do the means justify the reward,” “Am I okay,” “Am I safe,” “Do I care ,” “Do I not care,” “What does this mean?”


Next, once your brain assigns a meaning, and it triggers a corresponding emotional response, you will become happy, sad, angry, ambivalent, engaged, or annoyed as appropriate. Finally, with the meaning understood and an emotion assigned, you will decide an action to take. You will decide to act courageously or cowardly, you will move forward with caution, you will leap forward in anticipation, or perhaps you will not act at all (which is also an action). Thus, all actions start with meaning. When you assign a negative meaning to a moment, there’s very little chance you will take actions that can lead to a positive outcome. You may avoid “failure” and “pain,” and you will likely call that success. However, you will limit your true potential.


In contrast, when you start with a positive meaning, you will embody positive emotions and take corresponding positive actions. As a result, there is a high probability that starting with a positive meaning will draw you towards positive and fulfilling results.


I’m not saying that you should never move away from something. The fact of the matter is, it will actually help you spark a change from time to time. Sometimes “moving away” is the catalyst you need to start “turning the bus around.” What’s most important is—how do you feel afterwards? What’s your excitement level?

For example, stopping yourself from watching TV in order to read a book you’re excited about is a positive “moving away” pattern.


Even though, I may not appear rich like many others, but I thank God, I love the direction in which my life is moving, and I can’t wait to be the best I can be!

Take charge of your life, you are the captain of the ship!


Where would you like to sail?


What are you focused on?


What do you believe about yourself?


Do you have an incredible vision that’s driving you?


Or, are you motivated by pain?


Are you trying to get away from something?

Or, are you moving towards an empowering future?


The choice is yours!!






[] Chapter Five.

“Thousands of geniuses live and die undiscovered—either by themselves or by others.”

Mark Twain

[] The Mystery of Genius

[]Are you genius?

Can you make yourself genius whenever you want?

Do you think if you are genius, you can make more money than average people?

We have been trained to believe that there are people with higher IQ and low IQ and the higher the IQ, the more likely one is to succeed in life.

Hence, we assume that the scientists that win Nobel Prizes, the businesspeople that go from rags to millions, the authors that write runaway bestsellers, register in the highest ranges of IQ simply because they’re enjoying sweet successes.

Well, a tremendous amount of research has been done into the scientific correlation between IQ and real-life success, and a very different picture has emerged. IQ and success are related… to a point.

According to the research , someone with an IQ of 150 (a “genius” by all normal standards) is going to do much better in life than someone with an IQ of 80 (nearly “mentally disabled”). Similarly, a person with an IQ of 130 (“near genius”) has a significant upper hand in life when compared to a person with an IQ of 100 (“average”).

But here’s the truth: the relation between IQ and success follows the law of diminishing returns. That is, when you compare two people of relatively high IQs, you can no longer predict success by IQ alone. IQ alone is never enough, is not even a factor.

A scientist with an IQ of 130 is just as likely to rise to the top of his discipline as one with an IQ of 180.

According to Dr. Liam Hudson, a British psychologist that headed up Cambridge’s Research Unit of Intellectual Development in the sixties, compared IQ to basketball.

If you’re five foot five, your prospects of becoming even an NBA bench warmer are slim-to-none. The fact is if you’re less than six feet tall, you can pretty much forget about your dreams to challenge King James in his court. Statistical data shows us that you have to be at least seventy-two inches tall to be allowed on the ride, and each inch you push over that is probably better for you. There comes a point, however, when height just doesn’t matter much anymore. Just because someone is seven feet tall doesn’t mean he’s a better player than someone who’s six foot six (Michael Jordan’s height).

The point is you only have to be tall enough to have a shot at the pros. The same pattern is true of intelligence and success in life. You only have to be smart enough to fulfill the intellectual requirements for success. History’s greatest achievers—practical, savvy people that did big things and changed the world— are heralded as the greatest geniuses to ever have walked the earth, but while many of them had remarkably high IQs, many others were just smart enough.

If we can’t explain their success in terms of IQ alone, what else did they possess that allowed them to rise to such heights? Most people would answer along the lines of “extraordinary inherent talent.” And they would be wrong. – - -

For the last two centuries, behavioral scientists have studied that question through focused research on great performers of all types: business managers, chess players, swimmers, surgeons, jet pilots, violinists, salespeople, writers, and many others.

Their findings concluded that while some people of course displayed innate talents for certain activities early on, amazingly average people with low IQ have become champions in all manner of endeavors. Many such top performers overcame their average— or even below-average—intellects and nonexistent aptitudes to develop outstanding abilities in disciplines such as chess, music, business, and medicine.

