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One day, Tlandar, an asemtek farm boy herded his parent’s cattle in the barren grassland of Ashmyre in Leipira. He lived with his farmer family near one of the many, megalithic magickal pillars called Xhalaks. The sky was getting dark because of the impending thunderstorm, approaching.


A thunderbolt whipped nearby.


Tlandar hurried fast to where he heard the screaming of a young woman.


“Are you OK?” Tlandar said.

“Yes… I am here”, the woman said. She was dressed in a white gown and wore some crystal jewelry. She was laying in the grass.


“Stay away from that Xhalak! It is infused with heavenly magick and it’s one of many foundation pillars to where the world is tied to” Tlandar said.


And then, a shiny ethereal sphere of white light appeared suddenly, chirping came down from the sky.


“What brought you here?” Tlandar asked the woman.


“Allow me to explain” The sphere of light replied in her place.


The shining sphere suddenly entered the young woman’s body and possessed her.


“I brought her here”, the woman said, with her voice changed.


“Who are you?” Tlandar asked.


“I am Goddess Astashica, the life force of the planet, speaking you. This is a holy woman from among the devout Salgar Clan… a beloved and faithful devotee. United with her, I’ll return to Salgar Clan as the New Prophetess, and deliver a new dawn. I need your help to defeat the conqueror Cosmus and thus end the Asemeri war for dominion. My life-force has interceded because of the chaos the Asemeris has brought upon the planet”, Astashica continued.


“But why do you need me?” Tlandar said.


“The world is in chaos because of the Asemeris… Their azurevats are the most powerful weapons in the galaxy, and they have already unleashed one years ago. I would not have interceded were not the devastation immense”, the New Prophetess said.


Tlandar laid on his knees in veneration.


“The Asemeri Overlord Cosmus, with his daughter Meiannia have been at war with the rest of the Asemeri Overlords, Uxnall, Vataya and Ixtiel. High Priestess Salgar, who is considered an Asemeri Queen, won’t get involved in their affairs. She has taken a devout path ever since she came to Astashica. Overlord Ixtiel’s prolonged war on Val’katl Clan have weakened Val’katl’s Clan. Overlord Ghorak sympathizes with Overlord Cosmus but has remained indifferent to the war until Cosmus or any of the Overlords press the war further” the New Prophetess said. She continued.


“I want you to get the training you’ll need for your journey. You’re too young and inexperienced now. But come with me to where I take you… a place that sits in high ground with the priesthood of Astashica. A place of sanctuary and hope” the New Prophetess said.





Tlandar and the New Prophetess traveled on horseback to my mountain retreat, the Sanctum of Orchids, a citadel I built on top of the mountain. Thry arrived at the entrance and dismounted as we continued on foot inside.


“What a beautiful place” Tlandar said.

What appeared to be a Salgarian eunuch priestess was nearby and approached them.


“Greetings, I’m Akashma Xil’ha, Priestess of Astashica. The Asemeri High Priestess Salgar laid the foundations of the Sanctum on high ground with large limestone bricks. She wanted to make sure that her citadel represented a stronghold of devout refuge. Let’s proceed. You’ll meet her in person when we arrive there”, Akashma said.


“Thank you” the New Prophetess said.


Akashma escorted them inside. Once there, the acolytes, priests and priestesses of the Sanctum welcomed them. The inhabitants of the Sanctum lived in villages inside a large dome in the Sanctum.


Akashma, Tlandar and the New Prophetess proceeded to a large hall.


“This is the Hall of the Elites, were High Priestess Salgar resides with the priesthood of Astashica and where everything concerning the affairs of the Salgarian Clan is discussed diligently”, Akashma said.


“Welcome! My name is Salgar, I’m the High Priestess of Astashica and Queen of the Salgarian Clan. I know everything about you and why you are here. No further need to explain yourselves. I saw it all in a revelation” I told them.


The New Prophetess entered into a psychic trance.


“Behold for I bring forth a Keeper of the Dominion…” the New Prophetess spoke in the old Astashican language.


“I’ll return to take Tlandar back with me when he’s ready”, the New Prophetess said in the Astashican language and fainted. Akashma immediately helped her.


“Tlandar, Salgar will train you to become a formidable Salgarian warrior, but the true strength and skills is within you, thats why Astashica has chosen you to lead the battle against Cosmus”, Akashma said.


“Please, escort the New Prophetess to her living quarters to rest”, I told Akashma.


“Tlandar, Astashica will take you back after your ready”, Akashma said.


Akashma said and helped the New Prophetess out of the Hall.


“Tlandar, rule one, your duty is to service to Astashica, and to do it to the best of your abilities”, I said.


From there on, my court assistants attended Tlandar, bathed him in aromatic magickal water, and refashioned him from farmer to Keeper, a noble status.




Nine months later…


I taught Tlandar all the arts and sciences he needed to know to take leadership of his Val’katl Clan and his crusade with Astashica. At the Hall of the Elites in my fortress, I lectured Tlandar in the orchids garden.


We sat under the fine colonnades of my garden, filled of fragrant, hanging lilac orchids.


