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A Victim's Story

A Victim’s Story

Edenia Series

By Beth Hoyer

Copyright Shakespir 2017


The victim, Marchana was thinking while stuck in a tube in the Hall of Thousand Voices listening to the others telling stories “Whoever cared to listen!” according to the loudmouth voice named Dalton.

Marchana found Dalton this time was silent and not roaring his annoying voice silencing the complaints of the others stuck in tubes like she and he was.

Marchana wound up thinking to herself “Wonder what I can tell, story wise, to whoever willing to listen of my life?”

“Just tell the story anyway.” She heard into her mind unsure of where the male’s voice came from.

The male’s voice seemed familiar to her like she knew who but wasn’t sure, who the male was. Marchana frowned hearing the male’s voice sounding familiar like a fatherly way to her.

She heard the male voice continue speaking “Marchana Barrow, is that your name or that’s the High Council named you that?”

She spoke in response unsure if she was speaking via mind or via voice “That’s my name I was born with. I don’t have any other names besides that nickname of Chana.”

“Well, Chana.” She heard from the male voice “Enlighten me on how you got trapped into the Hall of Thousand Voices’ tube by the High Council. I’m curious to know your story.”

Marchana frowned but couldn’t see anything via her tube status despite sensing herself forced to see images into her mind. She figured the images into her mind were just some sense of seeing elsewhere despite trapped in a dark prison of watery tube. She heard a chair scrape sound as if someone was sitting down including a typing noise of a laptop computer.

“Enlighten me, Chana.” She heard from the male voice “I’m curious to how you wound up trapped here.”

Marchana frowned as the images into her mind became more blaring to realize they were memories into her mind indicating what’s she should speak story wise. Marchana obeyed to the images into her mind to speak the story.


Marchana discovered she’s a Builder by her mother doing some voiced shoplifting in front of her via grocery store, one of her earliest memories of her mother, she was a child.

Unsure of her name of her mother, after caught by Marchana using voiced talent to steal admits to her “A guy named Ned Garry fathered you actually. Not Steve Barrow, he’s not your biological father but someone who sympathized with me and my poorness took the job willingly.”

Marchana wound up thinking to herself during her mother’s admission “I wish I could meet this Ned Garry one of those days and see if he really is my father.”

Marchana gets her wish done meeting Ned Garry but doesn’t acknowledge the father/daughter connection as in forgotten it the moment she meets Ned himself in his apartment.

As for her mother voiced order someone with a credit card to buy their groceries for them while in a store after she’s overheard asking people this worded question “Do you have a credit card for buying groceries? I’m doing a survey for mothers with kids.”

The answer was always a no, response, including a walk away ignoring Marchana’s mother despite she speaking Builder’s voiced orders “I’m ordering you to show me your wallet’s contents.” Via Builder’s language of Tagalong as the language is dubbed.

Some of those people obeyed to her Mother’s orders to show their wallet’s and purses’ contents having money into them which was taken away by her mother putting them into her purse.

Marchana via story adds “I don’t remember how I wound up with my Mother despite assuming I was a part of her ploy to gain people’s money via stealing with her voiced Builder’s orders. I’m not sure I remember.”

Marchana wound up giving off a yelp sound which the listener next to her spoke “What do you remember next?”

Marchana wound up speaking another story.


Marchana via memories remembered born of a female Builder who was sick with some sickness while birthing her. Builders can remember their births despite regular Humans or First Ones having no ability to remember that. The female Builder was accompanied by another Builder, her Mother raiser, she heard the name of Jenny from her mother but never remembered a name of her Mother raiser. Another yelp quit that story as a result.


Marchana wound up remembering that the mother raiser’s name was Beata, wife of Alexei Zesky Senior whose adoption of the son Alexei Zesky Junior was Builder voiced ordered. Beata was a manipulator involving trying to hide from the High Council and avoid serving them, hence she doing anything via voiced talent to hide from the group. Beata was using her voiced talent to flaunt into people’s faces to help her hide from the High Council including avoid serving that group despite being a terrible manipulator. The female Builder in question Jenny, Marchana’s mother was sick from a lack of nourishment to take in for a pregnancy despite Marchana remembering Jenny’s sicknesses was sexual passed onto her. As in having sex with a Builder who was sick that passed onto that sicknesses onto her, whether it was willing or via force, Marchana doesn’t know.

Marchana remembered that Beata after Jenny birthed her spoke Builder’s talk saying towards Jenny “You will leave now flying into the air and keep on sensation of flying.”

Marchana realized later after that memory that it meant Jenny took a leap out the window of a tall building in New York City as Builder ordered to commit a disappearance status, as called, under Beata’s wording order to her disgust.

Beata wound up once Marchana was alone with her used Builder voiced orders “You will remember me as your mother and not Jennifer Benison.”

Marchana found this memory changed happened which she always remembered Beata as her mother despite some sense of sadness hitting her involving that memory. Beata once Marchana was old enough to walk wound up forced to use Beata’s voiced talent onto unsuspecting people walking in the city to give her money for Beata to use instead of keeping it on her person for personal uses. Beata’s uses involved the money involved trying to find a better apartment in the city that was heavily guarded by guards or cops, including trying to find a rich cop to Builder voice order, to take her and Marchana into marriage for comfortable living. Commissioner Barrow was targeted because he was seen on a TV as a young rising ranked cop that won the lottery draw for money, something Beata was after and thought he’ll make a good protector as her husband and provide father figure for Marchana herself. It’s not sure of what happened to Commissioner Barrow’s via Beata’s talks but Marchana was left alone in their rat infested apartment locked in a bedroom while Beata was out courting Barrow.


Marchana gave another yelp again and remembered as the story goes that Barrow was power mad for the Commissioner position in the police force. He and Beata were overheard talking about his goals in the police force by Marchana hiding in the bathroom listening.

Beata saying “I’m a voice Compeller, I can voice order people to do what I want. If you want the Commissioner’s title, I can voice order people for you to give you that title. I ask for a price tag is marriage to me and my daughter Marchana declared as yours.”

Barrow overheard “I’ll agree to your bargain providing that Marchana your daughter isn’t a Compeller or appeared to have inherited your Compeller’s talents. I refused to acknowledge her if she’s a Compeller. I blame those damned Compellers’ for hood winking me out of my lottery money when I won willingly.”

Beata overheard saying “Marchana is who she is and I assure you this Compeller’s talk is only for me.”

Barrow spoke “I agree to your terms despite it’s a devil’s bargain.”

This was happened with Marchana remembering that the wedding wasn’t a big affair just in front of the judge and a license signing agreement for marriage and then Beata’s manipulations started to work.


Beata’s manipulations involved her taking a secretary job at the police precinct where Barrow’s boss, Commissioner Hettinger worked who was reportedly a Destroyer, an equal race to the Builders immune to the Builders’ voice talents. Marchana remembers Beata kept up the voiced talent orders onto various people to give her money and using Marchana herself to do that, while trying to remove Hettinger from position for Barrow to take over. It took a whole lunar cycle to remove Hettinger which Beata with Barrow’s help rigged a car accident to hit Hettinger’s car, as in truck careening into it destroying it in the process and killing the male. Barrow wound up declared Commissioner in Hettinger’s place soon after the funeral for Hettinger was done. The funeral was more like a memorial despite body of the male never found and assumed burned to death. The car wound up exploding when the truck hit it from behind. Barrow’s goal was done but he, Barrow wound up ignoring Beata and refused to acknowledge her as his wife, publicity, despite social circles in the rich and famous insisted onto that.

Barrow wound up publicity one day saying “I’m not married, I’m divorced.” To reporters at a press conference when asked “Are you married?”

He was further asked “Do you have any children?”

Barrow appeared to be stumbling his words like he was compelled to speak something and didn’t agree with the compulsion like suffering a medical issue. He wound up fainting in front of the presses and sent to the hospital where the High Council’s servant Barry contacted him with another deal for the group.

The deal involving the group via Barry telling Barrow “We’ll remove Beata the Compeller via our way if you agree to takeover her daughter’s raising till it’s obvious she’s a Compeller is when’s you can remove her from your raising duty.”

Barrow wound up saying “I agree with that talk but keep those Compellers away from me period!”

This was done with Beata suffering from some poisoned status of a poisoned drink into her wine on the High Council’s orders via Barrow ordered to give her that wine.

He wasn’t told that the wine was poisoned instead told he “Your to acknowledge your wife or else with this wine as a peace offering.”

He obeyed to go home to his apartment shared with Beata while having flowers of roses and the wine and got inside to the apartment. Beata was seen seated into an armchair giving Barrow a golden eyed glare of disappointment like she’s not falling for his excuse.

He wound up pleading via knees onto the floor while holding the roses and wine bottle “Please, Beata, please, forgives me!”

Beata seemed angry and not paying much attention to the cameras recording her move and Barrow’s, hidden in the apartment.

Instead she spoke “Lick the floor now, Steve.”

His name was Steve Barrow despite refusing to acknowledge the name of Steve, from anyone, but the Commissioner name. Barrow was seen licking the floor including licking Beata’s low heeled pumps on her angry voiced orders without the Builder’s tone used or language. After that was done Barrow uncapped the bottle and poured two wine glasses which he handed one to Beata and sipped his drink. He’s a former alcoholic that’s why’s he sipped his drink out of trying to avoid becoming drunkard status again. His alcoholic drink urges, are only controlled, by drinking sips of alcoholic drinks, from time to time. Beata wound up drinking up her entire glass’s wine and then grabbed the bottle and gulped it down then grabbed Barrow’s wine glass and gulped it down. She appeared to like Builders, easily, getting drunk or addicted to alcoholic drinks, after a sip of it, hence her impulsively drinking like a drunk. Barrow once she was done drinking, left the apartment with disgust seen via his face and overheard in the hallway snarling some vulgarity comment unsuitable for ears towards females.


Marchana via another yelp, remembered coming out of her room despite overhearing the talk commentary between Beata and Barrow. She found her mother seated in the armchair appearing to look drunk and underneath the influence of alcoholic wine.

Marchana wound up getting Beata to bed despite her mother raiser drunkenly speaking “I made Jenny fly out the window onto the ground.”

Nothing else was said involving Beata’s talk but Beata once in bed was discovered disappeared, by Marchana in the morning appearing to be dead of poisoning. Marchana wound up finding that wine bottle on the floor appearing to be smashed and sniffed the contents to realize poison.

