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Authentic Tauheed Khilafah



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( By A Servant of Allah Faysal Lon Uddin )

Is Saudi Arabia an Islamic state?

“Let there arise out of you a group of people inviting to all that is good, enjoining al-ma`roof [i.e. Islamic Monotheism and all that Islam orders one to do] and forbidding al-Munkar [polytheism and disbelief and all that Islam has forbidden]. And it is they who are successful. Al-Qur’aan, Surah#3 Aal `Imraan, Ayat #104

Therefore listen not to the Unbelievers, but strive against them with the utmost strenuousness, with the (Qur’an)”. 25.52 Quran

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said:“If Allah guides a person through you, it is better for you than all that is on the earth.” (Bukhari No. 2783 & Muslim No. 2406).Convey (my teachings) to the people even if it were a single sentence” (Sahih Bukhari, Vol.4, Hadith 667)

“Verily, those who conceal the clear proofs, evidences and the guidance, which We have sent down, after We have made it clear for the people in the Book, they are the ones cursed by Allah and cursed by the cursers.”(Quran, al-Baqarah: 159)

O you who believe! Be you helpers (in the Cause) of Allah as said ‘Iesa (Jesus), son of Maryam (Mary), to Al-Hawariun (the disciples): “Who are my helpers (in the Cause) of Allah?” Al-Hawarieen (the disciples) said: “We are Allah’s helpers” (i.e. we will strive in His Cause!). Then a group of the Children of Israel believed and a group disbelieved. So We (I, Allah) supported those who believed against their enemy, and they became dominant (prevailed, uppermost).Al-Quran 61:14

The Prophet (PBUH) has said: “Whoever guides [another] to a good deed will get a reward similar to the one who performs it.”

[Saheeh Muslim]

Is Saudi Arabia an Islamic state?

If it’s an Islamic state it must be under a khalifah because kings and their children are not khaliphas. In Islam it is obligatory to must have one khalipha for the entire Muslim ummah.So the khalipha must be the ruler of the Islamic state which is the khaliphate.

Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him commanded us

If the oath of allegiance has been taken for two khalifahs, kill the later of them.” (Muslim, 1853)

He also said,

Whosoever comes to you while your affair is united under one man, intending to sow discord among you or dissolve your unity, kill him.” (Muslim, 1852)

The Imams (of the four madhabs: Abu Hanifa, Malik, Shaf’i, Ahmad) – may Allah have mercy on them – all agreed that the Imamah (Khilafah) is an obligation, and that the Muslims must appoint an imam (Khalifah) who implements the rites of the Deen and gives the oppressed justice against the oppressors, and they agreed that it is not permitted for there be over the Muslims, at any one time, two imams, in agreement or discord…” (The Jurisprudence of the Four Madhhabs [al-Fiqh ‘ala al-Madhahib al-Arba’a], 5:416.)

That’s Imam al-Juzayri [d. 1360AH] speaking. A scholar of the 14th century AH and an authority of comparative fiqh. Here he mentions what is the agreed upon position of all the Islamic jurisprudential schools of thought regarding the Khilafah, the same position from the time of the Companions (ra) till his time.

Leading classical authorities from all schools of thought saw the issue of Khilafah as absolutely critical, referring to it as being, “from the necessities of the shari’a that simply cannot be left” (al-Ghazali, al-Iqtisad fi al-I’tiqad, 199), “from the greatest interests of the Muslims and greatest pillars of the deen” (al-Amidi, Ghayat al-Muram, 366), “a pillar from the pillars of the deen” (al-Qurtubi, al-Jami’ li Ahkam al-Qur’an, 1:265), “one of the greatest obligations of the deen” (Ibn Taymiyya, al-Siyasah al-Shar’iyyah, 129), and “the most important of obligations” (al-Haskafi, Radd al-Muhtar, 1: 548).

In other words, not only is the Khilafah an obligation, it is one of the most important obligations; a pillar of Islam which simply cannot be left because without it Islam, quite simply, cannot be implemented comprehensively. It is not only bidah but it is haram in Islam to not have the khaliphate and not having a khalipha. And to believe that Muslims don’t need to be under a khilafa don’t need to be under khaliphate is an act of kufr and disbelife.

Does Saudi Arabia have a khalipha? The answer is No!

Is the Saudi Arabia an Islamic khaliphate? The Answer is No.