Examples of such remarkable transformations abound throughout history.

Henry Ford

Failed in business several times and was flat broke five times before he founded the Ford Motor Company. In his youth and he just average man, but smart enough.

Thomas Edison’s teachers told him he was “too stupid to learn anything.” But look what happened to him.

Beethoven was so awkward on the violin that his teachers believed him hopeless as a composer.

Michael Jordan didn’t make his sophomore team because he was deemed too short and average to play at that level.

Stan Smith, a world-class tennis player and winner of Wimbledon, the U.S. Open, and eight Davis cups, was once rejected for the lowly position of a ball boy because the event organizers felt he was too clumsy and uncoordinated.

How do we explain such unintuitive findings?

It’s not about higher IQ, those are just theories. However there is one common factor that researchers recognized in all great performers: THEY PRACTICED SO HARD AND INTENSELY THAT IT HURT.

Ted Williams , a baseball legend considered the most “gifted” hitter of his time, was believed to have natural abilities far beyond ordinary men, including Park field hitting balls, every day, year after year after year. His childhood friends recall finding him on that field smashing balls with the outer shells completely beaten off, with a splintered bat, and with blistered, bleeding hands.

He would spend his lunch money to hire other kids to shag his balls so he could hit as many as possible every day. When the city turned off the field’s lights, he would go home and swing a rolled-up newspaper in the mirror until he went to bed. This obsession continued throughout William’s entire professional career, and it’s no surprise that he excelled because of it. For “The Kid,” as he was known, greatness was a long, grueling process— not a gift from the beyond (a claim that he found insulting).

I have met with talented, genius and gifted Tanzanians; living in poverty while those who are not talented at all but practiced so hard are considered as people with extra ordinary abilities. I have met with poor genius professors from University of Dar es salaam going nowhere and richest people who are not genius owners of schools, colleges, universities, various organizations and successful.

[]10,000 hour rule

Studies of people with shown extraordinary abilities, like Ted Williams, have given rise to what Swedish psychologist Dr. K Anders Ericsson called the “10,000 hour” rule. The rule’s premise is that, regardless of whether one has an innate aptitude for an activity or not, mastery of it takes around ten thousand hours of focused, intentional practice. That means, you can become anything you choose, if you practice. Even if you want to be Michael Jackson.

Analyzing the lives of geniuses in a wide range of intellectual, artistic, and athletic pursuits confirms this concept. From Mozart to Bobby Fischer to Bill Gates to the Beatles, their diverse journeys from nothing toward excellence in their respective fields shared a common denominator: the accumulation of ten thousand hours of unwavering “exercise” of their crafts.

To put that number in perspective, if you practiced an activity four hours per day, seven days per week, it would take you about seven years to reach ten thousand hours. That kind of dedication can only come from the heart —a true love and passion for the activity. So, what does all this tell us?

First, that the seed of greatness exists within everyone of us. Whether it sprouts or not is our choice.

Second, that there are no such things as natural-born under- or overachievers— there are simply people that tap into their true potentials and people that don’t.

What is generally recognized as “great talent” is, in almost all cases, nothing more than the outward manifestations of an unwavering dedication to a process. Thus, the advice of “work toward your ten thousand hours” sounds completely reasonable. Right?

But there’s a problem.

There are millions of people that work incredibly hard, yet have little success to show for it. Is ten thousand hours too simple of a prescription for greatness? Yes.

It overlooks another aspect of great achievement that cannot be ignored: opportunities—conditions that often appear to be plain old dumb luck.


I like what Malcolm Gladwell explains in Outliers, in many ways, the opportunities presented to one are just as important to success as one’s own inherent talents and willingness to put in thousands of hours of work. Example, I live in the very interrior village in Tanzania and I want to be the best selling Author worldwide.


I KNOW that being in the right place (physical, educational, societal, or otherwise) at the right time can influence our destinies as much as anything else. But that doesn’t mean our fates are written in the stars. Just because you were born in Tanzania, East Africa, then you are destined to be poor. BIG NO!

We are all in control of our DESTINIES.We can wholly control our dedication to thousands of hours of study, training and work. And grasping opportunities is equally controllable. We’re all surrounded by opportunities every day, everywhere we go. Whether in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, America or in Congo.

There is no shortage of problems to be solved, needs and desires to be fulfilled, and innovative ways to help others. But there’s a catch. Most opportunities never announce themselves with trumpets and confetti. They’re easily missed, mistaken, or squandered. They can be scary. And they never come with a 110% money-back guarantee. They’re often nothing more than chances to improve on something other people are already doing.

