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A Taste Of My Thoughts Presidential Debate

A Taste Of My Thoughts

Presidential Debate

By Steve Lake

Copyright 2016




Shakespir Edition 2016

Published by Steve Lake

Copyright 2016 Steve Lake




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Presidential debate

Copyright 10-19-2016

Steve Lake


Another election year is upon us

Come one come all

Send in the clowns

The political circus is in town


The big top has been raised

Within its soft walls we gather

Spot lights upon the grand master

One enters left and the other right


The crowd goes wild

An attraction never seen before

Ooh’s and aah’s from the crowd

They ask for silence within a roar so loud


Silence finally ensues

The grand master starts his spew

First an introduction from the right

It’s Hillary Clinton and she lets out a roar for a fight


The grand master then turns to the left

He poked Donald with a stick saying you are next

Introducing Donald Trump for President

A mighty roar of laughter so deafening

Donald screams I am the best


The grand master then cracks his whip

Within the circle of lights they do their tricks

They trot in a circle around him

Roaring at the crowd to astound them


Another crack of his whip times two

Hillary jumps up on a block to spew

Donald still prancing around and struts

While Hillary speaks Donald kicks up some dust


Another crack of the whip she is done

Back to the ground she runs for fun

Three more cracks of the whip and Donald whines

Four more whip cracks and he stops on a dime



The grand master pulls Donald aside

Leading him by the nose as he whines

Placing him up on a block to spew

Combing his long yellow mane, he’s pretty too


The crowd cheers and even an ole

Everybody showed up to view the day

A site seen but rarely heard

A political debate that smells like a turd


The show went on for hours

Into history as one of the greats

Two oddities on display for all to see

When it was done everyone was as confused as me


After three shows the big top comes down

The political parties with their withered frowns

Once more the people have been failed

We want another President elect is what we tell


The day arrives and the political parties scream make a choice

There are two to choose from you heard our voice

The people moan not wanting to mark the spot

Choosing the lesser of the evils they fill in the dot


The people reflect back onto the funniness of the circus

This again just part of the show

The people scream out their popular vote

The electors laugh saying what a bunch of dopes


The popular vote truly carries no weight

The electors promise their vote but won’t vote our way

The last example to tell us more

When the popular Presidential elect vote was for Al Gore


The power of the people yield its strength

Because our elected officials all reek of stink

The Electoral College vote decides but if they fail

The U.S. House of Representatives will pick up their smell


So why do you vote on a ticket that is void?

When your popular vote will not decide a presidential droid

They give us fake power to make us feel good inside

To avoid a revolt of the people so no one will die



So each four years the political party succeeds

Another four years they will stay and not flee

If you doubt my words I lay out for you to see

Google the Elector and The Electoral College for yourself

For proof that be


You will see it’s not about the power of the people

It’s just not about we

We never had the power to choose the President

You never had the power and neither did me


So everyone vote for the Donald Trump

Just like Al Gore you will see the chump

Then welcome President Hillary Clinton on inauguration day

The only vote that matters is the Elector’s ways


A Taste Of My Thoughts Presidential Debate

  • ISBN: 9781370497218
  • Author: Steve Lake
  • Published: 2016-10-19 19:20:08
  • Words: 729
A Taste Of My Thoughts Presidential Debate A Taste Of My Thoughts Presidential Debate