Without being under a khilapha without being khaliphate Saudi Arabia is not an Islamic state.

Do Muslims require visa to travel to Saudi Arabia? The answer is Yes!

In a true Islamic state do Muslims need visa for entering. Absolutely no.

Under khaliphate under a true Islamic state Muslims don’t need visa for entering because it belongs to the entire Muslim ummah.

Who and where do the natural resources and wealth of Saudi Arabia belong to?

The answer is it only belongs to Saudi Arabia and the royal family members. But the wealth of khaliphate belongs to the entire Muslim ummah not just to the royal family members like what they’ve done it in Saudi Arabia.

The Islamic state must be ruled by sharia law by Quran and authentic Sunnah of the prophet.

44. Verily, We did send down the Taurat (Torah) [to Musa (Moses)], therein was guidance and light, by which the Prophets, who submitted themselves to Allah’s Will, judged the Jews. And the rabbis and the priests [too judged the Jews by the Taurat (Torah) after those Prophets] for to them was entrusted the protection of Allah’s Book, and they were witnesses thereto. Therefore fear not men but fear Me (O Jews) and sell not My Verses for a miserable price. And whosoever does not judge by what Allah has revealed, such are the Kafirun (i.e. disbelievers – of a lesser degree as they do not act on Allah’s Laws ).

45. And We ordained therein for them: “Life for life , eye for eye, nose for nose, ear for ear, tooth for tooth, and wounds equal for equal.” But if anyone remits the retaliation by way of charity, it shall be for him an expiation. And whosoever does not judge by that which Allah has revealed, such are the Zalimun (polytheists and wrong-doers – of a lesser degree).

46. And in their footsteps, We sent ‘Iesa (Jesus), son of Maryam (Mary) , confirming the Taurat (Torah) that had come before him, and We gave him the Injeel (Gospel), in which was guidance and light and confirmation of the Taurat (Torah) that had come before it, a guidance and an admonition for Al-Muttaqun (the pious – see V.2:2).

47. Let the people of the Injeel (Gospel) judge by what Allah has revealed therein. And whosoever does not judge by what Allah has revealed (then) such (people) are the Fasiqun (the rebellious i.e. disobedient (of a lesser degree) to Allah. . Surah Al-Ma’idah

Today’s Saudi scholars are so corrupted that they are promoting democracy and asking Muslims in UK Canada USA to vote for the taghut who will rule by kufr man made laws they are promoting shirk and kufr. Voting in democracy under man made laws is associating partners with Allah in the divine legislation of Allah. Instead of promoting sharia they are promoting kufr shirk of democracy. Now imagine an Islamic state under Umar ra or Abu bakar ra or Uthman ra or Ali ra asking Muslims to compromise their deen way of life given by Allah subhana taala for the taghut for the sake of dunia.

It was narrated from Abu Sa’eed al-Khudri (may Allaah be pleased with him) that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “You will certainly follow the ways of those who came before you hand span by hand span, cubit by cubit, to the extent that if they entered the hole of a lizard, you will enter it too.” We said: “O Messenger of Allaah, (do you mean) the Jews and the Christians?” He said: “Who else?” Narrated by al-Bukhaari, 1397; Muslim, 4822.

This hadeeth indicates that it is haraam to imitate the Jews and the Christians, and that those who follow them and tread the same path as them are criticized. Islam has reinforced this prohibition, by describing those who imitate the kuffaar as being of them.

It was narrated that ‘Abd-Allaah ibn ‘Umar said: The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Whoever imitates a people is one of them.” Narrated by Abu Dawood, 3512; classed as saheeh by al-Albaani in Irwa’ al-Ghaleel, 2691.

Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyah (may Allaah have mercy on him) said:

This at the very least indicates that it is haraam to imitate them, although the apparent meaning is that the one who imitates them is a kaafir.

Iqtida’ al-Siraat al-Mustaqeem, 237.

In Saudi Arabia women can not drive cars that’s a man made law because no where in Quran and authentic hadiths it says women can’t ride a horse or a donkey or a camel so driving a car for women is not haram nor forbidden in Islam .

Saudi Arabia have made interest halal in their banks.