She spoke “At the time I blamed Barrow for poisoning my mother raiser to get rid of her. I had no idea that he made a deal with the High Council to get rid of my mother raiser out of his life. Something I wound up trying to prove to the cops as in removing Barrow from position while being a cop myself.”

Marchana gave another yelp and wound up adding via story.


Barrow returned in the morning and discovered Marchana trying to get the cops into the residence to process evidence of poisoning against her mother raiser by Barrow.

The cops refused to take her word against Barrow’s for the poisoning status instead told her “Beata’s death was just a heart attack via drinking too much wine.”

Marchana wound up on Barrow’s orders by the cops “Marchana leave the apartment and don’t live with me anymore since you have developed an attitude against me.”’

Marchana at the moment at that time remembered Beata’s voiced talent Compeller talk thought to herself at the time “I’ll agree to not have an attitude if I can develop that Compeller talk ability to use against Barrow for that poisoning of my mother.”

She was still using Beata as her mother despite later remembering while trapped in the Hall of Thousand Voices who her real mother was.

Marchana via Barrow’s narrowed eyed glare of suspicion spoke “Sure daddy, it was heart attack that killed my mother. I’m just too grief stricken to think smartly. Thanks daddy, for reminding me that my mother’s heart was bad. I’ll see about having that checked out when I join your police force as an officer of the law.”

Barrow kept the look onto his eyes despite saying verbally “I agree with your talk, daughter dear, but you need to train to become a police officer at the academy in Connecticut.”

Marchana remembers saying “I agree with your talk daddy. Make it so!”

The academy in Connecticut was a boarding school for the rich brats than police officers’ work, something Marchana didn’t like or agree with. She wound up discovering her Compeller’s voice ability while she was there at the academy teased by bratty females. She managed to use her Compeller’s voice, onto one female, who made fun of her clothes for being on the poor side. Barrow seemed to be hording money and refusing to share it with Marchana when it comes to buying clothes or refusing to give her an allowance, something she discovered the brats at the school had from their parents. Marchana at the time figured that Barrow dumped her into the boarding school was to remove her and her accusing attitude towards him, poisoning Beata and left her to fend for herself. She was forced to use remembered Compeller’s voice talents onto one of those brats, who attempted to spill their food onto her, in a fake trip method to humiliate her.

Her voiced talent she used orders involved saying in Tagalong language “Just trip you, elsewhere with the food and not on me.”

She wound up discovering her Compeller’s ability by the brat, a female, tripping herself and tray all over the school’s star quarterback, in football, humiliating the bratty female in question. The star quarterback wound up spreading a rumor that the brat was lousy in bed, some sexual talk term for sex or mating. It’s not sure of that rumor despite the brat seen crying in the bathroom for handicapped people, with her thong underwear lying ripped nearby her, she crying hysterically, by Marchana, who found her there via compulsion. Meritanians via talk admit compelling Marchana to find that brat in the handicapped bathroom, after observing her using Compeller’s talk, as a joke, to see what the female would do towards that crying brat.

Marchana via admittance to the High Council after waking up from her sleeping status and asked this question “What did you do towards this bratty female caught crying in the bathroom?”

Marchana’s answer as recorded by recorders and Barry’s witnessing via All Seeing One ability “I felt sympathy towards that female brat, like she was doing something wrong and regret it.”

Marchana’s answer wound up not satisfying the High Council instead sent to be tube into the Hall of Thousand Voices where’s she’s contained till the password tube spoke the password for freedom.


Marchana gave another yelp as she remembered finding the brat in the bathroom crying tears.

She told the brat “I’m a Compeller via voiced talented orders. You want me to compel this guy to like you?”

Bratty female wound up crying harder like she was further upset to hear Marchana’s wording, instead Marchana wound up sitting next to her in her holey jeans and sweatshirt putting an arm around her, into a hug and just letting her cry some more.

Bratty female wound up whining “I don’t want to be in this school because my parents accuse me of being a snobby brat who doesn’t care for anyone but her own gains. I don’t care for that guy anyway. I admit it I’m an Airen, someone, who prefers females over males.”

Airen is the accepted name for people who like the same genders sexually despite the High Council balking liking them and preferring to insult them with this rude name of Airhead. Really rude crude of the High Council!


Marchana hearing bratty female’s admission to the Airen status wound up just letting the brat talk some more till the brat wound up fondling her via an area underneath her sweatshirt. Marchana at the moment was via compulsion to not to do anything resistance, instead noticed a camera dome in the wall, while glancing up something that’s bad luck to do. Camera dome recorder recorded the bratty female managed to get Marchana to lie onto the floor while baring her and was appearing to be like a baby sucking the areas seemingly lengthy. Camera recorders found the school’s principal walking by the handicapped bathroom and discovered the lock unlocked and opened the door catching both females into that ritual.

He appeared to be disgusted to that scene instead via voiced talent of a Builder ordered “Both out and back to class now!”

Marchana wound up getting up putting her sweatshirt down, she seen without a bra on while the bratty female formed a sneer and walked out of the bathroom ignoring Marchana, like the sexual scene wasn’t done.

The principal wound up tagging Marchana’s arm and ordered “You to the office now!”

Marchana wound up following the Principal to the office where she was told “I’m officially kicking you out of school for that inappropriate use of the handicapped bathroom. You should realize you shouldn’t use that bathroom for your own uses.”

Marchana was sent to her room to pack everything then sent via cab to the city’s limits, where’s the driver balked driving further. Instead Marchana gave another yelp and spoke via story.

Marchana remembered ordering the cab driver “I order you to drive me to a location now.”

She found her order balked by the driver who removed his sunglasses and showed his Destroyer eyes and said towards her “Get out or I’ll do something terrible to you, Compeller.”

Marchana was forced to get out of the cab but she noticed a truck driver driving within vicinity of the cab used voice talent orders to speak “Truck driver crash into the Destroyer’s cab now!”

The truck driver appeared to obey to her orders smashed his truck into the cab which appeared to have killed the Destroyer despite a light show seen from the area. It later came to the High Council that Destroyers when their bodies die, their bodies shrivel up in dirt after giving a light show to indicate that death status. Marchana with her duffel bag tried to hail a cab but they ignored her despite she dressed raggedy.

She wound up using voice onto whoever cared to listen which Meritanians heard her “I order a cab to stop and let me inside to drive me to my father’s residence in the city now.”

Meritanians via snickering admitted this manipulation later, despite using a cab driver to stop near Marchana followed by the cabbie getting out of his vehicle to pull out his passenger and bag onto the ground and allowed Marchana inside. Marchana wound up ordering her Father’s residence despite assuming via mind scans at the time that her father, Barrow, was her real father biologically, but taking care of her as a fatherly figure. Cab reached the residence which Marchana voiced ordered the cab driver “You’re to let your next passenger pay for my bill.”

She got out with her duffel bag and went to the apartment’s building’s entrance to discover the doorman refused to grant her entry. The doorman was a stuffy old man Destroyer who disapproved of her appearance, looking raggedy, like a bum and refused to let her inside, instead called for security. The security officer arrived with a dog gonoid.

The security officer is a declared Builder/Destroyer hybrid that spoke “Your identification now?”

Marchana wound up holding up her hand and speaking “Hand print as my identification.”

The security officer didn’t have a hand scanner onto his person instead told her “Your to go to this location for staying overnight for them to do the identification. I don’t have the proper gear. Sorry, we can’t grant you entrance without an ID card, for security’s sakes.”

The ID card was on Barrow’s orders for residences and visitors entering the building and the same for others living there. Marchana found herself forced to agree by the dog barking at her heavily and lunging at her in some angry move, which made her nervous. She didn’t know that dog’s behavior at the time was pointing her out as a Compeller hence dogs were trained to sniff them out and bark heavily something it was doing towards her. Marchana wound up too nervous by the dog’s behavior to protest instead walked away and recorded, using the voice onto a cab driver to stop and eject passenger and take her to the police precinct, where Barrow’s office was. Barrow was in office at the time but had a no visitors policy without identification seen or be thrown in jail cell with the Drainers. This was what happened to Marchana when she arrived to the police’s lobby. The officers didn’t have a hand scanner on their person and balked letting Marchana see Barrow despite she claiming he was her father. They sent her to the Drainers, really Drainer humans or birthed Drainer parasites, born from females and still drinking blood as their nourishment, in the jail cells down in the basement.

Marchana wound up observed by the High Council’s servants hacking into the recorders using the voice onto the Drainers saying “I’m not food for you to drink from or bite! Go bite someone else!”

Marchana was kept in the jail cell for an hour till the police officers arrived to take her to Barrow he was seen with disgust on his face seeing her. It’s observed that he was seen viewing something via recording onto his computer which turned out to being Marchana’s Compeller’s talks, ordering the Drainers off of her. The officers at the time were Destroyers, like any of the officers in the police precinct working for Barrow. Marchana recalled via memory to notice the Destroyers in the police precinct including the officers accompanying her in Barrow’s office.

Barrow wound up speaking with disgust in his voice “Why’s this person in front of me claiming to be my daughter anyway?”

Marchana wound up speaking while holding up her hand “Just hand scan me and see what the identification says I’m supposed to be.”

Barrow’s officers wound up doing it despite Eli’s programmed by the High Council to say “Marchana Beata Barrow, daughter of Steve Barrow.”

Barrow was seen with disgust in his face including thinking caught by the Meritanians “How the hell do I get rid of this stinking Compeller, excuse of a daughter, when’s she’s not my daughter and not my family? I can’t wait to get rid of her permanently.”

Meritanians wound up alerting the High Council of Barrow’s thinking by hinting “Barrow wants to remove a Compeller from his family line as in disappeared status via his thought thinking it.”

Barrow wasn’t fully identified till High Council’s spies were directed to New York City’s police precinct where he was Commissioner of, via compulsion orders and mind scanning of the cops there, identified the male the plants were babbling about. Marchana was closely watched via recorders and spies of the High Council for Compeller’s voiced talents despite later, hacking into Barrow’s computers to discover that recording of her, ordering Drainers to not to feed off of her. It was determined by the High Council to think of ways to make Marchana use her voiced talent as a rookie cop of the police precinct and catch her via recording to blackmail into service of the group.

Marchana gave another yelp during a pause of telling her tale, including snarling “Drat that guy, Montreal for babbling of my Compeller’s status to Barrow. What a buffoon!”

The voice of a male, she heard earlier spoke “Who’s Montreal you’re insulting?”