“…during the Azurevat Wars, before the explosion of the Xothek Galaxy, the survivors of our Asemeri race traveled aboard the captured Xothek space cruiser Unholy Defiance through a warp-wormhole towards the Leonia Rex Galaxy. The survivors were composed by the Asemeri clans – Cosmus, Meiannia, Salgaria, Val’katlia, Vataya, Ghorakia, Ixtielia and Uxnallia, led by High Asemeri Overlord Cosmus. After they reached the Leonia Rex Galaxy, they discovered the Serpentine Cloud – a red giant star system inside a nebula, in which there was a habitable planet called Astashica.


After they landed here in Astashica, the Asemeri clans built Leipira and Laksha cities to live in. Everything was fine and peaceful, but the Asemeri Overlords became corrupted and greedy for power. Some say its because of our Asemeri warlike nature. They all rebelled against the power and leadership of Cosmus and started to battle each other for power and dominion of Astashica. Then they became highly powerful in magick and raised hosts of armies that even worship them as gods.


The Xothek space cruiser Unholy Defiance was armed with three azurevat missiles, with kuprix warheads that can demolish a planet. Cosmus had launched one azurevat that ravaged the planet completely, that they had to build numerous Xhalaks thereafter to reestablish a habitable atmosphere. Most of the Asemeri Overlords agreed a truce that ended the Astashica Wars. But Cosmus kept battling Uxnall and Vataya, because they objected the truce” I said.


“That’s how the Asemeri civilization emerged in Astashica?” Tlandar said.


“The Asemeri civilization is foreign to Astashica. After decades of residing in this planet, we are still seen as foreigners by the native Astashican inhabitants that were living here before” I said.


“I’m an asemtek humanoid”, Tlandar said.


“Do you know what that means?” I said.


“Yes, I’m half temsek and asemeri. The temseks are different. They look light skinned and are very small, slave caste to the Asemeri Overlords” Tlandar said.


“I would said, they are called Humans in another galaxy” I said.


“Humans?” Tlandar said.


“The original race that preceded the temseks. Humans descend from the planet Edenia, which they call Earth”, I said, “It’s our ancient history. Our specie comes from two different galaxies and we asemteks are a very small minority” I said.


“Overlord Val’katl is an elder Asemeri Overlord whose clan will persih if they don’t have a worthy successor. My parents and family members have to constantly fend off Ixtielian raiders who have been attacking us and looting our village for years. I lost some family members because of that” Tlandar said.


“Cosmus is a force to be reckoned with. I’d say he already rules Astashica were not for the other insolent Asemeri Overlords. I would surely perish if I ever battle Cosmus” Tlandar said.


“I have given you the fruits of knowledge in arts and sciences of war, diplomacy and religion. Have courage! Goddess Astashica believes in you. There’s no greater honor than to perish for Astashica” I told him.


“What else can I do? The world is Asemeri” Tlandar said.


“I’ll give a small force of 100 Salgarian slave warriors. They are good fighters whose lives were spared for solemn service to me and Astashica. They should serve you well with fealty at your command”, I told him.


Akashma came in with two Salgarian priestesses. Akashma had a platter with tattoo tools and religious potions.


“Salgarian custom dictates that the Keeper of the Dominion be granted the everlasting blessing of the powerful Astashica Protection Sigil”, Akashma said.


“Go on” I said.


Then Akashma started to tattoo Tlandar’s back the colorful image of the Serpentine Keeper, an Astashican serpentine dragon, as part of the Astashica Protection Sigil as she recited an ancient Astashican incantation. Akashma was in a psychic trance as she performed the tattooing. The other two Salgarian priestesses stood around in a circle, uttering Astashican prayers.

The garden flowers started to bloom and there were ghostly sounds around the garden colonnade.


“Goddess Astashica protects you from all harm”, Akashma said.


“Go back to your people, the Val’katlians and give them any help you can offer” I told him.


Tlandar left and took with him provisions, gold, Xothek dragon scale armor and Xothek weapons and his small 100 strong force. He had given his small force standards of the Serpentine Keeper.





Next early morning…


On horseback, Tlandar arrived at the small village of Ashmyre, his home village in the wetlands of Leipira. There was a village warrior guarding the entrance.


“I Tlandar, come prepared to fight for our Overlord Val’katl!” Tlandar said as he reverentially bowed. His tattoo of the Astashica Protection Sigil showed across his back.


“You wear the marking of Astashica?” The warrior asked.


“Astashica has chosen me…” Tlandar replied.


“Master, be sure that I’ll get your message to Overlord Val’katl himself!” The warrior said astonished.


The Ashmyre warrior mounted his steed and left.


“Warriors, make yourselves comfortable, this is the village where I grew up” Tlandar said to his personal army.





Then Ashmyre warrior returned in his steed.


“Keeper of the Dominion, please follow me with your army to Boulderkeep Stockade” the Ashmyre warrior said.


Everybody on horseback arrived to Boulderkeep Stockade.


The Ashmyre warrior left.


“Welcome to Boulderkeep Stockade, our last bastion in the Val’katlian lands” a Val’katlian cavalryman said in their encounter.


“Overlord Val’katl wishes to meet you”, the Val’katlian cavalryman said.


Tlandar, his army and the Val’katlian cavalryman arrived at the bailey of the garrison.


There were hundreds of Val’katlian warriors attending their duties and Val’katlian pikemen safeguarded the garrison.


“Show me your skills!”, Overlord Val’katl said as he walked out of his Royal Keep with his entourage.


Another Val’katlian warrior showed Tlandar a circular muddy pit in the bailey, specially prepared for bouts of combat, training and entertainment of Val’katlian warriors. Overlord Val’katl sat at his royal seat where he could watch the bout that was about to take place. Tlandar’s warriors joined the rest of the audience.


