Banned and Blacklisted: Too Hot for Hollywood

The study of cinema includes a study of censorship. When motion pictures made their debut, they were a brand new albeit largely unregulated form of artistic expression and entertainment. This “anything goes” attitude was eventually challenged by the likes of the Hays code and various means of rating and regulating film content. However, filmmakers remained creative in addressing all elements of their stories—questionable or not—and creating output that could still get passed by censorship boards. As the years continued, the film industry was met with yet another censorship challenge: the blacklist. Many of Hollywood’s fine talents had their careers impacted as a result of the blacklist, affecting writers, directors, producers, and actors alike and preventing them from effectively working in the film industry. This volume from Classic Movie Blog Association (CMBA) features essays on key films that experienced bans as well as various Hollywood talents that were impacted by the blacklist. These entries were featured in the Winter 2017 CMBA Blogathon, as written by bloggers belonging to CMBA. A selection of the resulting articles has been published here for the enjoyment of fellow classic film fans.

  • Author: Annette Bochenek
  • Published: 2018-02-06 18:35:07
  • Words: 17186
Banned and Blacklisted: Too Hot for Hollywood Banned and Blacklisted: Too Hot for Hollywood