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A Taste Of My Thoughts Mound Of Disguise

A Taste Of My Thoughts

Mound Of Disguise

By Steve Lake

Copyright 2016




Shakespir Edition 2016

Published by Steve Lake

Copyright 2016 Steve Lake




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Mound of disguise

Copyright 10-15-2016

Steve Lake


My day starts with my dog

A walk her to leave a land mine or log

Always on our path

Not hidden for us to smash


No matter how many days pass

She is a good puppy my lass

Always in plain sight

Never on my shoe to become my plight


But the outside cats are another story

Can’t play in the grass for worry

Always a smell that it is near

Checking my shoes out of fear


More often than not

My shoes are parked by the front door

A reminder of what lies near

Better than a brown carpet smear


I realize the little piles in the flower bed

Void of ants when I kick it

But a fresh aroma that is sicker

No weeding that flower bed so it is getting thicker


I scan the grass for poop

I see none but a mound I stoop

Poking it with a stick

Wind blowing my direction I’m getting sick


Invisible signs tell me to stay off the grass

Within disguised mounds a pain in my ass

The outside cats think they are so smart

I caught one and held it to my butt while passing a fart


Giving them back a sample of their waste

If it would work I would glue their butt shut with some paste

But there are laws against that

So the secret is to stay off the grass

Of course my plight was not over

Still stains of poop on my shoes

Not sure how it got there

When I started to notice a pattern or two


Half my driveway is chalk

Once it was smooth as ice

Now when I drive down it my car goes bump

Hidden mounds that look like humps


So I look at the driveway for poop

Just another mound so I stooped

Before poking it with a stick

This time I got upwind not to get sick


Like a little grave it stood

Within it buried for good

A mound of disguise

Of course I stepped in it

Can’t you tell by my cuss words and sigh


Now I am a paranoid freak

Scared of little mounds that stink

It’s why I love my dog

Least she isn’t a sneak when she lays a log


A Taste Of My Thoughts Mound Of Disguise

  • ISBN: 9781370443550
  • Author: Steve Lake
  • Published: 2016-10-16 00:50:07
  • Words: 467
A Taste Of My Thoughts Mound Of Disguise A Taste Of My Thoughts Mound Of Disguise