“Jinks Montreal” She said.

There was a faint cough from the male who seemed to be shocked hearing the use of the name as she added “He blabbed to Barrow that I was a Compeller and gave this miserable, excuse of a father, an excuse, to kick me out of his life and off his police force. Ugh, what an idiot this Steve Barrow is.”

The voice wound up speaking in response after heard sipping water via gulp sounds “What else do you remember involving meeting this Jinks Montreal to have him betray you to Barrow?”

Marchana wound up silent and refused to speak more of that memory despite yelping noises sounded, instead she spoke “I refused to talk more of this guy so think of something else for me to speak of.”

It seemed that she’s still furious with Jinks Montreal, for blabbing that’s she’s a Compeller towards Barrow, hence her balking to speak the story. The male voice in response wound up speaking a story involving Jinks Montreal despite Marchana heard using inappropriate wording, towards Jinks not suitable to be recorded into memories, as ordered by the High Council who hate that vulgarity.


The male’s story:

Jinks found him, passing out unconscious, only to come to hearing a familiar ringing noise while held up in a sagging position, by the Falcons, guards of the High Council. He opened his eyes feeling rage still in control as he straightened up his form and folded his arms feeling the Falcons release him. He glared at the High Council as an image of a human female appearing to look young as in her late twenties while wearing some police uniform appeared making his senses blares warning.

This was followed by Speaker of the males of the High Council called Shad speaking “This is your target. Make beater organ stop as a way of assassinating her. Ramses, transport Heartbreaker to a discreet location near the target.”

Ramses is the name of one of the big three Meritanians overheard by the High Council with his sisters Erra and Terra. Jinks found night vision flaring in his eyesight of the color yellow as he looked around finding himself in vicinity of inside some furniture warehouse. Jinks felt his angry mood hit him as his eyesight flashed day vision from night vision from the windows of a flashlight shined into the warehouse. He ducked behind a couch as the flashlight shined in his direction and peered over it eyes in the direction to see a metal door near the windows which he mentally used his powers to force it open seeing it happen. He crouched eyeing the door to see it kicked open followed by a figure stepped into view, obscured by the glare of a flashlight sweeping the area, while seeing that it was his targeted human holding a handgun in her hands. She with flashlight as the light blared in another direction again making his senses blare warning. Jinks eyed her feeling his angry mood still hitting him held up a hand in her direction as she walked off in another direction appearing to not see him or detect him. He mentally ordered her heart organ to stop and felt his mood become fouler by her still moving and her body appearing to not be affected by his Master power orders. He figured to himself that he was too far for his powers to work recalling he doing it to victims at close range and recalling that his powers always work at close range towards people. He quietly edged himself towards the female who moved further into the warehouse while swinging her flashlight. Jinks ducked repeatedly hiding behind furniture each time she swung the light in his direction. He felt annoyance take hold finding he not getting any closer to her by her movements or his creeping status stood up and yanked the mask off his face figuring out that he would have to play a game of surrender just to get closer to her. Jinks tossed aside the mask and tossed aside the gloves while holding up his hands as the flashlight swung in his direction.

Followed by the female’s voice speaking in Summeranne loudly “Police! Hit the ground now or I’ll shoot!”

He obeyed ducking behind a couch and crouched waiting as the flashlight came nearer and nearer along with gun cocking sounds. He sprung as she rounded around the couch and mentally ordered her gun to jam along with using karate kick to knock aside the flashlight seeing it fly out of her hands along with gun jamming noises heard. Jinks kicked the gun out of her hands seeing that she was blind to seeing him and with a swift move grabbed her by arm around her neck hand on top of her head. Only to hear her speaking foreign language sounding like Barry’s language in a compelling voice tone with oddness to the voice. He felt himself compelled to release her and stand frozen as she darted towards the flashlight that was sitting on top of an armchair. Jinks snarled a growling sound feeling the frozen status stop as she got the flashlight into her hands. He gave up a roar of anger and charged towards her seeing the flashlight shine into his face. Followed by hearing her using Builder voice and language he assumed with that oddness, found he compelled to get onto the floor with hands on his back and remain like that. Jinks felt his mood fouler as he felt handcuffs placed on his wrists and forced up to stand by her voice orders and forced to walk out of the warehouse to a cop car seated outside. Jinks forced inside it followed by her standing outside shining the flashlight onto his face which he looked away from the glare.

He heard from Lance Richard a god king deity lord, which Jinks is a vessel of, abruptly “Jinks, will the Source away now. It’ll make her look foolish to others, when she claims that you had some odd eye look, seen. Also rest assured that her Builder abilities like any other Builder using them, onto you except for Barry, won’t work in making, you flare that Source eye look again, as proof of her words.”

Jinks obeyed to sit leaning back in the car to hear her getting inside speaking in Summeranne “Assault on an officer is a no, no around here regardless of you being a servant of the High Council or not. I aim to make the charges stick, period.”

He didn’t comment a response glared at the back of her head as he heard her start up the car using verbal orders followed by driving it through the city he recognized from memory to be New York City from the looks of it.

Jinks mentally spoke as overheard by Ramses’ blare that commentary “Says from Heartbreaker to inform the High Council that target got him captured using some Builder ability. She managed to have some body defense against his mental abilities when tried on her.”

Ramses when further asked by the High Council “Clarify that Builder’s talk now!” wound up ignoring the group’s orders to focus elsewhere.

Ramses’ ignorance wound up solved according to Lance communicating with Barry a Builder servant of the High Council “Actually Ramses is busy at the moment monitoring some situation involving First Ones having sea vessels, massing in one spot, over the ocean. He’s monitoring the situation to make sure that they don’t play their games near he, or his others’ Meritanians’ ocean location or be hostile towards the High Council’s home base islands. The First Ones have targeted some islands, for military exercises, like they already have done before.”

Jinks at the time yelled “What am I supposed to be doing towards this Builder?!”

He didn’t hear anything from Lance except gave up growling noises feeling his angry mood still within him and heard from the female cop “Cut out that racket or I’ll voice order you to shut up.”

He cut his noises to hear from Lance abruptly “Actually Jinks just play the part of someone with amnesia. Some Highlander servant, alerted by me, comes into your presence to scan you. Make it look like you got your memories restored with that you recall being put unconscious, found yourself in the hands of the High Council. The group appeared to scan you deeply then mind wiped you after they were done and dumped you in where that cop found you. Your amnesiac status will prove to be a good defense against the charges. People in similar situations, have reacted violently towards others when their found.”

He commented in response while eyeing the female still driving the car “Just hope she’s not like Barry, detecting you talking to me.”

He heard from Lance “Ah Jinks, she can voice order people to move and do physical things hence she in cop position. Builders disapproved of being cops but forcing someone to speak is an ability she doesn’t have. I’m not sure if her fellow cops are aware of her Builder abilities, her getting into situations fellow cops won’t do such as searching a warehouse for someone in there, in the dark of night. I communicated that to Barry who says he’s seen cops balk, doing night searches, alone in places that are rumored to take down a cop that have happened before.”

He was sensed didn’t comment a response as the car halted followed by the female getting out and saw her out the window met up with a male cop a Destroyer on identification later. The Destroyer named Jones was seen eyed Jinks with some look in his eyes, reminded him of recognition followed by some sneering look formed on his face.

Jinks lip read “Who’s your latest victim this time hmm?”

He eyed the male cop who paused followed by the man appearing to burst into laughter motions followed by lip reading “Wait till the others get a load of this joke! You bagging the missing billionaire, Jinks Montreal, and charging him with assault when it’s obvious that he has amnesia, hence his violent reaction towards you!”

He saw the female turn around to stare at him with a scrutiny look which he formed a glare on his face and bared his teeth in response to her scrutinizing.

He saw her stomp her foot followed by an angry look on her face and speaking to the male cop “Since you identified him why don’t you take the job of alerting his people of him being found, while I get him into holding and have some Highlander meet us there to get his mind restored?!”

He eyed the male cop who kept the sneer on his face and spoke “Gladly and nice try with the arrest, Marchy!”

He saw the male cop leave her with a laughing like look on his expression and body movements walking into some hip like move like he was dancing. It was sensed that the name of Marchy was a name that Marchana hated being called as a nickname.

Jinks shifted to glare at the female cop who he lip read “Just for once I would like to be taken seriously as a cop, instead of some laughingstock despite my own father being the commissioner of the city’s force, threatening to fire me from my position if any more of my arrests turned out embarrassing.”

He didn’t comment a response only glared at the female who yanked open the car door and spoke to him in Summeranne “Get your seat out of the vehicle now!”

He glared at her and remained seated as ordered by a Highlander like voice sounding in his mind. He didn’t protest as she reached inside and grabbed his arm yanking him out. Jinks again gave up growling noises as he was forced walked up set of stairs into a building he recognized as a police station headquarters. He kept up the noises and glare on his face as she got him inside while seeing fellow cops mostly males all Destroyers gathered around a desk looking in her direction and giving off laughing sounds. She forced walked him pass them to a doorway. She pushed him inside seeing it was an office where an older Human male with no looks of the female was on his face and forced to sit in a chair.

He kept his eyes onto her in some glare halting his noises as she spoke “Daddy, tell me is this guy the missing billionaire Jinks Montreal as said by someone identifying him? He was found in some furniture warehouse and resisted my attempts to arrest him for trespassing.”

Jinks kept his eyes onto the female with a glare on his face feeling his mood still not good as he heard from the male the Commissioner he assumed speaking “Daughter, I’m disappointed in you asking me that question.”

He saw a big frown appear on her face followed by again hearing from her father “You should have kept yourself abreast with news within the city. If you had, you would have known that the local news have been blaring broadcasts about Jinks Montreal, being missing and known, he was from the looks of him identifying him as that missing person. But lucky for us there’s a million dollar finders’ reward for finding him. I believe the money will go to the station for we badly need the funds for various things around here. State government cut backs just to balance some state budget.”

He heard a Humph from her and heard the Commissioner speaking “Chana, cut it with the noises and alert his people of him being found.”

He heard from Chana he assumed “I already took the liberty of having someone else do that job for me. That someone was a fellow cop who figured out who he was from looking at him just as I hauled him in hence my question to you for confirmation.”

Jinks continued to eye Chana as the Commissioner was heard speaking “Well get Kohei out of his office and into here now since we need him at the moment.”

