Astrology - The Beginner’s Guide To Astrology. Includes Love, Success, Compati


The Beginner’s Guide To Astrology. Includes Love, Success, Compatibility & Self-Improvement Of The 12 Zodiac Signs

Table of Contents

Introduction 4

12 Zodiac Signs 6

[* SIGN 1 AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 18) 7*]






SIGN 2 PISCES (February 19 – March 20) 10






SIGN 3 ARIES (March 21 – April 19) 13






[* SIGN 4 TAURUS (April 20 – May 20) 16*]






[* SIGN 5 GEMINI (May 21 – June 20) 19*]






[* SIGN 6 CANCER (June 21 – July 22) 22*]






[* SIGN 7 LEO (July 23 – August 22) 25*]






[* SIGN 8 VIRGO (August 23 – September 22) 28*]






[* SIGN 9 LIBRA (September 23 – October 22) 31*]






[* SIGN 10 SCORPIO (October 23 – November 21) 33*]






[* SIGN 11 SAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 21) 36*]






[* SIGN 12 CAPRICORN (December 22- January 19) *






Conclusion 41



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Astrology, as we know it today, originated in the Babylonian times from as early back as 3000 BC. Astrology was then introduced to Greece where a lot of the common descriptions we see today developed, such as the correlations between crystals and metals. The Greeks made significant advances within this field and were the first to make a systematic catalogue of the stars, as well as deriving the name ‘Astrology’ which means ‘Science of the Stars’.

Astrology then moved on to the Roman Empire and from this point, it spread quite rapidly across Western Europe. When the Roman Empire fell and Christianity became the predominant voice much of Astrology was suppressed and its practice had to be hidden, as it contradicted what the bible was teaching. An astrologer named William Lilly renamed the practice ‘Christian Astrology’ in order for it to be deemed as acceptable by the Christian Church. This motive played a significant part in the popularity of astronomy today as it allowed people to continue practicing and studying it.

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12 Zodiac Signs

Here we are going to go discuss each Zodiac sign in depth and show you how your star signs can determine many aspects of your life and others. Let’s start with the 12 Zodiac signs and the correlating birth periods.

Aquarius: January 20 – February 18

Pisces: February 19 – March 20

Aries: March 21 – April 19

Taurus: April 20 – May 20

Gemini: May 21 – June 20

Cancer: June 21 – July 22

Leo: July 23 – August 22

Virgo: August 23 – September 22

Libra: September 23 – October 22

Scorpio: October 23 – November 21

Sagittarius November 22 – December 21

Capricorn: December 22 – January 19

SIGN 1 AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 18)


The words that come to mind when I think of all the Aquarians I’ve known are quirky, free-spirited, rebellious and brilliant. The key phrase commonly associated with this Zodiac sign is “I know”! These eclectic beings are generally known to be very intelligent and consequently, may come off as a little arrogant.

The symbol associated with the Aquarius sign is the water bearer, which is symbolic with the Gods nurturing the earth with life giving energy. This is a bit of a contradiction as water signs are usually very emotional and Aquarians are most certainly not! Aquarians tend not to conform to the common associations made with water signs as they are more likely to be emotionally aloof and highly intellectual. It is important to note the significance of the water bearer’s symbol for an Aquarian. They are the ‘vessel’ for spreading information and are highly effective communicators, spreading ideas and new information in an eloquent and concise way.

The element of air is attached to the Aquarius and Air signs are all about communication and intellectual analysis. They relish when analyzing and debating so if you have a problem, discussing it with an Aquarius is your best bet. They love helping others and their charming outgoing personality and magnetism makes them very popular.

Aquarians are much focused on the future and what tomorrow will bring. This poses a problem for them as they struggle to be ‘in the moment’ and tend to not live in the present.


Aquarius is predominantly a masculine sign and with that brings an outgoing and active side to their personality. This means that if an Aquarius likes you, you will know about it! They will approach you, openly communicate and share their plans for the future.

In order for an Aquarian to fall in love with someone, they need to feel that they have a common goal or vision of the future with the other person. They tend not to choose partners solely on chemistry, but are turned on by friendship, mutual ideas and sharing the same ideology.

They are very passionate loyal people and if you hurt them there is no coming back. Once an Aquarian has made up their mind that they no longer want to be with you, they usually will never go back on their decision, so you must be careful to not break their trust.

Aquarians can feel a lot of detachment when it comes to emotions. Once you have stimulated them mentally they will feel more attached to you. They really value their personal space and freedom so always keep this in mind when starting a relationship with an Aquarian. As mentioned, they are extremely loyal and will always come back to you.


Notable Celebrities of this Star Sign: Cristiano Ronaldo, Charles Darwin, Jennifer Aniston, Oprah Winfrey.

Aquarians will be pleased to hear that people of this Zodiac sign are highly likely to succeed in life! They are goal setters and like to plan ahead, constantly looking to the future. Aquarians have little interest in the power or personal reward of such efforts but thrive off achieving their goals and the benefits it brings to others.

They are also sensitive people, and that brings the ability to pick up on the reactions of others. This is an invaluable skill to have as their interpersonal skills make them very popular and unlikely to offend others.

Aquarians tend to have impeccable judgement. They instantly know what is right or wrong and have no problem making snap decisions. All an Aquarian needs to be successful is to trust and act on their instincts.

As an Aquarian you need room to grow, so be sure to allow yourself the time and freedom to cultivate your ideas without putting too much pressure on yourself. You work best independently of others and are more likely to flourish in an environment of solidarity than a busy one with distractions.

Aquarians need to know they are making a positive impact on their world and benefitting others around them. Try to engage in activities that will allow you to feel you are making a difference. Whether that is in your line of work, helping friends, or perhaps helping out with community projects at the weekend. These actions will help you achieve self-fulfillment, which will help make you feel truly happy.

Don’t forget to nurture your personal relationships, as it can be easy for an Aquarian to neglect this or take it for granted. Happiness in the truest sense of the word comes from meaningful relationships and knowing to love ourselves unconditionally.


Attracting like-minded people is most important when considering compatibility matches for this eccentric sign. Other air signs such as Gemini, Libra and fellow Aquarians will be the most successful match.


