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A Year in Haikus


A Year in Haikus


By Teresa Hubley




Copyright © 2017 Teresa Hubley

All Rights Reserved


Shakespir Edition, License Notes

Thank you for downloading this ebook. This book remains the copyrighted property of the author, and may not be redistributed to others for commercial or non-commercial purposes. If you enjoyed this book, please encourage your friends to download their own copy from their favorite authorized retailer. Thank you for your support.


It began with Poetry Month, April, in 2016. Midway through the month, I saw an article in a local paper about a town where they celebrated the month by posting haikus every day in the windows of stores downtown. I had not written a haiku since high school. I could not remember anything about haikus, except that they were short. I felt certain that I, too, could write these things if I reacquainted myself with them, given their brevity. A quick peek at a poetry website advised me of the particulars (3 lines, first five, then seven, then five syllables, usually with nature as a theme) and I was on my way.

At first, the goal was to finish the month of April with one poem a day and stop then. When April came to a close, I gave myself until the end of May because, after all, I got a late start on the project. I hadn’t gotten to write for the entire month of April. By the time May ended, I had grown accustomed to my self-imposed task and enjoyed it. I thought that maybe I could hold out until the end of summer. Summer passed…and on I went. Some days, I wrote only one but others were more fruitful. In a whole year, I missed only two days and that was due to sickness (which is, in my view, a decent excuse).

There were days that I struggled for a topic. I cheated at times (writing about the past instead of natural encounters of the day, writing about mundane human matters, etc.). The year gave me plenty of big events to ponder (a car crash, a pet’s death, my niece’s wedding, a presidential election, a vacation trip to Canada) and ordinary watermarks to record (birthdays and holidays, the passing of the seasons). But, due to occasional writer’s block, I resorted to reporting office events and even lamenting the loss of my investment in a vending machine. I posted each haiku on my art blog (sweetarting.worpress.com) along with photos from my cell phone (some topical, some recycled). In all, the haikus became, as a body, a sort of personal journal of the year.

Table of Contents


April/May 2016

June 2016

July 2016

August 2016

September 2016

October 2016

November 2016

December 2016

January 2017

February 2017

March 2017

April 2017

April/May 2016

[[Spring in the North Woods
++]]Peeper frogs thrumming
Barred owl asks “Who cooks for you?”
Snow gives way to mud


[[Bird in Paw
++]]Cat waits, tail a’twitch
The window holds all in check
Safe, bird hops to seed


[[Drama in the Parking Lot
++]]Mother killdeer runs
Leads us away from her nest
Close by in the weeds


++]]Dandelions sprout
In the ditch beside the road
Bold faces sunward


[[April Dawn
++]]On the branch, backlit
Flowers explode from split buds
Pastel colors glow


++]]A deer passed this way
Two-pointed prints in the dirt
I follow its lead


[[This Was an Iris Patch
++]]Irises grew here
Rare blue flags rose from hummocks
Now gone for parking


[[Flight Path
++]]Vultures on the wing
Wheel around the mountain top
Soaring on the breeze


[[2 Canadians
++]]Wild goose couple struts[[++
++]]Waving one wing as I pass
The marsh on my way


++]]Seven sisters dance
In a circle up above
Laughter on the wind


[[Take the Long (Pond) View
++]]French Mountain rising
See the shining lake below
From cliff, trees, berry patch


++]]Pale yellow spears poke
From brown branches by bare brush
Early floral show


[[Gray Bird Crying
++]]The mourning dove keens
Her wistful benediction
Sighing in hushed tones


[[The Purple Ones
++]]A plumbago line
Drawn under the window
Underlined in green


[[Final Release
++]]Beech leaf drifting down
Let go at last among the buds
Pale corpse of winter


[[Weep for Me
++]]Yellow green tears drip
From the wands of willow
Draped over the lawn


[[April Snows
++]]A thin white icing
That fizzles away at noon
Makes spring much sweeter


[[Home Again
++]]Atop power poles[[++
++]]Osprey peer from massive nests
Mates sharing the watch


[[Queen of Tides
++]]Half-moon in daylight
Doorway to infinity
White against the blue


[[Gone to Seed
++]]Wands of dandelion
Wave their fairy fluff aloft
To dance on a breeze


[[A Mother’s Day
++]]Lady mallard duck
Heading for a vernal pond
Nesting on her mind


++]]Grape hyacinths sprout
Alongside green tulip bulbs
Color yet to come


++]]Blue herons wade
Reflected in grassy pools
Hunting fishy snacks


[[Wet Monday
++]]Raindrops hang like beads
Glistening, they adorn branches
Fragile little jewels


[[Silver Streak
++]]Squirrel slinks across the road
Advancing in arching hops
Ready to scurry


[[Spring Harvest
++]]Regal turkey tom
Picks his way through the green field
Wild red and black gent


[[Tiny Refugees
++]]Ants creep through the house[[++
++]]Drawn by dry lodging and food
Outside, soaking rain


[[Flowery Finery
++]]Crabapple blossoms
Unfold a magenta show
Releasing sweet scents


[[A Walk in the Clouds
++]]Fluorescent green moss
Glowing in the rain-soaked yard
Cushions every step


Planting Time

Furrows in the field

Ready to receive the seed

Topsoil piled beside


[[Woodland Rapid Fire
++]]Woodpecker knocking
Drills through the trill of songbirds
Boring a dead tree