Opportunities are whispers, not foghorns. If we can’t hear their soft rhythms— if we are too busy rushing about, waiting for thunderclaps of revelation, inspiration, and certainty— or if we can spot them but can’t nurture them into real advantages, then we might as well be blind to them.

This realization points us to the real heart and mystery of genius and greatness. Just knowing that great achievers work very hard and take advantage of opportunities isn’t enough.

Why do some people recognize, appreciate, and pursue opportunities with passion and determination, whereas others don’t ?

Why are some people willing to push through hell and high water to win, whereas others quit early and easily?

Psychologist Dr. Alfred Barrios conducted research on the nature of genius in the seventies. He set out to answer the same basic question: why do some people rise to greatness whereas others don’t?

To look for an answer, he decided to analyze the lives of many of history’s greatest geniuses. Were there patterns of circumstances, events, behaviors, attitudes, or ideas that could account for their success?

Did the chronicles of their lives collectively hold the secrets to their greatness?

He was going to find out. He first noted and categorized a long list of factors outside of the geniuses’ control. Things like lineage, birthright, geography, genetics, education, familial ties, upbringing, and unexpected windfalls. The more data he accumulated and analyzed along this line, however, the more it looked like a dead end. The backgrounds of our species’ greatest thinkers and achievers appeared infinitely varied. If there were patterns among the data, he couldn’t see them.

Barrios was undeterred and continued to study. Eventually, a different kind of common denominator emerged, one that he found within each of the people he studied. Barrios discovered that his subjects had each developed and routinely displayed a combination of very specific characteristics throughout their lives, and not just mildly but conspicuously.

This character-driven idea fascinated Barrios. It suggested that genius is much more than high intelligence(IQ), innate talent, extraordinary work ethic, or uncanny luck, but rather a composite manifestation; a synthesis of very specific types of worldviews and behaviors.

The more he looked at data through this lens, the more things started to make sense. Barrios then wondered if anyone could operate at a genius level— and achieve genius-level greatness—simply by learning and adopting the same educated views and disciplined behaviors that so repeatedly characterized history’s greatest achievers.

By the end of his research, Barrios had pieced together his “genius code”— a profound insight into what really spawns greatness. He also concluded that we could all indeed use his genius code as a roadmap to walk in the footsteps of history’s brightest and boldest, thereby learning to operate

We all face a fundamental choice in our lives.

Do we take the path prescribed by our “now you’re supposed to” society, or do we take our own path to toward the life we feel we ought to be living?

Do we choose our life’s work based on Labor’s list of highest-paying jobs, or do we follow our bliss?

Do we heed the call to conformity, or the call to adventure?

Every day we see how people have answered these questions, whether consciously or otherwise.




[] Chapter six

“Truly, I say to you, if you have faith and do not doubt, you will not only do what has been done to the fig tree, but even if you say to this mountain. Be taken up and thrown into the sea,’ it will happen”



[] The Mystery of beliefs.




Beliefs are the most powerful feelings that we can have as human beings; it is the defining factor between someone reaching their full potential. At your core, they drive your purpose and your life choices.


They can be global (what you believe about the world) and personal (how you see yourself). Some beliefs will bring out the best in you, whereas others hold you back.


Here are a few examples of globally


Empowering beliefs:

“People are basically good,”

“Life balances itself out,”

“The world can be a great place,”

“When someone works really hard, they are often rewarded.”


In contrast, globally disempowering beliefs might be:

“People are always out to cheat me,”

“Life is not fair,”

“Sometimes good people just have bad luck.”


Personal empowering beliefs might be:

“I can do anything I set my mind to,”

“There is always a way to solve a problem (and another one),”

“I am full of possibilities.”


And, personal disempowering beliefs might be:

“I eventually drive away people who love me,”

“Every time I try to succeed, I manage not to succeed,”

“I can’t get ahead.”



I have studied a lot of people who were athletes like Floyd Mayweather, Mohamed Alli, Michael Jordan or Arnold Schwarzenegger. They all have this unique charisma and confidence that they have within and it can be mistaken with arrogance but what it really is, is total belief in themselves. If you want to have this gift you need to be following what these guys do on a regular basis.


When you watch Floyd Mayweather the boxer that has never been beaten in his whole life go into a ring you know without a shadow of doubt he’s going to win, not because he has never lost before, but the belief he has in his eyes that he is the champ and no one will ever beat me mindset. If you watch him when he is training he doesn’t just train or go for a run, he does those things but he also adds one piece of the puzzle that not many people do which is called incantations.


An Incantation is saying a phrase over and over again while you are using your physical body so your neurology and your physiology are active. Whatever we consistently speak we become, whatever we consistently speak we create but not many people understand that.


