A Nation Divided: United we stand, Divided we fall

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A Nation Divided: United we stand, Divided we fall

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[A Nation Divided
**]United we stand, Divided we fall

…It’s November 9, 2016 – America is A Nation Divided amongst “We the People.” We are called to topple the worldly structures protected by our corrupted foundations waging war with truth deceptively and quietly. By dissecting and addressing fallacies amongst mainstream media, and the global elitist’s agenda, we will find clarity and truth as we prepare our individual and collaborative purposes to restore our Constitution as we retake America. With this time of restoration before restriction, we will restore the foundations of Truth and Love eroding by division, rescuing as many souls that will salvation as possible. We will examine the redefining of meaning, the deception tactics deployed to reshape our conscious, unconscious and subconscious states of mind, and gain awareness through many complex truths.


The multitudes of which will have meaning and hope for every living, breathing person. By correcting the misperceptions that have been spread to divide us amongst each other – through a systematic review of truth, historical facts, past & present issues, and a deep analysis of our division – we will ‘Set the Record Straight’ on where we have been and the “total reset” we avoided with Common Grace. Visiting our recent history, we will review the record before a Trump Administration takes office and the mainstream media confusion-chaos-fest escalates.


Each of us will determine the future course of this country and outcome, for better or worse. We must unify together to uproot the destructive worldly forces that seek power, control, and wealth at each of our expenses, supporting the man, the movement & the 45th President of the United States of America - God's anointed Cyrus (Isaiah 45) - Donald J. Trump. As we usher in "The Great Awakening," the greatest test America will ever endure, "We the People," the 99% and overwhelming majority, have two years to right the ship or lose our way. Will we heal our nation, fix our eyes, and straighten our paths to unite?


Will we pass or fail the test?

Will you pass or fail your test?

Show love, give grace, find mercy. Stand your ground and be of one accord.

United we stand, Divided we fall.

That will be our test to come

Acknowledgements & Dedication

To Enzo: I will see you soon buddy. You are a walking miracle; do not lose hope. To Matthew West: you wrote the song Mended for many purposes. I am relatively sure he just may be the greatest of those purposes. Thank you.

To every Christian artist who has chosen the narrow path, including (but not limited to): Toby Mac, Chris Tomlin, For King & Country, Newsboys, Steven Chapman, Hillsong United, Kari Jobe, Natalie Grant, Jesus Culture, Casting Crowns, Jeremy Camp, Brandon Heath, Crowder, Third Day, MercyMe, Tenth Avenue North, Lincoln Brewster, Finding Favor, Lauren Daigle, Matt Maher, Big Daddy Weave, Phil Wickham, Hawk Nelson & any others.

To every Christian, and every Christian leader, who chooses the True Christian way, with true regard for the Word of God, standing firm on truth and love with action, just as much as belief, including but no where near limited to: Lance Wallnau, Rick Joyner, and Chuck Pierce. (While I do not know any of these three personally, I thank them for all they have done to rescue souls and restore truth. They are highly blessed and favored!)

To my parents, grandparents, and family: I would not have landed where I am today, or have experienced all of the blessings that I have, if it were not for you. I love you very much. I hope this brings clarity to any confusion regarding my mindset and behavior throughout life.

To Donald Trump: I thank you for everything. Although I do not know you, the appreciation and love I have for you is abundant. This book is ultimately meant to help you just as much as everyone else, as the mainstream media will attempt to blame you for the problems that have existed before you ever take office – given the amount of information unknown by the general public. Should this come to find you, I hope it gives you hope. You are blessed and highly favored in the eyes of the Lord. Keep the straight path, with the Lord at the forefront. We will walk behind you to restore America, retaking the foundations that have been destructed as we unite!

Last but not least, to Kim: You are my rock. I would be half the man I am called to be without you. I love you more than words will ever express. You are precious to me, and the Lord. Thank you for everything, from the deepest part of my heart, I am sorry for all I have done. I hope this heals your heart. I love you, sweetheart.