Not Biting Yet

Blackflies roil around

A riot about my head
Scouting a blood feast


++]]Wild strawberries peek
White stars among rough green leaves
Foretell sweet summer


[[Marshy, Marshy, Marshy
++]]Cattails from last year
Like marshmallows on a stick
Puffed out white and brown


[[Afternoon in the Family Room
++]]Still light at seven
Golden glow in the backyard
Warms despite chill winds


[[Treetop Chorale
++]]Riotous birdsong[[++
++]]All parts of the chorus here
High, low, short, and long


[[Gilded Lily
++]]Goldfinch on the deck
Shocking yellow on drab green
Bound for the feeder


[[A Rare View
++]]A new voice calls me
A cardinal in the bush
Bright red visitor


[[Neither Do They Spin
++]]Blue forget-me-nots
Red bleeding hearts, white violets
Bouquet at my feet


For Delivery

A worm in its beak
Bird flutters down before me

And rises again


Warm Tidings

A sulfer butterfly

Flits along the gravel road 

Little splash of sun


Wet Warrior

A red-tailed hawk soars

Banking on the stiff, damp breeze

Hunting between rains



Clouds are spitting snow

A biting wind starts to blow

May is halfway through



Kathadin towers

Over crystal clear waters

A trout jumps, rings spread


The Bees’ Knees

Fuzzy, buzzy ball

Bumblebee hums at his work

Fishing the flowers


Call And Response

The loon’s song echoes

Through the misty hills and woods

Answered by a mate


Flowers Make Way

Petals fall like snow

Swept along by warm spring winds

Tumble and exit 


Break for the Sea

Alewives running free

Coursing down the river wild

Raptors on their trail


Lunch at Day’s Store, Belgrade Lakes Village

Wooden benches, sandwiches

In a shady lakeside spot

The loon dives for fish


Flower Hopper

Zebra swallowtail

Bright yellow with black bars and spots

And wings akimbo 


Bows and Flows

Summer clouds lined up

March across the sky in puffs

Gray-white cumulus


Sweet Hedgerows Debut

Lilacs, dark and light

Purple, mauve, pink, blue, and white

Most fragrant of sights


In the Neighborhood of Whimsy (Monhegan Island)

In fairy houses 

Only what the forest gives

Can form worldly goods


3 Canadians (A Sequel)

Fluffy young gosling

Standing beside his parents

By the little pond


More Canadians (Sequel the Third)

Guiding four goslings

One goose heads pondward; The other

Watches by the road


Magenta Flag

Flashy azalea

Glowing in the misty morn

Deep pink, glorious


Honey Do

Purple-hued clover

Nectar to bees, food to stock

A treat for the eyes


Splendor in the Grass

Spears of lupine rise

From the meadow, deep purple

Gleaming in the green


Sweet Beginnings

Blueberry blossoms

Hiding under glossy leaves

Green bells, turning white


Temporary Bliss

Low tide, Popham Beach

Warm, shallow pools form on sand

Beckon for a soak


Criss-crossing Pilots

Glass-winged dragonflies

Lofting on thermal currents

Cruise the path ahead


June 2016


Two in One

Mating butterflies

Hover by a daisy bud

Blue wing set doubled


Snugly Put

White brown-tailed moth nest

Squirming with caterpillars

Lodged in a tree’s crook


Knock, Knock

June bug chittering 

At my screen, humming, scraping,

Diving for the light


Bobbing Along

Red-breasted robin

Common visitor of yards 

Cheerful sign of spring


Fogged In

Silent curtain falls

Gray mist shrouds all the landscape

Causing it to fade


Ocean Drive, Acadia

Pink granite glowing

Spray rising with cymbal crash

Pine spires on cliff tops


A Rainy Banquet

A flock of mallards

Foraging in the meadow

Pushes through the wet grass


Daisy, Daisy

Daisies are open

White fingers extend from palms

Pointing all around


Storm Warning

An eye-searing flash

Lights up the gathering gloom

Thunder as afterthought


First Fruits

Tiny pink berries

Just beginning to blush red

Strawberries forming


A Brief Guest at Breakfast

Hitchhiking spider

Rides on the morning paper

Glides to the table


Where or When

Ghostly coyote

Appears on the lawn, head raised

Blink, it vanishes


Reserved Seating

Branch above the stream

Scene of an epic battle

Osprey, eagle clash



Bright green balsam tips

Heady, musky scent of pine oil 

Saturates the breeze


Everything Roses

Rosa rugosa

Floppy, ragged pink petals

Sweet smells wafting hence


Wiggle Room

After the rain, worms stroll

They inch across the pavement

Wallow in the mud


Midas Sows

Thick yellow coating

Of dusty pine pollen pitch

Covers every surface


Yard Boss

Crow demands one’s ear

A commanding voice booms out

From a perch on pine


Last Night’s Agenda

Barred owls burr and hoot

Holding a midnight conference

On lively topics


Just A Pinch of Rain

A little shower

Slipping from a passing cloud

Sweeps before the sun


A Thriller in the River

A sturgeon breaches 

Massive back and tail, fin high

Looking like “Nessie”