Jinks watched her leave shifted towards the male and made a motion to get up only to hear from the Commissioner speaking in a firm tone with authority in his voice “Sit!”

He obeyed glaring at the Commissioner with some boring look who spoke “Just be patient and you‘ll remember who you are soon enough.”

He kept up the glare as he felt his mind scanned along with steps behind him heard a male voice sounding in his mind “Jerk your head up while shutting your eyes and give off a scream sound now.”

He obeyed giving off a loud nonsense noise along with mental orders to gasp and groan out loud which he proceeded to do it then ordered to stop.

Jinks lowered his head opening his eyes and spoke “Who’s that woman that arrested me anyway? And no I can’t help you on matters with the High Council, after they mind wiped me I woke up in that furniture warehouse clad in this and arrested by her.”

He felt himself annoyed with the lie clamped his mouth shut and glared at the Commissioner who spoke “You have a name, sir?”

Jinks spoke “Yah Jinks Montreal is my name! Get me out of these cuffs and out of this joker outfit and out of here!”

He glared at the Commissioner who cleared his throat followed by feeling Chana’s hands on his bare wrists giving him an image of Barry flashing in his mind along with senses blaring again as she removed the handcuffs off of him.

He heard from a voice blaring in his mind later realized to be of a Meritanian plant nearby in the room identified as Wally “Oh just realized that this Chana is some descendant of Barry, judging by how she was able to avoid you trying to stop her beater organ despite Source powers in control.”

Jinks appeared to not acknowledge the words by Wally instead didn’t comment a response but sighed loudly moving his hands in front of him rubbing his wrists while hearing the Commissioner speaking “Kohei, shut the door on your way out now.”

He heard a door shutting sound spoke via compulsion of a Meritanian plant “That cop of yours used some verbal voice order to make me submit to her arrest demand. What’s a Builder doing posing as a cop anyway? I heard that was frowned upon.”

He saw the Commissioner’s eyes narrow with suspicion in them followed by speaking “Marchana, something you want to tell me hmm?”

Jinks shifted to find Chana standing in front of the door looking nervous and heard her speaking “Fine, I can manipulate people physically by voice orders spoken in some odd language, Daddy. Sorry I didn’t bring that up for Mom told me to keep my mouth shut about it when I revealed that to her while in some argument about me becoming a cop. Mom was rather firm on keeping it a secret even hidden from you. She refused to explain to me on why she was doing that even when she died of a heart attack killed her.”

He shifted to eye the Commissioner who spoke “Marchana, hand in your badge and gun now. I’m officially firing you from the force. You caused quite a deal of embarrassment with those frivolous arrests you’ve been making. The Mayor has been on my back to fire you threatening to kick me out of position and put someone in my place, so the badge and gun.”

He eyed Chana figuring out that her full name was Marchana nicknamed Chana and watched as she appearing to cry took off her badge putting it on the desk along with taking off her weapons’ belt putting it on the desk.

She spoke in a broken voice “Any…thing…else…Dad…dee?”

He spoke beating the Commissioner still via compulsion of a Meritanian “You’ll get your reward paid in full if I get your daughter in exchange.”

He eyed the Commissioner who spoke “Agreement done, Mister Montreal and she’s not my daughter. Just some female I nurtured out of the streets hence she calling me Daddy.”

He heard a soft gasp from Chana as he heard a phone ringing sound and saw the Commissioner lift up a laptop computer and press a keyboard button while speaking “Yes Commissioner Barrow speaking.”

He frowned as he heard a male voice speaking “Commissioner Barrow, New York News, what do you have to say about finding the missing billionaire Jinks Montreal?”

He eyed the male who spoke “No comment at the moment.”

Jinks still stupidity not acknowledging that Meritanian plant’s compulsion was sensed frowned as the Commissioner pressed a button and spoke “Vultures are circling Humph.”

He didn’t say a word as there was a knocking sound heard along with the door opening sounded behind him followed by a male voice speaking “Commissioner, Mister Montreal’s representative is here with a vehicle outside. Also the press has gathered outside and has been pestering various cops with questions about Mister Montreal being found, sir.”

He got up and brushed his pants and spoke “That’s my cue to leave Commissioner excuse me.”

He got a head bob from the Commissioner as he went to the door and paused to see Chana staring at the floor not noticing him and looking sad.

He heard from the Commissioner “Marchana! Pay attention now!”

Jinks saw her look up and turned towards him who he spoke “Cut the sad expression now and drop it and while your at it act like a bodyguard will you? You’re dressed for the part anyway.”

He saw big frown appear on her face which he took her arm with her not resisting and felt her guiding him to the entrance of the building which he discovered was another entrance instead of the one he was led inside by her. Jinks walked out to see camera lights flashing in his face as he saw an aisle held back by cops leading him to a limo where a Highlander driver was there that opened the car door seeing him. Jinks sensed from Chana she acting like she was what he ordered her, a bodyguard while getting him into the limo which she went inside with him. He heard her give off quiet sobbing sounds as he sat leaning back in the car hearing it start up and felt its motion into the city. He exhaled a breath finding he falling backwards landing on metal like floor and felt the familiar hand holds onto him and spotted Chana in the vicinity of the High Council’s throne room as he was forced up to stand. He saw Anubis snap Chana’s neck with a hand on her head as he opened his mouth to speak and found his mouth covered. Jinks made noises sounds in his throat as Barry appeared in a flash of light and he kept on making the sounds. Jinks eyed Barry to hear the Builder speaking his familiar words in a compelling voice tone as he felt himself freed and gagged by the male.

Jinks blurt “My latest victim is a descendant of you, how my powers refused to work onto her. I saw an image of you flash in my mind when she touched me barehanded.”

Jinks frowned as Barry in response flared golden eyes and spoke his familiar words in foreign language along with it in a compelling voice tone. Jinks found himself speaking the whole encounter with Chana till Anubis was seen snapping her neck to death.

He finished frowned as Barry spoke in Basic “Interesting Jinks. High Council you knew that this Chana was a family member of mine?”

He heard from Shad “Not really just that she’s slated to die which Anybus did the job due to Horus failing to do it.”

He willed the Master through and glared at the High Council as his senses blared warning along with sensing an edge in Shad’s voice tone that indicated the High Council was hiding something. He heard Barry’s familiar words in a familiar voice tone followed by transported out and out of the High Council’s presence-


Marchana interrupted, at the voice’s tale “You make it seem like this Jinks is nothing but a doormat to the High Council when I know he’s a damn stinking manipulator.”

The voice speaking this tale spoke “Have you spoken to Jinks hiding among the trapped ones in the Hall of Thousand Voices?”

She spoke “I’ve spoken to Jinks despite he’s using that Dalton name. Dalton is really a manipulator from the way he manipulates people around here to speak stories including when’s to shut up and be quiet. Hence I know he’s Jinks Montreal himself who’s a stinker.”

The voice wound up gasping like in shock from Marchana’s declaration as the voice in response spoke Builder’s voice language “Marchana, you will give me your idea of what made you think this Dalton is Jinks Montreal himself.”

Marchana via compulsion wound up speaking “He sounds twin to Jinks Montreal via voiced toned voice, from what’ve heard of him from Barrow the buffoon’s office.”

Marchana gave another yelp in response including snarling “Can’t the Meritanians quit giving me memories to remember?! It’s annoying!”

Snickering laughter was heard from the Meritanians as Marchana again gave up another yelp followed by her speaking “Barry, is that you listening to me talking?”

The voice’s owner Barry himself seated in a foldable chair next to Marchana’s tube wound up speaking in response “What do you remember of yourself or your memories?” Marchana wound up speaking a story.


Marchana via story wound up compelled via compulsion to wake up despite floating into something watery. She wasn’t sure what’s she was in till she felt the watery thing was a tube and got images into her mind like memories. She recalled a memory of her put into a tube area of metal with a laser’s light traveling up her naked body, like scanning her then transported to another tube. She wound up seeing a creepy guy in a tube with a form of scarring all over the form with a laser light shining into his eyes, she recognized the face as Mindbender, via identification, of that servant later. He gave her the creeps when’s she saw him, via tube status, but not entirely sure of why’s he was tube. Marchana wound up recalling herself put into a tube in the Hall of One Thousand Voices despite given a cut onto the back area like peeling her skin and hair chopped off to bald status. She did get a memory of seeing the hair parts separated into smaller parts and put into a tube that filled with green water that became foggy. The tube became clear and showed a figure inside of a naked Marchana herself, inside, followed by this process done four times despite confused to why the procedure was done.

Barry spoke “What’s the procedure you saw that you think it was?”

Marchana wound up speaking “I think I was twinned or cloned as the proper term was said.”

Barry spoke in response “What else do you remember of your clones’ memories?”

“Yelp!” Marchana wound up saying in response to the Meritanians’ sensed giving her memories.

It came out later that her Yelp commentary was because of head pains of her headaches, indicating Meritanians mind scanning her hence she reacting in pain from that, Marchana wound up speaking in response a story.


One clone seemed to be filled with sadness and didn’t seem to be happy or anything. This sadness clone was seen clad in Marchana’s police uniform wailing loudly while attracting attention from the screaming cries. The clone was seen walking among traffic till she appeared to be staring at the sky while in the middle of traffic light instead of moving from a crosswalk. She appeared to be gaining some happiness from looking at the sky followed by wiping her eyes and then resuming walking out of traffic. It’s noticed via recorders that she was looking at a rainbow in the sky and appeared to be relieved to see that phenomena.

The clone after walking heard a voice via talking into her mind speaking “Come to me.”

The voice, the clone heard sounded of a Builder’s voice and compelling her to obey which she wound up listening to that voice. The clone followed the voice’s compulsion to a building, later identified, belonging to Jinks Montreal via former residence of his, before he allowed former High Council servants dumped, to reside there. The clone went inside to a door on the first floor which she was granted entry and walked inside to meet a male, seated in a chair clad in black clothes of a suit and white collar like a priest but more triangles like. The clone went to the male to kneel in front of him despite no longer compelled to walk further.

The clone wound up speaking after the male gave her a golden eyed glare of some confesses your crime’s look “The name is Marchana Barrow. I was disowned by my father, Steve Barrow, the Commissioner of the police force who’s a hater of Compellers. I admit it, I’m a Compeller myself my father didn’t like and kicked me out of his life. I got nothing to do involving my life now.”