Prior to the release of this book, I was directed not to have anyone read it or copyedit the manuscript, as I proofed the book a dozen odd time’s front to back. What was most difficult, however, was the first person narrative necessarily weaved in between the facts and information that expose the truth, to high degrees. It is not easy for me to write about myself, it is extremely uncomfortable; let alone a witness statement that appears exalting for the purpose of the confession that exposes the grave indifferences I have chosen through various periods of my life. I wrote as lead, not as desired, for I desired much that was not to be so. However, while difficult and humiliating, by the end, I only hope it has helped reshape the perspectives we use to judge others based on the headlines we are exposed to. Our country is facing a current matter of misperception, and subsequently, every written word serves one or more reasons: healing a disunity, rescuing souls, sharing truth, providing information, and reshaping perspective.

While you may wonder why God is spoken of so often through my experiences, and throughout this book, this is the reason why: God is the focal point of everything I see in this world, not just this book or this election, or even my life. I cannot help it. I see Him all around me and I am thankful for every blessing, tribulation, perspective, and learning experience I have encountered. God has never forsaken me, and with honest perspective, any hardship or backwards path I have encountered in life is by my own actions, or meant to help me learn. We have come to a point where we must establish credibility through knowledge, experience, and relatability to even portray a matter of truths to an otherwise unsuspecting audience; of what composition, I have no actual idea. Start understanding how to use everything for anything. You will make mistakes, we all make mistakes. God also works all things for the good. Do not be discouraged, do not be dismayed, and do not live your life in fear – of anything. There is nothing to fear that has not already conquered.

Ultimately, I can only pray and hope this heals A Nation Divided

…as this world prepares for the greatest test it has ever encountered…

The author, company, and publishing company are not, and have never been, affiliated, personally, professionally or in any other manner to Donald Trump, The Trump Administration, or any other known venture, avenue, business, etc. owned or associated with Donald Trump. The author is not a paid spokesperson, representative, endorser, or any affiliated party and has received no financial contributions, of any manner, for any purposes whatsoever.

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A Nation Divided

United we stand, Divided we fall


Part 1: Life is a trial period to an eternity

Part 2: History: Past & Present

Part 3: The Great Awakening
































Part 1

Life is a Trial Period to an Eternity

Chapter 1: The Armor of God

The silent majority has spoken; the truth has prevailed. It’s November 9, 2016 and America is A Nation Divided amongst “We the People.” “United, there is little we cannot do in a host of cooperative ventures. Divided, there is little we can do, for we dare not meet a powerful challenge at odds and split asunder.”^^1^^ “For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.”^^2^^

United we stand, divided we fall. That will be our test to come.

I have never been one to have many direct visions, but when I do, they are powerful. I was five years old when I had my greatest encounter with the Divine, shaping my faith to this day:

My room sat adjacent to my parents, my bed positioned along the far wall, opposite the door. I awoke during the middle of one night sick, needing medicine, as I glanced toward the door and saw two knights, presumably men, dressed in full suits of armor: the Armor of God (Eph. 6:13-17). Positioned like Roman soldiers, they stood shoulder-to-shoulder, tall and strong, guarding the entrance to my room with their backs turned towards me. I remember an overwhelming sense of peace as I rose to my feet, heading for my parent’s bedroom. There was no clear space to walk between, but as I approached, a way parted without any separation of their strength. I remember telling my mom about the knights with a sense of joy and wonder. Walking back seconds or moments after, they were gone. I never did see either of their faces, and have not physically seen them since, but I knew then as I know now: these were my guardian angels.

I would not (consciously, to my recollection) recall this event until a weekend snowmobiling trip with my grandpa when I was 12. Although this was my first time on a snowmobile, I loved being outdoors doing anything that was exciting, exhilarating, or even vaguely considered a sport. We made our way towards two full-size Polaris sleds, received a brief introduction about the rules, and were on a small trail a few short minutes later. Now, either we did not pay attention to the instructor, or were not aware of the open fields, positioned between the trails, which are not trails.

A short while after, with a feel for the sled, we found our way onto an open field, which appeared to be a wide trail. We started to race one another as – with no exaggeration – I glanced down, only to see 91 MPH on the speedometer. I peeked over my back right shoulder, as I had started to pull away from my grandpa, only to see him simultaneously start slowing. Spinning my head around to look forward, a wide dirt road lie split seconds ahead, strengthened by roughly three or four foot high ice packed embankments. It would quickly become an instant fight or flight moment.