Winken Blinken

Meteor shower

Traces bright lines and fizzles 

Dark sky afterglow 


All Hail Summer

Solstice and full moon

Greet the season with brilliance

Continuous light


Pretty Hungry

A brace of sundews

Hairy maws poised for a meal

On a peat island


Zero Calories

Disappointed mouse

Left a hole in my cooler

Empty, so no meal


Art on the Wing

A fritillary

Hovers over green clover

Orange black stained glass


The Greeter

Small, white, curl-tailed dog

Strains against harness, tail high

Looking for a pat


A Patch of Blue

Blueberry barrens bring

fragrant summers, bright red falls

Jelly in winter


Mountain Flower

Deep pink sheep laurel

Peeking from a granite ledge

and a spray of green


Shoulder Season

Bustling summer town

Packed with cars, people, and scents

Fudge and barbecue


We Brake for Raptors

The traffic halted

Eyes and binoculars trained

As eagle circles


Limited Supplies Only

Lightning bug winking

Blinking out a neon code

Come hither, come here


Nap Time

Camouflaged moth

Folded in knee wall corner 

Slumbers until dusk


It Made a Sound

With a mighty crack

And groan, the great tree toppled

Alas for the car



Seven tame white ducks

Mingle in a soggy yard

Taking in the rain


Crowned Heads of the Meadow

An armload of vetch

In a lush roadside bundle

Balls of lavender

July 2016



Easy Lies the Head

Kinglets, we call them

Coronas in southern climes

Bold red crowns, brown birds


Ice Cream Awaits

Plump red raspberries

Just in their color, still tart

Ripe within a week


Relaxing in the Sand

Black-winged butterfly

White Admiral, sun bathing

Dozing, then fleeing


Meadow Watchers

Black-eyed Susans spy

Above the tall golden grass

One dark eye skyward


The Probe Arrives

Jupiter’s red eye

Unblinking among its stripes

Today, saw Juno 


Day Lilies

Orange goblets, green stems

Set on the meadow’s table

Awaiting the rain


[+Sign in a Leaf, Dead too Soon +]

A good, soaking rain

Would be welcome in this land

Parched, thirsty, and dry


A Call to Arms

Above parade noise

A rooster crows, still doing

His solemn duty



The water is cold

But not too much for children

They bravely push in


Flea Wars

Little bloodsuckers

Come with the heat; armed with drops

I chase fleeing cats


Still Life with Doilies

Pointillism in white 

Dainty Queen Anne’s lace flowers

Butterfly rest stop 


Summer Skater

Waterstrider glides 

Over the water’s calm face 

With tiny ripples


Road Work Season

It’s all stop and go

We wait for the light or flag

Use the time to breathe


Pony Dance

Tails streaming behind

Horses nicker and prance, give chase

Across the pasture


A Swim at Pleasant Point

Clear, cold spring water

Rocky, pine-decked shore and path

I watch the small fish


Some Like it

For most people, heat

Is only good to a point

Rare folks like to scorch


Time Flies

Blazing autumn hint

A midsummer reminder

In bright sumac leaves


Pride of the Pride

Tiny warrior

The little cat brings her prize

Behold: One dead bug


Cool World

Saturn’s rings enchant

Throwing shadows on its sphere

Heighten the sun’s glow


Zen Rock, Pleasant Point

Dark stone triangle

Rises from the clear water

Sunken ledge invites


New Brunswick

Boreal forest

Primeval low scrub, black pine

Peat bogs, tidal bore


Pirate Birds

Gulls have no manners

They barge in front and snatch things

Scolding their victims


Peggy’s Cove

Stacks of stone balance

On the broad backs of boulders

Sloping down to the sea


Beside the Boardwalk

Little beach mouse waits

Among wild peas and roses

Willing me to pass


At Keji Beach

Seals roll on their sides

Sunbathing on a seaborne rock

Too lazy to flee


Nova Scotia

Craggy, foggy coast

Deep woods, high tides, kilted guards

Cherish a rich past



We walk in circles

Eyes on phones or feet, thoughts loose

Unheeding these halls



Two circle halves meet

Red with black spots, black head

Circle splits to fly


True Colors

Young apples, still green

Still small and bitter, rock hard

With patience, turn red


Daddy Long-Legs

Bendy stilts rise up

To hold a bead-like body

Eight points meeting there



Red honeysuckle

Sweet nectar in petal lobes

Calls to hummingbirds

August 2016




Magenta spires rise

Over thistle and daisy 

And over my head


Hay There

Golden fields shimmer

Waving in the warm summer breeze

Ready for cutting


Summer Sound

Engines growl aloft

Above, sea plane angles for

The water, floats splayed


Well Spoken

Quiet enough on

My back deck some nights to

Hear pines whisper, sigh


Beyond the Supermarket

Cucumbers, carrots

Lettuce, and peas from gardens

Have their own wild taste


Tornado Watch

A line of storms seen

Severe, with hail, (blank) ball-sized

Seek shelter, stay safe



Wishing it were like

Some time I think I recall

*Must* have been better?



Yellow tassels wave

Swarm on a late summer field

Dotted with milkweed


Smooth Sailing

Black-winged grasshoppers,

Sprung from the weeds, take off and coast

Saving hops downhill 


Love Buzzes

Trill of cicadas

Cries “torrid humidity,

Mating will quench you”


Sea Glass Mystery

Were you once a cup

On a swank steamer, thrown, smashed

In a lovers’ spat?