The clone via memories wound up told by the male Builder “My name is Ned Garry. I give you sanctuary for being a fellow Compeller or Builder as we should be called. I give you a place to live in this building and a job at my diner called Athena’s. You serve me well, I’ll help you further your life, serve me poorly you won’t get anything further but servitude to the High Council.”

Marchana remembers the clone speaking while eyeing Ned Garry in the eyes “You have my servitude!”


Marchana gave up a sound of disgust in response to cutting off that story as she again gave up the yelp sound followed by snarling “Drat! That cook of Ned Garry’s was a servant of the High Council dubbed Mindbender aka Tom Thunder himself!”

A gasp interrupted her sounding of Barry’s voice like he was shocked to her wording followed by Barry speaking “Anything else you remember of this Mindbender serving as Ned Garry’s cook at the diner?”

Marchana via admittance wound up speaking “He gave me the creeps when I saw his scar on his face. I was creep out being near him and didn’t want to be near him. Also his appearance, via what’ve seen of him, made me loses my appetite, enough to not want to eat or drink-“

“Blast!” she was interrupted by Barry’s voice who added via Builder’s language “Meritanians dump the High Council all of them into the food supply in the ocean. Ramses make it seem like a joke without transporting them back.”

She frowned hearing Barry’s wording to hear snickering like laughter via alien monotone voice followed by a male voice sounding of laughter in tone speaking “You’ll find the High Council dumped into the food supply and no I’m not transporting them out so pick them up yourself smarty.”

Marchana wound up speaking “Barry what’s you thinking of, involving this joke status onto the High Council?”

Barry was heard “Just tell me something else despite the Meritanians is finding it funny to sicken people with memories of others into their minds.”

Marchana gave up another yelp then spoke in response a story.


“Order up!” rang the cook, aka Mindbender or Tom Thunder, ringing the bell.

The waitress, Marchana, gulped seeing Tom’s face, making her want to throw up, picked up the food and recalled the ordered paper with it, gave the nourishment to the proper table. She found various people in vicinity didn’t seem to mind Tom’s ordered order but appeared to be sick after a bite of their food, they seen putting napkins into their mouths and then paying the bill and leaving fast. Marchana wound up peering out the window via lull of the customers to spot two suited up males, hauling a suited up male, dragging via feet, he appearing to look unconsciously drunk, to her disgust.

One of the customers wound up noticing that dragging to yell “Ned, there’s a drunkard being dragged into here in sight again!”

That customer was a male always ordering coffee and not seemed to be sickened by Tom’s form as people in the diner groaned loudly.

The goons, as the two males, got the drunkard into the diner then one of them spoke “Just call for an ambulance now. This guy had too much to drink to survive.”

One of the customers was seen via cell phone dialing for emergency as the drunkard was left lying on the floor, coughing up blood, via mouth and appearing to have a seizure. Marchana the waitress wound up going to the drunkard to check for his breathing till the male gave up a gagging sound, like he was choking and still coughing up blood. Marchana wound up wrapping arms around him and did the maneuver to help him breathe. Only to discover his form sinking onto the floor and getting flatter and flatter like he was poisoned.

She gasped loudly as people got up in shock shouting loudly “Ugh!” including various exclamations.

The drunkard wound up having his body dissolving to nothing but a pool of pinkness that stained the floor, sirens of ambulance was heard by Marchana. The ambulance crew arrived into the room and did a swab of the pinkness via their tools, despite not bringing anything for life saving. Marchana wound up finding herself disgusted by the scene enough to throw up behind the counter. She wasn’t the only one who threw up as heard in the diner. After the ambulance crew left, Marchana was sickened with the chore of swabbing the pinkness off the floor, via mop and pail, including hand scraping it, to her disgust. None of the waitresses in the diner would do that job instead, made Marchana do it, after the ambulance crew left, they left the diner leaving her alone to do that job, including locking up the restaurant. Marchana managed to scrape the pinkness off the floor, including swabbing it, till a knocking sound was heard, by her, onto the door to the diner. She found one of the cops from Barrow’s precinct there, at the door that made a gesture to the door’s lock.

Groaning she found her cleaning done its job fine to her standards, unlocked the door and balked letting the cop inside, while speaking “We’re closed for business due to an emergency.”

The cop with his partner around in the parking lot spoke “I’m just here to view the scene of this poisoning including questioning you of this situation.”

Marchana spoke firmly “Nothing to see, other than that the body dissolved into a pink stain onto the floor that I just cleaned up. I don’t know anything involving this poisoning despite further sickened by it.”

The cop in response spoke “Just let me inside to speak with you, privately.”

Marchana spoke “We’re closed for business, so sorry, we’ll have to speak out here. I’m about to lock up. I just cleaned the floor and don’t want it dirty again.”

She had the key in her apron pocket and made a show of getting outside the diner locking the doors and giving the cop a glare while adding “Something you want to talk about, hmm?”

She gave the cop a glare only to hear thumping noises of a cane whacking against the ground as if someone was walking towards them. She spotted the cop’s partner, a male Destroyer, put a hand onto his gun while focused into a direction as she looked. She saw Ned Garry, via cane, walking towards them, with a glare on his face, making her gulp.

She spoke in response “That’s Ned Garry, my boss and owner of the diner. He wants the keys to the diner now at timed intervals. Excuse me, I’m late giving him them.”

She walked up to Ned finding the cops following her and gave Garry the keys who pocketed them.

One of the cops spoke “We’re investigating a possible murder of a poisoning involving at your diner, by someone who could have done this to a poor drunkard.”

Ned spoke in response towards Marchana sounding firm “Marchana, go home.”

Marchana made a motion to leave only to get a cop speaking firmly “Excuse me I have my orders to bring a witness, of this murder, into questioning, to the police precinct, which is this waitress here, who admits seeing it.”

Ned gave Marchana a glare that gulped and spoke “Yes, I saw the murder in question.”

Marchana in response heard from Ned who spoke “You’ll bring the both of us to the police precinct now. I want to hear from this waitress, her witness account of this murder. Yes, I’m aware you’re Destroyers who are immune to Builders’, such as I am a Builder in question. Hence I wasn’t told details of this situation despite told that the diner was closing early, someone being sick and passing it onto others.”

The cops without a word wound up getting Marchana and Ned into a cop car in the back seat via prisoner’s toting and got them to the police precinct to Commissioner Barrow’s building, where his office is.

Marchana gulped seeing the building but found Ned patting her hand and mouthing she lip reading later “It’ll be alright. Don’t worry.”

She wound up led inside to an interrogation room to sit while Ned was seated next to her and appeared to be waiting for something. She wound up glancing at Ned and frowned as Garry gave her a glare.

She wound up speaking despite realizing she’ll be recorded “I was alerted by a customer that two males from that bar, Zinnia were dragging a drunkard with them. The drunkard was deposed into the diner’s lobby. One of those males told me to call for ambulance immediately and claimed he needed it for drinking drunken status. I saw the guy cough blood and choke. I assumed he was choking onto something, attempted a maneuver but his body slid from my arms and appeared to, indicated poisoned. His body became flatter and flatter followed by dissolving into pinkness, onto the floor, staining the area. That made several people sick from that scene including myself which I threw up. I wound up left to lock up including cleaning up that messy stain. I assure you, I cleaned the stain up the best I could despite it’s not to your standards. Hence this sickness excuse told to you via phone and not the real story.”

Marchana wound up clamping her mouth shut and waited as Ned without a word appeared to lean back shutting his eyes like he was napping or mediating. She wound up leaning back into the chair and groaning loudly with arms folded lengthy till the Destroyers two cops came into the room.

One of them wound up speaking “Commissioner Barrow has a proposition for you and your waitress Marchana.”

Marchana wound up eyeing Ned who opened his eyes and appeared to be eyeing the cop without a word who gave a short head bob in response. She kept glancing at Ned as the cops outlined Barrow’s idea which was she doing undercover work at the diner as an unofficial cop in service publicity but officially hired secretly. Marchana held her tongue and her disagreements to Barrow’s idea, by eyeing Ned fully to figure it’s his decision to decide on this matter. She wound up hearing via the silence in the room, ahem sound in a familiar voice within her mind.

Marchana via talking this story noticed a black leafed plant in the room to recognize later was a Meritanian named Wally that spoke that sound including speaking into her mind “Barrow is planning on double crossing Marchana and Ned Garry to have the two Builders removed permanently as in disappeared. He really hates Builders and will do what it takes to remove the Builders from places of employment, like the diner. Hence he’s thinking of informing that mobster boss dubbing himself, Boss Wolf, really a clone of the High Council’s servant August, about the Builders undercover to surveillance him. Boss Wolf gives his loyalty towards the High Council as ordered despite not willing to do anything threatening towards Ned Garry, but Marchana he might do something bad.”

Marchana after hearing that wound up glancing at Ned fully to find the male had his eyes shut and he appeared to be thinking despite a glare on his face.


Marchana gave another yelp and spoke another story like she was off track with her storyline actually talking about something else “Boss Wolf is some mobster that seems power mad for leadership in the mob world. The High Council is amused with the leadership changes among Humans. They seem to encourage that leadership changes among Humans and work with those Humans to do it-“

Marchana interrupted herself with a snarling “Argh you Meritanians!”

She was interrupted by Dalton speaking “Don’t blame the Meritanians. Just tell the story anyway you want.”

She obeyed.


Marchana wound up waiting for Ned to speak who spoke in response “Your offer is considered but I must refuse. I refuse to work for people who don’t like Builders, like me. Your boss is well known in the city for a strong dislike towards Builders and keeping them away from him. I don’t care for him and his attitude and have considered to not doing anything for your boss. If other precinct in the city asks for this favor, I will consider it, but not for Commissioner Barrow, I won’t do that idea. I have forbidden any employee of mine, to do this idea for Barrow unless he changes his attitude.”

Marchana wound up eyeing the Destroyers in response to see one smirk a smile who spoke “The only way out of that room is via that door. Barrow is watching via recorders and won’t do anything of freedom unless you agree to his idea, verbally saying it via recording.”

Marchana in response eyed Ned who spoke Builder’s voice talent order “I order the recorder to short out.”

She heard a click sound followed by a light in the ceiling where the recorder was that went out with flash of lightening.

Marchana eyed the Destroyers with a glare and waited as one spoke “Nice try, but we’re wearing recorders on our person.”

She spoke in response before Ned could speak “What’s with Barrow and his desperation to get Compellers to speak via recordings anyway? What’s going on with him and his hatred towards Compellers? I like to know what’s his problem is.”