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “A dirham which a man consumes as riba knowingly is worse before Allaah than thirty-six acts of zina.” Narrated by Ahmad and al-Tabaraani; classed as saheeh by al-Albaani in Saheeh al-Jaami’, no. 3375. And he said: “There are seventy-two types of riba, the least of which is like a man committing incest with his mother.” Narrated by al-Tabaraani in al-Awsat; classed as saheeh by al-Albaani in Saheeh al-Jaami’, no. 3537.

Will an Islamic state ever make interest halal? The answer is no!

The Islamic state must be protected by Muslims and not by kuffars. Saudi Arabia is protected by American military who are involved in killing Muslim civilians all over the world.

Let not believers take disbelievers as allies rather than believers. And whoever [of you] does that has nothing with Allah , except when taking precaution against them in prudence. And Allah warns you of Himself, and to Allah is the [final] destination. Quran 3: 28

O you who have believed, do not take the Jews and the Christians as allies/protectors/friends . They are [in fact] allies/ protectors/friends of one another. And whoever is an ally to them among you – then indeed, he is [one] of them. Indeed, Allah guides not the wrongdoing people. Quran 5: 51

These verses mean Muslims are not allowed to be friends with disbelievers who are enemies of other Muslims and if Muslims take kuffars disbelievers who are also enemies of other Muslims as friends then they are also kaffirs disbelievers and not Muslims any more.

Saudi Arabia is promoting nationalism. If that’s not the case then why can’t any Muslim just travel to saudi Arabia and settle down if it’s truly an Islamic state.? The answer is simply they are the anti Islamic state.

We should take lessons from the sayings of the Prophet who severely warned us against nationalism. He said,

“He is not one of us who calls for Asabiyyah, (nationalism/tribalism) or who fights for Asabiyyah or who dies for Asabiyyah.”

And in another Hadith, also referring to nationalism, racism, and patriotism He said:

“Leave it, it is rotten.”

Only through unity can the Ummah return to its former glory, and be as Allah (swt) called it a leading nation.

There are four matters of jaahiliyyah that exist among my ummah and they will not give them up: boasting about one’s forefathers, casting aspersions upon people’s lineages, seeking rain by the stars and wailing for the dead.” [Sahîh Muslim (934)]

Abu Hurairah narrated that the Messenger of Allah (saw) said: “One who fights under the banner of a people who are blind to the cause for which they are fighting, (i.e. do not know whether their cause is just or unjust) who get flared up with Asabya, calls people to fight for their Asabiya. And supports his kith and kin (i.e. fights not for the cause of Allah but for the sake of his asabiyya) if he is killed (in this fight) he dies as one belonging to the days of Jahiliyiah (the pre-Islamic days of ignorance). (Sahih Muslim (English trans.) Vol. 3 pg.1030

Asabiyya – tribalism, nationalism, racism

-you might want to go to the battlefield to fight against ASABIYYA

Narrated Jubair ibn Mut’im: The Messenger of Allah (SAW), said: “He is not one us who calls for `Asabiyah, (nationalism/tribalism) or who fights for `Asabiyah or who dies for `Asabiyah.” [Sunan Abu Dawud (Vol. 2, pg. 753) No. 5121]

Those who believe fight in the cause of Allah , and those who disbelieve fight in the cause of Taghut. So fight against the allies of Satan. Indeed, the plot of Satan has ever been weak.

(An-Nisa 4:76)

Now do you honestly think prophet Muhammad would consider Saudi Arabia to be an Islamic state?

Absolutely no.

King Saud and Arab nationalism and the British crusaders are the reason why the khaliphate ended in 1924 of the ottoman empire. The Taghut Arab leaders and kuffars British crusaders fought together against the ottoman Turkish khaliphate empire and created many different weak Muslim lands all over the Muslim world and gave each small lands their own independency own names and basically divided Muslim lands divided the ummah and made us weak and turned us into each other’s enemies. This is call the game of divide and rule which crusaders used to destroy Islamic system Islamic state the khaliphate of Muslims the ottoman empire.

Since then Saudi Arabia is helping kuffars British and Americans in killing Muslim civilians in Afghanistan Pakistan Iraq Syria Libya Lebanon Yemen. Now Muslims in India China Pakistan Bangladesh Balochistan Africa Russia Palestine all over the entire world Muslims are being killed oppressed tortured by Kuffars and their Munafiq Murtad apostate leaders who are Muslims by name only.

