Amazon Fire Tablet: The Most Complete and Up-to-Date User Guide to Amazon Fire T

Amazon Fire Tablet

The Most Complete and Up-to-Date User Guide to Amazon Fire Tablets

Author: John Slavio

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Fire VS Other Tablets

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John Slavio is a programmer who is passionate about the reach of the internet and the interaction of the internet with daily devices. He has automated several home devices to make them ‘smart’ and connect them to high speed internet. His passions involve computer security, iOT, hardware programming and blogging. Below is a list of his books:

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The world is indeed evolving. In the 80s when the heavy laptops first appeared, people thought of them as convenient. Their 14-pound weight was indeed a concern, but hey, they were portable after all. Back then no one could possibly imagine that in less than 20 years they could get their hands on something called a tablet. That’s right. The small portable computer with a touchscreen interface that we know today, first appeared in the early 2000s when Microsoft launched their ‘pen-enabled computer’.

But like I said, the world is evolving, and today, 15 years after the first tablets appeared, the word “tablet” means something entirely different. Today, tablets are basically laptops on the go. They have almost the same functions, and thanks to their tremendous portability, tablets have become extremely popular. Although there are convertible and hybrid laptops, and notebooks that have a removable or rotating display that can be also used as a tablet, the most common tablet type is the slate tablet. The slate tablets are basically only a display (although you can attach external keyboards to them) and they are the most popular type. The most common slate tablets are Amazon Fire Tablet, Apple’s iPad and Microsoft’s Surface. Today, I would like to invite you to dive deeply into the magnificent world of the Amazon Fire Tablet.

Amazon Fire is a tablet developed by Amazon, and according to them, it is their bestselling tablet. There are a few different versions:

Amazon Fire 7 – This 7-inch Fire tablet with the 1024 × 600 resolution costs only $49.90. If you are lucky and catch some of the Amazon’s time-limited offer, you can even get it for less. At the time of writing this book (February 2017), the fire 7 cost only $39.90.

Amazon Fire HD 8 – This is an 8-inch HD tablet with a resolution of 1280 × 800 pixels. Its price is only $89.90.

Amazon Fire HD 10 – Starting at $229.90, this HD Fire tablet with a 10.1-inch display is without a doubt the best deal for a high-quality tablet you will ever find.

Amazon Fire HD 6 – With an attractive price of $99.99, this Fire tablet offers a HD experience on a 6-inch display.

Amazon Fire HD 7 – A 7-inch HD tablet with a resolution of 1200 × 800. It is $49.99

Amazon Fire HDX 7-inch display, a 1920 × 1200 resolution with a 4G model available.

Amazon Fire HDX 8.9 – 8.9-inch display, a 2.5GHz Quad-Core Processor and a resolution of 2560 × 1600.

If you have bought a Fire Tablet and want to learn how to set it up, want to learn tips that will help you get the best out of it, or even if you are thinking about buying a tablet and want to learn if the Amazon’s Fire Tablet would be a good match, then purchasing this book is your smartest move.

This book is for everyone that possess, thinks about buying, or is simply curious about how the Fire tablet performs. It is the ultimate step-by-step book that will guide you from the moment you unbox your tablet to the point where you gain expertise. It contains tips, tricks and hacks that every Fire user should know.

This book is written with the purpose of increasing the satisfaction of those who get their hands on the Fire tablet.

[]Fire VS Other Tablets

Whether you are buying a tablet, a laptop, or any product for that matter, you must consider all factors, weigh the pros and cons, and compare the desired product with the similar ones on the market. Never buy a tablet purely based on someone’s recommendation or because the nice lady from that tech forum was satisfied with it. Instead, try to learn as much as possible so you can make the right decision.

To help you do just that and to explain to you why you will get your money’s worth if you choose to buy the Amazon Fire Tablet, I will compare the device with other rival tablets.

Amazon Fire Tablet vs iPad

If you are like most people, then you probably think that the crown of the tablets is definitely on the Apple’s head, making the iPad the best tablet ever made. And while no one can deny the fact that the iPad is currently the most influential and revolutionary tablet, what Amazon has brought to the market might just put an end to the iPad revolution. The Amazon Fire HD X has a very high chance of stealing the crown and here is why:

The Price. Let’s take the best Amazon Fire Tablet so far – the Fire HDX for this comparison. For the features that this tablet offers, the 7-inch HDX’s price of $229 is incredibly low. The iPad mini starts at $399. If you want to buy an 8.9-inch HDX with a storage of 16GB, that will cost you around $379. If you want to boost the capacity and choose the one with 64 GB of storage you will have to pay $479. On the other hand, if we take the iPad Air to make the point that starts from $499 for 16 GB storage and goes up to astronomical $699 for the 64 GB version, we will see the winner. Put it any way you want, the point is clear – Amazon Fire is by far the better deal.