She frowned as she eyed the Destroyers to find one speaking in response “Compellers compelled him to do things in his whole life, some bad some good, including losing his lottery winnings via Compellers’ talk as his main reason for his hatred.”

Marchana wound up snickering in response to that excuse said, instead spoke “Losing lottery winnings is a ridiculous excuse.”

She got from the Destroyers in response “Ugh!”

Marchana found one of the Destroyers touching his shoulder and making a click sound followed by clicking sounds from them. She eyed Ned in response who gave the Destroyers a familiar glare, making her gulp.

She eyed the cops who appeared to gulp followed by one speaking “Barrow won, via lottery, a huge amount of money to help him run his campaign for Commissioner of the police force. One of those Compellers or Builders greedy for the money, via voiced talent got him to write a check to someone named Mindbender” which Marchana stiffened hearing that name of Mindbender while contained in her tube trap, added, after another yelp sound “Mindbender was someone who’s Barrow can’t seem to identify, but figured was a group name and lost his winnings and his money for the Commissioner position. Hence he made a devil’s bargain with a female Builder who’s the mother of this waitress, Marchana, in front of us, willing to compel people to give him that position. I still can’t say why’s he’s wants this title despite he balking to answer our questions when asked.”

Marchana wound up glaring at the cops in response as Ned spoke firmly “I will the cameras back on in the room.”

She heard a click sound and sensed another light show into the room followed by a sound of a door opening, to find Barrow into the room with two Drainers accompanying him, he having a glare on his face. Marchana wound up getting up and going to stand next to Ned as via Meritanian compulsion to do it. She wound up putting her hands behind her back and eyed Barrow was a glare.

Ned was seen still seated and speaking “Excuse me for not getting up, I’m a cripple with a cane for walking.”

She sensed that Ned’s words were recorded but recorded by someone else than Barrow’s police precinct by the creepy feeling hitting her.

She wound up eyeing Barrow who formed a glare and got from the male in response “Talk on how you managed to voice order my cops to blab what I didn’t want them to bring up into your presence.”

Marchana heard snickering laughter into her mind including Barrow’s face forming a further glare and he speaking “Quit the laughing now!”

She frowned as she recognized the voice belonging to a Meritanian who spoke in a male voiced tone “Oh buggy, buggy, buggy!”

Marchana frowned hearing that voice sounded snickering like laughter followed by Barrow appearing to be scratching himself all over the place and speaking “Bugs, get them off of me!”

Marchana wound up watching as Barrow tried to strip himself of his clothes despite complaining of bugs on his form and scratching all over. The two Drainers wound up with disgust on their faces, left the room one leaving the door open.

The two cops seeing that scene, one wound up mouthing towards Marchana later remembering via lip reading talent “Thanks!”

She frowned as the cops took Barrow still complaining of bugs out of the room, followed by Ned, getting up which she followed. She found the cops got Barrow into the lobby which there was medical personal of Highlanders in sight that wrapped the male into a straitjacket and hauled him, still whining of bugs, out of the lobby. She sensed light shows to realize that the presses were gathered outside, snapping away Barrow’s lunatic display.

Marchana frowned as Ned spoke to her “I insists you call for a cab to get us home.”

One of the cops spoke loudly “Excuse me, while I handle that for you both for a favor.”

Marchana wound up eyeing the cop who got onto a phone and spoke her lip reading “Yes, Mister Montreal the limo is being sent to pick up Marchana Barrow and Ned Garry ASAP.”

She was confused to why the cop was using Jinks’ name to speak “I’m confused to why that cop did that limo service with using Jinks’ name.”

Barry as heard spoke “I believe that there’s people who believe in Jinks like a deity lord, enough to do anything for him, something the High Council didn’t agree with and have been trying to stop.”

Marchana wound up giving off a sound of disgust in response followed by speaking “What’s so special involving this Jinks Montreal when’s Dalton is a manipulator?”

Barry wound up heard sipping water followed by speaking “Something you want to admit, Marchana?”

Marchana wound up saying “Yelp!” followed by snarling “Blast it!” and then a pause followed by adding “What’s with the Meritanians indicating Jinks Montreal as my father, biologically?”

Barry as heard gave up a cough sound like he was shocked till Marchana added “I fail to see how Jennifer Benison would mate with Jinks Montreal having his daughter, myself, and left to commit some flying act off the building of a Builder’s voice order.”

Marchana wound up frowning till she got another memory and spoke firmly “Ugh, another memory.”

Barry spoke “Kindly tell me what the memory about?”

Marchana obeyed, despite confused with confusion in her voiced tone.


Jennifer Benison as she called herself, really Karissa Kensington, wound up eyeing Jinks Montreal, via the crowd, eyeing him as he displayed black eyes. She felt the familiar feeling of lovely love towards Jinks’ presence but felt the familiar feeling of hurt, of unable to be with him as his wife. Karissa sighed and without a word walked away out of the crowd to her apartment building. She frowned lost in thought, entering her apartment, despite her senses blaring warning abruptly. She went to her shrine involving Jinks Montreal and kissed his picture, only to hear ahem sound, into the room of a female voice.

Karissa turned around in shock to find Beata standing there displaying golden Builder’s eyes who spoke “Your greatest wish? Don’t you want me to grant it for you?”

Karissa blurt to her shock via compulsion of Beata’s voiced order “I want to mate with Jinks Montreal and carry his child.”

She felt annoyance take hold hearing her blurted wish as Beata spoke “You’ll have your wish granted.”

Beata added via Builder’s voiced talent orders “Meritanians transport Jinks Montreal to Jennifer Benison’s residence for mating and wipe that out of his mind once he’s done with that.”

The lovely dove mating wound up done with clothes adjusted and nothing involving naked statuses underneath Beata’s spying eyes. Beata wound up manipulating the Meritanians to do their transportation orders despite them overheard whining later.

“Builders are doing their thing onto us.” As whined by Ramses.

His whining was indicating Beata’s manipulation of doing anything to avoid the High Council and servitude. Karissa wound up later put down asleep by Beata who didn’t sleep instead seemed to be focused onto drinking loads of coffee and never sleeping. Karissa wound up sleeping for a lengthy time period, despite her stomach or abdomen area growing, to indicate a baby, followed by her form becoming skeletal, as if the baby’s growth sucked her body, to grow it. This status was something that females of twenty four hour pregnancies, needed to be monitored, of because of that skeletal status which happened occasionally over and over. Karissa wound up birthing a baby girl, Marchana, herself, despite she giving off disgust via voiced tone.

Barry spoke “Why’s you disgusted?”

Marchana spoke in response “I realized that story I told, is, of Beata manipulating my parents to mate and form me in response to Beata’s plans to have a child to use for her manipulations. Ugh. I’m disgusted with that actually.”

Marchana wound up hearing from Barry in response “Help yourself from the prison of your mind now.”

She frowned to hearing his wording sounded like his voice was alien twin to Dalton’s voice tone but creepier and not like the actual Barry’s voice.

The alien Dalton’s voice continued speaking “Forgiveness? You want must forgive to be freed from prison.”

Marchana yelped again till Barry’s actual voice was heard “What’s with you yelping out from the memories of the Meritanians?”

Marchana spoke in response “Nothing just something I’ve remembered but confused to why I was given that memory.”

She frowned hearing Barry speaking in response “Speak the memory and I’ll help you solve it.”

She spoke the memory in response “Barry wound up seeing himself via Seer’s mind of his brain organ, out of his body and hooked up into a satellite that went into a rocky field of asteroids.”

Marchana felt confusion to that memory seeing it despite her speaking that in mind.

She added “Just something I’m not entirely sure of why the Meritanians sickened me that memory.”

She heard from the alien Dalton’s voice again “Free yourself by forgiving what you hate.”

Marchana frowned hearing the alien voice that became silent as she spoke “What’s with that robotic voice anyway?”

Snickering laughter was heard by Marchana including silence from Barry as if no one answered her question.

She wound up compelled via compulsion to focus onto her memories, in her mind to realize with a start, a meeting with the High Council before tube status.


The High Council sat in chairs of nine, in their white robes of peace despite claiming its color was for death, to her confusion.

Their Speaker Shad spoke “Meritanians transport one Heartbreaker to us now!”

She found Jinks Montreal clad in his familiar clothes in sight appearing into a light show of flashing lightening. She gave Jinks a glare and who ignored her glare and eyed the High Council as she did the same.

Marchana wound up hearing from Shad “What do you have to say towards Heartbreaker, Marchana?”

She spoke in response toward Jinks “Go to hell!”

Marchana wound up eyeing the High Council to find Jinks disappearing into a light show, followed by the High Council, behind the Speakers waggling heads and waving hands, into some conversation method. The Speakers had heads bowed and appeared to be keeping their heads’ bowed.

She frowned wondering what the High Council was up to till she heard into her mind a voice speaking “You will be tube into the Hall of Thousand Voices where your freedom will be achieved by speaking words of forgiveness towards your father in a certain voiced tone as ordered.”

She wound up finding the High Council quit their talk, followed by Shad raising his head as the female did the same the male speaking “Meritanians transport this Marchana to be into the tube of the Hall of Thousand Voices now!”

Marchana found her into their medical bay and stripped of her clothes followed by put into the tube her, unable to move as if paralysis hitting her. She noticed a servant of the High Council dubbed Mindbender had his creepy side in control that involved fanged teeth and a jutting out jaw and creepy golden eyes making her pass out unconscious.

She found herself into the tube speaking “I forgive my father.”

Marchana found her efforts to free herself from the tube involving forgiveness towards her father refused to work even if she used the voiced talent words.

Marchana was interrupted by the alien Dalton voice speaking “Not that sorry aren’t you?”

She hearing that commentary spoke “I’m sorry, I’m angry at my father, Jinks Montreal.”

She found herself still tube status to her disgust spoke firmly “I’m sorry, I haven’t forgiven my father.”

She found nothing in response till a voice spoke loudly she heard “That’s not the forgiveness that’ll get you out of the tube, daughter mine.”

Marchana stiffened hearing the voice she recognized belonging to Dalton and he acknowledging the daughter/father connection.

She spoke firmly “What do you have in mind?”

Marchana frowned as she heard “I’m not a manipulator as the High Council have led you to believe, instead I’m just a desperate person, trapped forever, to do anything out of this trap. I believe that’s what’s your situation is involving mine, but your given a password to get out while I’m not.”

