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The Complete User Guide and Manual to learn the Amazon Tap Fast

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What is the Amazon Tap device? Why should you consider purchasing one? What makes the Amazon Tap different from other Amazon Alexa-enable products? These questions and more will be answered in this chapter.

Basic Amazon Tap Information

Firstly, the Amazon Tap is part of the Alexa family, meaning that it offers some of the same services as the Echo, Echo Dot, and Fire TV. The Tap’s main function is to stream music through its excellent sound system. This device provides 360-degree surround sound and is easily portable. It is a party speaker that can provide more sound than you would expect from its small frame.

The Amazon Tap is a bit pricier than the Echo Dot but less expensive than the Echo. It offers a great, middle-of-the-road option when it comes to price. However, the Tap also offers a lot of great advantages that other Bluetooth speakers do not. Here are a few of the options that the Tap has enabled:

p<>{color:#000;}. The Amazon Tap works with mobile hotspots as well as wi-fi while the other Bluetooth speakers mainly work with wi-fi and wi-fi only.

p<>{color:#000;}. Obviously, the Amazon Tap offers voice control options with Alexa that other Bluetooth speakers do not provide. While Amazon is allowing more and more devices to imbed Alexa in their devices so that the devices can communicate with each other, other Bluetooth speakers have not received that feature yet. You will be able to ask questions, change the song, or stop the music streaming with your voice.

p<>{color:#000;}. Last of all, the Amazon Tap offers Dolby while many other Bluetooth speakers do not. For those of you who do not know electronics intimately, you may be asking what Dolby is. Dolby is a noise-reduction system that is used in listening to your voice and in playing music to keep static and hissing down to a minimum. Offering Dolby means that the Amazon Tap is giving you high-quality playback.

Here are a few technical points that distinguish the Amazon Tap. The Amazon Tap weighs 16.6 oz or 470 grams. In comparison, the Amazon Echo weighs in at 37.5 ounces and the Amazon Echo Dot weighs in at 5.7 ounces, a little less than half the weight of the Amazon Tap. A charging cradle is included in the Amazon Tap package. The battery included in the Tap has the potential to last up to nine hours depending on your usage. However, you can also choose to plug the Tap into an outlet and use it as it is charging. The Taps dependence on battery, not electricity, means that it is truly a portable speaker.

The Tap contains dual 1.5 inch drivers and dual passive radiators in case you want to extend the bass’s sound. Additionally, the Tap comes with a one year warranty, and you will be given the opportunity to extend the warranty, should you so choose.

What Makes the Amazon Tap Stand Out?

If you have read the other manuals written on this subject, you know that the Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Dot are both devices that stay in one place while you are using them. You can take them to a new place and use them there; however, they need to be connected to Wi-fi in order to access Alexa and other features. You will need to find a nearby plug; the Echo and Echo Dot are not devices that can be used on-the-go.

The Tap is powered by its battery, meaning that if it is charged, you don’t need to have it plugged in. Because the Tap does not need to be plugged in and you can connect it to mobile hotspots, you can virtually transport this device to any place you can get cellphone signal. You can turn on your cellphone’s mobile hotspot feature and connect your Tap to the hotspot. This means that you can stream music on an excellent speaker when you are outside- at the park, at the beach, at a picnic. Your imagination is your limit.

Additionally, because the Tap is built with Dolby, the music does not get fuzzy when you turn it up. Many speakers can become fuzzy and unclear the louder you turn up the volume. The Tap keeps streaming your music clearly no matter how high you turn it.

If you specifically want to have Alexa in your devices, but you also want to have a great speaker, then you are left with the Amazon Echo and the Tap. The Tap is the cheaper of those options, giving you both a great speaker and the Alexa feature. The Echo Dot gives you the Alexa feature, but it does not have a music built for streaming music.

The last main difference between the Tap and its Echo counterparts that support Alexa is that the Tap must have the button pressed to hear you when you speak. This is advantageous for those of you who do not want the Tap listening 100% of the time. There have been some privacy concerns about having the Echo or Echo Dot listening all the time, so the Tap addresses those concerns. It will only hear you when the button is pressed. This is similar to the Amazon Fire TV remote that has the Alexa voice feature. However, with the Amazon Fire TV, you need your TV to be on in order to hear and respond to your commands. The Tap does not need any other devices on or present in order to respond to your question.


The Tap is an affordable version of the Amazon Echo, running at $89.99. The Tap is activated by a button, not by your voice. The Tap runs on battery life and can be taken to various place to stream music via wi-fi or mobile hotspots. Owning a Tap will give you the fun features of the Alexa voice system, and it will also help you enjoy your music in a variety of places.

If you already have an Amazon Tap and you want to begin using its great features, then go ahead to chapter two to learn about how to set up your device.


If this is your first Alexa device, then welcome to the world of voice control! If this is your second or third or fourth Alexa device, then you already know how life-changing these devices can be. In this chapter, you will find information in the following categories: what comes in your box, how to set up your Tap, and how to get to know your device.

What Comes in Your Box

Your box should contain five items. When you receive your Amazon Tap, go ahead and open the box. Make sure that everything you are supposed to receive is in the box and in good working order. The items that you should find in the box are the following:

p<>{color:#000;}. Amazon Tap- This is the main device, and you will learn more about its buttons and features later on.

p<>{color:#000;}. Charging Cradle- The charging cradle is a circular piece that is used to keep your Amazon Tap in place while you are charging it.

p<>{color:#000;}. Power Adaptor and Charging Cable- These are two pieces. One is the wall charger, and the other is the cord that will connect the charging cradle to the wall charger. You can choose to charge the Tap in your car if you have a car charger, but the car charger does not come with this package.

p<>{color:#000;}. Instructions- You should have a quick start guide in your box. This will give you some basic information about your Tap.

You can choose to purchase a cover for your Tap. The Tap covers are called “slings” and can provide protection for your device when you take it to multiple places.

Get To Know Your Tap

Before you begin using your Tap, you should get to know the buttons and their uses. This section will briefly introduce the buttons, their locations, and their uses to you.

Firstly, you have the microphone button which is in the front and center of your Tap. This is the button you will press to speak. Remember that the Tap will not hear your request unless you are pushing the button.

Next, you should see a few lights on the front of your Tap. They won’t be doing anything when you open it, but they do have a few different purposes. The lights will be in four different colors: red, cyan, blue, and amber. If you see an amber light that is moving from left to right, this means that your Amazon Tap is setting up and is ready to be connected to the Alexa App. If red lights begin pulsing, that means that the Tap was not able to fulfill your request. This could be due to inability to connect to the internet or inability to hear your voice quickly. If you see blue lights pulsing over unlit lights, that means your Tap is going into pairing mode to be connected to Bluetooth speakers.

If you are pressing the microphone button, you should see cyan lights filling the indicator lights. This means that the Tap is listening and ready to hear your request. Once those same cyan lights flash, it means that the Tap is fulfilling your request. Don’t worry about knowing what all of these light signals mean as you will get used to them as you begin playing with the Tap.


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Amazon Tap: The Complete User Guide and Manual to Learn the Amazon Tap Fast

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Amazon Tap: The Complete User Guide and Manual to Learn the Amazon Tap Fast Amazon Tap: The Complete User Guide and Manual to Learn the Amazon Tap Fast