Who are the best in tajweed today? It’s the Saudis. where is Medina university? It’s in Saudi Arabia. Who are the allies of kuffars? It’s saudi Arabia. who is protecting Saudi Arabia? it’s the Americans who are bombing Muslims Killing innocent civilians supporting Israel.

Narrated by Abu Sa’id: While the Prophet was distributing something, ‘Abdullah bin Dhil Khawaisira At-Tamimi came and said, “Be Just, O Allah’s Apostle!” The Prophet said, “Woe to you ! Who would BE JUST if I were not?” ‘Umar bin Al-Khattab said, “Allow me to cut off his neck ! ” The Prophet said, “Leave him, for he has companions, and if you compare your prayers with their prayers and your fasting with theirs, you will look down upon your prayers and fasting, in comparison to theirs. Yet they will go out of the religion as an arrow darts through the game’s body in which case, if the Qudhadh of the arrow is examined, nothing will be found on it, and when its Nasl is examined, nothing will be found on it; and then its Nadiyi is examined, nothing will be found on it. The arrow has been too fast to be smeared by dung and blood. The sign by which these people will be recognized will be a man whose one hand (or breast) will be like the breast of a woman (or like a moving piece of flesh). These people will appear when there will be differences among the people (Muslims).” Abu Sa’id added: I testify that I heard this from the Prophet and also testify that ‘Ali killed those people while I was with him. The man with the description given by the Prophet was brought to ‘Ali. The following Verses were revealed in connection with that very person (i.e., ‘Abdullah bin Dhil-Khawaisira At-Tarnimi): ‘

THE HISTORY of khawarij

[* One day Ali (r.a.) sent some gold to the prophet saw after a battle -the prophet was distributing the booty; but the prophet gave the booty to people who were new Muslims; so someone thought the Prophet wasn’t fair and he shouted, “Muhammad FEAR ALLAH!” - In other words: how can you give gold to the new Muslims, but not to the Muslims who were in your company for years? *]

The Rasul’s reason: he was softening the hearts of the new reverts

[* They need more pampering -this is the hikma behind the prophet’s action *]

The Rasul replied: You should fear ALLAH, ALLAH trusts me and you don’t trust me?

[* Khalid ibn Waleed wanted to chop off the head of the man who shouted at the Rasul, the man who shouted -his name is: Dhul-Khuwaysira at Tamimi; the man walked away from the gathering of the Rasul; The Rasul then said: *]

From among the offspring of this man there will rise a people who will read the Quran but it will not go beyond their throats (meaning it will not enter their hearts). They will kill Muslims and spare Idol-worshippers. They will deviate from Islam (as fast and clean) as an arrow pierces the game.”

From this mans progeny came the Khawarij; the Rasul said: They will kill Muslims and spare Idol-worshippers.

When ‘Ali was in Yemen, he sent some gold in its ore to the Prophet. The Prophet distributed it among Al-Aqra’ bin Habis Al-Hanzali who belonged to Bani Mujashi, ‘Uyaina bin Badr Al-Fazari, ‘Alqama bin ‘Ulatha Al-‘Amiri, who belonged to the Bani Kilab tribe and Zaid AI-Khail At-Ta’i who belonged to Bani Nabhan. So the Quraish and the Ansar became angry and said, “He gives to the chiefs of Najd and leaves us!” The Prophet said, “I just wanted to attract and unite their hearts (make them firm in Islam).” Then there came a man with sunken eyes, bulging forehead, thick beard, fat raised cheeks, and clean-shaven head, and said, “O Muhammad! Be afraid of Allah! “ The Prophet said, “Who would obey Allah if I disobeyed Him? (Allah). He trusts me over the people of the earth, but you do not trust me?” A man from the people (present then), who, I think, was Khalid bin Al-Walid, asked for permission to kill him, but the Prophet prevented him. When the man went away, the Prophet said, “Out of the offspring of this man, there will be people who will recite the Quran but it will not go beyond their throats, and they will go out of Islam as an arrow goes out through the game, and they will kill the Muslims and leave the idolators. Should I live till they appear, I would kill them as the Killing of the nation of ‘Ad.” BUKHARI 93 / 527

The Khawarij today

-are harsh with the Muslims and merciful with the kuffar

-they spy on Muslims

-they spy FOR the kuffar

-the Khawrij of today have the same characteristics

-which the Rasul(saws) spoke about


-to break away / come out

[* -Khawarij is the plural of karajee -it means to break out, break away *]


-anyone who picks up arms against a legitimate Muslim ruler who governs with Shariah

-in the time of Ahmad ibn Hanbal there was a man named Ma’moon (caliph)

-who said the Quran was created;

-why didn’t Ahmed ibn Hanbal take up arms against him?

