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Bear with Blunders

Bear with Blunders

Story about dealing with mistakes

By Dylan Davidson


Whether the weather be cold or whether the weather be hot, we’ll weather the weather, whatever the weather, whether we like it or not! Author: Unknown


Today is the day; it’s time for me to get up out of bed. I have to wake up because the big marathon is going to start soon. I’m so very tired I wish I would not have stayed up so late last night, what time is it anyways? Oh I flubbed up looks like I overslept, how could I have overslept? I am still so tired it does not even feel like I have slept a minute, so how did I oversleep five whole minutes? The other strange thing is I thought I set my alarm to make sure I woke up I should check to see what went wrong. Looks like I set my alarm to 8:00 pm instead of 8:00 am. I really should have double checked and made sure it was right. Well it cost me a few minutes but I can still eat a good breakfast to help me run a good marathon. Wait I second all this time thinking about my mistakes has cost me even more minutes, why even now I am losing time doing all this thinking. I just have to accept I messed up, and be better moving forward.


Okay time to brush my teeth and get dressed for the marathon. My shoes seem a little loose but I am running late, looks like I have no time for a good breakfast. I will just have to eat this banana and take the bus to the marathon. This morning has been filled with my mistakes and I do not want to make anymore, so I am going to be extra careful in throwing this banana peel away.


Well things went bad this morning but at least I did not slip on a banana peel, so that is good right? Things could be worse I’m a little tired, a little hungry, and running a little late but I can still make to the marathon and run a good race. I am ready to leave; I just have to find the things I will need today. I search for my bus pass and my marathon entry ticket eventually finding them. I think that’s all I need I really should have thought about this earlier and I should have had everything ready to go for marathon. If I did that I wouldn’t have had to search for things and be scrambling around like I just was a minute ago. It’s good to be prepared but I was not prepared but that’s in the past now I’m just focused on the present.


I get on the bus and after a while I am finally at the marathon. I go to a table to check in and the check in person comments that I look tired and am running a little late. I smile and nod in agreement and hand them my entry ticket and go to the starting line with the other runners. I hoped I should have be here earlier so that I could stretch my muscles for a few minutes before running but because I am late I only have time to stretch for a little bit. Stretching beforehand is important to get your body ready to go. I wish I could go back in time to fix my blunders, just go back and fix my mistakes but I cannot travel back in time life isn’t easy like that there is no magic button to fix things.


The marathon is set to begin I wait for the announcer to yell out go and I’m off. I dash and head straight…into the ground. It was my shoes I think back to when I was getting ready and I do remember them feeling loose!



The ground is warm from the sun and I am on the ground sitting in silence just staring at my shoes. The thought of me falling is playing in the head over and over. I am sad and also mad nothing is going my way today and today of all days! I have been waiting for the marathon for months why did today have to go so sour? I just want to sit on the ground for the rest of my life.


A moment later the check in person that took my entry ticket helps me back up. The check in person says his name is Randy and as he is helping me up he says “Now when you gave me your ticket I could tell you were tired, I could tell you were running late, I even heard your belly rumbling out of hunger when you were leaving to go to the starting line but here you are running the marathon.” It’s always easy to quit and give up when life is not going your way but you have to keep going.”


He’s right I wipe away my tears and shake his hand. I lace up my shoes and start running. I will have no remorse on this course; I have my mind on the finish line. I am trotting and scurrying along. I notice sweat is dripping down my forehead and I realize I have forgotten my headband which I use to keep sweat from getting in my eyes. I just have to deal with it and push through. I am still running fast, it is hard to see because of the sweat but I will finish this marathon.





After a few moments of running I start getting a cramp in my leg. This cramp it is because I did not stretch good enough I think to myself but I still have to keep going I want to keep going this marathon is important to me I will not stop.


The earth then begins to start shaking and a dinosaur suddenly pops out from the shaking ground and roars at me with all of its might. This is bad, looks like this dinosaur does not want me to finish this marathon. I am only joking see things can always be worse right? I mean today was not the best day but at least a dinosaur did not try to eat me, so that’s good.


I keep on running I can see the finish line, at least I think it is the finish line I still have a lot of sweat in eyes. I run towards it and fall, looks like it was a fallen stick not the finish line. I hurt my knee but I get up and wipe the sweat from my eyes. I would not have done well against a dinosaur I think to myself as I continue running. I see a sign that says finish line up ahead and reading that makes me go even faster.


I may not have started off good but I will finish good. I can the finish line now, you can trust me I wiped the sweat from eyes so I am sure that is the real finish line. It must have the finish line because people start to cheer when I cross it. I finished the marathon! It was hard but I did it! I actually did it. Randy appears and hands me two medals. I read the writing on the medals. “The things and stuff didn’t go your way but you finished anyway medals” There was so much writing that half is written on one medal and half is written on the other.


Randy then says “those are the TTASDGYWBYFAM medals the things and stuff didn’t go your way but you finished anyway medals.” “We really ought to think about choosing a different name” concluded Randy.




I give one of the medals to Randy because without him I would have probably just quit at the beginning of the marathon. I thank him for helping me because everyone needs help sometimes in life especially when things are tough. I am happy I finished the marathon. Next year I will be better, next year I will try not to make any mistakes but even if I do make a mistake or two I will just have to bear with my blunders.








Bear with Blunders

A short story about moving forward and living without regrets. Life is a marathon keep running.

  • Author: Dylan Davidson
  • Published: 2017-06-19 22:50:17
  • Words: 1388
Bear with Blunders Bear with Blunders