USB File Transfer. If you are one of the many people who use their tablets for work, then you would probably find the Fire Tablet more useful than the iPad. The best perk of this tablet is that it allows a very convenient USB file transfer. You simply connect it to your PC and drag/drop the files. Sure, you can also transfer files to the iPad as well, but if we take into consideration the speed, the security, and most importantly the accessibility, then the Fire Tablet is definitely the better option.

Better Display. If details matter to you, then you will be absolutely blown away by the display of the Kindle Fire HDX. Compared to the iPad, this Fire tablet has a superior look with a vivid display. Besides that, great news for those who want to use their tablets outdoors, the Fire tablet has less glare than the iPad, which improves your experience outdoors.

The Battery. Most iPads have about 10 hours of battery life on average, but if you thought that this is the most that tablets offer, then think again. The Amazon Fire HD X actually has a longer battery lifespan. The 7-inch HDX offer 11 hours, while the 8.9-inch has an incredible 12 hours of battery life.

Great Wi-Fi Range. For those of you are annoyed by your iPad sticking to the base Wi Fi station, waiting for the signal to wear out, here is some great news – the Fire HDX tablet is not that stubborn. The Amazon Fire HDX Tablet is smarter and chooses the best available connection. Besides this, it has a greater range than the iPad.

Better Keyboard. The on-screen keyboard of the Amazon Fire is far more functional than the one on the iPad. Besides that, it is faster, it responds better and is much better laid out. The fire keyboard offers the opportunity of smoothly typing long messages without lifting the finger.

Better Organizational Apps. Those who use their iPads for work must be pretty disappointed in the Apple’s creativity as far as the calendar and email apps are concerned. On the other hand, Fire Tablet seems to have thought of everything. The email and calendar apps on the Fire tablet are easy to set up and offer all of the tools that you can possibly need. So yes, another win for the Fire tablet.

Mayday, Mayday! We all know that the Genius Bar that Apple offers on the iPads is very useful for when we need some help. However, you have to agree that when help is needed, it is usually needed fast. The Amazon Fire Tablet has thought of that and offers the incredible Mayday button. Whenever you need someone to help you out with a query, all you have to do is hold the mayday button and the help from a real life person is just a few seconds away.

Better-Quality Speakers. If you enjoy listening to music, then you will absolutely fall in love with the Fire speakers. The speakers on the Fire Tablet are of higher quality compared to those on the iPad and offer real entertaining enjoyment.

It’s Faster. Thanks to the 2.2 GHz Quad Core processor, the Fire HDX is ultra-fast. You can play games while simultaneously listening to music and installing apps and it will not slow down. I am not saying that iPad runs slowly, but comparing it to the Fire tablet, well, it seems like comparing a used car with a new one.

Why Buy Fire Tablet Instead of Android?

First of all, before we start weighing the ups and downs, let me make something very clear. The giant misconception is that the Amazon Fire Tablet runs on Android, when the truth is, Fire Tablet is not an Android Tablet. This tablet runs on its own operating system called Fire OS 5. Now, Fire OS 5 may be based on the Android’s Lollipop, but it is definitely not an Android operating system. Now that we’ve made that clear, let’s see why you should choose Amazon Fire over other Android tablets.

We all know that in order to get more we should also pay more. Think about it. If you want a dish with a few extras, you’ll have to pay some more. If you want to buy a caramel latte instead of a cup of black coffee, it will cost you more. The same goes for tablets. If you want more functions you’ll have to spend some more money. It is obvious that cheap tablets cannot give you the high level of amusement that great-processor-full-HD tablets offer, but that does not mean that they are a terrible buy by default. Although you have probably been told to steer clear from cheap tablets, what Amazon offers now will probably make you rethink that.

Amazon has put a Fire Tablet on the market that has a price that is, well, just too cheap to be ignored. For only $49 you can get everything that you need from a tablet (unless you are planning to play some extremely demanding games, of course). But it is not only the price that makes this tablet win once compared to cheap Android tablets. It is actually its functionality.


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Amazon Fire Tablet: The Most Complete and Up-to-Date User Guide to Amazon Fire T

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Amazon Fire Tablet: The Most Complete and Up-to-Date User Guide to Amazon Fire T Amazon Fire Tablet: The Most Complete and Up-to-Date User Guide to Amazon Fire T