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A Subtlety Distraction - The Earth Is Out Of Action



A Subtlety Distraction – The Earth Is Out Of Action

© 2016 Barbara M. Schwarz


Purple Eyes Publishing (PEP)

the value of knowing


ISBN: 978-1-910774-87-8


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On the front: “Tilled earth (a chance at second berth)” 2016.


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When next you nothing see, remember peacefully, the earth that hummed so free with myriad possibility, rests now easily.


A Subtlety Distraction – The Earth Is Out Of Action


The seagull lift with shimmered wing

The sunshine bring the glistening

The hedgerow trimmed to show

Last season’s earth is tilled below


And all remaining stubble

Is now just hidden rubble


The layer of the earth is now

An upturned soil of dearth


And no manner of distraction

Can allay the waiting action:


The patience to define

We’re at the start of time

A brand new season to design,


And seeds that we align

Separate just to see

What turns to flourish



We scraped the gutter clean

The season that now glean

Is harsher than before

The colder wind now to explore

What persistence store away

to make a grander brighter day


And in the manner of resistance

At cold winds’ blowing insistence,

I simply start to see

What’s ready now for me:


A winter clear and sharp,

The lyre and the harp

Play a melody

That the cold wind swept

So free


So free


So free


The Subtlety to see

A blank canvas allegory

No longer loaded

What had ever goaded


Now just simply gone

The sweep of last year’s song


And winter break into

A season’s close for you

No more was left to do

You had seen it through


And so the sharpness now left you


“Adieu adieu adieu”

Winter crooned to you:


“A time that can renew,

Protected as I do, bring

Frost to turn your hands

So blue…


For I’d really like you to

Be startling fresh and new

When Springtime is upon you”


And weary now my head

At the words my friend had said,


To have a little rest

And let life’s former zest

Slumber in deep happiness


And so a close of curtain call

For now winter seek install,

A simple source distraction

To leave the earth now out of action


No more the myriad shows

The clamouring of open windows,

Simply now are sealed

As winter to good earth appealed:


“Let this rhythm show the finality of flow

The jollity to go and liberation know


Beyond what you define

Beyond what you decline


Beyond what you allay

Beyond what you decay

Beyond what you decide,

The earth shall have its own

Joy ride!”


And I confide that I just see

A myriad possibility


For Wintertime now free,

An energy for me

To slumber easily


Beyond erstwhile sympathy

The earth to slumber flee,

And harken not

The frosted symphony that

Sparkle here and there

Of what the good earth share,


for it sleeps warm

new courage to adorn,

and in the deep,

such secrets keep

until next Spring:


the gentle harbouring


And in that restful repose

The energy grows

To dream of brighter shows


For the earth is out of action,

And a myriad distraction

Leave without attraction


Of greater simpler thoughts


As the sun slowly cavorts

With glistening reams of



Nought now to be behold

In the steady widening cold


Nought now to see

Of what once reminded me


How the garden leapt so free

In conjured jollity


And the sun in sweet decline

Whispered gently:


“You’ll be mine, when, in time,

you have slumbered deep enough,


You’ll push so hard, and huff

And puff, to nurture all the growing

Stuff, but for now sweet memory,


We’ll remember what we see,

In mind’s repose of symphony,


When, I, as great Sun, played

along with all the fun, and saw

how you sought to throng,

The world with endless song”


And so the light moved along

To let the earth to dark belong


A moment to repose

A moment just to rest


And there new life possess,

In zesting happiness,


The right to just slow to

The gentle pace life knew,

When all the earth renew

To action good and true


The turnaround in you

To begin again anew,


When quietness blew

The howling vacant through

The freshness that is you:

A simple chimney flue


For when the season’s gone

No reason could now ‘er prolong

What you no longer do,


When winter turns to you

And bids adieu, adieu, adieu

To all you ever knew,


The stasis accrue

Worlds vast and new

away from a milling crew

of dictatorial pew


Rigidity, stupidity, I blew

crippling holes in you!