Groaning she spoke realizing what Dalton meant spoke in response “Dalton, I forgive you for being a manipulator.”

She heard from Dalton in response “That’s alright. I’m used to that forgiveness status from people saying it to me. Anything else you want to admit daughter mine?”

Marchana frowned hearing Dalton emphasizes the words daughter mine to focused onto the Meritanians’ mind scanning her at the time despite the pain. She clamped her mouth shut and balked saying yelp as she got a memory.


The memory, she saw, was of a male trapped in a tube, on the way to being in a tube. She saw the male was attached to wires all over his form that appeared to be blood tubes going from his body into elsewhere. She wound up recalling seeing the male was in a tube with a sad look on his face like he was forever sad. Marchana wound up remembering the male appeared to have the bloody tubes going up to the top of the tube he was in into another tube’s area that was empty of tubes. She recalled the male’s face to realize it was of a male she recognized as Mindbender to her confusion. Marchana frowned recalling Mindbender’s face was seen he looking her way with a sad golden eyed look before looking down staring and appearing to look angry with hands fisted. She recalled Mindbender’s twin or clone was seen via glancing at the tube, Mindbender with a pity sad look on his face, followed by a twin gestured look of anger onto his face.

She frowned thinking to herself “Why I’m getting this memory?”

Marchana heard nothing in response to that question, only to further remember something of being told involving Mindbender himself via Ned Garry’s talk to her via cloned memory “Mindbender what do you think of him?”

She recalled the clone speaking “He gives me the creeps with his scarred cheek and looks of him. Ugh.”

Ned spoke in response “Anything else to sympathize with Mindbender despite he scaring you?”

She shook her head and spoke “Nope not really. I don’t care for Mindbender himself.”

Marchana frowned to recall Ned gave the clone a golden eyed glare which the cloned self spoke “Sorry, his appearance is why I don’t want to do anything for him. I shouldn’t basis people’s appearances for not doing anything for them. Your seen as a cripple but I know you’ve have strength stronger than people assumed that your weak when your not.”

Ned spoke in response “You’re correct on that talk. What else you remember regarding Mindbender?”

At the moment Marchana recalled the Meritanians interfered speaking “Talk more of that subject and I’ll dump you into the ocean!”

Ned wound up speaking via Builder’s talk “Meritanians wipe this memory out of this clone’s mind now and sent her to her bedroom to sleep.”

The clone, Marchana saw disappeared into a light show followed by realizing she was dumped into a volcano, via the warmth of hotness, then nothing else felt. Marchana felt disgust taking hold to remember Dalton’s voice sounded oddly not like Jinks’ voice instead oddly like someone else’s via memory. She focused onto the memory as if drawn, to find the voice of Dalton, reminded her of Tom Thunder’s order up commentary, at the diner when’s he ordered food done.

She spoke as if shocked “Dalton, your Mindbender the original servant of the High Council, aren’t you?”

She heard coughing sounds of Barry coughing like he was shocked to her words as she heard “Can’t fool you can’t I, Marchana?”

Marchana heard the voice of Dalton again and realized it was the trapped in tube Mindbender with the bloody tubes attached to his form.

She spoke in response “Mindbender, I didn’t know that you could communicate.”

She frowned as she heard from Dalton again “Just call me Dalton, to spare confusion with the cloned Mindbenders serving the High Council including that Tom Thunder name.”

Groaning she heard from Barry, as she spoke “Barry, you okay with that coughing fit of yours?”

She heard in response “I’m fine! Don’t worry about me!”

Marchana spoke “Dalton, what’s with the name of Dalton anyway?”

She frowned as Dalton spoke “Just remember the last thing you said to the High Council in their presence and you’ll be out of the trap your in.”

She stiffened hearing Dalton’s words to recall herself saying some angry comment towards Jinks himself.

She spoke “Why’s the High Council have me say that saying of ‘Go to hell!’ to free myself?”

“Not that comment” she heard from Dalton “Just that words of loyalty commentary actually.”

Groaning she spoke sounding firm “You have my loyalty High Council.”

Marchana found herself out of the tube as if transported to the group to be restrained by the Falcons she giving the group a glare. She found the Speakers raising their heads and giggling like a joke was said to her disgust. She gave the High Council, a glare and waited as Shad and his female counterpart quit the laughter and raised their heads still having mirth on their faces. She recognized the laughing sounds of the Meritanians to realize she was asleep in her tube recalling a memory by the snickering of the plants. She forced herself to focus onto the memory, she saw, was of a male in the High Council’s presence by the naked part seen, including the male’s form sensed. Marchana recalled the male was glaring with anger, sensed from him, as there was a light flash, followed by another figure appeared she recognized as Ned Garry. She frowned eyeing Ned to find the male giving the restrained eyesight a familiar glare.

Marchana heard from the restrained male in response “I still love her and will do what I can to keep her alive, despite losing her to the High Council’s machinations.”

She frown hearing the voice, to recognize it as Jinks Montreal’s voice to frown hearing it as Ned spoke sounding not of Garry but someone else via accented voice “You’re sick with that obsession towards Katherine, inky.”

Marchana frowned hearing the word Inky to find Jinks in response speaking “Screw you High Council! I’ll do what it takes to have Katherine live again even if I have to clone her via orders to the medics! I want Katherine and will do what it takes to have her live again despite you keep on destroying her over and over!”

Marchana heard Ned or Garry’s twin giving off a loud cough sound like he was coughing violently followed by coughing violently in front of Jinks.

She frowned as Jinks spoke “Jeez Barry, your sick aren’t you and desperate to do anything to avoid that hare brained idea of you losing your brain to Edenia?”

She heard Jinks’ voice sounded monotone like a Meritanian as she came to from the dreaming status to find herself still tube but the voice spoken she recognized as Ramses the Meritanian.

She continued to hear the coughing sound sounding violently followed by hearing from Dalton “Barry, Alexei is like you in your situation. He lost his body but his brain is hooked up to the Zesky Asylum where’s he’s controlling things like a human computer. What’s wrong with being a human computer like Alexei?”

Marchana frowned as there were zapping sounds including a sound of a male voice speaking “Time’s up, time for you to pay!”

She heard nothing from Barry but a faint groaning including hearing from Dalton again “I would lose my body, if it meant avoiding this trapped status of being cloned.”

She frowned to the noises to hear nothing else but clicking noises of Meritanian’s transportation till she heard into her mind “Nighty night Smarty!”

Marchana found herself dreaming a dream via what’s she’s saw via her mind put there by the Meritanians, she realizing were signaling that status by the laughing Speakers. She focused onto the dream she saw was herself in the High Council’s presence, they speaking their familiar wording involving a servant, Heartbreaker’s presence to them. She remembered the High Council asked her to speak words of forgiveness towards Heartbreaker, she recognized as Jinks Montreal. She frowned as she saw via her mind that Jinks Montreal’s form wasn’t of Jinks she saw when’s she was angry. Marchana realized with a start that she was blinded in anger that she saw Jinks Montreal via his uniform when she arrested him at the furniture warehouse. Groaning softly she focused onto the memory, seeing she saw was clearly, not Jinks Montreal she said her insulting comment towards. Instead she saw the male was twin to Mindbender via the facial area and looks of him, including flaring his creepy side into her face, after she said that insult. She found Mindbender in response flexing a clawed creepy, bony, hand, towards her, while glowing eyes, he appearing to wave it into a finger shake. She saw the finger shake was of some gesture of inappropriate behavior towards offspring, she would get from her mother raiser herself when she misbehaved. Marchana frowned seeing that memory, till she recalled an image of herself, in a forest walking around in a chubby kiddy way and heard voices calling for her in foreign wording.

The voices were sounding of Beata’s voice saying “Marchana, come back this instant from your hiding place now!”

She found a compulsion to obey, only to hear a male voice sounding into her mind “Do not obey that command come to me as I am your father.”

She felt torn in two, till she sat down and gave a screaming like cry sounding in a wailing voice.

“Marchana!” she heard from Beata sounding angry who added “Cut that noises and shut up!”

She found herself compelled to get up and walk further into the forest, she recognized as Central Park’s forest lands and kept on walking till she banged into a pair of legs that a pair of bony, clawed, hands, lifted her up, to face a face, she recognized as Mindbender’s. Marchana found herself not crying instead just putting a hand onto Mindbender’s fanged teeth and just seeming satisfied to that held.

She found the scene changed to find her facing the High Council which the female spoke “Clone this child and give the clone to that pathetic Beata and wipe this memory out of her mind now!”

Marchana found her put into a tube after stripped of her clothes followed by kept there despite finding herself growing to an adult height while inside it, for a lengthy time period.

Marchana spoke “Why’s Mindbender seen as my father when’s I’ve got a memory of this Jinks Montreal mating with my mother to produce me?”

She frowned as she heard from Dalton in response despite hearing a faint sound of a typing of a laptop rapid fired paced “The High Council with the help of the Meritanians can manipulate people into thinking their doing this thing when’s their doing another thing. Something that this Karissa, with her lovely obsessions towards Jinks, assumed was this Jinks mating with her, when it wasn’t but someone else actually.”

Marchana gasped of shock and spoke “Mindbender is my father and mated with Karissa, she believing, she mated with Jinks Montreal, when’s she didn’t!”

“Correct on that assumption, daughter mine.” She heard from Dalton who added “Anything else you want to talk about dearest Marchana?”

“Dearest Marchana?” she echoed and added “Your being weird, Dalton.”

Dalton she heard “Nope just seeing who I’m seeing, trapped into a tube and should be out by now with the proper code words said.”

Marchana spoke “I forgive you Father, dearest.”

She found nothing in response but snickering laughter from the Meritanians as she heard “Not the code words, Marchana.”

Groaning she recalled hearing a cop speaking on the phone to someone while in service of Barrow saying the words “I love you, I’ll be there when I can, my son. Don’t worries I still love you even though I’m not there to tuck you into bed.”

She frowned to realize with a start that Beata never said the words “I love you” to her.

She stiffened as she recalled Karissa the moment she woke up to see her, as her daughter mouthed something as she was compelled to throw herself out the window.

Marchana realized that Karissa was mouthing over and over “I love you, Kari. I love you, Kari.”

She stiffened to realize that Karissa named her, by the name of Kari, a shortened form of her name of Karissa, while saying she truly cared for her daughter, despite unable to take care of her. Marchana continued to recall the mating between Karissa and assumed Jinks wasn’t of any lovely dove loving words, instead was seemingly forced between the couple via manipulations of someone else.