“I am Tlandar, from the Aatlavai family. I come from a humble, farmer family and we live in the wetlands of Leipira” Tlandar replied.


“Are you worthy enough of your skills, even dare stand before me to serve me? Let’s see…” Overlord Val’katl said.

“You’d usually fight 8 formidable opponents in the pit were you are. But we have a champion who has always remained undefeated. His name is Aknalom. If you defeat him you’ll serve me. If not, you’ll perish”, Val’katl said.


A Val’katlian assistant signaled the nearby instrumentalists to start playing the drums of combat.


All the Val’katlian warriors of the garrison gathered around the pit to watch.


“Aknalom versus Tlandar”, the Val’katlian referee said.


Tlandar and Aknalom squared off facing each other in different Kaaltri boxing guards.


“How is it possible that you know Kaaltri as we all Asemeri do? You are a semi slave caste!”, Aknalom said.


They exchanged several blows in eight rounds, after hitting each other with tricky elbow strikes, projections and claw strikes, as he countered Aknalom’s chopping strikes. Tlandar finally defeated him with a forward flying knee kick.


“How did you learned to fight like that! You are really good”, Overlord Val’katl said as he applauded.


“His skills have been unknown Kaaltri technique”, one of his assistants replied.


“Kaaltri is extinct Xothek martial art. Who taught you it?” Overlord Val’katl said.


“Your majesty, I was only taught what was needed” Tlandar replied.


“You have a special talent. From now on you will fight for me, along the ranks of our Val’katlian warriors” Val’katl said.


“The New Prophetess wishes to remain by my side”, Tlandar said.


“Your wish is granted”, Val’katl said.






















Plains of Ashmyre, Leipira, thirteen days after the competition…


On premonition of an invasion, Asemeri Overlord Val’katl led his army to the Ashmyre plains in the wetlands around the city of Leipira. There, they camped northeast of Leipira, to ambush Ixtiel in case of a mass invasion, and they built a long serpentine trench behind their camp.


On the Archons’ tent…

“Me and the other scouts spotted Overlord Ixtiel and his Shadow Legions, about 45,000 Ixtielian warriors, which are 9 legions, the swarm advances towards the city of Leipira” Namchan said.


“The Unholy Defiance hovers over their army. Their hordes are numberless like an swarm of ants”, Bahchal, a Val’katlian scout said.


“We are hopelessly outnumbered and overwhelmed…” Overlord Val’katl said.


“We must meet them at once before they reach Leipira” Rahznar the Val’katlian Archon said.


“There’s still a chance and I can help”, Tlandar said.


“We can’t win this battle at all. We will surely perish. The Unholy Defiance would just blow us up to smithereens if Cosmus wanted”, Val’katl said.


“How many warriors do we have?” Tlandar asked.

“Fifteen-thousand warriors. Five thousand more remain in the trench. We are so few in numbers. Tlandar, do you know what this means?” Rahznar said.


“I can help you defeat Overlord Ixtiel. Astashica is on our side, remember” Tlandar said.


“There’s nothing we can do but stand our last ground. May Astashica receive our spirits” Rahznar said.


They remained discussing amongst themselves about a course of action.





After several hours, Overlord Ixtiel and his Shadow Legions arrived near.


“They’re here” Razhnar said.


“We must face them now!”, Val’katl said.


“Let’s do it!” Razhnar said.


“Is our army in place?” Val’katl said.


“They are positioned in ambush”, Razhnar said.





Val’katl and his army moved out of concealment and attacked the Shadow Legions.


The majestic space cruiser Unholy Defiance, rested unmovable halfway in a cloud, under a dawning horizon.


Mounted on a fierce, black horned war horse, Overlord Val’katl advanced forth ahead with all his cavalry.


Ixtiel was mounted in a hover platform along a hover division of his Shadow Legions, who marched behind them on foot with pikes and swords.


“Overlord Ixtiel, what is your business in my lands?” Val’katl shouted.


“I’ve come to wipe you out of Astashica for good” Ixtiel said.


Ixtiel leaped on his pike forward at Val’katl and pushed him far away with a knee strike to his plate armor.


Ixtiel’s hover platform automatically followed him.


Then Ixtiel pushed a button in his Xothek bracer which turned on revolving scythes which protruded around the body of his hovering platform.


Ixtiel’s hover platform moved about cutting down Val’katlian warriors.


Val’katl spread his arms wide, holding his dual khopesh-like Xothek swords wide apart.


“Bow before me in defeat or I’ll annihilate you all” Ixtiel said.


“I will not let you pass. You’ve come to a dead end! Leipira will become your burial site instead of your annexation!” Val’katl said.


“Push forward!” Razhnar shouted at their army from a distance.


The Val’katlian heralds blew up their war horns.


The Val’katlian warriors marched in an swarm at the Shadow Legions of Ixtiel.


Ixtiel and Vak’katl became confused among the fighting hordes as the combat came close, overwhelming and intensive.


Tlandar, who was on horseback with his own Salgarian army were near Val’katl. Tlandar suddenly dismounted and assisted Val’katl to a temsek pachkal, a lightly armored desert buggy vehicle which was shot down and ordered two of his warriors who were nearby to man the pachkal’s two mounted railguns.


