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Back To You


Back to You

A Collection of Poems written from the heart.

Back to You


By Sarah Warman


Shakespir Edition


Copyright 2017 Sarah Warman




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The Poems

Back To You

Don’t Forget Me



If Only



Tell Me









Stand Still






Back to You


I think I’m coming back to you

I think I remember who you were

Or at least who you use to be


Only if you will have me back

I’m tattered and bruised

This is the new me

I’m not who I use to be


If you’ll have me I will stay

As long as I can

I finally remember who I use to be


Don’t Forget Me


Don’t forget me, or who I used to be.

Remember me?

Where did you go?


Your smiling face

Your beaming eyes

You’re not the person that you used to be.


I would like you to come back.

Please come back to me, if it’s not too late.

If I haven’t lost you for forever,

then I’ll know it was meant to be.


Where did you go?

Why did you have to leave?

I know you are still out there.


don’t forget me.



Bored, defeated, tired, depleted;

Lonely, miserable, complacent;

Confused, unbearable, depressed,

Hurting and pain.


I’ve given up hope, dreams and aspirations.

I want them back. I want myself back.

I want to live, feel, breathe, see and conquer.

I want to constantly change and improve.

I want to be uncomfortable.

I want to see new challenges.

I want to be brave and confident.


I want to share hopes and dreams. I want to live to the fullest.

Embrace what is given. Pursue what is lost.

Find it again and don’t return it.

Make no apologies. Create goals and my destiny.

Be who I am, and who I want to be.





Travel through this life with me

As if we don’t have a care.

Let’s go on adventures

That only our wildest dreams would dare.


See the beauty in the flaws

That life has dealt.

For sure, a love like yours

I have never felt.


Look to the future, build on the past.

A love like this was made to last.

If Only


If only I knew what I know now

Maybe I could have saved you and

You would be next to me right now.

If only I knew how to prevent this

I would have.


I’m so sorry that I didn’t know how to save you

I’m so sorry that you had to say goodbye.

All I can wish for now is a hello.

But it won’t be here.

It won’t be for a while.

Please look over me until I get there.



I’m sorry that things didn’t turn out the way that we expected them to be.

But we still have each other, you and me.

I’m sorry that I got so sad.

I felt like I had failed both you and me.

I’m sorry that I wasn’t the person that I use to be.

I’m sorry I couldn’t put into words, the pain or disappointment that I felt.

I’m sorry that our dreams died along with me.





Escape what has become,


Our new reality:


That has made us numb.


Too hurt to feel.


Too hurt to touch.


Too hurt to love.


Tell Me


Tell me how we start over again.

Tell me how get back to the beginning.

How do we get out of this mess?

Away from what has broken us?

Away from what has tried to tear us apart?

Tell me,

how do we begin again?



Did you hear my screams?

Did you hear my cries?

Did you simply turn a blind eye?

Did you know how broken my heart was?

Or did you not even care?

It was no longer yours to repair.




Tired of Lying


Tired of trying to fit the mold.


It’s time to give up the hold that it’s had on me.


Time to Live.


Time to Breathe.


Time to set my dreams free.




My light is still shining


But it’s growing dim.


I’m getting very tired


of fighting for it.


I must protect it from


Those who wish it to fade away.






I finally realize that we were never meant to be.


We were just passing ships in the sea.


Sailing for a much different place;


We just happened to pass each other along the way.





You cannot break me.


I’ve already been broken.


You cannot shake me.


I’ve already felt the earth shake beneath me.


You cannot come back to me.


There is no place left for you.


I am finally free.






I try not to dwell on the negative


On the pain


On the confusion


Looking for hope and reasons to keep going.


The mind is powerful.


Must not allow it to dwell.









Don’t listen to them.


Don’t look for the next big thing.


Stop. Look. Listen.


Enjoy this time now because


It may never happen again.









Breathe deeply.


Take this all in.


You may never have another moment like this again.



Stand Still


Time, please stand still.


Let me always remember


How it felt to feel this way.


My tired body has been restored.


My broken heart has been mended.


My soul has found peace.


Time, please stand still.


Moving forward.

Taking the good with me, leaving the rest behind.

Excited for what is ahead.

Remembering what is behind me.

Desire and motivation is still there;

Waiting to be inspired and discovered.


Sometimes I wish that everything

Did happen for a reason.

But if that were true,

I would have never found my peace.





Must be true to myself.






Not some puffed up version of myself.


Must stay the course; my own course.


Not the path that someone else has chosen for me.


Look inward for truth, not outward.


Looking outward for truth will mislead and misguide.


The truth always lies within.






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About the Author


Sarah grew up in Southwestern Pennsylvania, raised by her parents who met in the steel mills of Pittsburgh. After graduating from the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering Technology she moved to the Eastern shore of Maryland so she could take walks on the beach whenever she pleased. After spending five years as a migrant, Sarah and her husband returned to their native Pittsburgh where they reside with their rescued cat, Barton. Her writing has been featured on the Huffington Post and her personal blog, Lunges, Long Runs and Lattes.



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Back To You

  • ISBN: 9781370499519
  • Author: Sarah Warman
  • Published: 2017-08-14 20:22:23
  • Words: 1251
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