Welcome Home

Portland Headlight shines

Its bright pulse spins through the night

Greets my landing plane


Pets Who Blessed Me

Where have you gone, friend?

My little four-legged child?

Know this: You were loved


Almost Three Decades Today

Do you remember…

The first look and touch, long ago,

Still burning inside?


High Summer, Tinderbox Woods

A cigarette flicked

Carelessly, From a passing car

Made trees of black, brown


Life’s Picnic

Rough wooden tables

Wrapped sandwiches, bags of chips

Napkins taking flight


She Sells Seashells

Mermaids’ lost purses

Strewn on the lost-and-found shore

Return with the tide


[*Recycled *]

Weeds have reclaimed ground

Where once stood a house, door open

Gone these few months, clean


Sipping Summer

A jar of sun tea

Brewing on the bright back deck

Watermelon’s friend


Back Porch Invader

Knocking on the door

We find the river surging

Parking lot consumed


Relaxin’ Upta Camp

Cabin, cottage, camp

Humble structure of stone, board

Beckons from the lake


Who, Who Sees You?

As the car passes

Down the narrow road, owl swoops

Along hood, windshield


Three Deer

Mamma, two younglings

Crossing my path on the road

Tawny procession


View From a Half-Cocoon

Aboard the hammock

Time crawls as one sways with trees

And peers up at clouds



Wessie, mystery snake,

Ten-foot monster, seen by few,

Leaves souvenir skin


Hot Greenery

Scent of just-mowed grass

Tangy and fresh in moist air

Rivals pine perfumes


Sailing Lesson

Hold this line a while

Grab the tiller just a bit

Guess what? You’re in charge


Back to College We Go

School starts again now

Talk of pencils, new shoes, hair

I’ll miss you, my son


The Passing of Petal Time

Plump red rose hips swell

Where dwelt sweet blossoms lately

Soon come tea, cool air


Sarah’s Spirit

Lithe lady, gray hair loose,

Running, in any weather,

Passes my house, waves


A Little Night Music

The din of crickets

Hundreds clamoring at once

A lullaby makes


Wistful Songbird

Black-capped chickadees

Flit about the trees and perch

Calling out “fee-bee”

September 2016


September Arrives

Dried-up flower husks

Beside thistles gone to seed,

Plumping milkweed pods


The Silver Age

He is sixty now

A little gray and creaky

But still full of life


Virginia Creeper

Red creeper stretches

Through the undergrowth, up trees

Stained with scarlet tones


Weedy Jewels

Jewel weed glowing

Bright orange, red among green stalks

Fading now for fall


Tern, Tern, Tern

Black-headed terns run

Against the waves, hoping for

Tasty seafood treats



Empty red crab shells

Dot the beach at tides’ ebb

No one home in there


Twoo Wuv

They two are wed now

Under the big white tent and lights

I heard them say yes


Awake at the Wheel

I watch my son drive

Away with his father and

My fear, joy, and pride


Hurricane Chaser

He went to the sea

To watch the wild waves crashing

And smell the danger


Luna Moth

I rub my eyes so

Belief brings into focus

A great pale green spirit


In the Monitor’s Eye

The heart’s data stream

Traced in lines across the screen

Shrinks life down to dots


The Cuckolds Light, from Reid Beach

Out on the sky’s edge

And where the sea vanishes

A lighthouse perches


Black Squadron

A brace of ducks with

Thin necks stretched out, banks and dips

On the breeze in sync


Some Other Day is Here

Gentle rain soaks in

Finally breaking the drought

Manna from Heaven


Purple Asters

In summer’s last throes

They come out, the wild asters

One last pastel blast


Graveyard Labyrinth

‘Round in circles, and

Circles, The little road winds

By stones that speak names



What was it like then,

A hundred years ago, more,

When they laid you down?



White semi-circle

Around black eyes, head thrust back

Gray-winged suet lover


Acorn Rain

Little missiles plop

On metal roofs and car hoods

Squirrels applaud their fall


Blood’s Work

Take a little blood

Suck it up in a tube, shake

Read it like tea leaves


Fragile Mandala

The waves sweep backwards

Leaving silty dark sand swirls

On the lighter beach


The Road’s Toll

A skunk that did not

Scurry fast enough to dodge

Lies crumpled and sour


Sweet Sorrow

They missed him much more

Than I, the cats, not knowing

He’d be home today


Fresh Fall Apples, The Apple Farm

Firm, tart, sweet,  juicy

Macs, Cortlands, MacCouns, Empires

Unsurpassed goodness


Woolly Bears

With all our science

We ask a worm on weather

Note: More black, more snow



Nutty mellowness

Warm yellow flesh with butter

Good with things roasted 



Two days of summer

And then comes fall; It’s still warm

Turn your face sunward


Fluttery Dance

White and Yellow wings

Beat over the dead flowers

Butterflies mingle


Fall Begins

A few bright maples

Are early to the party

As summer departs


Jack O’Lanterns

Hollow pumpkins grin

With crooked teeth, jagged cut

Eyes glow from behind


Japanese Maples in Fall

Drapy veils of leaves

Made with slender, spiky lobes

Going all yellow



Faintly at first then

Pulsing neon, bright colors

Glow against gray clouds


First Heat

It’s cool enough now

For morning frost, cloudy breath

And the furnace on


Dead Tree

Stripped of all its leaves

And most branches too, stark gray

Arms outstretched; “Take Me”