Tlandar drove the pachkal and drove in the direction opposite of their battle lines going thru their own ranks. The Shadow Legions hover platform warriors chased them all the way.


The Unholy Defiance opened fire with its four frontal cannons and started to fly over the battling armies. As it flew it raised dust storms as its engines were near the ground.


The battlefield became foggy with a dust screen. The noise of its engines overwhelmed the noise down in the battlefield and the dust screen was near asphyxiating.


The Unholy Defiance bombarded the ground as it passed over the battlefield in pursuit of Tlandar’s pachkal.


The blasts seemed to miss because Tlandar managed to evade the cannon blasts as quickly as he drove the pachkal with great evasive ability. But suddenly one of the blasts caught Tlandar and tossed the pachkal upside down in the nearby trench which they were closely approaching.


Tlandar’s two warriors who had been manning the two mounted rail-guns stayed, as they covered Tlandar and Val’katl.


Tlandar and Val’katl ran through the trench, as the Shadow Legion hover platform warriors passed them over without noticing them below.


Tlandar and Val’katl eventually reached the swamplands.


“Under the water!”, Tlandar said.


Tlandar and Val’katl jumped into the swamplands and swam underwater to a concealed position. They disappeared under the thick muddy and leafy waters.


The Unholy Defiance bombarded the last Val’katlian force and bombarded the rest of the battlefield, which hit its own troops.


“Val’katl, allow me to command your army!” Tlandar said.


“I declare you Archon of the Val’katlian army. Take Dragon Punisher, my swords and leave. May Astashica give you victory”, Val’katl said, barely holding on his own.


“Stay, I will return for you”, Tlandar said.


“Don’t worry about me, do what you have to do”, Val’katl said.





Tlandar took Dragon Punisher, which were two khopesh-like swords attached together by a long chain, and adjusted it behind his back.


He left and returned to where Razhnar was holding his own with the last of the Val’katlian army. They were exhausted and tarnished, fending off for their lives. They were surrounded by Shadow Legions on foot.


Tlandar arrived running and took out Dragon Punisher. Val’katl’s personal weapon was magickally infused and gave Tlandar a boost in power and stamina.


Tlandar cut down his way through to Razhnar.


“Val’katlians! Hear the voice of my command! Push forth the attack!” Tlandar exclaimed.


“Tlandar, we are doomed! We’ll perish in the field of battle!” A nearby one arm Val’katlian warrior said.


Tlandar killed 1000 Shadow Legionnaires with Dragon Punisher as he cast them down with circular strikes.


Seeing Tlandar’s great combat abilities, the nearby Val’katlian warriors surrounded Tlandar and shielded him.


“Protect the chosen one!” One of the last Val’katlian warriors said.


“Concentric formation!” Razhnar said.


The last Val’katlian warriors formed a concentric circle together around Tlandar and formed packed together. Whenever the outermost circle of Val’katlian warriors fell, the next outermost one stood kept the formation.


The Unholy Defiance stood in the sky, it’s presence was a grim sign of impending catastrophe.


“They can blow us out to smithereens if they wanted!” A nearby Val’katlian warrior said.


“Astashica protects us! Have courage and push forward!” Tlandar said.


“Let’s defeat these Ixtielians once and for all!” A Val’katlian warrior said.


Tlandar killed another 2000 Ixtielian warriors from circular strikes with Dragon Punisher.





A fleeing group of Ixtielian warriors passed nearby.


“Regroup!” Ixtiel said to them as he was standing in his hover platform.


Ixtiel passed by to where Tlandar was and threw his spear at Tlandar, impaling his right pauldron.


Tlandar fell but then got up on his knees as he broke off Ixtiel’s spear from his right shoulder and threw the other piece away. The crystal point remained encrusted, shattered his wound in his right shoulder.


A large tough serpent lurked nearby under the trees in the nearby wetlands.


Ixtiel approached Tlandar in his moving platform with a large serrated whip sword in his hands. Tlandar evaded each of Ixtiel’s attempts to rip him apart with the whip blades as other Val’katlian warriors in proximity were caught and mutilated instead. In the end, Tlandar blocked one of the strikes from the whip sword with his armored right forearm, part of the armor he still wore. He pulled Ixtiel down from his hover platform and knocked him off. Tlandar cut into two Ixtiel’s whip sword with his heavy khopesh like Dragon Punisher swords.


“Excellent! But I doubt you can defeat me!” Ixtiel exclaimed as he got up on his feet. He squared off in Kaaltri guard.


“If you insist”, Tlandar said.


Tlandar scathed his Dragon Punisher swords on his back and squared off as well.





Then Overlord Ixtiel and Tlandar fought each other. They fought empty handed with Kaaltri techniques.


“What drives you so mad for power?” Tlandar said.


“I’m an Asemeri! I am powerful and ruler of vermin like you!” Ixtiel said.


But Tlandar noticed an opening in Ixtiel’s guard and side kicked Ixtiel in the head, which knocked him out.


As Ixtiel was getting up from the ground still stunned, the nearby enormous serpent caught Ixtiel and dragged him away to the darkest recesses of the swamp, as Tlandar moved away with Dragon Punisher drawn out.


Tlandar removed the crystal spear point out of his pauldron and kept it as his personal knife ever since until today.


The Shadow Legions continued fighting the last Val’katlian warriors but started to flee the battle after it was evident their overlord was gone..