-because Ma’moon governed with Shariah and did Jihad


[* -there are some scholars who believe you can topple a leader who is a tyrant, even though he might govern with Shariah -they quote 2:124 *]

The correct opinion:

-you’re not allowed to topple a leader unless you see clear kufr

Remember that when Ibrahim (Abraham) was tested by his Rabb with certain commands, he fulfilled them. Allah said: “Surely, I will make you the leader of mankind.” “What about my offspring?” Asked Ibrahim. “My pledge,” said Allah, “will not apply to the evil doers. (Al-Baqarah 2:124)

Prophet (saws) said topple the leader if you see clear kufr [Bukhari Vol 9 Page 146]

[* -clear kufr is when they join the UN ->> 47:25-26 *]

-clear kufr is when you go to their country and see Riba banks

-clear kufr is when you see casinos in the country

-clear kufr is when they allow pubs and discos in the country

Verily, those who have turned back (have apostated) as disbelievers after the guidance has been manifested to them, Shaitan (Satan) has beautified for them (their false hopes), and (Allah) prolonged their term (age). (Muhammad 47:25)

This is because they said to those who hate what Allah has sent down: “We will obey you in part of the matter,” but Allah knows their secrets. (Muhammad 47:26)

-if a Muslim ruler drinks alcohol, he’s not a kaafir

-but if he signs papers allowing pubs in the country

-then he is a kaafir because he has legitimized haraam

-if a Muslim ruler should commit zina, he’s not a kaafir

-but if he should sign papers allowing brothels in the country

-then he is a kaafir because he has legitimized zina

[* These are just examples of the characteristics of khawarij . Saudi king is a murtad kaffir who is not ruling Saudi Arabia according to 100% sharia laws .He has allied with the kuffars who are killing the Muslims who are involved in reestablishing the khilapha. Saudi Arabia is based on some Islamic laws and some man made kufr laws and its protected by kuffars instead of being protected by Muslims. They have also made interest halal in their banks which is against Islamic system. *]

Saudi Arabia is not an Islamic state and we have provided enough evidences that proves

Saudi Arabia is the current khawarij state. It’s the Anti-Islamic state they are enemies of Islam they are dogs of hell.

The prophecy of foretold by prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him

Sulayman b. Dawud al Tayalisi related to us; Dawud b. Ibrahim al-Wasiti related to me; Habib b. Salim related to me from Nu‘man b. Bashir b. Sa‘d who said:

We were sitting in the Mosque and Bashir was there preventing a man from speaking (yakuffu hadithahu). Then Abu Tha‘labah al-Khushani came and said: O Bashir b. Sa‘d! Have you memorised a narration of the Messenger of Allahregarding the rulers (al-umara’)? Hudhayfah replied: I am memorising hissermon (khutbatahu). So Abu Tha‘labah sat down and Hudhayfah said: The Messenger of Allahsaid:

The Prophethood will remain amongst you (fi-kum) [1] as long as Allah wills that it remain and then he will remove it when He intends to remove it. Then (thumma) [2] there will be the Khilafah [3] upon the way of the Prophethood (‘ala minhaj al-nabuwwah) and it will continue as long as Allah wills it to continue and then he will remove it when He intends to remove it. Then there will be a harsh rule (mulkan ‘addan) [4] and it will continue as long as Allah wills it to continue and then he will remove it when He intends to remove it. And then there will be a coercive rule (mulkan jabriyyatan) [5] and it will continue as long as Allah wills it to continue and then he will remove it when He intends to remove it. Then there will be the Khilafah upon the way of the Prophethood (‘ala minhaj al-nabuwwah) [6] and [the Prophet] kept silent (sakata).” [Musnad Ahmad, 4/273 #18596]

Habib b. Salim said: When ‘Umar b. ‘Abd al-‘Aziz came to power and Yazid b. al-Nu‘man al-Bashir was his companion, I wrote this narration to him reminding him to be wary of it, so I said to him:

Indeed I hope that the Leader of the Believers (amir al-mu’minin) – meaning ‘Umar – is subsequent to the harsh and coercive rule. My letter was taken (udkhila) to ‘Umar b. ‘Abd al-‘Aziz and he was delighted by it (fa-surra bihi) as well as very pleased.