Unshakable and Rebellious: Aquarians can be resolute as they carry on with their life and do things the way they want, paying little heed to what other individuals think. They overall live in their own specific manner, sometimes overlooking the feelings and thoughts of others, which can come across as careless.

Conflicting: They have a tendency to have unforeseen deviations, they have an amazing level of dependability and a hardworking attitude too. They can be very social but enjoy their own space and private time.

Offbeat: Aquarians get a kick out of the chance to pick at anybody they find dull, disapprove of, or ordinary.

Overall Recommendation: Aquarians ought not to sit idle attempting to be something another person wants. They should take things in their own stride and avoid unnecessary stress caused by trying to please others and never be grief stricken when things don’t go your way.

Aquarians like to work for a grand cause or purpose because it feeds their idealist nature. They would rather those around them be happy, so much of their life and decisions are based around this idea, it would suit them if their career could match up with their goals. They are commonly drawn to places where large crowds congregate, and they love the theater and concerts. However, even though they can run in big social circles, they would still admit to feeling lonely. This happens to them because even though they often have many friends, they will only confide in a precious few. They are not judgemental when it comes to friends and tend to be friends with people from all walks of life.

Should he or she ever decide on starting a business, an Aquarian needs a helper or an assistant. They are good at delegating work while they enjoy the research, case studies, and ideas. They are very passionate in doing things that will help people, but the attention to detail often becomes tedious, leading to a lot of unfinished tasks.

SIGN 2 PISCES (February 19 – March 20)


There’s no other sign of the Zodiac that is as mysterious as Pisces! Pisces are sensitive yet spiritual creatures who never take themselves too seriously. They have a refined taste for art, food and travelling yet are very introverted and tend to prefer time alone.

Pisces alternate between reality and fantasy and are prone to daydreaming and losing themselves in thought. They can be hard to pin down and it is common to not hear from a Pisces for days on end!

One of the beautiful traits of a Pisces personality is their unmatched compassion and the fact that they truly do feel the pain of others. They will go out of their way to alleviate any pain in their nearest and dearest, and for this reason, they make great physicians and psychologists.

The Pisces sign is represented by two fish swimming in separate directions, which represents their free-spirited nature. A term that is commonly used when referring to Pieces is that they will just ‘go with the flow’. They are extremely spiritual, being the 12th sign of the Zodiac and have a very sensitive nature. It is important they stay away from brash and insensitive people, as this will affect a Pisces more than any other star sign.

Pisces can be like Aquarians with their ability to walk the line between two extremes, in their case, a sometimes-crippling shyness but also being the life of the party. They are capable of being either, and it comes down to their sheer will power that will determine where they fall on the spectrum.

Pisces are extremely intuitive, and this bleeds over into their personal relationships as well, so lying to them will almost never work. They are romantic and are likely to believe in soul mates more than most. They believe in spiritual bonds and will seek this out in a partner. When they feel as though they have found the one, they are selfless and generous. However, they are not compatible with all signs as they can often be too sensitive and emotional. They are often most compatible with Cancer, Scorpio, Taurus, and Capricorn, these are also emotional signs and will complement one another in this aspect.

Pisces enjoy alone time to help keep them positive and upbeat. Even when they are in a relationship, they will still value their privacy but are not likely to cheat or risk their union. As Pisces gain life experience, they learn to cope and relate to others in a more natural way.


Due to their compassionate nature Pisces are very successful in love. They tend to sacrifice themselves greatly for their loved ones and are willing to suffer if it means their partner will inflict less pain. Pisces will idealise and glorify their lover, which works out very well as their lover will never feel unwanted or unattractive in the eyes of a Pisces.

One thing to remember is that Pisces need space so it is wise to allow them breathing space. Although they may drift off into their own introverted world for a while, do not worry, as they will always return, remember a Pisces primary goal is to help others.


Notable Celebrities of this Star Sign: Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, Rihanna, Elizabeth Taylor.

In order for a Pisces to attain success they must select a suitable career, one that comes from the inner soul. Pisces have a burning desire to achieve greatness and they take on work with invaluable enthusiasm, however, if the wrong line of work is selected the best traits of their personality will be unable to shine through.

Pisces are extremely emotionally evolved but are perfectly capable of achieving great things once any emotional issues have been taken care of.


Pisces are best matched with a water or earth sign such as Cancer, Scorpio, Virgo or Taurus. These signs have the ability to tone down the emotional fluctuations of a Pisces and offer them advice and support to help them become more emotionally stable.


Strife, Evasive & Timid: Pisces can be a standout amongst the calmest indications of the Zodiac. They can be excessively bashful in their ways and this may make them subject to abuse, being underestimated or disloyalty. They are excessively tolerant and pardoning, so they should figure out ways to stand up for themselves to help avoid these situations. Being able to stand up for themselves will prove extremely useful to Pisces going forwards in life.

Simple: Pisces frequently wind up in circumstances where they are exploited in light of the fact that they are excessively liberal and compassionate with almost everyone. Other than their guileless they can be highly impacted by others decisions.

Overall Recommendation: Pisces should stop feeling frustrated with themselves, and try to stop questioning their actions to please others. They need to figure out how to keep individual limits, keeping in mind the end goal to recognize how and what they are feeling.

Before taking a leadership role, they should ensure the role first is something that they are certain they can manage. Because they can be highly sensitive to criticism, they sometimes lack the self-confidence and the assertiveness to lead people. The good thing is, their creativity will open a lot of avenues for them when it comes to the Pisces career. Pisces sometimes don’t do too well with numbers and technicalities (however, Albert Einstein was a Piscean!) but they thrive in writing, acting, and music. In any situation, if determined, their hard working attitude will often give them the success they are aiming towards.

SIGN 3 ARIES (March 21 – April 19)



Aries are the first sign of the Zodiac so this naturally gives them a lot of confidence. The confidence of an Aries could be misconstrued as arrogance, however, behind their tough exterior is someone who is willing to do anything for their loved ones. They truly are the independent soldiers of the Zodiac and are real fighters, always pursuing what they believe in and never giving up.

