After Hurricane Maria

Here in these brief essays and verses the very fortunate reader will have a brief or rapid idea of what actually is happening in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria and how a successful writer passes the chaos which still remains. And through these short essays, some long and others so short as a simple sentence because of they being filled with wisdom of heart, filled with real faith and with hope, thus this successful writer has found many answers, such that there really is much more here on the very earth of what one can imagine or even see and the only thing that one really needs to see and to enjoy is real knowledge. But even so, the good reader truly will enjoy not only the good talent of this good writer but also the good reader truly will enjoy the search and the research or the useful answers of this good and talented writer.

  • ISBN: 9780463654880
  • Author: Forester de Santos
  • Published: 2018-07-29 01:35:09
  • Words: 10302
After Hurricane Maria After Hurricane Maria