Because of Me


Because of Me

It was 13h47, I was heading to Thohoyandou stadium with my girl lover in a sunny day, she was all smiles and she couldn’t wait to watch the game, making that the two of us. My phone rang and when I checked it is my pregnant side chick which my girlfriend does not know about, she wanted to see me and she claimed to be in the hospital, I lied to my girlfriend that there is a family emergency and left her like that, got in the taxi heading to South Side hospital.

And when I got there it was just a check-up and the baby was fine, she was pleased to see me and I felt good knowing that nothing had happened to her as she is 5 months pregnant, she asked me if I was with my girlfriend Tanya, I affirmed and she looked disappointed. Nomsa we are here because of a simple mistake, it was all lust and remember we were drunk that night, I said to her. She said ‘’Tendani I love you nevertheless, you are going or are the father of my first born child and I suggest you start showing me love because we are stuck for life and I think it is time you tell your girlfriend about what happened if you really love her’’.

I left the hospital with her and accompanied her home and her parents were so much happy to see me because they never knew I have another girlfriend beside their beloved Nomsa, I greeted Nomsa’s father, “ good day sir, how are you’’, I am good son and how are you my son in law, he replied and seem tired , I then went to Tanya’s brother who was 17 and ask him what happened and he said that his father was having a quarrel with the neighbour over useless things because he once made the wife of neighbour his mistress back in days and this time the neighbour promised that if the dog come to his home again their home will turn to ashes.

Nomsa’s mother invited me inside the house, I entered, took off the cap I was wearing to show her respect, she said ”Tendani I am so glad to see that your taking responsibility for your actions, these boys of nowadays never want to take responsibility of their actions, all they do is impregnate girls and run away.

By the time I left Nomsa’s home it was around 19h00, it was late I thought of calling Tanya to meet up with her and attempt to explain what happened as she might be worried sick about me. I then decided to take a taxi to home. And when I reached home, I realised how much Tanya loved me and how the issue of me having had impregnated another girl is going to kill her, I had to find a way out, during the time I was texting my friend Mashudu on WhatsApp, “bro I am going through hell, I am caught between two cross roads and I don’t know what to do” it is that issue of your two girlfriends? Asked Mashudu. ‘Yea my bro, I don’t know what to do now” well I think it is better you tell your girlfriend about what happened maybe she won’t leave you, Said Mashudu

The thought of telling my beloved Tanya the truth really was a pain in my stomach and I thought of how she was going to be disappointed but I had no choice, I figured that maybe If I just dump her it will be good and she will get over me then I’ll focus on my firstborn child, a selfish thought as it was, I went through with it, I texted her that we can no longer see each other, then after I changed my simcard, blocked her in all social medias, I ignored all the private calls that came through and numbers that I didn’t know in the first weeks, it killed me not talking to her.

After some few months I heard that she was still single and that the break up really killed her and got her failing two modules in her academic work, she was a Science student at PJ College.

Nomsa gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and I felt that I had taken a good decision by breaking up with my girlfriend, Nomsa’s family was so happy and my family was also happy. I was so in love with my daughter and still I was missing my girlfriend Tanya

Pretty who was Tanya’s classmate told me that she knew about me and the other girl and she told him that my sins shall haunt me. I still loved Tanya and the thought of her wishing bad upon me was just another stress.

Tanya had a brother who was an ex-convict and a very bad guy who had been arrested for couple of times, and she had told him that Nomsa took her boyfriend, he was not happy. He had a grudge against the Mulaudzi family because Nomsa’s Parents have taught him in high school and he hated them and he think they’re the reason why he left the school because Nomsa’s father used to beat him so hard trying to make him a better person, (Nomsa’s parents are educators)

One day Nomsa was at my place when we received a call that her home was burning and her parents were inside the house, when we got there, the whole area was with police and we were stopped heading to the house, Nomsa was crying and all out of control, Officer Caleb confirmed that Nomsa’s parents died in the fire. The cause of the fire was unknown.