Sometimes, a common trait of an Aries is to have more distinct features such as strong eyebrows or a larger than normal head making them stand out from the crowd. Of all the Zodiac signs, they are most likely to be attracted to the colour red!

Aries are daredevils that are always up for a challenge. They excel in activities that require adventure and spontaneity, yet they have a childlike wonder that makes them very charming.

Aries are very good at forming plans; they are always prepared with the best ideas to solve a situation. This is why they are so good at conducting businesses, they are also very competitive and ambitious; they try their best to outshine everyone else. They are hard workers and their career is the most important thing for them. The Aries male mostly falls in love with a woman who is successful and the center of attention. They are attracted to ‘the popular girls’, be it at work, college or any social situations. They love the competition from other men to win the girl over!

Aries are often born to become leaders, in that sense; they will be the manager, the coach or the mentor in their chosen career. People of this Zodiac sign also often want to become businessmen, as they enjoy being their own boss. They thrive with the independence it brings and enjoy the benefits that come with it.

One thing you must be careful with when dealing with an Aries is with comments, feedbacks or criticism. The Aries’ independence and pride will make him or her reject any negative comments you give them. It can be sometimes remedied by providing a logical explanation or a sound proof reasoning behind the comments.


It may seem like Aries are not good listeners due to their tendency to cut you off while you are speaking. This can be a very frustrating trait of an Aries but try not to take it personally and be sure to address this problem, as an Aries will be very receptive to any feedback, and doing so will enhance their personal development.

Despite their forcefulness, they are known to be very romantic and take a long time to recover from heartbreak. When dating an Aries remember to be sensitive as their tough exterior doesn’t always mirror what’s going on inside.

Aries are brutally honest and really do ‘tell it like it is’. This could be seen as harsh but you need to look past this and see that it’s coming from a good place, with no ill intentions.

Aries really do care about people, regardless of their tough exterior; they just struggle to show it sometimes.


Notable Celebrities of this Star Sign: Elton John, Leonardo da Vinci, Lady Gaga, Bette Davis.

This star sign has a relentless need to succeed in life and makes it a point to always follow through all projects. They have phenomenal persistence and will always complete a project they have taken on, regardless of how challenging it may be.

Aries are blessed with vast amounts of energy, making them extremely dynamic and full of vitality. They are optimists and are very likely to succeed in life and find success in whatever they do.  

Their diplomacy and ability to deal with difficult situations gives them fantastic interpersonal skills which are highly sought after in business and sales. They make brilliant leaders, athletes and explorers.


When it comes to the most compatible sign for the Aries, they are best matched with signs that share their natural fiery energy. Signs which fall under the fire element are well suited to an Aries such as Gemini, Sagittarius and Leo.


Indiscreet and eager: Aries are the most indiscreet and eager of all the Zodiac signs.

Narrow-minded: Aries can feel content yet come across vain, sometimes narrow minded and envious. They may have desirous and envious musings in a relationship or corporate situation. They should be careful with this attitude as it can prove detrimental to their future, they should learn how to concentrate on affection and benevolence.

Juvinile: Being the most youthful sign in the Zodiac, Aries can be juvenile, coarse, merciless and brutal.

Overall Recommendation: Aries are quite vivacious and have a solid approach to most things in life; they additionally have overpowering forces of recuperation. Notwithstanding, they are fitness cognizant, yet despite everything, they need to manage their eating schedule. Cut down on too much coffee, processed sugar, and intoxicants, as these substances tend to deplete their vitality and lead them to anxiety.

Aries are encouraged to wear the correct gemstone, which will help them remain secured, fill them with more energy, and make them feel positive and stay focused.

SIGN 4 TAURUS (April 20 – May 20)


A bull represents Taurus; this can be seen as a very accurate representation of a Taurus personality. They are known to be extremely stubborn, forceful and never take no for an answer. This star sign is the epitome of an alpha male or an alpha female. This personality trait of Taurus can be misleading, as although they come off as brash and uncaring at times they have an immense capacity to love and show affection.

A Taurus loves all things sensual and beautiful and is very fond of art and music. They are known to be stylish, have expensive taste and perhaps be a little materialistic.

This star sign is a great listener due to their reserved nature and can be trusted with the darkest secrets. They are loyal and dependable friends and can always be relied on at a time of need.

Taurus men and women are very good at managing their own finances and make sure to pay their bills on time. Every so often they like to indulge, but overall, they are frugal and prefer to plan for the future rather than make rash decisions in the present.

Domesticity, family, and friends are very important to this sign; they are the first to protect and stand up for the people they love. This behaviour can make them come off as domineering or aggressive when really this is just the best way this sign knows how to show love. If you are a Taurus, or you are close to a Taurus, then you know they are actually quite sensitive and romantic. This sign is not quick to show this side of themselves to just anyone, which can make them come across as insensitive or even cold, but this is not the case.

Business wise, Tauruses have a goal in mind and they will stick to those goals even when people around them tell them to give up. It is during the most difficult times that a Taurus rages on. People with this sign are often looked up to due to their financial prowess. It’s as if they know finances like the back of their hand.

Technically speaking, Taurus has the best of both worlds when it comes to saving and spending. He or she likes to live in extravagance but they know that doing so can ruin their finances. So instead of wasting money on everyday luxuries, they will sometimes concentrate more on hosting social gatherings with friends.

One thing that causes concern for Taurus is change. Most of the time, when ‘change’ is about to occur (whether in life, love or business), they are known to worry far more than what the situation presents. They can become nervous with change, as with change lies uncertainties that he or she has no control of.

Taurus is also very emotional, although they hide their emotions very well. They don’t like to talk about their feelings and due to that, people often utter the wrong words that can end up hurting them – which they will again hide the emotional impact of!


They take love and their relationships very seriously, and their love is always genuine. A Taurus will go to great lengths to make you happy, will shower you will affection and nurture you.

They really struggle to cope with rejection and are known to take years to recover from a breakup.

Due to their ‘bull-headedness’, a Taurus may be a little difficult to rationalize with and may be unwilling to compromise, so try not to get caught in the bull’s way!

