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The magic is within you, set it free. Mauritian artists Summer & Phil M share their serene Echoes Of The Heart with a purpose to impart hope & and enlighten the world. "Our work is really getting fun now," Vinyl For A Cause update us on their journey as their bountiful project comes to life. Design and necessity come together with the LOVE record player and the Transparent Speaker amongst more interesting music inventions. Express yourself. We take a look at empowering campaigns from Smirnoff, Apple and VO5 which influence individualist thinking. We've got your festival guide, radio listings and new music from Lester Clayton, Massari, Lauren Neko, Weslee, Jarrod Dickenson and HipKnoTiC.

  • ISBN: 9781370883073
  • Author: Audiation Magazine
  • Published: 2017-05-05 12:55:14
  • Words: 12
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