She recalled that Barrow when he raised her never said the words “I love you” towards her or towards Beata.

Groaning she spoke realizing what the code words was “I loves you, Daddy. I love you.”

Marchana heard from Dalton in response “You said what I wanted from you to free yourself, from your trapped status, as ordered by the High Council.”

Next thing Marchana knew the tube she was in drained of water abruptly followed by a water slide like feeling and she thrust out onto the metallic floor to laid coughing out the liquid from her lungs. She breathe the air that smelled of sea ocean air, from the stink, and groaned loudly till she felt something of hands onto her arms, followed by forced up, to stand, despite wobbly legs. She frowned to find the Falcons were the hands’ owners, as she coughed out more liquid and didn’t protest as she was hauled, via wobbly legs into a direction. She looked around while shaking her head of the liquid, onto the area, to find various tubes, holding various naked males and females into them. She found one female clad in blue sweats, seated nearby, in a crossed legged pose, typing via laptop computer while wearing an eye wear mask over her forehead, and having black hair short style. Frowning she looked at the tube the female was next to, to gulp recognizing Dalton or Mindbender, the original via what’s she remembered seen into her mind. Gulping she frowned as the Falcons brought her to Mindbender’s tube, to stand in front of it, like she was being scanned via computer. She frowned as she eyed Mindbender, to see him raise his head. Marchana hissed a breath seeing Mindbender’s face was creepy all black eyed look instead of his familiar sad faced look. She saw Mindbender’s face was twin to Jinks’ but the body seemed different from Jinks’ short form. She noticed Mindbender’s form had bloody wires tubes attached to him, all over the place except his face like needle implants. He, she saw gave her a glare she gulped from the glare and realized what he wanted from her. She opened her mouth to speak only to find one Falcon putting a hand over it and shaking his head into a no gesture. Marchana closed her mouth via Falcon’s hand over it and yelped loudly as she found her mind scanned again. Groaning she found Mindbender’s form remained the same but his eyes, changed to a glowing, golden, yellow, color like he was mind scanning her.

Marchana spoke firmly via mind “Daddy.”

She frowned getting nothing else from Mindbender but a head bob including his eyes narrowing with a glare, her realizing what else he wanted her to speak.

She spoke mentally “Daddy, I love you and I forgive you.”

Marchana sighed when Mindbender’s golden eyed look quit followed by him lowering his head and appearing to be focused elsewhere.

She frowned as she heard a female voice speaking “The tube victim passed the test as ordered by the High Council so transport her out to where’s she’s can get a life, Meritanians”

She realized the voice was of the female typist as the Falcons released her arms and she found herself falling via sky till she hit something metallic with a grunt. Marchana heard a siren like noises to find a metallic door within eyesight, opening followed by a figure walking out. She found the figure was a muscular, moron, male, wearing only black pants and baring his upper body with golden, like Builder, like eyes, making a hand gesture, to come, towards her. Sighing she obeyed despite her legs threatening to collapse multiple times, till her legs gave out once she was a foot away from the male. She found the male instead of helping her folded his arms and gave her a glare. Groaning she recalled her Builder’s voice talent, spoke it.

“A hand of helping me gets inside by picking me up and carrying me inside now please.” She said via Builder’s voiced talent.

The male without a word went to her and picked her up slinging her over his shoulder, her too weak to protest to his slung behavior. Instead she looked around to discover he led her inside, a medical bay, like hospital, where she was dumped onto a bed and medically scanned by other moronic, muscular males, like him.

Marchana frowned as she spoke via voiced order “Some clothes would do please.”

She found in response the morons going to hide when a certain siren sounded and appeared to be hiding, some underneath her bed to her confusion. She frowned as she heard a squealing like noises of robotic wheels, moving, followed by a blue hooded figure coming into sight with bony hands and bony yellow, veined arms that stopped at the foot of her bed. Marchana felt herself annoyed with her nakedness found the robed robot, she assumed it was a robot, accompanied by a familiar male figure, she recognized as Ned Garry.

She gulped as Ned gave her a familiar glare followed by her speaking “Shouldn’t I be wearing clothes? Naked status is not appropriate.”

Marchana frowned as Ned in response spoke Builder’s voiced orders she hearing “I order the Meritanians to restore this female’s memories to the exact reason she was mind wiped to be into the Hall of One Thousand Voices.”

Gulping she yelped when she felt a headache and saw via her mind a figure twin to Mindbender, walking via a hallway, with several doors shut. She saw Mindbender was naked and looking twin, to the one she saw via tube. She kept on seeing via her mind that Mindbender reached the end of the hallway and then faced a closed door. She saw via mind, the Meritanians and Mindbender, helping each other knock and destroy the door, which a ball of lightening came out. This was followed by the lightening zapping doors, opening them, as she got images into her mind and felt a hand covering the area as her throat gave up noises, in response to remembering who she was. The female calling herself, Marchana, kept on giving those noises as memories came into her mind, over and over, till she found herself recognizing her name and who’s she was. She tapped the male she recognized via memories, as Ned Garry’s hand and realized he was servitude of the High Council as a named servant named Barry. She found Barry in response removing his hand and giving her a glare with eyes golden.

She spoke in response “My name is Karissa Kensington, cloned copy of Katherine Kensington Montreal, wife of Jinks Montreal. I see I survived the flying out the window death attempt by Beata Zeskaya, by the Meritanians transporting me out, the moment I appeared to hit the ground. Anything else I should know of, since I recognize you as titled name of Barry but identity name-“

Karissa was interrupted by Barry covering her mouth he speaking “No more of that talk now, Karissa. Just tell me what you remember when you were kept into a tube in the Hall of One Thousand Voices.”

Karissa sensed herself recorded to find a camera drone floating within vicinity as Barry covered her nakedness via blanket and removed his hand.

She eyed Barry who added “The High Council, via servants kept in the Hall of Thousand Voices, recalled various memories while contained in tubes some of their own memories and some of the Meritanians’ variety. So talk now on what you remember while contained.”

Karissa obeyed to speak the story.


Karissa ended her story with this talk. Marchana recalled that a calm clone of her wound up taking Ned Garry’s place for chanting his “Come to me” wording towards dumped servants of the High Council.

Mostly those servants were to do whatever they could while in the city of New York City, doing whatever they could, to restart their life again, till call to serve the High Council. This is more likely a toy attitude from the High Council, interested into a servant for awhile, then get bored, dump that servant and then get interested again a cycle that happened over and over-


Karissa was interrupted by Barry speaking ahem sound and adding “What else you remember and spare the talk on the High Council?”

Karissa spoke in response “I sense that Marchana is kept contained safe from harm while the High Council cloned her to do jobs for them. Am I right on this talk, Barry?”

She saw Barry gave her a short head bob who mouthed, she later figured out what he said later after a disappeared status “You’re correct.”

Karissa wound up hearing snickering like laughter from the big three Meritanians in response to her telling the tale, found herself into something watery after Barry shut her eyes. She discovered a memory of herself dubbed Marchana Barrow fully into her mind to realize with a start of something shocking.

“Blast you Meritanians!” she snarled while adding “You had to sicken me with the memories of Marchana Barrow, including this Karissa Kensington to speak it, to this Ned Garry seen as Barry-“

“Stop being angry at Barry or the Meritanians now!” she was interrupted by Dalton’s voice who added “Your being cloned to tell stories to the High Council for their recorders, to record the memories, for their amusement. Sorry, Marchana as the High Council refer you, but people in the Hall of Thousand Voices aren’t really freed but cloned for telling tales. The cloned copy is either destroyed or sent to the city, to live their lives till called to servitude of the High Council again.”

Marchana wound up speaking “Jeez Dalton, you really are a manipulator?”

Hence this argument talks between Marchana and Dalton aka Mindbender the original of Mindbenders, servant of the High Council. Marchana is overheard accusing Dalton as a manipulator while Dalton isn’t one despite saying that talk to her. This is the story of this victim, as known, via identity as Marchana, as labeled. Her story is recorded by Recorder of Memories, Victoria Thunder. This recording is ordered by the High Council to record any talk, via the talking, overheard in the Hall of Thousand Voices, not known as Hall of One Thousand Voices, despite the mistaken name. This recording is for identifications of victims in tubes. The victims are not to be freed from status despite cloned to be freed, to speak their identification, on they are then confirmed by Mindbender, the original of cloned copies of Mindbenders, forever kept contained to be cloned for the High Council’s purposes. The victims were originally freed on an account of one Nikolai with a dog gonoid side freeing them something the High Council ordered recaptured statuses for those freed.


End recording notes by Victoria Thunder, Recorder of Mindbender.

A Victim's Story

The victim, Marchana was thinking while stuck in a tube in the Hall of Thousand Voices listening to the others telling stories “Whoever cared to listen!” according to the loudmouth voice named Dalton. Marchana found Dalton this time was silent and not roaring his annoying voice silencing the complaints of the others stuck in tubes like she and he was. Marchana wound up thinking to herself “Wonder what I can tell, story wise, to whoever willing to listen of my life?” “Just tell the story anyway.” She heard into her mind unsure of where the male’s voice came from. The male’s voice seemed familiar to her like she knew who but wasn’t sure, who the male was. Marchana frowned hearing the male’s voice sounding familiar like a fatherly way to her. She heard the male voice continue speaking “Marchana Barrow, is that your name or that’s the High Council named you that?” She spoke in response unsure if she was speaking via mind or via voice “That’s my name I was born with. I don’t have any other names besides that nickname of Chana.” “Well, Chana.” She heard from the male voice “Enlighten me on how you got trapped into the Hall of Thousand Voices’ tube by the High Council. I’m curious to know your story.” Marchana frowned but couldn’t see anything via her tube status despite sensing herself forced to see images into her mind. She figured the images into her mind were just some sense of seeing elsewhere despite trapped in a dark prison of watery tube. She heard a chair scrape sound as if someone was sitting down including a typing noise of a laptop computer. “Enlighten me, Chana.” She heard from the male voice “I’m curious to how you wound up trapped here.” Marchana frowned as the images into her mind became more blaring to realize they were memories into her mind indicating what’s she should speak story wise. Marchana obeyed to the images into her mind to speak the story.

  • ISBN: 9781370138937
  • Author: Beth Hoyer
  • Published: 2017-07-30 17:20:08
  • Words: 17248
A Victim's Story A Victim's Story