For all their downsides they are passionate lovers and are sure to make their partner feel loved and valued.


Notable Celebrities of this Star Sign: Mark Zuckerberg, William Shakespeare, Adele, Audrey Hepburn.

Tauruses are great business minded people and are powerful influencers. They are natural born leaders as they have a magnetic charisma that often forces people to look up to them.

They like to do things their own way, as they see this as their formula for success, so it is best to just let them get on with it without interfering too much. This star sign is self-sufficient and oozes self-confidence, making them extremely successful in all their endeavors.


When it comes to compatibility, a Taurus is best suited to Earth signs with similar traits to themselves, as well as water signs that embody similar energy. Cancer, Capricorn or Pisces are the best matches.


Possessive: Taurus needs security and solidness while dating; therefore their attitude is less positive for individuals they meet who have commitments outside of what they see fit. To the same extent, Taurus tends to mold their connections, and without effort get to be distinctly possessive with individuals.

Materialistic: Tauruses have a tendency to be excessively materialistic. They cherish looking for luxuries and different items to posses.

Resolute: Tauruses can be horrendously obstinate, and now and again can be nonsensically persistent. This is one of their weakest traits, when they make a decision; it is difficult to change them.

Overall Recommendation: They ought to redirect their vitality, focus, and consistency to help them achieve their objective. Guidance for them is to adopt a lighter strategy towards life and look past the material additions. With their constructive heart qualities, they can conquer this less than desirable identity attribute.

SIGN 5 GEMINI (May 21 – June 20)




Gemini is one of the luckiest Zodiac signs, however they may seem rather indecisive at times, this is at times, due to their split nature that is displayed with their personality.

This star sign is so much fun to be around, has a sharp wit and lots of energy. One of the downsides of their enigmatic nature is that they are always looking for next best thing. Gemini’s are hard to pin down and can’t help but become attracted to the next person, event or item that they come across.

They thrive on banter and love to play with words, looking to elicit a response out of someone. Gemini’s love to be the center of attention, this can come across as manipulative but that isn’t their intention. It’s their own innocent attempt to influence others into their way of thinking.

Gemini’s are known to be fun loving people that would choose to have a good time with friends over facing the responsibilities that life brings.

Since Gemini’s leave a mark on people they meet, they will do well in business or managerial roles as people are drawn to them. The only downside of a Gemini’s personality is this: he or she tends to have a lot of energy that they rarely focus on just one job, resulting to a lot of unfinished tasks. If you are a Gemini, it’s advisable to just concentrate on one job before moving on to the next, you will be surprised at how effective and more productive you become by doing that!


Gemini men are intelligent and also analytical, they have a great thirst for knowledge but get easily tired by the process of learning new things. If it takes too much effort to learn something, they tend to leave it and move on. Being analytically minded, they easily analyze situations and come up with solutions, they like mental games that challenge them.

Many Gemini’s have anxiety disorders and can be extremely nervous even if the situation doesn’t present much or little stress. This is mostly due to their higher-order analytical skills.


Gemini’s are known as the life of the party and are inherently good at entertaining. Their devil-may-care attitude might make them seem irresponsible, especially when it comes to finances, but they are actually good at managing their money. Their unique combination of personality traits and natural abilities helps them excel as entrepreneurs, if they can stick to something long enough to see it through. They are natural gamblers which can work for or against them depending on the situation.

Gemini’s are often thought of as walking puzzles, but they love passionately, and when they find the right partner, they are devoted and constant. Their friendships are usually long-term, and they are sensitive to other’s moods. This makes them wonderful friends, and if you are lucky enough to call a Gemini a best friend, then chances are you will be friends for life. When it comes to romance, they are most compatible with Leo, Aries, Libra, and Aquarius because they are the most likely to accept them as they are.

Appearance is also important to a Gemini, but not in the same way as the two previous signs. Just like with other facets of their lives, they get bored of their appearance and welcome change. They also like to use their appearance as a means of expression, which usually only adds to their appeal.



Gemini’s are typically not a feeler or particularly emotional. They can come across as distant and uncaring but this is not intentional. As they are difficult to pin down, their love match must be completely secure with who they are as a person or their Gemini partner may make them feel insignificant and unvalued without meaning to do so. This star sign loves excitement so a surprise will go a long way with your Gemini partner or friend.



Notable Celebrities of this Star Sign: Johnny Depp, Donald Trump, Nicole Kidman, Marilyn Monroe.

Before any Gemini takes a job role, they should ensure there are numerous challenges involved in their daily tasks, as they are known to become bored quickly. Gemini’s will lose interest once they have figured out how to do something in the most efficient manner.

They make excellent employees as they can complete tasks in record time. This makes it difficult when working as a team as their colleagues may struggle to keep up with their pace.

Gemini’s make great employees in the field of media, public relations, and most creative industries.



As Air is the element that rules this star sign, their best bet is to choose a partner that is also ruled by Air. Libra and Aquarius are perfectly compatible as they share a similar approach to life.




Doubtful: Gemini’s may have jealous contemplations about others. They can make the error of taking a dear companion as a foe in the event that they misjudge a circumstance. This makes them suspicious even against their closest friends and family.

Duality: Gemini’s have a tendency to have distinctive identities

Eccentric: Depending on their state of mind, you sometimes either get a hot or cold personality with little middle ground.

Overall Recommendation: They should be watchful with some of their traits, as these can prevent them from reaching their full potential. They should aim to stay centered; this will help them in personal and business life.

SIGN 6 CANCER (June 21 – July 22)




People born under the cancer sign are known to be pretty moody! This sign is represented by a crab and many similarities can be made! Cancerians tend to clam up when in uncomfortable situations, and may not always show their true selves upon meeting people. This is not because they are fake or disingenuous; they simply possess a very sensitive underbelly and are worried about rejection or criticism.


Cancerians tend to be grossly misunderstood by many as being difficult to get along with, however, once they let you in they will show you they are a loyal friend with a very compassionate and emotional nature.


This star sign is attracted to peaceful surroundings and will strive to make their home as beautiful as possible. You will find them constantly improving their living area by collecting trinkets to make the place more homely.