High Noon, Inland Hospital

19 Years Ago

It seems a mere moment gone

I first held my son


Eyes Only

With their petals gone,

Stems shriveled, Black-eyed Susans

Are just dried-up dots


Cat in the Rafters

If you must ask why

She has to walk overhead

It’s because she can


October 2016



Lingering Fireworks

Overnight, colors pop

Yellows, oranges, and bright reds,

Gold leaves too; Magic


Sunday at the Transfer Station

Cars and gulls line up

One to leave trash, the other 

To dine; Men sweep up


Views Abound

New monument park

Katahdin Woods and Waters

In the future, tents


Marsh Fire

Brilliant red leaves rise

Over silvery waters,

Solemn ochre reeds


First One Gone

All bare now, this tree

Having strewn its yellow leaves

While others still glow


Paragliding Seeds

Silky milkweed puffs

Float, delivering cargo

To weedy patches


My Birthday

Born this day, I live

Carrying on as witness

To the world’s dramas


A Cord, If You Please

Its bed full of wood

A pick-up truck shuttles fuel

To store for winter


Reeling out the Years

Rings push out, widen

Telling time with their numbers

Where once stood a tree


Grafton Notch State Park

Screw Auger Falls twists 

Through steep gorge walls as mountains

Rise, hugging the road


Good Fortune

Wisdom from paper

Tucked in a cookie at lunch

Thank you, pay your bill


Shared Harvest

Tomato plants twist

At the base of the trail sign

Offering free fruits


Burning Leaves

Trails of grayish smoke

Bring a tang to the crisp air

As people tidy



Hurricane Matthew 

Left floods, crumbling roads, homeless

Then skipped out to sea


Killing Frost

A hard cold came down

And seized the tender plants thus

Dusting them in white


Fall Beach, Empty

The park to myself

Bright leaves and rippling water

Swings, slides abandoned


South Asian Lunch

Many spices blend

To fill the air and the tongue

Sitar tunes entwine


False Summer

One warm day simmers

Hot enough to doff jackets

Last farewell to sun


Pumpkin Spice Galore

Cinnamon, Ginger,

Nutmeg and Allspice too,

Lurk in every box


Attic Dwellers Prepare

Small rodents rustle

Among the beams above us

Packing their warm nests


Morning at the Boat Launch

A single shaft of light

Pierces the mist and low clouds

Bedazzling the lake


Crockpot Evenings

Simmering all day

Chunks of meat, herbs, and veggies

Call me at the door


Election Season 2016

Oh what do you think?

As we shuffle to the brink

It’s time that we blink


Only So Many Days Until…

Now winter’s first sign 

Has appeared in the store aisles

Glittery Christmas bling



A great crowd of crows

Heaped on the lawn, thick on trees

Huddles by the road


Flaky Tidings

The “S” word whispered

(To curb its power), tonight,

They say, just north: Snow


Dark Chocolate

Bitter start, sweet end

Jolting taste that mellows fine

Melts to elixir  


Cubs in the Series

I used to rush home

To watch the team crash and burn

Now they rise, inspire


Half Gone Now

Trees stand partly bare

Their leaves strewn about their feet

Bright tones faded brown


Night Train

The keening call whines

Above the grind and squeal of

Metal on metal, wheels, tracks


Meeting of the Franco-American Club

How do you say iron?

In French, if you please! Comme ça

Pleased replies of “oui!”


Gas Station Pit Stop

Tank up on coffee

Fill the car with gas, wash up

Scramble out, refreshed



A spiderweb strand,

On Halloween morn, took me

Across the face, chilling


Top Hat

Photos of the peak

Show last night’s deep, wet, snow

Now adorn its head


November 2016



November First

Frosty brown weed fields

And frozen puddles glisten

In muted sunlight


What Got Away

Hopeful fishermen

Line the bridge over the dam

Kids, bikes, adults, dogs


Dry Wells

Some have lost water

And beg at their neighbors’ doors

We forget wet luck


Mystic Clock

Somehow the cats know

The right time to summon me

For their morning meal


Down and Brown

Empty trees, filled-up lawn

Leaves crunch as we mount the stairs

Time to pull out rakes


Day Light Savings

We fall back tonight

And net one more hour of sleep

Early darkness too


Gold Star


Larch trees shine within dun woods

Heavy with needles



Neon red berries

Draw the eye in bright bunches

Cheerful in the gloom


Election Night

Big vote comes tonight

Who will be president now?

Lady? Businessman?


After the Fight

History made now

Some sigh in relief, some weep

Trump will shape the path


Frost on the Windshield

Before you drive off

Visibility must clear

Melted with hot air


First Fire

Stoke up the wood stove

Set a match to the fuel and watch

Bright light and warmth flare


Black Walnut Missiles

Yard pyres of my youth

The metal barrel and gray smoke

Stand back, toss green balls


Conversation with a Red Squirrel

Cheep, Cheep, who are you?