A Subtlety Distraction

The Earth is out of Action

And winter’s satisfaction,

Lies in breaking

outward traction


The Subtlety to see

Lies deep in energy,


That harboured sense recall,

A full season’s height that now

fall into one single faltered stall


See full growth has won

The darkness to become

A rested other One


And whatever you define,

You cannot align,

A self-sufficient sign

To jump me back to former time


“I move no more for you,

Whatever clamouring you stew!”


A Subtlety Distraction

The earth (declares itself)

now out of action


And answers no other call

Until the sun eclipses all

to see,


the earth’s own heraldry:


“The rested life in me -

only subtlety can free

so very gently!”


A simple life persuasion

A gentleness creation


Beyond all



Imagination remains a

Soul’s elation


And a subtlety distraction

slumbers deeper to inaction.


Purple Eyes Publishing


A toast to pure inaction – the subtlety distraction, so you can start to see, a myriad possibility.


And now good earth can rest in mirth, a quiet berth of life’s own worth: floating on an ocean of open dreams devotion, a simple heady potion, the ‘oil-the-wheels’ lotion of newer grander motion: the finest notion: restfulness displace all the old commotion.


And the rutted was now gutted to open up a way to help the new to stay.


“You’ve had your time, now in winter it is mine, to simply prime what I would wish design”, the good earth told its rhyme as a slumber sign to simply let go of all that had no longer cause to flow, as a simple way to know, how fresh air can grow a life for greater other show.


Pristine life of snow welcomes how the cold wind blow remnants of all we used to know – a simple twinkle show, how imagination glow, and blow away the fears of long forgotten years. Tears of joy, I now employ, to simply alloy life beyond the ploy of all the staid old coy, for life is not a toy to subjugate or annoy to a simple hound of time, where the earth no longer rhyme. No, I reach my prime in pure inaction sign, when all can go to seed and none begs vast its creed beyond a present need.


Storytelling, the truth of life no longer selling every little cause to leap to greater shores…


All those “come back” mores vanish through the doors, and bottomed out, I see, the original floors of understanding surround so easily, as the essence of a standing now so magically.


An empty rush of cold, braced to life as winter’s cold, urged now to survival bold!


Faint-hearted, now we parted ways, for I have much grander days caught in fiery haze much greater than your yesterdays: winter now is spelling, no need for further dwelling in the past, for see a shadow cast, the year is less than half-mast and I shall scurry to a future brand and new.


Wind let now all life rescind back to its roots (to freshen up new shoots), for no more the sun cahoots with all your clambering flutes, and the cacophony was stilled in a sea of total inactivity.


The billowed waves of confusion frozen in diffusion and a simple light now fall soberly upon it all.


What could you ever tell to break this slumbering spell, when good earth is well beneath winter as a heath and dressing – icy moments now possessing a sharper sense of sorts, where wisdom thwarts with a deeper frost, the vital cut from the cost of ever lamenting loss of what turns to dross.


Sharp distracted pen, and yet, that moment once again, release a feather as a kind of zen, the gentleness of now not when to fall to slumber once again and simply embrace a wide open space.


Subtlety distraction, the earth stays out of action, until it is good and ready to berth a fresh new eddy. Until then, frozen stream, come and live your grander dream, far away from all has-been.


A Subtlety Distraction - The Earth Is Out Of Action

Nothing more that you can see... nothing more that you can be... nothing more to tell... Winter closed the wishing well and said, instead - let the good earth rest her head - a season's joy full fed - now to glistening easily - now to listening peacefully, as earth slumbers deep - its own wisdom keep.

  • ISBN: 9781910774878
  • Author: [email protected]
  • Published: 2016-11-02 12:35:09
  • Words: 1491
A Subtlety Distraction - The Earth Is Out Of Action A Subtlety Distraction - The Earth Is Out Of Action