Cancerians have problems with expressing their feelings and frequently choose to bottle them up instead of discussing any issues. This causes festering resentment and can lead to an explosive outburst if the situation comes to a head. Typically, Cancerians want you to use your intuition to figure out what the problem is before they turn into real issues, but sometimes this is easier said than done. This is a dangerous trait of Cancer as not only are they likely to get into disagreements with others but they are also unforgiving and won’t think twice about ending a friendship.


You need to be patient if you want to get to know a Cancer, but believe me when I say it will be worth persevering, as beneath their moody exterior they are wonderful people to be around.

This is an ambitious sign but they usually have a rocky start pursuing new avenues. However, once they are on the path of success, they will remain that way. The ups and downs of their past motivate them, and part of that usually revolves around a need to be financially stable, to make up for this they learn to excel at saving money. This sign values hard work, and with age, they learn to use their sensitivity as a strength, whereas early in their lives it would come across as turbulent emotions. Until their emotional issues like shyness and insecurities are resolved, a Cancer will struggle in their career, profession or business. But once they are, they will become more successful in just about anything they desire to partake.

Cancerians are guilty of getting swept up in their emotions they feel at a particular moment. One of their greatest obstacles is learning to control this since it also prevents them from thinking rationally. They might describe their emotions as overwhelming, but as they get older, they will learn to channel this into something more positive through trusting themselves and their intuition.

This sign has an active imagination and they make wonderful musicians, poets, artists, and writers. Their depth of emotion sets them apart from others in this regard, and their success in the arts reflects this. Their overly sensitive nature can also get in their way, making them prone to depression or anxiety. This can happen quickly for a Cancer, for example, when they feel as though they are not properly recognized.

Cancerians need to be encouraged and appreciated by those around them, when they think this is not happening, their own mind can take them to a dark place, which they sometimes struggle to control.

Cancerians can find themselves drawn to the mysterious and are fascinated by other cultures and religions. Cancerians have a deep respect for anything that acknowledges and incorporates transformation or progression because they go through so much of it on their own. They relate to change and embrace the idea of coming out of something stronger than when they went in. This is one of the main ways they learn to control and embrace their emotions, allowing them to use this as a form of strength instead of weakness.



Cancerians are known to be loving and loyal, however, they will not show this trait to prospective mates at first. It will take them a while and they won’t open up until they feel comfortable to do so.


Cancerians need a strong mate who can look after them as they need protection from the harsh world. Always remember to be diplomatic with Cancerains as they can be very sensitive to criticism and are wary of rejection.



Notable Celebrities of this Star Sign: Lionel Messi, Nelson Mandela, Selena Gomez, Angela Merkel.


The first thing to remember is to never micromanage Cancerains! The consequences will not be favourable for you. They crave autonomy and the freedom to do things their own way. If you leave them to their own devices, a Cancerian will work extremely hard and will not quit until the job is done. They will also take immediate action to correct a mistake or wrong doing, just be careful to not upset their sensitivity.


Cancerians love to express themselves, so often take careers to utilize this skill, such as a writer, teacher, painter or actor.



As far as romance is concerned, Cancer is most suited to fellow water signs as well as earth signs that share their desire for security. Taurus, Scorpio, and Virgo would be their best bets for long lasting romance.


Touchy: Cancer is a standout amongst the most delicate but can also be quite touchy by nature. They are known to be emotionally sensitive and can be extremely touchy.

Sentimental: They are partial to living in the past and being melancholic. They have a tendency to experience issues with giving up, for example they won’t give up on someone because someone tells them to. Cancerians can also be emotionally sentimental.

Overall Recommendation: Cancerians should not fall in the trap of feeling sorry for themself; they should instead take situations and criticisms in their stride and learn to keep their feelings and emotions in check. Improving this quality will help flourish their other qualities and help them in personal and work life.

SIGN 7 LEO (July 23 – August 22)


This star sign is one with incredible power and finesse; some of the most influential world leaders are born under the star sign of Leo. They have an abundance of self-confidence, which at times may border on arrogant. Leos are misunderstood people, as they come across as confident and powerful, yet often possess another side. This side is one that is kind, generous and compassionate. More than any other star sign Leos have the propensity to be extremely generous and will always be sure to take care of their loved ones.

Leos truly do live life to the max! They always want to be the first person to do things and are constantly on the move. They are logical and passionate people with an outgoing nature.

The weakness with Leos is they often care far too much about social image and how they are being portrayed to others. This proud nature means their ego is easily bruised and they are easily consumed with keeping up appearances. Whatever success the Leo encounters, they will want others to see. They can also be very materialistic, with a taste for the finer things in life such as extravagant holidays, expensive cars and in some cases living beyond their means.

Leo is ruled by the sun, this shows in the way they live their life. Others would describe them as eternal optimists with a connection to the life-giving assets of the sun itself. Leos keep a positive attitude and can prove great for support for those around them. Even though Leos are known for having an ego, which they do, their generosity is never compromised.

They are not the best at managing their finances, usually because they haven’t had to be, being lucky in money matters. Leos might find themselves receiving money from surprising sources, which may feel rather normal to them. It’s because of this that so many Leos have not had to learn to manage their finances properly. Although, this is something that comes to them with time and experience, though can cause some problems early on in their lives.

Leos are independent and make great leaders, because they set such a great example for others. They can inspire and motivate others, often leading people through any number of difficult situations, only to be successful in the end. On the other hand, they make terrible followers and resent being controlled.

If a Leo is put in a managerial position, or if they own a business, they will surely thrive. Leos are very much focused and in control. Problems will arise if he or she is not in a position to lead, as this will bring about conflicts between them and the leader that they’re supposed to follow. Leos do not take it kindly to being ordered around. However once a Leo succeeds in becoming a leader, they often make a positive impact in the business that they’re in.


Leos make brilliant lovers as they have great attention to detail, which their partners will love! This star sign has the tendency to seek out more fragile companions so they feel they’re looking after and nurturing them.

If you are in a relationship with a Leo be sure to lavish them with attention and praise to keep their ego happy and be open to trying out new experiences. They really are lots of fun…as long as you have the energy to keep up!