Click, click, I am a human

Cheep, now I scurry


Super Moon

Low on the lake’s edge

Giant disk chases the dark

‘Man’ smiles broadly


Night on the Interstate

Dark, wet road; headlights;

Mirrors full of glare; Long line;

Too close for comfort


A Touch of (Compromised) Class

A dusty red rose

In a brown root beer bottle

Holds court on my desk


Rush Hour Vision, Rural Highway

Coyote dashes

Through the morning traffic line

Vanishes, ghostlike


Walkers Reunited

Little black dog bounds

Through the woods across corners

Of paths to meet her


Neighbors in the Grocery Store

Well met, both of you

At home, we never meet but

Share a wave and smile


Alas, Poor Mousey

Body on the walkway

Paws in the air and mouth wide

Gone, when I returned


First Snowfall

I open the door

To a world all frosted with white

Feet slide on the deck



If we are early

We can get the golden prize

I would rather sleep


Big Traveling Day

Many are en route

Driving, flying, and riding

To share food and warmth


Christmas Cactus Blooms

Fuschia petals poke

From craggy succulent arms

Green alone ‘til now


Winter Moth

Gray cold weather wings

Flap on the frigid pavement

As a moth alights


Table Refugees

A flock of turkeys

Lurking in the barren woods

Scatters when I pass


Leafless Sumacs

Velvety berries 

Amid gray, fuzzy branches

Deep wine color warms


Turkey Sandwiches


There is meat left from huge feasts

Tomorrow’s meal planned


Pleasant Point Park, Late Fall

We chase fading light

Down moist trails, just before snow

Ducks are camera shy


Pileated Woodpecker

They live in deep woods

These large redheads with long necks

Strange sight at feeders


Holiday Lights

The drive home at night

Is made less lonely by cheer

Spread by colored stars


Wintry Mix

Sleet? No, rain..wait..snow!

Back around again we go

Skidding down the road


Roadside Rubble

On my walks I find:

Cigarette butts, booze bottles,

beer cans, always beer


December 2016


Holly Belle

Holiday elf doll

Changes hands through the office

My turn has ended


Nighttime Christmas Parade

Glowing floats cruise streets

Candy canes are tossed, songs sung

Police flashlights wave


Play Date

Two squirrels frolic

Flowing around the tall pine

Down, up, back again

View from the Top of East Side Trail

No leaves block the view

Salmon Lake sparkles below and

Foothills mark the West


Drive and Thrive at 45

Speed limit’s down now

In wet blowing snow, sign blinks

Four, Five, stay alive


Waiting for the Fire

Atop the wood stove,

My cat crouches, sad eyes plead

Please, it’s so cold out….


Frozen Soon

A thin skin of ice

Skims the surface of the lake

Too early to skate


Silvery Pastures

Sun rays seep through mist

On white fields where horses graze

By snow-laden trees


Holiday Shopping

Cars swarm on the mall

Bell ringers ask for your change

Full carts form long lines


Winter Boats

Shrink-wrapped, they idle

Stowed in a blue plastic fleet

Waiting for ice-out


Twilight Churches

Peaceful candles glow

Behind colored leaded glaze 

In twin stone towers


Snow Day

We all hold breath, wait,

To hear or see our school name 

Hoping, praying: “Yes”


Pink Clouds over the Dome, Augusta

Copper trim flashes

Sunset strikes the Capitol

Golden lady shines


Mango Moon

Dark red orange, the moon

Leaps up in the sky, shrinking,

Paling, as I watch


Goose Down Cold

Dig in the closet

Way in the back, for that coat,

The feather-fat one


[*Egg Nog *]

Creamy, heady, sweet,

And, like holidays, too much

To have too often


Sad Veterinarian Visit

Furry little lives,

So trusting, held in our hands,

Ask love and mercy


Rumble On

Eight fat blue jays

Squabble on the snowy deck

Over scraps of seed


Rain on Snow

My least favorite

Of all cold weather patterns

Chill, Damp to the bone


Winter Sun

Pale yellow-white band,

Swathed in blue-gray, gives dim light

To an icy land


Crystal Gallery

Branches sway, tinkle,

Sparkling ice prisms casting

Rainbows in morning


The Longest Night

The solstice sun sinks

Early in the day, darkness

Shrouds while we seek light


Sisters’ Holiday Lunch

We gather, we three

Always at year’s end, to eat

And to toast our bond


Last Half Day Before Holiday Break

The building is dark

We few hang on, wait for noon

Gossip and spin tales


Yuletide Visitor

A wild turkey prowls

My deck for a treat, mumbling,

Cat watching in awe 


Christmas Eve

Dinner with goblets

Stockings and presents and pie

Candlelit thank yous


The Regulars

Four busy juncos

In their winter coats of gray

Picking on millet



Home and hearth warm us

Roast beef simmers and phone rings

Greetings, news, wishes


Repeal and Replace

The day for returns

Disappointed folk in lines

Bearing the wrong gifts


White Winter Morning

Misty veils trailing

Upward from lakeside treetops

Sun glinting through fog


Cardinal Couple

Dull brown lady roosts

Beside her escort in his

Bright red suit and cap


No Two Flakes

Each one is unique

But in a storm, no one cares

Every one being cold


Lovely, Dark, and Deep

Whose snowshoe landed here,

Under trees bent with frosting?