Can you say a phrase over and over again to yourself and believe what you’re saying? Absolutely and whether it’s Floyd, Mohammed Ali or Tony Robbins they were all the best in the world at what they do and one technique that all do is make it a must to condition their mind in every success with incantations.


Whatever life you want to live is possible. The most important thing is to develop your belief, through experiencing your own feeling of aliveness and greatness.



I want to ask you a simple question right now,

What does your ideal day look like to you?

What would you do if you already had everything you wanted?

How you would feel?

What time would you wake up?

What would you fill your day in with?


I am asking you these questions because if you really want that belief of yourself

Everything is possible if you start living like it, they say fake it until you make it.


Why is that really effective on your mind, it’s because once we start being that person who we want to be and start telling ourselves that we have all the things that we want, our mind does things your unaware of. It will start to manifest exactly the life you are living and this might sound a bit fairy to you but in my own life I have experience this and I know a lot of other people as well have.


We hold off the feelings that we crave so deeply until we achieve some external thing and that is a very slow process,

I believe if we are always living in fear hoping our life will change but we are still fearful we will keep manifesting the life we are living.


Haven’t you realized this?

Why do most people stay the same in their level of thinking and become stuck, I think it’s because they aren’t living the life they want to live and they are focusing on what they don’t have which has a lot of consequences.


Your brain can’t tell the difference between something you vividly imagine and something you actually experience so whatever you envision in your head your brain will believe.


So why I said before what does your future ideal day look like is because I want you to have a brainstorm of what you are really after and instead of waiting to live that life start now and train your brain to believe there is more than enough and whatever we focus on consistently we tend to manifest.


When I heard someone tell me about this I was like how could that really work and I had all these doubts in my head, I was sceptical about it but it wasn’t until I was got uncomfortable of where I was living and got a clear picture of what the future holds for me if I don’t just change my mindset and believe that this is going to lead to the life of my dreams. So I took a leap of faith and wrote out my ideal day and when you do this it’s crazy with what your mind will come up with when you ask yourself what would the ideal day be and you take 30 minutes of your day to write it out.


This was exciting for me because I was visualising it at the time and then I said I am going to start living this way from day to day.


Can you imagine the stress that is out of your body, when you communicate with people you have more energy, and the more you act like this, the more freedom you experience.


Stop now! And visualize what day would look like to you and really go there in your mind’s eye, and as you focus there you will start to feel excited because it feels real to you in the moment.


That’s the power of what we focus on, whatever we focus on is our reality in the moment and not many people get this. Seriously focus on everything blue in your room right now. And you will find blue. You only see what you focus on. If you are focusing on something negative you can literally within a couple of seconds your emotional state will change. And guess what? It can happen.



If you are an athlete or going into a business meeting, your performance is going to be a reflection of the belief you have about yourself and what you are focusing on when you go into that meeting.


Most people focus on everything going wrong in their head which by focusing on them, that’s what they tend to manifest.


So when they perform or speak they won’t be speaking confidently, that will be projecting the feeling of getting rejected. If you want the best out of yourself focus before the meeting or before the competition exactly how you want it to go before you go in there.


It puts you in the best state possible and your chances of impressing yourself are massively increased.


I want you to understand that, the power of whatever we focus on is our reality and whatever we believe about it, is going to determine whether we take action or we just stay in the middle of the fence not making a decision.


Our thoughts, feelings, emotions, and beliefs all play a vital role in attracting the things we want and don’t want. Based on this knowledge, it is vitally important that you concentrate and develop a deeper awareness of the person you are being at any given moment. If your thoughts are positive and aligned with your dreams, they set up an energy field that begins to attract the experiences that you want.



[] You CAN DO what YOU THINK you CAN do.


Life is the result of our mental attitude. We can do only what we think we can do. We can be only what we think we can be. We can have only what we think we can have.

When Dr Albert Mason was asked to treat a fifteen-year-old boy who had a bad case of warts using hypnosis in 1952, he jumped at the chance. As a skilled hypnotist, he’d had many successes with similar cases. Apart from his chest, the boy’s entire body was affected and his skin was thick and leathery as a result. While in hypnotic trance, Mason told the boy that his skin would heal and turn healthy and pink like his chest. The treatment worked, with most of the boy’s skin returning to normal. Mason then took the boy to the referring surgeon, who was wide-eyed in astonishment.


However, Mason had been misinformed for the boy was, in fact, suffering from a lethal genetic disease – congenital ichthyosis. His hypnosis had achieved the impossible and the achievement created a sensation and made him a magnet for rare and supposedly untreatable diseases, yet he was unable to replicate the same healing.