Notable Celebrities of this Star Sign: Robert De Niro, Barack Obama, Jennifer Lopez, J.K. Rowling.

There’s no doubt about it – Leo the Lion was born to be successful. Their confident nature and hardworking attitude give them the skills to take on any challenge, however big. They simply won’t take no for an answer and will persist until the job is done correctly.

Their sharp wit, genuine interest in others and ability to quickly engage in conversation makes their interpersonal skills excellent, they are also one of the lucky signs that are suited to a vast array of professions.

The Leo may encounter problems at work if they are unable to swallow their pride. It’s common for a Leo to avoid anyone who voices anything even remotely negative about his or her domineering personality.


Aries and Gemini are best suited to the Leo. Aries have a similar temperament so will share a mutual outlook on life, and Gemini’s share the same enthusiasm and ’gusto’.


Touchy to Criticism: No one loves negative feedback however since Leos love to lead, they aren’t exactly kind when judged this way. They aim for social acknowledgment and regularly meander to the higher-class group of friends.

Impatient: The Fire component gives wild identity. They are forceful and some of the time their animosity is difficult to deal with, which makes Leos come across as impatient and short tempered.

Overall Recommendation: It is imperative for Leos to take criticism with an open mind, doing so will open many more avenues for them to venture down in business and personal life. It’s also recommended they learn to think more before they speak or judge, doing so will improve their domineer and character.

SIGN 8 VIRGO (August 23 – September 22)


People born under the Virgo star sign are known to be perfectionists, they are extremely loyal, traditional, and predictable and make a very comfortable mate. Virgos have a tendency to collect data for a long period of time in order to make a rational and well-informed judgement on someone. It takes a while for as Virgo to open up and trust you, but when they do it will be a long-term friendship that continues to blossom.

This star sign is very rational and is always sizing up opportunities and problems. They always endeavor to come up with solutions and find the most efficient way to do things. Virgos take great pride in their own appearance and are house proud, due to their desire for things to be just right.

The downside of a Virgo’s personality is that they are prone to anxiety, and only likely to open up to someone once they feel comfortable. Virgos can be very critical, however, this is not meant to be malicious. They use criticism as a way of helping others identify problems in their life, and see this as the best way to help others out.

In business, Virgos will find it easy to deal with problems. They have a knack in breaking down things and then making them whole again. They also see right through a person’s superficial aura, making them perfect for investigative jobs. Their cold exterior however may prove to be challenging in the corporate world. If they can overcome that coldness, they will become good leaders, considering the fact the Virgos love order.

They are also very kind and caring, they empathize with others and help them when they can. They don’t like to show off their intelligence and like to help others who are struggling, while also keeping good control of their emotions. They know how to not let others take advantage of them and can easily avoid being persuaded into unwanted situations.

They are cunning, smart and very hard to outsmart. They are not aggressive and love making friends, however they will give you the silent treatment to depict their disgust. Many people prefer it when others show aggression because then issues can be sorted out by talking, however this proves not true for Virgo men. They can happily cut people out of their life that have upset them, making the people they cut out of their life deeply regret their actions.

They make for great therapists and listeners and have scientific minds; they tend to give genuine solutions from their heart. They don’t let their emotions rule their judgement and are never biased.


Virgos make excellent romantic partners, as long as you take the time to get to know them. You must be patient around a Virgo and allow them time to be comfortable around you. Once they are comfortable they will open up and become loyal and trusting companions.

As they are prone to anxiety they need a partner who will ground them and give them assurance that everything will be alright.

Due to their sometimes harsh and critical nature, you need to develop a thick skin if you plan to be in a relationship with a Virgo. For Zodiac signs with a more sensitive nature, this can be a problem that might be hard to overlook.


Notable Celebrities of this Star Sign: Michael Jackson, Stephen King, Shania Twain, Mother Teresa.

Thanks to their hard work Virgos can achieve great things. They make excellent employees, always trying to do their best, constantly dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s. Virgos are masters of repetition and are happy to continuously repeat a task until they reach perfection.

They are very logical, detail oriented and highly intelligent, making Virgos best suited to admin, finance or managerial roles.


Virgos tend to mesh well with fellow earth signs or water signs, which will complement their personality. The most suited signs for a Virgo are Taurus, Cancer or Capricorn.


Self-Critical: Virgos can often be too self-critical, and often worry too much about little or minor issues in life due to their high, perfectionist like standards.

Fussbudget: They are known for their fussy traits. They often look for flawlessness in all that they do, from professions to hobbies.

Overall Recommendation: They will lead a significantly more joyful life if they worry less and become less judgemental. The health risks associated with being stressed out with minor issues could eventually come to light if these aren’t kept in check.

SIGN 9 LIBRA (September 23 – October 22)


No other astrological sign is as complex as the Libra. If you have any Libra friends the first thing that may come to mind is that they are stylish and always look great. They’ll go to great lengths to look smart and can occasionally be seen as vain.

They make great friends and will always be there if you need advice, however, don’t expect a Libra to fight your battles for you as they will mostly avoid conflict.

This star sign is extremely popular due to their charismatic nature. They are great flirters and are very charming, making their love life a breeze.

The downside to the personality of a Libra is that they’re prone to insecurities, always craving the approval of others. They tend to need support and encouragement from their peers and lack the confidence to find this within themselves.

Libras have a tendency to spend money on lavish items and can be materialistic at times. Putting that aside, they are great optimists, have a wonderful sense of humor, and value harmonious relationships.

Libras are both intelligent and creative. They can come up with smart business ideas that will surely hit the sweet spot. The only problem is that they sometimes struggle to do this alone. There usually has to be a business partner or other form of help, otherwise the projects won’t succeed. This is due to Libras detest when they’re the one to do things alone, technically speaking; they’re sometimes seen as lazy! However, they do posses the ability to change this trait.

Libras can sometimes come across as narcissists; they have great looks that they are not afraid to flaunt. They are great at manipulating people and will use them to fulfill their own needs. Libra men tend to manipulate women into relationships and use them for their own gain. They like it if someone gives them their complete attention; it makes them feel that they are in control and inflates their ego. Libra men have been known to not be very loyal, sometimes having a couple of affairs on the side.