Knowing how fast I was traveling, and the likelihood any attempt to stop would mean nose-diving into the far side, I accelerated full throttle, lifting my front skis upon approaching the ridge, hoping I could use the momentum to clear the road on a jump. As my back skis separated from the ground, time seemed to slow down. Perceiving I had cleared the embankment, my front skis struck along the top third at the very last second. I was instantly tossed over the handlebars. Simultaneous exchanges of seemingly never-ending mid-air somersaults were inevitable. I landed straight on my head, pile-driver style, the sled crashing down right alongside me, thankfully, not on top of me.

Lying motionless, I realized seconds later … I was okay …somehow… I should have been injured, at very least, if not paralyzed or dead? God only knows how much pressure my head and neck compressed at once, even with a helmet on. The only injury I suffered – should it render such a definition – was a headache; the snowmobile had a minor bent front ski. Thanking God, sincerely, I was extremely grateful and instantly reminded of the encounter with the knights: I was protected and safe; God had my back. I knew right then I was not supposed to live in fear, rather, I was supposed to live my life fearless. My body lit up with goosebumps. I could only smile.

Life is about perspective.

This is my assignment.









Chapter 2: Show love, give grace, find mercy

“In the long history of the world, only a few generations have been granted the role of defending freedom in its hour of maximum danger. The energy, the faith, the devotion which we bring to this endeavor will light our country and all who serve it – the glow from that fire can truly light the world.”^^3^^

When you shine a flashlight into a dark corner, is the dark not forced to move for the light, without choice? Not because of the light, or specific light, but because of its source – for without the source, there would be no light.

Though we typically cannot see the wind, do we not know that it exists beyond certainty because it blows the leaves and rattles the shutters?

How would you respond to someone who had chosen not to warn you upon observing a burglar robbing your home, presumably to steal from you? Would that be considered justice, love, or what is correct?

I do not have all the answers. I do not have anything you cannot have. I am no better than anyone is; I am just a man, a sinner who deserves nothing. I have made plenty of mistakes in my life, many mistakes, as I do today. As God knows the totality of such mistakes, should I not use those experiences to help other people?

For “There is no temptation that is uncommon to man.” Yet, there is one absolute certainty despite that: God has never forsaken me. Not because of me, because of Jesus. I would have nothing, do nothing, and be nothing without God or Jesus. The Word was the word before it was The Word; it is not my word, its God’s Word. A sheep does not lead his Shephard; a servant is not above his Master.

Although God often chooses to work through man, God does not need man; man needs God. Without God, man would not exist. Without God, Satan could not exist. God does not call the qualified, he qualifies the called, because the best of men are but men at best. Do you understand the difference?

Any wisdom, knowledge, understanding, or otherwise tangible or intangible possession or gift I possess is not by my own doing, nor is any perspective or viewpoint intended to boast, target, condemn, bear judgment, or self-glorify myself in any exalting nature.

Likewise, having understanding or perception is not prophecy; I am not a prophet. I may speak prophetically at times, but to confuse you into believing such appointment, not appointed unto me, would be a dangerous and costly mistake to others and myself. With that said, you would be wise to heed this advice, ponder these perspectives, weigh these experiences, and consider this understanding, as there is an unflappable light that has been placed inside of me to know, see, and understand many truths that make God known and the ways of this world visible – quite possibly for this very purpose. Everything that precedes and proceeds serves purpose, for that matter, whether I will for it to be included or not – or included, but not:

“And for me, that utterance may be given unto me, that I may open my mouth boldly, to make known the mystery of the gospel. For which I am an ambassador in bonds; that therein I may speak boldly, as I ought to speak. But that you also may know my affairs, and how I do; a beloved brother and faithful minister in the Lord shall make known to you all things. Whom I have sent unto you for the same purpose, that you might know our affairs; that he might comfort your hearts.” (Ephesians 6:19-22)

I must testify by which manner I am called to testify, not by which manners best suit me or have common understanding.

Truthfully I speak, because I thirst for truth.

Boldly I testify, because many stroke feathers, leading one another down the road to perdition.

Impartially I judge, because Faith has no feelings and your soul is of far greater worth to me than your personal feelings at this, or any given moment.

Accountability I desire from others, exceedingly unto myself, impartial unto others. For the wise man is meek and lowly, understanding correction in truth is love, forbearing humility for the sake of wisdom and well-being of others.

I find no need to be loved by man. Rather, a constant, never-ending need to show others the love that has been shown to me – whether it is accepted or not. With good faith, sincerely and truthfully, I promise to lead you through personal and worldly matters, showing you the many things, of some things, which I know to be true, should you will to hear it or receive it. There is much change coming and much change needed for a time of restoration before restriction – a Great Awakening.