My spouse, clearing trails


Goodbye 2016

I shall not miss you

There was too much everything

Blood, death, sickness, strife

January 2017

Winter Blackout

Lights flicker and fade

Furnace snuffs out, water stops

Layered, we huddle



Lying on his side

The starry warrior waits

Sword at the ready


Secret Trail Revealed in Snow

Many deer cross here

Bisect the human road and

Go about their way


The Iceman Cometh

Limbs encased in ice

Trees struggle to keep upright

Driveway is a slide


Accidentally Yours

Two cars meet with force,

Lost parts and crumpled fenders;

Names, regrets exchanged 


The Long Way Blessing

A wrong turn taken

Brought a country road instead

Slower, kinder, sane


Eagle’s Watch

Bald eagle sits high

Over the busy roadway

Where animals cross


Dry Snow Veils

Windy winter days

With blue skies see air full of

Crisp flakes blown from trees


A Brief Life, Well Lived

Only five years old

No cat purred as much, nor had

As much joy. Godspeed.



Filled up with stardust

They scoop the night sky just North

Where walks the great bear


Mid-Winter Thaw

What is warm today

Would be cold in spring but still

Sun and melt thrill us


Pea Soup

Thick fog wraps the night

Obscuring road features

But for peeks at lines


Sweet Friday

Quitting hour nears

Laughter and old stories fly

The office relaxes


Car Shopping

MPG and price,

Mileage, features, ride, and style;

But then it’s just gut 


Now She is Alone

She searches the house

For her lost playmate and pal

Then brings me the ball


Out of the Shell

Fossilized sea life

Once from ocean floors, now ours,

Trapped in the tiles



The river runs strong

Behind the shack on ice’s edge

Little fish swarm bait 


Good-bye Cake

Best wishes from us all

Smile, shake, hug, then cut, divide

Sweet words disappear


A Wreath for The Unknowns

They rest in a heap

Together in death like a

Right proper platoon


Number 45 Arrives

Cheering and jeering,

Soggy crowds partook in change,

Hailed a new leader


Learning the Ropes

New car challenges:

How and where, which button now?

Look it up on line


Ant Ambulance

One tiny black ant

Clutching a wounded comrade

Braves the kitchen floor



A simple sandwich

With chunky nuts and sweet jam

Fills one and comforts


Common Heroes

On any bleak day

And at wee, dark hours, they come

With mail, papers, and plows


Real Maple Syrup

Mellow and silky

Far beyond sugar water

Thick, deep, rich-smelling


A Cookie Calls

With such a loud voice

Speaks sugar, candy, fat, flour

On a harried day


One Week In

Much momentous done; 

Decrees made, allies engaged,

The crowd’s size challenged


Cold Day Lunch Crowd

Iced-over snow, chills

Herd people indoors to warmth

Bodies packed in lines


The Sunny Spot

All cats vie for this,

The place where they can stretch full

And soak in solar heat


Blood Drive

Sharing with strangers

That most personal of gifts,

Part of one’s essence


Will’s Words

Wildly disparate,

We yet agree on coffee

And the bard’s great voice

February 2017

The Pileup

Off in a hurry

Too fast for the curve, they spin

Ditchward, where they wait


Parking Lot Picnic

For each tree, a crow

Spying a treat, one swoops down

The rest follow suit



Just on the dark edge

Of the horizon it beams

Another planet 


A Mere Cold

It saps to the quick

Steals your energy and your voice

But who knows it, shrugs


Super Bowl Monday

Football conquers all

For a Sunday holds attention

The next day deflates 


In The Lap Lane

Strokes, breathing, and kicks

Define solo world by count

Goal met, he hands off  


The Dean’s List

Grades are allotted

Then some are chosen for praise

But spurn cheers, move on


Wind Chill

A sunny blue sky day

Cool without wind, frigid with

The breeze decides all


Snow Moon Eclipse

The earth’s shadow falls

On the face of a gray moon

Snuffing out its light


Just a Flurry

A spot of fresh snow

Should have ended long ago

The inches creep up


Blizzard Shopping

Carts are full of food,

Batteries, candles, and beer

Gas lines stretch out too


The Kindness of Neighbors

They have cut down trees

Left casseroles, blown out snow

Best of all, they wave


Three Feet of Snow, More on the Way

Can’t find the mailbox

Doors won’t open any more

Where will we put it?


By The Mountains of Madness

New peaks of snow arise

In parking lots, yards, and streets

Blocking views, hope, light


Cat Rule #1

Never answer calls

You are not an eager dog

Your time is sacred


Cat Rule #2

Doors must not be closed

They divide you from key things

You must go see now


Cat Rule #2, Corollary

Fewer coverings

On the human makes closed doors

Great emergencies


Cat Rule #3

Phone conversations

Are not more important than

Dinner or boredom


Pizza Fridays

It’s always like this

A call to the store, short drive

Cheese, pepperoni


Leather Poet

Old man in black, chains;

Adorned by a large gold cross;