The Unholy Defiance moved towards the marsh and lighted the ground below in search of Overlord Ixtiel… it seemed to have been scanning the region in search of him.





Tlandar ran to where he had left Val’katl but did not find him there. He returned to where the Val’katlian force was standing their ground fighting the rest of the Shadow Legions.


“They are leaving!” Archon Rahznar said.


The New Prophetess was just arriving in a shining levitation sphere and descended from the sky.


“What are you doing here witch!” Archon Rahznar said.


“Tlandar, you are the successor! The new Asemeri Overlord of the Val’katl Clan! Take command of your force and get them out of here!” she said.


“What do we do with the Shadow Legions? They are fleeing!” Aknalom, one of the Val’katlian captains asked.


“Captain Aknalom, hold your ground and be valiant. Don’t let them get near us!” Rahznar told him.


“The Ixtielians are in disarray but we still need to leave” the New Prophetess said.


“I’m sure they won’t attack us ever again” Tlandar said.


“What will be of them?” Archon Rahznar asked.


“I’m sure they won’t come back ever again” the New Prophetess said.


Tlandar commanded the Val’katlian force into a retreat, successfully back to Ashmyre village, to Boulderkeep Stockade.






















Three months later, after the population of the Val’katl Clan mourned the passing of Overlord Val’katl… As he was beloved by his people and now formed part of the lore.


Now, we were at the Sanctum of Orchids with our entourage. Tlandar, the New Prophetess and Rahznar were there.


“The Siluran Kingdom has offered us their help. They are an ancient kinfolk of sea people that are half temsek and half catfish. Do not let their appearance or ways frighten you. They venerate Goddess Astashica and their faith demands them to support our war efforts against Cosmus”, Akashma Xil’hah, one of my soothsayers said.


“We need any support we can get but they need to be able to fend for themselves as well” Tlandar said.


“They are adept fishermen and hold alliances with no one. They just want to lend a helping hand because they are the strongest native kingdom of Astashica. They say we are more defenseless than they are. They are very mysterious and secretive about their combat powers. It is said that they know many mysteries and the most important one has to do with Goddess Astashica… an abandoned magickal ruins that sit scattered in the ocean floor of the Abyssal Sea” Akashma said.


“I’ll showed you the Mystery of the GODDESS. Please close your eyes” Akashma said as she laid her hand in Tlandar’s head.


Suddenly, Tlandar had a vision in which he saw an arrangement of temples in the form of inclined step pyramids. A giant urn rested on top of each pyramid. Suddenly, water jets emanated from each urn and moved about and around like snakes. They crossed, intersected and merged in different shapes and sizes at Tlandar’s imagination. A virtual reality hologram display was projected around Tlandar for his utilization. Each water jet trail was like an extension of Tlandar and could push, move and lift things or force their way into things.

“Astashica’s spirit moves between the physical world within its surroundings and use the pyramids as fulcrums to materialize force sufficient to move in a dense form. But GODDESS requires a controller, vessel, a being like you, a handpicked sacred benefactor, to use the abilities and full power of GODDESS. Only the sacred ones can be around Goddess Astashica, and one of her numerous powers has been disclosed to you for your mission” Akashma said.


Tlandar woke up from his vision.


“GODDESS has many mysteries”, one of the Silurian hunters said.


“I don’t think I can do it but if you believe in me, I’ll give you the best I can!” Tlandar replied.













I Salgar was not in the skirmish but was observing the events from a distance in the hills around Vlyrdak Crimson Forest and also my scouts were in the vicinity. I had cast a powerful spell of concealment so we couldn’t be seen. I have magickal power enough to cast such spells because I am a High Priestess of Astashica, who gave me her spells.


We saw a combined army led by Cosmus, consisting of Meiannia and Ghorak Clans who made an incursion in Uxnall’s lands against Overlord Uxnall and Overlord Vataya. Overlord Cosmus combined army and Overlord Uxnall and his allies faced each other in a mountainous range near the highly fortified city of Larsa, in the Vlyrdak Crimson Forest, part of Uxnall’s territory.


Suddenly a fleet of Sun Guardian Armada combat jets, owned by Cosmus and Meiannia, bombarded Uxnall’s army who laid in ambush and concealment in the mountain. Overlord Ghorak and his hardened seasoned army swiftly entered deep into the forest and assaulted Uxnall’s army who were caught off guard.


Overlord Vataya’s army joined the attack and assaulted Ghorak’s army from another angle. Overlord Cosmus was aboard the Unholy Defiance commanding the battle from the bridge.


“Overlord Uxnall’s forces are being onslaught like prey before wolf packs!” Isaid to Uichkanna, one of my personal assistants who was with me.




In the Control Center in the Unholy Defiance, Cosmus left his daughter Meiannia in charge of the space cruiser and descended in a hovering platform to the Vlyrdak Crimson Forest to join Overlord Ghorak in his battle against Overlord Vataya which was taking place and to crush Overlord Uxnall with Ghorak.


“Meiannia, fire azurevat-2 at the coordinates I’m going to send you” Cosmus said. His Xothek helmet was linked to the Control Center in the Unholy Defiance.


“I will launch azurevat-2 as you command” Meannia said.


Then the Unholy Defiance launched a huge missile with a serpentine moving tail. The ridged head was painted crimson and spiky body was painted black. The missile was fired at a point near the Vlyrdak Crimson Forest, high above in the air. It exploded and generated a tremendous shock wave and mushroom cloud.