Satan, the enemy, has created conflict, perpetuated doubt, and redefined meaning while deceiving perspectives by withholding or twisting truth. Many continue to destruct, even by ways of peace, as Satan’s goal to create as many unbelievers as possible remains, destroying as many souls that will not salvation along the way.

I stand firm as a faithful martyr for truth, with a voice that cries out to rescue souls – not in vainglory – but for the Savior that was sent unto this world, to rescue as many people that will life by truth and love; for death is the devils prize. Wherewith Confirmation He was, and is, and is to come, ascending on high and leading captivity captive.

One Christ and one Spirit, one Unit with one Source, God and Father, above all and through all, and in us all, should we will to receive it. Grace is bountiful and never ending with the Gift that was provided to us, and for us, to help one another, loving one as we love the other – as Christ loves us, as Christ loves the church. For every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand.^^4^^

Do you understand how a foundation erodes, crumbling a structure? When continuous penetration is applied relentlessly to the foundation materials, with excessive force. When a foundation erodes, the structure inevitably crumbles. The top of a roof structure is covered, the furthest point from the most important area of stability: the foundation. “We the People” are called to topple structures, the worldly structures that wage war with Truth; but as the top is hidden, we must apply persistent pressure with a bottom up approach, a counter-strategy, breaking down the foundations that protect the top. While the foundation is the strongest, it is also the largest and most susceptible. The opportunity is at hand to retake what has been taken, to re-establish ways of Truth and Love, to make our calling a constant argument for all that we are in need of.

…Because God is love and love is truth.


Chapter 3: Perceiving & Believing

What is mistaken about our current situation is that the division created this past election started long before this election, has nothing to do with “politics,” but everything to do with a 30+ year global takeover agenda, protected by politics, which failed in its final stages of the election. This book is not about politics - or even religion, for that matter – it is about truth, love, and purpose. For the knowledge and understanding to be shared can heal the multitudes of division with reunification of perception, presenting a symbolic set of circumstances, experiences, behaviors, and thought process’ to reshape our perspectives with truth, to various degrees. Everything presented intends to join from top to bottom, working as one system in harmony with, and within itself. Nothing happens on accident, nothing happens without purpose. Should you come to see or perceive, many hidden truths exist within what is written. Like the world in which we live in, the unseen is far greater than the seen. Pay attention.

Many who read from beginning to end with an open mind, and open heart, will be changed for the better, with new understanding and perspective. Some, on the other hand, will put this book down when it gets too heavy, becomes confusing, contradicts their actions, or questions their own beliefs. If you do not understand something, that is okay, keep reading. Chances are, what was confusing will be reworded or repeated later. If you disagree with something, that is okay too, keep reading; this is not about you or me. We are on a power mission to rescue souls and restore a nation that has lost sight of God. In totality, mountains of darkness are about to move as the worldly elitists scatter to formulate their next plan, shifting their focus, ultimately clouding some people’s minds. Believer or non-believer, republican, democrat, or libertarian, I pray and plead it will move mountains in you, not clouds over you. Nevertheless, not as I will or control, but only as far as I am able.

The following questions intend to start stirring your perspective on why you believe what you believe, regardless of what you actually believe:

p<>{color:#000;}. Do you believe in God? Why or why not? What experiences and perspectives have shaped your reasoning? You may not even be reading this if not, but either way, be honest with yourself. Regardless, I am not applauding or judging you. Many who are first shall be last and many who are last shall be first. However, and again, do we not know that the wind exists with certainty because it blows the leaves and rattles the shutters?

p<>{color:#000;}. If you do not believe in God, do you want to, but do not know where to start or what to believe? If you will keep your heart open, I am going to do my best to help you understand or relearn what was lost, hidden, or incorrectly learned; you are only one-step away from grace.

p<>{color:#000;}. Do you believe in God, but feel ashamed, weary, or not good enough? While you cannot boil an egg with lukewarm water, if not once lukewarm, would the water ever boil? If you are wavering, calm your mind and tame your fears with prayer, that flickering flame will hopefully spread into a blazing fire. Do not give up, have hope. There is nothing to fear when God is for us, for who can be against us? No one. While I am not perfect, He is, and I am His.

God is love and love it truth.