Offers us his verse


Chance Meeting at the Fast Food Joint

Long time, no see, Friend

Emails change hands, gossip too

Honk to say good-bye


Snowball Snow

Warm enough to melt

Just enough to mold by hand

A fort and defense


Morning Birdsong

As light and warmth grow,

Brighter mornings do inspire

Feathered composers


7 New Worlds

A crowd of planets

Each able to harbor life

Jazzed our inner worlds


A World Waking Up

Squirrels and turkey flocks,

Sparrows, mice, ants, and robins

Trample fading snow


Ice Jam Breaks

A man on the ice

Pulled back in the nick of time

Watches great slabs rush



A deep rumble rolls

In the full cloud bank over

A veil of white flakes


The Featured Exhibit

Lyrical ink strokes,

Glowing ridges of oil paint,

Statuesque canvas 


The Ground

That thing we forgot,

Lost sight of ages ago,

Peeks from muddy snow


The Loaner

The car, strange to me

The driver is familiar

The bill will be too

March 2017

Ancient Organisms

Tubes encased in stone

Push our idea of life

Far back and forward


Happy Dance

Every day I am met

By a dashing cat, who drops

And rolls at my feet



Bring me your tasty,

Your sweet, your roasted goodness,

I lift my fork. Thanks!


Winter Corn Patch

Wishful birds pick stalks

Beaten down by snow and wind

Shriveled by the sun


Open Stream

No ice lingers now

Where ducks like to swim behind 

The pizza parlor



It ate my dollar

And then dropped my prize inside

I slink off, snackless


[+We Sighed Over Snow +]

Complaints of weather,

We made a few; Then one spoke 

Of hail, fire, funnels



An amorous pair

Tucked off in a hallway bend

Blush, part, as I pass


Food Drive

We gather our boxes,

Our cans, and our bags, to share

With those who hunger


Sleepy Hollow Snowman

Made of great hay bales

Wrapped in white plastic, 3 up,

But head at his feet


One More Growl

Winter’s lion still

Has one last pounce in its paws

A last storm to bear


Nearly Spring

Four crows at the door

Huddled for warmth on the stoop

In bitter cold wind


Tapping Maples

Silver pails catch sap

Flowing freely from tree trunks

To boil for syrup


Under Candlepower

With lights gone, flames glow

The stove and the chandelier

Scent of wax prevails



We missed you, power;

Just to wash up and to see

Is welcome respite


Portland Head Light

Iconic beacon

Red-roofed coastal sentinel

Longfellow’s bright muse


Leprechaun in the Hall (St. Pat’s Day)

We spotted him thus

Red bearded, green clad, striped socks

Or did we really?


Moose Tales

My neighbor tells me

Breathless on his snowmobile

Of huge visitors


Poplar Buds’ Debut

In the back-light now,

Their shimmering bodies show;

Soon leaves will emerge


Vernal Equinox

Spring started today

With warm sun, cold wind, and high hopes

Among the snow piles


The Stopped Clock

It fools me each time

Though its hands never have moved

Now and then, it’s right



From nowhere squalls came

Once a dry road, now snow-filled,

Wind-swept in a flash



They had their own ways:

One bold, one shy; Push and pull;

One now, two later


Hospital Elevator

First a new mother

With baby on board; Old man

Toddles out behind


Rockland Breakwater Light

Perched on a runway

Of boulders and barnacles, 

It guards the harbor


Woods Waking Up

Deer, hares, turkeys, mice,

Prints cross my trail; Moth floats by;

Owls and doves calling


Only Decaf

No competition

If you want to tap that pot

The crowd wants caffeine


This One Made a Sound Too

That familiar crack,

Creak, and whoosh, thud as it hit,

Filling the back lawn



Queen of the night sky

Her W dazzles bright

Proud, she tops the throne


L.L. Bean

That home-state mainstay

We Maine folk like to promote

Rustic, rugged, cool



Company folks all

Gather in one big space to

Relearn ways and roles

April 2017

Ice House Migration

Parked by the lakeside

Wooden and metal cubes wait

The season is done


Lunch with the Student

We talk of homework

Ask about majors, housing

All get the same dish


Open Windows

Not so very warm

But just enough for the breeze

To be inviting


Fire Drill

You just settled down

Coffee in hand, working hard

Almost done….Panic!


Cassini Swan Dive

And so it is planned

At the end, jump through the rings

Plunge to the planet


Jupiter Near Pass

We got a close look

At its ancient red storm

As it swung close by


Sneaky Peek

The day lilies start

With an earnest light green shoot

Pushing aside snow


Frozen Berries

Summer is preserved

In the freezer awaiting

A thaw and your spoon


Asian Bistro Lunch

A bamboo leaf plate,

A bowing waiter, chopsticks,

The sign says “no shoes”


Ditch the Coat

At last we walk free

Outer layers cast aside

Shuffling through the slush


Super Bloom

Gaudy yellow-green

Vividly seen from high up

Shows deserts awake


Early Spring Morning

Foggy tendrils rise

Skimming the half-frozen lake

Revealing the birds


The Jump Start

Sad-faced, he stands by,

While she wrings hands and gives hope;

Her car purrs, his groans


Off The Agenda

His head turned down low,

Eyes away, he bothered her.

“Poke him” the boss barked.



The old farm fences

Made of boulders still stand firm

As home to chipmunks


It Starts Again

The round of seasons

Has swung back; Peepers and owls

Sing to celebrate


The Last Word

A year is complete

All the poetry is done

I fondly say “Ciao”


A Year in Haikus

  • ISBN: 9781370700424
  • Author: Teresa Hubley
  • Published: 2017-07-20 02:35:18
  • Words: 6725
A Year in Haikus A Year in Haikus