Every inhabitant in the region ducked as the missile exploded. A rising giant cloud of debris and shock waves and an earthquake blasted the ground as a giant crater formed where the explosion occurred.


Uxnall’s and Vataya’s troops were mercilessly decimated and their survivors remained hanging into trees to avoid falling into the abysses that opened wide above ground within and around Vlyrdak Crimson Forest.       Ghorak’s army was inevitably obliterated but survivors of it managed to reunite with Overlord Cosmus, who casted a wide area spell of force field.

Overlord Uxnall retreated back to his fortified city of Laksha with his army in shambles but Overlord Vataya stood his ground in the mountain fighting the remainder of Overlord Ghorak and Cosmus forces who were fleeing.


Overlord Ghorak regrouped part of his forces and retreated towards his lands to evade the radioactive aftermath of the azurevat explosion.


Cosmus pursued Overlord Uxnall to Laksha, which was located near the Vlyrdak Crimson Forest and the mountainous range and besieged the fortified city of Laksha.


Meiannia started to bombard Laksha. The cannon blasts seemed like an star shower raining upon Laksha.


Vataya and what was left of his army abandoned the forest and fled to a nearby cave at the top of the mountains where they found us.


We watched the siege together from our positions on top of the mountain.


Now, at that time our army included Tlandar, his Val’katl Clan, his Salgarian Companions (the former warriors I gave him) , the Silura Kingdom and the New Prophetess was herself strong in power enough to be considered like an small army because she was fused with Astashica’s power.


“Entice Ghorak to the seashore where the GODDESS rests nearby. I want to test the GODDESS power on Ghorak to see if we can rely on it before we can go on with the war on Cosmus” I said.


“I’ll see if my remaining warriors can do that” Overlord Vataya said.


“Tlandar is located right now at the Central Acropolis of the GODDESS, the underwater control center where he can crush Ghorak and his troops with GODDESS power” I said.



The GODDESS Region’s magick caused a great tide that turned into a tsunami and washed ashore Overlord Ghorak’s army, which was traversing near the seashore just in time. About thirty miles of seashore where Overlord Ghorak was turned into an unmovable muddy field. Later on, a giant anticyclone emerged from the GODDESS Region, which crushed Ghorak’s army.


I and my small army of Salgarians pursued Ghorak without him noticing. The New Prophetess accompanied us. Vataya stayed in the mountain cave.


We went around the battlefield and started to chase him on horseback and his retreating army. The New Prophetess had cast an spell of dust screen in front of us so Ghorak couldn’t see us chasing him.


“What, a sand storm?” Ghorak said. He continued his march to his lands.

They were moving slowly in a trajectory towards their territory.


I was armored in a full XEBEL, a Xothek Battle Exoskeleton, me and my whole army and entered into battle with Overlord Ghorak at the seashores, once we reached an strategic site where in the shores in his territory. We were very near the GODDESS Region. The Ghorakian seashores were undertaking a tempest made by Tlandar with the GODDESS magickal power.


Ghorak’s army became entangled in the muddy seashores. I threw a heavy Xothek net at him which tight him up as it tangled him. We took him to the Sanctum. I had to withdraw from the rest of the battle because it was already a disaster and I risked losing my own army under the great tempest. Ghorak’s army were wiped out, washed ashore.


The New Prophetess summoned the Silurans from the nearby sea, beings who were semi magickal. They provided us with a giant sea monster who allowed us to ride on the back of its hairy carapace. We safely traveled back to the Sanctum, my citadel, which was in the other side of the sea.





In the Sanctum, Ghorak yield before us, he was chained hands and feet.


“Your clan must disperse over the land and pose no more a threat to Astashica” I told him. We unbound Ghorak and he revered before us.


“From now on, you will give up your life to Goddess Astashica for ever and ever, abandon your warlike ways, and wear the sacred tunic of the Circle of the Orchids. If you ever fail you’ll be excommunicated and the Asemeris will consider you for attack” I told him.











Meanwhile, High Overlord Cosmus opened the gates of Laksha and assaulted the city. Its inhabitants offered no resistance. There were countless corpses of half of the population that had committed suicide to avoid being enslaved by Cosmus Clan. Cosmus’ army had taken the city.


Accompanied by his personal entourage of 100 members, Cosmus entered the Palace in Laksha. Overlord Uxnall met Cosmus by himself and four personal assistants.


“Duel me to the death, for the sake of Asemeri honor!” Uxnall said. He held a very large Xothek . The chain segments were very big and strong and the weapon overall looked like a snake unlike the one used by Ixtiel.


“Time for carnage!” Overlord Cosmus replied.


”Ahh!” Overlord Uxnall jumped forward at Cosmus as he spinned in the air with his weapon and cut Cosmus and mutilated 30 entourage members in one single strike.


The other 70 members that remained unscathed attacked Overlord Uxnall but he was highly dexterous and he slew them all in three deflections and cuts.


Cosmus used his personal Xothek polearm and trapped Uxnall’s weapon in its long blade. Then he spinned in the air and jumped forward, striking Uxnall in his body armor with his elbow.


Maclar, chief of Cosmus’ personal entourage, cut Uxnall from behind with his Xothek Dragon Tongue dual scythe swords. Uxnall evaded and ducked, and hit Maclar in one leg, blew up his chin guard.