I just knew that it must be the brother of Tanya that has caused the fire because he is a psycho and the thought of my new born baby to grow up without her grandparents just killed me and got me hating Tanya at that very same moment, Nomsa was so down and within a short time her relatives appeared in all tears, it was a tragic and the whole village was on its knees broken down because Nomsa’s parents were teachers. Nomsa’s aunt took her and the baby with her to her home and police were all over.

I attempted to call Nomsa at night just to check on her but the call could not go through and I thought to myself she must have switched it off because of what happened and nobody can blame her for losing her parents and the new baby that she is even still at tertiary level and it was her parents who were to look after the baby while she complete her nursing diploma and it was all a blur vision now.

Day 2 after the Incident

Early in the morning around 6am, Nomsa called me and she was still crying and she told me that the relatives are now arranging funeral arrangements and it was all like a big nightmare I could not believe that my babe parents have died in the fire, but I had to be strong for her, for if I break what will become of her. And around midday Tanya texted me and I was shocked how she got my new numbers and I figured that her classmate who was threatening me that my sins shall haunt me must have helped her as she seems to be connected with lots of people, In the texted she told me she was just checking up on me and after the SMS I called her right back and the phone rang for the 1st time and she did not pick up, I attempted again and she picked up, I was so angry ‘’ hey you where is your brother who is a murderer and what is it that he think he has achieved because I am never getting back to you’’, and she replied “ sobbing) I don’t know where he is and I haven’t seen him in days last day I saw him was the night before the incident and he was so drunk and he was shouting saying he is the protector of the family and the reason and persons who are responsible for him leaving school to join thug life”, Tendani I am sorry, I don’t know what happened’’, said Tanya, and I just dropped the call and I was thinking of going to the police to tell them about all this when I received a call from my friend telling me that the police had their leads and they have Tanya’s brother as a suspect and that he is in the police station. I met up with Nomsa after Tanya brother was taken for questioning and it seems to have brought a little closure up on her and she was starting to accept what has happened, “the funeral will be on Saturday’” she said to me, Ok I’ll be with you tomorrow at Friday until the day we lay them to rest, she hugged me and left as her phone was starting to ring.

On my way home I realised that I am falling for Nomsa and that I was starting to love her, and another thought came to me that maybe I am just feeling sorry for her, she was just an option from the beginning and my heart was with Tanya but after what her brother had done I hated her. And when I got home I called my friend Mashudu and told him that everything that is happening is my fault because I couldn’t love one girl and he told me everything will be alright and I believed him and cried myself to sleep.

I went to Nomsa’s on Friday and I slept over there as I was supporting her all through the process and we woke up at 6 am in the morning to bury the two teachers and parents of two. The whole community came to pay their respects and it all went well. And after the funeral people went back to the home of the deceased and they had tried to put things together as the 5 room house was all burned down.

A week later Tanya’s brother was released from jail and the community was not happy at all, the chief commanded the people to take the law to their hands and the angry mob went to search for him in the evening and they went there silently. Tanya’s bro was telling her that he is innocent and whatever that he said was because he was drunk and that is why the police released him. Tanya was also convinced that he is not innocent. The mob got to their home as they were still talking and they took him and wore him a tire and they wanted to burn him, Tanya was left home crying when she called the police about what the mob was doing, they tortured him to tell the truth and he told them he was innocent laughing because he was all delusional and they set him alight and sirens were heard and the police came in numbers and attempted to rescue him from the mob but when they got there he was dead already and they put out the fire and he was burned from the belly to the legs but some parts did not burn and the police arrested as many as they could catch on the scene and they cried unto the mob with a loud voice that they have the neighbour in custody who is the neighbour of the Mulaudzi family and he went there to report himself seeing what was happening and police taking innocent people.

Now Tanya bro died for an offence he did not commit and it was two deaths unto the family of my two lovers. I went to Tanya that night and apologised and told her I loved her and Nomsa heard of what happened and also came to the scene and there she saw me with Tanya in my arms arm and she came and insulted me so harshly and told me there that the baby is not even mine she just wanted to trap me because she liked me but all I will ever do is love Tanya and I thought to myself I have failed the love of my life.



Because of Me

A short story about love and families

  • Author: Tendani Ndou
  • Published: 2017-08-27 15:20:08
  • Words: 2080
Because of Me Because of Me