Love is gracious, merciful, forgiving, compassionate, patient, kind, respectful, and sincere. Love is not boastful, rude, mean, selfish, angry, lustful, deceitful, or evil, among much else. Love is everlasting. It endures all things and hopes all things; love is everything. For love is the foundation of the world, as God is the foundation of creation; likewise, Jesus is the cornerstone of such foundation, the way to salvation.

Alpha and Omega, beginning and the end. God does not lose. The Master Mathematician, Scientist, Chemist, Physicist, Biologist, and every other –ist, -er, or -ology created by, and in, His master plan. God is the Holy Lord of Hosts, the Creator of all; we are His guests. As we did not create the world we came into, it can only mean we owe respect, at minimum, to the one who created us, as He created such place, planning us in His perfection, knowing you “Before you were in the womb.” God created man to be free, with free will, the greatest rights endowed by our Creator. Satan knows he cannot win, and has little time, but unsaved souls can be self-destructed.

Through free will, Satan deceived man, man sinned, and generations of man following Adam and Eve were subsequently sinners. The wages of sin are death, as God is Holy; therefore, God does not sin. However, how would it be pleasing to God, who created us, that we all be condemned to death for our sins? As we surely are all sinners, would not every person fall short, rendering therefore no such purpose for man? Even more, if we were all condemned to death, and thereby cast into hell, would that not be infinite victory for Satan? Heaven forbid.

As the blood of animals could not take away the sins of man (Old Testament), God sent his Son (New Testament), a permanent sacrifice, the Lamb that was slain, with equal attainability for anyone and everyone that should call upon His name. For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. (John 3:16). We are saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ. Salvation is simple, if we so choose.

To deny the Son is to deny the Father by whom the Son was sent. To deny our Savior is to deny our own wrongdoing, and thus we cannot enter into eternal life without Jesus Christ. For God has no need for man, but man for God. Nobody is perfect; nobody has all the answers. Christian, non-Christian, Atheist, Buddhist, Muslim, etc. sin does not discriminate based on belief. We are all sinners because of free will. We cannot truly believe we do not sin, even saved, and we cannot make people believe they must lead a “sin-free” life; this drives people away from Christ, who is salvation. Because of such imperfection, grace truly wins every time and the love God has for us is abundant, rich, and everlasting. For the forgiveness, grace, mercy and love that all who know Jesus know to be true is why we give Him glory, praise, and honor.

Through free will, the ultimate choice we freely choose is life or death, although many do not perceive it as fact. Life is a trial period to an eternity and two pre-destined options of eternal transcendence exist: Heaven and hell. There is a heaven and there is a hell. Again, hell is a geographical location that most definitely exists. There is no purgatory, that is for sure, and you are not here to become a tree. Life happens on purpose. No one’s here because they should not be, no one has experienced their circumstances to only endure a life of suffering or triumph.

Life too is about perspective, and the basis of true perspective is the foundation of God, which is truth. God who not only exists, but is constantly involved within everything – not in everything – but ever present, everywhere – all the time – whether we perceive it, believe it, or not. God does not want or expect us to tip-toe around, afraid to speak or act, because of the mistakes we could make, or have made; we are called to live freely, to love one another – To seek him, find him, and make him known. Sometimes, after attempting to open our eyes through subtle means, God’s left with no choice but to bring about harsher means in order for us to receive mercy now, if we so choose to perceive the correction. Because of this act of love for us, sometimes we choose to become angry with God when he is actually trying to help us.

You see, most people are afraid of offending one another, being persecuted, or not having friends – life is like a popularity contest to some – when the wise man walks alone, and the fool is found in a crowd. Times like these, it is easy to sway back and forth, wavering from side-to-side. No matter how you have swayed, or stationed, be not weary of correction. For who so God loves he corrects. This is mercy! Would we not rather have a chance to correct our wrongdoing now, or see how we can use our wrongdoing to help others, instead of when the door slams shut and we stand to tell our story on judgment day? If correction on a matter of truth or God’s law offends you, understand that:

a) I did not make the law; I bear witness to the law

b) I care more about your soul, the truth, and this nation than I care about your personal feelings and…

c) I do not judge or condemn you either way. I only ask that you read with an open mind. You will come to find out that I am extremely impartial.