Afterwards Uxnall punched Maclar and threw him down to the floor. Cosmus jumped forward and blew up the floor with a foot strike. Cosmus had his Xothek spear coiled and ready to unleash. Uxnall sidestepped and front kicked Cosmus backwards. Cosmus allowed Maclar to slay Uxnall but Uxnall suddenly dropped in one knee.

Maclar approached and just pushed him backwards. Overlord Uxnall was stabbed.


After the aftermath of the duel, the chamber walls and floor were shattered from the battle that had just happened.





They were in the city palace of Laksha. After several hours of occupying the city…


“Meiannia, Laksha is now yours. Here, I give you troops and your own Clan to command. Maclar, our principal bodyguard should lead his own clan in his own name. He should possess the varied troops I gave him. He with his clan must serve us continually” Cosmus said.


“Salgar is now our prime adversary. She is being protected by the New Prophetess and the Silurans”, Meannia said.


“The Val’katlians still live”, Cosmus said.


“What! But the Ixtielians destroyed every one of them!” Meannia exclaimed.


“The New Prophetess appear to have saved the Val’katlians, and there’s this peasant boy from the populace who keeps asking for my iron hand” Cosmus said.


“You have destroyed Uxnall. Ixtiel has vanished. The Vatayans perished with the azurevat. Salgar captured Ghorak and defeated his clan. If the Silurans are involved in this war, they are not Asemeris, shall not be taken into account” Meannia said.


“My sources have said that the Val’katlians do have a successor, Rahznar, their Archon. But whether we recognize him as an Asemeri Overlord or not, it’s not important. They have allied with Salgar and the Silurans. The New Prophetess and the peasant boy are just puppets of destiny.” Cosmus said.


“The anticyclone that destroyed Ghorak comes from the Abysmal Sea.” Meannia said.

“Maclar shall stay to control this city. We shall move there shortly to examine this anticyclone”, Cosmus said.












The Silurans amassed their forces under the Abyssal Sea, within the underwater GODDESS Region, the only place in the planet full of Astashica’s magickal power. I Salgar, the New Prophetess and Tlandar were inside the airlocked, GODDESS Central Acropolis in the bottom of the Abyssal Sea.


“These hard-blooded Asemeris will come…” the New Prophetess said.


“What do you mean, Cosmus?” Tlandar asked.


“You must defeat him!” the New Prophetess said.

“The greatest battle in Astashica that has ever been.. Couldn’t be better without Cosmus.”, I said.


“Let them know, Astashica has decreed, ‘Cosmus must be defeated, he destroys the planet with his azurevats and has the whole world in turmoil, violates the Astashica Protocol of peaceful coexistence’”, the New Prophetess said.


“Tlandar, we should set them into an ambush. If you entice them they’ll surely fall for it, like wolves running after their prey” I told Tlandar.


“Are these four pillars set?” Tlandar said. He was checking the hologram screen that was displayed around them.


“The Siluran sorcerers are magically infusing the four pillars with magical power” the New Prophetess said.

Immediately, Tlandar stood in a praying pose and entered in a trance and magically lifted the actual four worn down metal pillars to midair with his mind, within the eye of the anticyclone. The four pillars spread apart steadily with Astashica’s magick, equidistantly apart one mile from each other, where they stayed indefinitely suspended in midair.


“What now?” I asked Tlandar.


“They are slowly advancing, with the entire Sun Guardian fleet” Tlandar said.


“Astashica help us” I said.




Some days later, the Unholy Defiance arrived. Cosmus was in the control center of the Unholy Defiance with Meannia and eight panel controllers. Maclar was in Larsa but could see the bridge from his own control room. Along with Cosmus, came the Sun Guardian Armada.


“What is that?” Maclar asked from one of the nearby monitors.


“They’re metallic pillars, suspended in the air” a panel controller said.


“They must here!” Meannia said.


“Open fire!” Cosmus said.


The Unholy Defiance fired a plasma blast at the pillar but it remained intact and in its place.


“They must be lurking or just not here at all” Cosmus said.


“It’s an ambush!” the panel controller said.


Suddenly, the sea started to shoot a volley of huge rocks at the space cruiser and the combat jets.


“I have identified the source of the rocks. A force field from the ocean floor is jetting these rocks at us”, the panel controller said.


“Fleet form loose formation. Hopefully the force fields of our spacecrafts be resistant to roll off these stones” Cosmus said.


“Controller, casualties?” Meannia asked.


“None”, the panel controller replied.


“They have no possibility of overcoming our mighty prower” Meannia said.


“They trying to fool us, keep your eyes open. This must be some kind of magic” Cosmus said.


Suddenly, the ocean below intensified its turbulence.


“Cosmus, I advise you, pull out of that region! It’s impossible to battle under this anticyclone”, Maclar said from a nearby monitor.


“I’m the sole Overlord of this planet. I shall not succumb to the likes of this insignificant Val’katlians!” Cosmus replied.


In one of their control monitors they watched a gargantuan monster, a giant sea snake with several limbs and covered in adamantine scales that suddenly emerged from the sea, from within the epicenter of the four pillars that lay suspended in the air.


“I am King Aarinthos, guardian of the Abyssal Sea and king of Silura. Turn back now! I and Astashica will vanquish you if you proceed to chaos!” he said in a booming voice.

“I am Cosmus, god of gods of Astashica! I’ve come to warn you, kingdoms and beings of Astashica, bend your knees before me or feel my wrath!” Cosmus said.