However if you’re in a relationship with a Libra, then don’t become too paranoid! It’s not necessary that all Libras cheat, some are actually very nice, kind and loyal. Don’t hide your feelings of jealousy from them, Libra men tend to be honest when confronted although if not confronted, have often known to be dishonest to protect themselves.


Libras are excellent lovers, and unlike the other star signs, they understand the importance and intricacies of love. They are extremely sensual creatures and will pay their partner a lot of attention.

Libras tend to go from one relationship to another, as they have an inability to resist the ‘next best thing’ and can be rather superficial when it comes to selecting a partner.

When dating a Libra be sure to be grounded and confident, as it is common to develop insecurities around them. One thing for sure is that they will lavish you with gifts. Expect wine, chocolates and candles!


Notable Celebrities of this Star Sign: Simon Cowell, John Lennon, Kim Kardashian, Margaret Thatcher.

Libras tend to be successful in the way of work as they are extremely agreeable and tend to get along with just about everybody. Due to their love for style and self-image, Libras are drawn to careers such as stylists, hairdressers or fashion related roles.


Libras are most likely to succeed in long-term relationships with Aquarius, Gemini or Sagittarius.


Manipulative: Numerous Libras are observed to be manipulative for their own gain. They can rapidly discover other individual’s shortcomings and take advantage of the situation.

Excessively Considerate: Libras can be excessively thoughtful now and again. Just to keep everybody cheerful and keep the peace, they will go out of their way to ensure this. Likewise, they have a propensity of concentrating on others more than themselves.

Uncertain: The shortcoming of the Libras is hesitation to make quick, sharp decisions at times when they’re needed.

Overall Recommendation: As a Libra, not everybody will agree with your vision. Simply trust in yourself, stay positive, focused and accomplish your objectives.

SIGN 10 SCORPIO (October 23 – November 21)


A Scorpio is the most feared and most celebrated star sign in the Zodiac. They have incredible intuition and understand people at a fundamental level. Scorpios are the type of people who tend to know exactly what you are thinking before you’ve even opened your mouth!

They have distinctive features and intense eyes that look deep into your soul. This star sign is known to be extremely mysterious. They are good at being secretive and have a great poker face, meaning you never quite know what’s going on inside their head.

They’re wonderfully loyal and trusting friends, as long as you don’t get on their bad side. They are always there to lend a listening ear and advise you with any problems you may have. They dislike victims and complainers, as their attitude is to take adversity head on, and turn it into something great.

Be very cautious when dealing with Scorpios, they tend to be jealous, they like to hog the attention of people around them and do not take kindly if you won’t concede to their whim.

Scorpios can be very secretive, in any line of business or career they choose; their strategies will remain their own until recognized. They sometimes worry that when they reveal an idea, people may steal it, taking credit for ideas they have come up with. Due to this, they are best suited to professions that require little teamwork.

Should there be competitors in their line of business and profession, a Scorpio will not back down. In fact, he or she will take on the challenge and do whatever needs to be done to win. The great thing about this is that Scorpios want to win by the book, fairly; otherwise they feel like they are only cheating themselves.

Scorpio men are known for their jealous streak. They are very possessive and don’t like when someone else tries to take something from them. They also like to be the best at everything that they do; they don’t like it when someone else gets ahead of them. Be it at work or in a random competition, they love to win and they live for it!

They’re also good at holding grudges so, if you’re ever around a Scorpio male then don’t break their trust. They don’t forget easily and get angry at small things; it’ll be months or sometimes years before they talk to you! This is because Scorpio men only like people around them who really care for them, if they feel that someone is lying to them or using them, they react very negatively.

Scorpios are also creative and imaginative. Although, they also like to discover new things and find out about unsolved mysteries, they’re also known to love poetry. Poetry has a great charm to it that attracts Scorpio males. They like to play with words and are great at putting these in sentences during conversations and social situations.


It may take a while to get close enough for a Scorpio to trust you, as they have an air of suspicion, so be patient. They may play it cool at first but once they are in love it will deepen and intensify, they really will fall head over heels.

Once a Scorpio has found love they will protect, nurture and support their partners through thick and thin. Beneath their tough exterior Scorpios are insecure and vulnerable, so this is something to keep in mind when dating a person born under this star sign.


Notable Celebrities of this Star Sign: Bill Gates, Pablo Picasso, Katy Perry, Marie Curie.

Scorpios are generally very lucky people, however, as the old saying goes ‘you make your own luck’. Due to their fierce determination and hardworking nature it’s only natural that a Scorpio is destined to be successful.

They love problems and enjoy taking things apart to examine each and every element as this gives them a better idea of how the whole thing works. Scorpios also like solving other people’s problems, which make them very successful in the workplace and an excellent colleague to have around.

Their determination, resilience and persistence mean nothing will get in their way, and even if it does they are capable of bouncing back from adversity.


Scorpios are ideally matched with a water sign such as Cancer, Capricorn and Pisces.


Anger: Scorpios can be vindictive and can lose their temper in the event that an individual really gets under their skin. They can hold resentment for quite a while and strike back when they have a chance. Disloyalty is something that Scorpios hate the most and can’t stand. As for emotions, they can become extremely moody, sometimes for a reason, and sometimes for no reason. When a person does something to upset a Scorpio, be aware that Scorpios do not easily forget and forgive. Overall, be prepared, because they might just want to seek revenge when you least expect it!

Contentious and Malicious: Scorpios are exceptionally scholarly individuals who appreciate debates, additionally they tend to differ or contend with individuals. They can be unforgiving when irate, however they really appreciate a decent battle of intelligence and wit. It’s best not to upset a Scorpio; they can be wrathful when harmed.

Overall Recommendation: Learn how to control your temper and how to reason with individuals instead of letting issues simmer. Also, learn to reason with individuals more before putting others down.

SIGN 11 SAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 21)


If there’s one sign that’s not content with staying in one place for long periods of time it has to be Sagittarius. People born under this star sign are constantly on the lookout for more knowledge and intellectual stimulation. They have a love for new experiences and are constantly seeking them out in order to expand their horizons.