While works can never replace faith, faith without works is hypocrisy. Works are actions that express our belief, which come from our perspectives, developed through experiences, shaped by our free will. There is no doubt that we all have a different walk of life, with equally different perspectives, beliefs, and experiences. We are not all created to fill the same purpose; we do not all possess the same mission within our destiny. We are all called for a unique reason. The quicker we find that reason, the sooner we find purpose. Upon finding purpose, we obtain our path to destiny. All of this requires information.

We gather information from seeing, listening, reading, watching, hearing, doing, etc. Developed by our experiences, various perspectives exist uniquely within each person and each circumstance. Through free will we freely operate, freely choosing our path. We compile the information we receive throughout our life experiences into our worldly view, which we use to judge the world, and others, around us. The less information we receive, the less we have to interpret or weigh into the totality of circumstances. The less we know, the more we attach to common viewpoints based upon general “popular” opinion. This can range from a simple answer to a complex problem. Some even suffer from Cognitive Dissonance, when something becomes so overwhelmingly hard to fathom or contemplate that the brain does not understand how to deal with it, correct it, or interpret it, so it turns it off completely. Which is to say, willingly choosing to ignore.

On the other hand, if I were observing a burglar attempting to rob your home, and willingly chose to warn you, that would be considered justice, love, or what is right, correct? We have misconstrued the meanings of observation, correction, and judgment; three different matters confused and blended. For instance, just because I observed someone burglarizing your home does not mean I judged them, or necessarily corrected them directly; the police correct the burglar. Instead, the correction that I dealt is informing you of the suspected burglar I observed, otherwise making you aware. Therefore, the correction in this circumstance is actually information, or awareness, which is knowledge. Judgement is in the hands of the judge; I do not know why that person was burglarizing your home, so I do not judge, lest judgement rest on my shoulders. Again, it does not change the fact that I observed what was taking place, knew it to be wrong (in my judgement of right v. wrong) and made a correction by informing you. This is far more than a symbolic parallel from a rephrased question asked of you at the beginning of this book. In fact, it serves multiple purposes that I will leave you to find meaning in regards too.

Social & Environmental Factors on Behavior:

The social and environmental factors we encounter throughout life, beginning at birth, are constantly shaping our mindset, or thought process, empowering our behavior. Behavior requires a thought process. A thought process requires information. Every experience we encounter is additional information to process, interpret, and store. Experiences are, as they continue to be, where we observe and learn. “People are viewed as having developed personalities as a result of subjective experiences,” in conjunction with a “wider range of options or possibilities for personality development,” depending on such experiences.^^5^^ Meaning, our perspectives are individually unique given our various experiences.

The aspect of free will, including the ethical dilemmas that each of us face throughout our experiences, create different paths of behavior by shaping our perspectives, opinions, and belief systems. These determine our morals, values, and personality. Learning theories show correlation to behavior through experience, and ultimately, behavior is the outcome of the thought process. As a result, learned behavior, in essence, actually develops our perspectives, opinions, morals, and values based on our experiences. Each new experience develops a deeper understanding and unique perspective. While learned behavior results in an action, or inaction, the behavior cannot perform without information applied to a thought process.

People begin to translate or relate one experience to another as they start to develop their psychological mindset and perspective to the world around them. We all have a different walk of life, including different perspectives, beliefs, and opinions. We all determine our individual course of action with our free will. Free will plays a major role in the outcome of behavior, and cannot be accurately weighed or assessed within each individual. It is by that reason alone theories, an explanation used to understand factual information, cannot be applied flawlessly from one person to another. However, without access to necessary resources – truthful information – and a chance to succeed – knowledge generated through obtaining information – an individual may never identify the correct path to guide their free will, as such is the case at hand.

We refer to this environmental process as socialization: “By which individuals become competent, participating members of a society;”^^6^^ otherwise referred to as the “process by which adults prepare children for competent adulthood in their own social group.”^^7^^ Children observe parents during childhood, where the majority of learned experiences start to occur. As children grow older, they gradually internalize expectations of right and wrong, and standards of conduct, which are individual values and morals relative to societal expectations. Although moral development takes place throughout life, it is especially critical during adolescence and young adulthood.^^8^^ Morals and values are determined by the thought process, which we develop from how our perceptions are shaped, laying an infrastructure for belief. These traits represent a key component of the framework and thought process we use for each action. The overall perspective and knowledge we gather from action and observation slowly develops individualized holistic thinking.