The Authenticity of this Narration

While the narration is only related by Imam Ahmad (infarada bihi al-musannif) through this chain which is rigorously authenticated (sahih) in ‘raised form’ (marfu‘, i.e. authentically attributed to the Prophet from a companion)

Al Haythami said, in Majma al Zawaa’id, the narrators of the hadith are trustworthy.

الراوي[حذيفة بن اليمان المحدث[:] الهيثمي – المصدر[:] مجمع الزوائد – الصفحة أو الرقم[: 5/191*]

خلاصة حكم المحدث[*:*] رجاله ثقات

Al Iraqi said, in Mahajjat al Qurab, the hadith is sahih.

حذيفة بن اليمان المحدث[العراقي – المصدر[:] محجة القرب – الصفحة أو الرقم[: 175*]

خلاصة حكم المحدث[*:*] صحيح

Al Albani said, in Takhreej Mishkat al Masabih, the chain is hasan.

الراوي[النعمان بن بشير المحدث[:] الألباني – المصدر[:] تخريج مشكاة المصابيح – الصفحة أو الرقم[: 5306*]

خلاصة حكم المحدث[*:*] إسناده حسن

[Maidah 5:71] And they assumed that there will be no punishment, so they turned blind and deaf – then Allah accepted their penance, then again many of them turned blind and deaf; and Allah is seeing their deeds.

[Ana`am 6:39] And those who deny Our signs are deaf and dumb in realms of darkness; Allah may send astray whomever He wills; and may place on the Straight Path whomever He wills.

[Baqarah 2:6-7] As for those whose fate is disbelief, whether you warn them or do not warn them – it is all one for them; they will not believe. Allah has sealed their hearts and their ears, and on their eyes is a covering; and for them is a terrible punishment.

When the hypocrites come to you, [O Muhammad], they say, “We testify that you are the Messenger of Allah .” And Allah knows that you are His Messenger, and Allah testifies that the hypocrites are liars. Quran 63:1

According to shariah law it is haraam for you to be without a caliph for more than 3 days.

– Anyone who dies without giving his bayah to a caliph, he dies in a state of jaahiliyah.

Ibn ‘Umar (May Allah be pleased with them) reported: Messenger of Allah () said, “One who withdraws his hand from obedience (to the Amir) will find no argument (in his defense) when he stands before Allah on the Day of Resurrection; and one who dies without having sworn allegiance will die the death of one belonging to the Days of Ignorance.” [Muslim & Book 1 hadith 665] & (Musnad Ahmed volume 4 page 96) [Sunan an-Nasa’i Vol. 5, Book 37, Hadith 4119]

So bayah must be only given to the khalipha not to a king or president or prime minister. And people of jahiliyah were kaffirs so it is obligatory for Muslims to give bayah to the present khalipha. Otherwise it is major sin and no Muslim wants to die as people of jahiliyah.

And whomsoever Allah wills to guide, He opens his breast to Islam, and whomsoever He wills to send astray, He makes his breast closed and constricted, as if he is climbing up to the sky.” [Al-An’aam, 6:125]

[* "If anyone contends with the Messenger even after guidance has been plainly conveyed to him, and follows a path other than that becoming to men of Faith, We shall leave him in the path he has chosen, and land him in Hell,- what an evil refuge!" (Quran 4:115) *]

Of no profit will be my counsel to you, much as I desire to give you (good) counsel, if it be that Allah willeth to leave you astray (yughwiyakum): He is your Lord! and to Him will ye return!” (Quran 11:34)

Allah sends astray whom He wills and He guides on the Straight Path whom He wills.” [Al-An’aam, 6:39]

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

Praise be to Allah, the Cherisher and Sustainer of the worlds;

Most Gracious, Most Merciful;

Master of the Day of Judgment.

Thee do we worship, and Thine aid we seek.

Show us the straight way,

The way of those on whom Thou hast bestowed Thy Grace, those whose (portion) is not wrath, and who go not astray. Surah fatiha

Muslim reported that the Prophet (saw) said: “He who pledged allegiance to an Imam giving him the clasp of his hand and the fruit of his heart shall obey him as long as he can, and if another comes to dispute with him you have to strike the neck of that man.”