Sagittarians are fantastic communicators, making them very popular amongst their peers. They are extremely charming and tend not to have fluctuating moods, making them extremely balanced people and unlikely to ever be sulking or distant.

A typical Sagittarius can be brutally honest and does not possess much diplomacy, so can offend others occasionally. Always keep in mind that this does not come from a place of ill intentions. They are very genuine and compassionate people who care a lot about their loved ones.

One of the downsides to the Sagittarius personality is that they are very idealistic. If they encounter any problems they will usually distance themselves from them, instead of resolving the issue.

‘A good friend’ this can sum up a Sagittarius, Sagittarians love freedom and they invest this time wisely with good friends, often going out of their way to make time to see them. They are seldom jealous and are never possessive. Unlike other Zodiacs like Virgo, they don’t demand you to make decisions based on what they think is right, often letting others decide, however they can make authoritative decisions if needed.

Sagittarians are also straightforward, and they expect the same for you. People tend to get offended by them as they often tell the truth without holding back, even if it’s a little rude. However, of all the Zodiacs, Sagittarius is the most self-less one, often helping others without expecting anything in return.


Sagittarians are very loving and kindhearted people. They will always look out for their loved ones and treat them as they would wish to be treated. They can be extremely affectionate and sensual, however, if someone treats them badly they will bring out the big guns and are perfectly capable of being nasty and spiteful.

It’s common for Sagittarians to be serial daters, as they are not too fond of facing problems head on, so are far more likely to end the relationship rather than working through any turbulent issues.


Notable Celebrities of this Star Sign: Steven Spielberg, Winston Churchill, Taylor Swift, Jane Austen.

Due to their love of travelling, many people who are Sagittarius become world travelers; a good career for Sagittarians would be an airline pilot as they are incapable of staying in one place for a long time!

People born under this star sign have a highly evolved intellect so are suited to a huge array of various careers. Although they would be perfectly competent in many careers, their main problem will be staying in one place for a long enough time!


Sagittarians are best matched with signs that share their same sensibilities such as Aries, Aquarius and Leo.


Uncouth: Sagittarians are known for being transparent; overall they speak their mind and don’t hold back. This can be an extraordinary thing when you are searching for a clear assessment. But on the other hand, they can be excessively cruel and ruthless, making it impossible to the point where others are affected.

Thoughtless: This trademark is likely the one they get condemned for the most from everybody. Sagittarians are inclined to underestimate things. This mentality can bring about issues on each circle of their lives, particularly in their sentimental lives. They may even appear to be dispassionate and chilly now and again.

Overall Recommendation: If not already done so, they need to figure out how to be more careful with how they convey their words and actions. They should be more aware of their immediate surroundings and feelings of others, and keep a strategic distance from heedlessness.



SIGN 12 CAPRICORN (December 22- January 19)


Capricorns are a complex character, however, this is something that others may not see when they first meet them. Capricorns can sometimes come across a little bland, or sometimes play ‘by the rules’ at first, but don’t let this fool you! Beneath this exterior lies an intense and lively individual, who is highly dependable, passionate, grounded and self-assured. They’re just waiting for the right person to bring that out of them!

Tactful and resourceful are two words that come to mind when thinking of Capricorns; they’re excellent piecing puzzles together figuratively and literally! They have great patience and endurance, which compliments their other attributes and makes them great at solving ‘real world’ problems.

Capricorns make fantastically loyal friends, as they are very patient and great listeners. They pride themselves on being the rock that is needed to get a friend through tough moments.

There aren’t many downsides to the Capricorn personality; however, stubbornness is certainly one of them! The sign itself is represented by the image of a goat, and goats are known to be disobedient animals with a mind of its own regardless of how much you tame them. This makes it difficult to change the mind of a Capricorn.

Capricorns may be a little hard to deal with should you come across one as a business partner or lover. However, it’s not because they are skeptical or ill natured, but because they always want to see progress and returns for the hard work they put in.

Overall, Capricorns are highly ambitious and business orientated. They’re excellent at biding their time to achieve any goals they set, and they don’t get into something to see a quick return. Their quietly strong-willed nature and strong sense of identity shines through when it comes to love, social situations and business.


Despite their quiet exterior, Capricorns have an immense capacity for caring and have an intense feeling swirling around inside of them when it comes to caring for others. Although sometimes a Capricorn may not show it, never underestimate their loving and caring feelings towards their nearest and dearest.

When they finally decide to commit to someone there is no turning back. They’re looking for lifelong love and will dedicate themself completely to that one person. Beware that Capricorns can be prone to jealousy, and may try to make others feel jealous in an attempt to keep their loved ones close.


Notable Celebrities of this Star Sign: Stephen Hawking, Elvis Presley, Annie Lennox, Diane Keaton.

One of the defining traits of a Capricorn is their incredible focus when it comes to completing a task. This makes them excellent employees, particularly in busy workplaces, as they’re unlikely to get distracted. They can always accomplish whatever they put their mind to by working diligently in a very conscientious manner.

Capricorns are dedicated workers that love routine and habit, they’re always reliable so you can be sure that a Capricorn employee will never show up late, or forget about their weekly meeting! With this in mind, they’re well suited to managerial roles and roles such as financial advisors, lawyers, bankers and accountants.


Capricorns are best paired with fellow earth signs such as Taurus, Virgo and Pisces.


Determined: They set their own tenets, and they prefer to not take direction from others. Regardless of how hard it is, and how many battles they may need to put into accomplish something, they persistently seek after their objectives no matter how big or small.

Narrow-minded: Capricorns are profoundly goal-oriented, which can likewise make them egotistical in their activities. They want to achieve their objectives frequently by any methods needed.

Overall Recommendation: The Capricorn exhortation is to be more adaptable and acknowledged. Bear in mind to respect your companions, family and individual connections. Always aim to achieve your goals, and you will gain the success you wish for.


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Astrology - The Beginner’s Guide To Astrology. Includes Love, Success, Compati Astrology - The Beginner’s Guide To Astrology. Includes Love, Success, Compati