As behavior is an expression of a thought process, the thought process each of us develops depicts our behaviors, or actions. Therefore, the specific behavior or action that we take is not the immediate issue, but rather the effect of the information input on the behavior output. The Social Learning Theory and Psychodynamic Theory are both important to understand, briefly, for clarifying the relationship of information input to behavior output.

The Social Learning Theory explains the correlation between psychology and behavior. It is quite simple: Behavior is learned; therefore, it can be unlearned, and relearned. One of the most famous learning theory experiments conducted used children to study tendencies to violence. When children observed positive behavior, they behaved in a positive manner. When children observed violence, they tended to behave violently towards a (dummy) object. As we are born naturally good, with certain natural principles genetically encoded within us, if a person remains relatively free of negative influence attempts, or inadvertent actions from others, the “self-actualization motive will lead to a sociable, cooperative, creative, and self-directed person.”^^9^^

Similarly, are you familiar with the experiment where the mice look for food every time they hear the same ‘ding’? The mice look for food at the sound of the ‘ding,’ being conditioned to expect food at that time. The brain equates food to the bell, conditioning the brain overtime with repetition, thereby creating learned behavior. Similarly, that process can be applied to reverse behavior, becoming unlearned, when a new conditioning method is introduced and reinforced to replace the existing behavior. While the reinforcement, or repetition, is usually the condition, such as the ding, this can range in size and effect, targeting any state of mind (conscious, unconscious, preconscious) with the right control. Experiences – such as the children observing violence or positive behavior – are interpreted independently and do not require repetition to learn, only exposure. Individual experiences will not condition a population, which requires repetition.

Although we are born good, not evil, our brain is a constant sensory board looking for new information. Every experience we encounter is consciously, or unconsciously, processing that information, programming it, and storing it for future use. In both instances, we begin to formulate our thought processes, based on our experiences, as we do until the day we leave this earth. Over time, reinforcement (and general exposure) within our experiences develops our perspectives, shaping our morals and values into a semi-solid state.

Semi-solid, meaning, our morals and values are constantly transforming based on information input from new experiences. Morals and values determine belief; belief dictates action. Action is behavior. Behavior and belief are the basis of free will. Free will never moves a person to action without some form of thought process from stored information. Stored information is what the mind uses to make such decisions during the Psychodynamic Theory, when information transfers back and forth between the ID, Ego, and Superego to determine a behavior by thought process.

The Psychodynamic Theory describes how we make decisions based on our unconscious, subconscious, and conscious states of mind – our thought process – using our ID, Ego, and Superego. “The ID is the primitive psychic force hidden in the unconscious, representing the basic needs and drives on which other personality factors are built.”^^10^^ The ID signals to your brain a need, such as water. The ID transfers this information to your Ego to determine “How will I obtain water?” The Ego starts developing shortly after birth, eventually controlling a person’s thought process as the coordinator of personality. As needs become deprived, the increase of tension relies on the Ego to determine a rational way to fulfill the instinct.^^11^^

After determining a method of obtaining water through the Ego, whether in a split second or complex system of thoughts, the information transfers to your Superego, the rational component of the mind. The Superego weighs right v. wrong by determining “What are the consequences vs. rewards for obtaining water (the need) with this option(s) presented by the Ego?” If consequence exceeds reward, the Ego consciously determines another method of obtaining the need, sending the information back to the Superego to rationalize again, until an action occurs. “When an instinctual demand strives for expression that the Superego disapproves of, the Superego sends a signal of anxiety as a warning to the Ego to prevent the expression of the instinct.”^^12^^

As a result, the role of the Superego is to determine what is right and wrong based on the Ego’s interpretations of the ID’s needs. A guilty conscious exists within the Superego, but if the interpretations from (the absence of) learned behavior are not present, the actor does not visualize consequences for behavior determined by the Ego.^^13^^ Therefore, our daily experiences are constantly shaping our thought process used to make decisions. Whether we fully understand it, we use this thought process every day.

Shaping Perceptions with Experiences:

Consequently, with actions, a continuous motion of positive and negative influence exists. At some point in time, everyone has participated in one way or another. Despite that, many of us believe, either: We do not influence others around us, are not in a position to impact others, or how we treat others does not affect other matters. All three are wrong. In fact, it is not just the initial point of interaction where your kindness has a lasting effect, or lack thereof, but the influence it has on that person, who influences other people. Society is like a chain of physics, filled with cause-and-effects, both small and large. Everything happens for a reason. Actually, everything happens for multiple reasons.