So this was an Ijma’a to engage themselves in appointing a Khaleefah rather than to bury the dead. This could not be legitimate unless the appointment of a Khaleefah is more obligatory than the burial of the dead. Also, all the Sahabah agreed throughout their lives upon the obligation of appointing a Khaleefah. Although they disagreed upon the person to elect as a Khaleefah, they never disagreed upon the appointment of a Khaleefah, neither when the Prophet (saw) died, nor when any of the Khulafaa. al-Rashidun died. Therefore the Ijma’a of the Sahabah is a clear and strong evidence that the appointment of a Khaleefah is obligatory.

Question If the Prophet’sburial was delayed by 2 days and 2 nights why is the maximum time limit for appointing a Khaleefah 3 days and their nights?

The evidence restricting the time limit for appointing a Khaleefah to 3 days and their nights is taken from the consensus of the Sahabah over the action of Umar bin al-Khattab when he established a shura council to elect the next Khaleefah after him. Umar said to Suhaib ar-Rumi: “Lead the people in prayer for three days and put together ‘Ali, ‘Uthman, Az-Zubair, Sa’d, Abdur Rahman Bin ‘Auf and Talhah if he returns. Stand over their heads and if five of them come together (in agreement) and choose one man whilst one refuses then smash his head or strike his head with the sword…”

This was related by Ibn Shabbah in ‘Taareekh Al-Madeenah’, Tabari in his ‘Taareekh’ (History) and Ibn Sa’d transmitted similar to this in ‘At-Tabaqaat Al-Kubraa’. This was in spite of them (shura council) being from the people of Shuraa and from the senior Sahaabah. This occurred in front of the eyes and ears of the Sahaabah and it has not been transmitted that there was somebody who opposed or denounced this. As such it represents an Ijma of the Sahabah upon it not being permitted for the Muslims to be without a Khaleefah for more than three days and its accompanying nights. And the Ijmaa’ of the Sahaabah is a Daleel (source of evidence) just like the Kitaab and the Sunnah.

Todays scholars who say We don’t need khalipa do they know more than the sahabas? No. So if any scholar claim Islam and Muslims don’t require to have a khaliph is indeed a munafiq a hypocrite an apostate a disbeliever a murtad these scholars are the khawarij they recite the Quran but it doesn’t go down their throats and the rulers who support them are the enemies of Islam. Our prophet talked about these people as khawarij and he would have killed them if they had appeared in the time of prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.

There would arise a people from the progeny of this (man) who would recite the Qur’an glibly, but it would not go beyond their throats; they would (hurriedly) pass through (the teachings of their) Deen just as the arrow passes through the prey. I conceive that he (the Holy Prophet) also said this: If I find them I would certainly kill them as were killed the (people of) Thamud.

[Sahih Muslim: Book 005, Number 2319]

And hold firmly to the rope of Allah all together and do not become divided. Surah Ali ‘Imran [3:103]

An-Nu’man ibn Basheer reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “The parable of the believers in their affection, mercy, and compassion for each other is that of a body. When any limb aches, the whole body reacts with sleeplessness and fever.”

Source: Ṣaḥīḥ al-Bukhārī 5665, Ṣaḥīḥ Muslim 2586

Islam commands us Muslims to be united under one khilapha and we are one nation of prophet Muhammad peace be upon him we are one ummah We are one body and nationalism is haram in Islam.

Al-Hafiz Abu Ishaq Ibrahim bin `Abdur-Rahman bin Ibrahim bin Duhaym recorded that Damrah narrated that two men took their dispute to the Prophet , and he gave a judgment to the benefit of whoever among them had the right. The person who lost the dispute said, “I do not agree.” The other person asked him, “What do you want then” He said, “Let us go to Abu Bakr As-Siddiq.” They went to Abu Bakr and the person who won the dispute said, “We went to the Prophet with our dispute and he issued a decision in my favor.” Abu Bakr said, “Then the decision is that which the Messenger of Allah issued.” The person who lost the dispute still rejected the decision and said, “Let us go to `Umar bin Al-Khattab.” When they went to `Umar, the person who won the dispute said, “We took our dispute to the Prophet and he decided in my favor, but this man refused to submit to the decision.” `Umar bin Al-Khattab asked the second man and he concurred. `Umar went to his house and emerged from it holding aloft his sword. He struck the head of the man who rejected the Prophet’s decision with the sword and killed him. Consequently, Allah revealed, the aforementioned verse. [Context taken from Tafseer Ibn-e-Kathir] Context of Revelation (Chapter 4, V 65) Al Quran. This is the verse” But no, by your Lord, they will not [truly] believe until they make you, [O Muhammad], judge concerning that over which they dispute among themselves and then find within themselves no discomfort from what you have judged and submit in [full, willing] submission.