Mason himself attributed his failure to his own belief about the treatment. He had thought the boy had warts and so he was super-confident that he could treat the condition, thereby healing him. Once he knew that the boy had an incurable genetic condition, his belief dissolved and therefore his attitude changed, making it impossible to achieve the results.


Another example; Sam Londe, who was diagnosed with cancer of the oesophagus in 1974, at a time when the condition was considered 100% fatal? Unsurprisingly to those involved in the case, Sam died a few weeks after diagnosis.


What was more surprising, though, was that the autopsy found very little cancer in his body – certainly not enough to kill him. His physician Clifton Meador commented, ‘He died with cancer, but not from cancer.’


More than thirty years on, the case still haunts Meador, ‘I thought he had cancer. He thought he had cancer. Everyone around him thought he had cancer… Did I remove hope in some way?’ As Bruce Lipman states in his book, The Biology of Belief, ‘Nocebo cases suggest that physicians, parents and teachers can remove hope by programming you to believe you are powerless.’



I know, some of our conventional psychology, may teach you that, who you are and what you have is a result of genetics, training, culture, and other intrinsic values of life. They will give you a personality type, categorize you, and possibly classify you as broken, as a victim having a syndrome or disorder/sickness or powerless just like Sam Londe’s case.


May be I should remind you, abour your past success. Every person has past successes. Right? Yes. It might have been a part in a high school play. Maybe you’ve mastered an instrument or a second language or your studies. Can you remember a time when you were determined to have something— you thought about it, you focused on it, you obsessed about it, and you knew you had to have it? What happened in that space? Yes, you got it. Maybe not always perfectly and maybe not exactly when you wanted it, but if you never gave up, you got it.


Now as an adult in a life, you are busy doing the best you can with the tools and strategies you have. You don’t believe you can be, have and do whatever you think you can be, have and do. Your belief system, your reality mechanisms, and the life you are actually leading has created a blind spot in your life. You don’t remember that, you can have anything you want. The good news is


Whatever you think you can do, you can do. Whatever you think you can be, you can be. Whatever you think you can have, you can have. It all depends upon what you think”



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Become Creative Genius & Extra ordinary

Are you genius? Can you make yourself genius whenever you want? Do you think if you are genius, you can make more money than average people? We have been trained to believe that there are people with higher IQ and low IQ and the higher the IQ, the more likely one is to succeed in life. Hence, we assume that the scientists that win Nobel Prizes, the businesspeople that go from rags to millions, the authors that write runaway bestsellers, register in the highest ranges of IQ simply because they’re enjoying sweet successes. Well, a tremendous amount of research has been done into the scientific correlation between IQ and real-life success, and a very different picture has emerged. IQ and success are related... to a point. According to the research , someone with an IQ of 150 (a “genius” by all normal standards) is going to do much better in life than someone with an IQ of 80 (nearly “mentally disabled”). Similarly, a person with an IQ of 130 (“near genius”) has a significant upper hand in life when compared to a person with an IQ of 100 (“average”). But here’s the truth: the relation between IQ and success follows the law of diminishing returns. That is, when you compare two people of relatively high IQs, you can no longer predict success by IQ alone. IQ alone is never enough, is not even a factor. A scientist with an IQ of 130 is just as likely to rise to the top of his discipline as one with an IQ of 180. According to Dr. Liam Hudson, a British psychologist that headed up Cambridge’s Research Unit of Intellectual Development in the sixties, compared IQ to basketball. If you’re five foot five, your prospects of becoming even an NBA bench warmer are slim-to-none. The fact is if you’re less than six feet tall, you can pretty much forget about your dreams to challenge King James in his court. Statistical data shows us that you have to be at least seventy-two inches tall to be allowed on the ride, and each inch you push over that is probably better for you. There comes a point, however, when height just doesn’t matter much anymore. Just because someone is seven feet tall doesn’t mean he’s a better player than someone who’s six foot six (Michael Jordan’s height). The point is you only have to be tall enough to have a shot at the pros. The same pattern is true of intelligence and success in life. You only have to be smart enough to fulfill the intellectual requirements for success. History’s greatest achievers—practical, savvy people that did big things and changed the world— are heralded as the greatest geniuses to ever have walked the earth, but while many of them had remarkably high IQs, many others were just smart enough. If we can’t explain their success in terms of IQ alone, what else did they possess that allowed them to rise to such heights? Most people would answer along the lines of “extraordinary inherent talent.” And they would be wrong. - - -

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  • Published: 2015-09-16 20:35:14
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Become Creative Genius & Extra ordinary Become Creative Genius & Extra ordinary