“Open fire!” Meannia said.


Then the Unholy Defiance opened fired along with the Sun Guardian Armada. Aarinthos emerged from the ocean and lunged upward to the sky. Along with him, the entire Siluran hordes mounted in flying sea monsters emerged from the sea to the sky. They fought each other, the Silurans with the power of their monsters, who used their weight to stumble upon Cosmus’ fleet. The rest of the Silurans in the sea were in support of the flying ones and commanding their whale like units to emit disconcerting sounds.

Tlandar water-jetted Cosmus’ fleet at intervals using the GODDESS system. As the Sun Guardian Armada shot and was shot down, a mutiny emerged in the Unholy Defiance.


“Back down! They are beating us up good!” Meannia exclaimed.


Cosmus slapped Meiannia and walked to the center of the bridge.


“Fire the final azurevat. Let’s end this!” Cosmus said.

“Overlord, it’s the last and only one. If you use it, you’ll lose your sole advantage for planetary supremacy” the panel controller said.

“Proceed. All or nothing!” Cosmus replied.


Axurevat-3 was fired from the Unholy Defiance. It hit the ocean, its explosion turned into an implosion that raised a tidal wave, the size that has never been before. Cosmus’ fleet, the Siluran fighters and everything in the battle was swallowed up by the ocean.

Part of the GODDESS system was destroyed in the implosion rendering Tlandar, the New Prophetess and me stuck and sitting ducks in the dysfunctional controller pyramid. The control chamber were we were turned dark and lost power. It was flooding.

“We must find our way out!” Tlandar said.


Then they traveled through a maze like hall way system to where there was an atrium with glass ceilings and saw the Unholy Defiance space ship shipwrecked in the ocean floor.


“It’s intact. But possibly flooded and ineffective” Tlandar said.


Then they went to another hallway and there was a hatch to the sea.


“We need to get to the ship!” Tlandar said.

The New Prophetess used remote viewing to scan the ship.


“They are mutinying against almighty Cosmus” she said.





A former Archon of the Ghorak Clan who had survived and was a slave-servant of Cosmus was one of the mutineer leaders. He had clairvoyance and perceived the New Prophetess. He went to where there was an escape pod SNF boarded it. He traveled in the escape pod to where we were. By then, the entire pyramid was flooded and we were in the last dry chamber. He entered a wide tunnel nearby and we swam back in the flooded hall ways to where he was. We eventually made contact with the pod and opened its hatch and entered the pod.


“We need go to the space ship!” Tlandar said.


We went to the Unholy Defiance and came upon Cosmus, in the bridge.


“Are you the chosen one, bent on defeating me?” Cosmus said.


“I am. You are very evil and mad” Tlandar said.

“I’ve got no holds barred against you. You are a highly respectable one. Throw your best shot, and I’ll reciprocate for its own sake!” Cosmus said.


“Obviously, we’re all here for that” Tlandar said.


We surrounded Cosmus and attacked him with our skills. Meannia was tied around with a rope to her chair. The panel controllers had all their throats slit and were laying flat on the floor. We wrestled with Cosmus but he was incredibly strong and his telekinetic powers kept us at away from his surrounding. He casted an spell that warped a force field around the four of us and teleported us to another dimension, a magickal pocket created by him.





“Where the heck are we!” Tlandar asked.


“Ha ha ha, in the dream world…” Cosmus said


“Cover me! I`ll finish this!” Tlandar said.





I gave Tlandar a blessing in the Xothek language, which allowed him to attack Cosmus without being harmed himself in the physical world.


“This is an illusion for we still continue to be in the physical world” Tlandar said.


“I am the prime Overlord of this planet! Anybody who dares challenge my power will be annihilated” Cosmus said.


“This is a magickal illusion” Tlandar said.


“Do not kill him! Only he can bring us back to reality!” I told him.


“Take this salve, a potent magic from Goddess Astashica” the New Prophetess said.


Tlandar took the salve and sprayed it at Cosmus. Cosmus started to lose his magickal concentration and could not maintain the illusion alive.


“What have you done! Cosmus said.


Then the illusion dissolved.









The New Prophetess untied Meiannia. She quickly went to a nearby control panel and input a command code in the screen panel a self-destruct sequence for the space cruiser Unholy Defiance to blow up in smithereens.


“Astashica is saved!” Meannia said.


Then I Salgar and my friends ran towards an egress in an escape corridor, bypassed several obstacles such as debris and moved ourselves through mutineers along the way. Cosmus did not give chase to us but fortunately we managed to escape again back to the shuttle pod. We quickly boarded the shuttle pod and voyaged to the high seas.



Aboard the shuttle pod, from a distant distance we watched the Unholy Defiance explode under the ocean. We managed to escape the shockwave of debris.


“Where are we going now?” Tlandar asked.


“We will never ever know…” the New Prophetess said.


We ascended into the sea surface and disappeared to nowhere aboard the shuttle pod. The Unholy Defiance could be seen laying spread all over in debris in the whole sea. The anticyclone had dissipated and was just a tropical storm by now. A flock of birds flew nearby, under the penetrating rays of the reigning red sun which presided over the Serpentine Cloud System.


Tlandar an asemtek halfling must save his planet from the wrathful conqueror lord Cosmus.

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  • Published: 2015-12-21 02:05:09
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