O ye who believe! Obey Allah, and obey the Messenger, and those charged with authority among you. If ye differ in anything among yourselves, refer it to Allah and His Messenger, if ye do believe in Allah and the Last Day: That is best, and most suitable for final determination. (4:59) Quran

[*It was narrated that Jaabir ibn Samurah said: I entered upon the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) with my father, and I heard him say: “This matter will not end until there have been among them twelve caliphs.” Then he said something that I could not hear, and I said to my father: What did he say? He said: “All of them will be from Quraysh.” *]

[*Narrated by al-Bukhaari (no. 7222); Muslim (no. 1821). *]

According to other versions also narrated by Muslim:“Islam will continue to prevail through twelve caliphs.”

This religion will continue to prevail and be strong until there have been twelve caliphs.”

According to the version narrated by al-Bukhaari, it says: “There will be twelve rulers.” Then he said something I did not hear, and my father said that he said: “All of them will be from Quraysh.”

Now imagine all the scholars and rulers who are saying We don’t need khilapha and it is agreed by the corrupted scholars that khaliphate is not an obligation what would Umar ra would do to these apostate kings prime ministers presidents rulers and their Anti-Islamic puppet scholars who don’t follow Quran and Sunnah who don’t care and don’t follow don’t believe in the ijma of the sahabas. Now imagine If Umar ra was here today he would definitely destroy these apostate rulers and scholars of today and maybe some of the uneducated Muslims would call Umar ra a khawarij if he was present here today! Now think about it.

Muslims will never be united under nationalism and democracy and apostate kings. It is our deen which tells us we are one ummah so only under the sharia under the khaliphate under the banner of Allah’s deen we all can truly become one nation under the legislation sharia of Allah with true peace security justice for whole of humanity. Muslims who will die for nationalism will die as people of Jahiliyah kaffirs Murtads and burn in hell but Muslims who will die for establishing khaliphate for the sake of Allah will enter paradise. This was the correct view and understanding of all sahabas and the khaliphas of Islam and Islam is complete so nothing can be added nor subtracted from Islam and the deniers who wants to corrupt Islam are Murtads enemies of Islam.

This day I have perfected your religion for you, completed My favors upon you, and have chosen for you, Islam as your religion.” [5:3] Al Quran

And hold fast, all together, by the rope which Allah (stretches out for you), and be not divided among yourselves; and remember with gratitude Allah’s favour on you; for ye were enemies and He joined your hearts in love, so that by His Grace, ye became brethren; and ye were on the brink of the pit of Fire, and He saved you from it. Thus doth Allah make His Signs clear to you: That ye may be guided. (3:103) Quran

Do you honestly believe Allah and prophet Muhammad pbuh would like to see Muslims under the banner of 56 nations? No Allah and our rasul Muhammad pbuh has made it clear that all Muslims are brothers in faith in the deen of Islam. So it is our obligation our duty to become united become one nation of Islam one body of one ummah under one khalipha under one khaliphate. Only the Munafiquns and kuffars and enemies of Islam want Muslims to be divided So they can rule and dominate over our lands and spread the kufr legislation of shaitan the kufr of democracy over the divine sharia of Allah subhanataala. Don’t let your enemies of Islam divide and rule over your lands. Muslims must become united become one. Imagine the power of being an unstoppable force of 1.5 billion Sunni Muslims where no one would oppress another no weak will suffer and it will be the rule of Allah on the land of Allah and indeed Allah is the owner of this earth.

We Muslims invite you to stand with Muslims. Don’t be a hypocrite fear Allah and don’t be deaf dumb and blind and know that in the judgement day there will be no other refuge accept from Allah and Allah is the final judge. May Allah unite and strengthen the ummah and make us on the path of the rightly guided and not of those who has earned the anger of Allah. Ameen. Jazakumullakhair

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