Nothing serves only one purpose, for “we know all things work together for good to them that love God, who are called according to His purpose.”^^14^^ As one collective unit, we work together, or refuse to work together, whether we understand how our participation influences others or not. We judge people based on headlines and extremely small amounts of information when the unseen is far greater than the seen. As a result, we oftentimes conform to the world – even promoting a wicked agenda, sometimes without even realizing it – as the perceptions we use exist within our unconscious state of mind, until awareness draws them out and into our conscious state of mind. When you can change perception, you can reshape your thought process and alter behavior – for good or bad.

On the other hand, amongst many deception strategies, the primary method to adversely condition a population is to avoid sharing information, specifically the truth. People do not act without information, which provides insight, knowledge, or understanding. How can anyone generate an informed perspective if access to information is restricted? Information is the most valuable asset in existence, considering we are all subject to time, while money, power, and control often deceive man’s heart. Why do you believe ancient Romans, Egyptians, Israelites, Chinese, etc. had advanced understanding and engineering skills, comparatively speaking, than we do today?

It was not by alien encounter, such as the TV shows that condition your mind with such non-sense. Ancient civilizations possessed more information, therefore having more knowledge, which is the reason for their advanced capabilities. As such, information is withheld overtime as to not influence or share truth and knowledge, adversely effecting future generations level of intelligence. As we continue to be brainwashed of the Truth and Light, more and more people become dangerously deceived.

Media Deception:

Mainstream media (MSM) has participated as a willing puppet in the steadfast conditioning of half our nation on behalf of secret elitists who seek to deceive, destroy, and divide the majority with their One World demonic agenda. The common misconceptions, generalizations, and assumptions planted by the media, and spread by the people, have ultimately fractured our nation. As a result, we are A Nation Divided to the likings that we have not been since the Civil War. Truth be told, the loss of life suffered during the Civil War will pay no homage to the abomination of desolation to come, should we not veer our course. This is why I speak truthfully, persuasively, and urgently; my heart aches for all those who will die without salvation, following the beast unto the ways of perdition, which is hell.

The mainstream media has warped and conditioned many to believe false claims and spun rhetoric, but not just about Donald Trump, or even this world in general. A relentless effort has led to the removal of Christ, and distortion of God – who are the definition of Truth and Love – in nearly every area of society. Perpetuated distortion and conditioning methods continuously spread about; confusion is setting in, perceptions are shifting. Realize it or not, we are nearing the greatest deception, and the grandest of celebrations, although “all these things (what is written in the Word of God) must first come to pass.” As we enter upon a time that is grievously dangerous, and bittersweet, “We the People” continue to be deceived by the worldly powers of a wicked minority. All the while, our perceptions and meanings conditioned to perpetuate their agenda, destructing our souls and further dividing the majority in the process. Many people are letting our current set of circumstances blow past us like the wind – Circumstances deployed to dismantle our current cares and concerns in a short matter of time, should we not become aware or hearken to correction at this time.

The “confusion chaos fest” was purposely deployed to adversely shape our behavior, by altering our thought process. Consequently, it has become harder each day for many to distinguish truth from lie – what is real from what is perceived – what is actually happening from what we think is happening. By reassigning reason and meaning, the enemy has placed a blindfold of confusion within almost everything, including faith – our foundation. So too will be their portion. On November 9th, we started to hear… “Well…I just do not know what happened …No one saw this coming…The polls just didn’t show out, it is…unbelievable…” The blind lead the blind and they fall into a ditch; that is what happened.

Even worse, many are continuously scribing their destinies upon slabs unseen. They are siding with the devil, sadly, and many know it. These are Satan’s minions, openly and willfully choosing to oppose God. The problem is of larger magnitude, however. Deceptively manipulated, we are a tool protecting and pushing an agenda that most are unconsciously aware even exists. Candidly speaking, we are lost as a unit in this nation. We have divided ourselves, hardened our hearts, puffed up our self-pride, hate truth and loathe evil, loving money and possessions, disregarding our soul as if our lives are not a trial period to an eternity. We attack those sent to help us and willingly perpetuate a continuous motion of evil, often peacefully.

People are in a whirlwind of confusion, feeding off one another’s false assumptions, lies, and illusions as a result. We use our (often false) perceptions, articulations, observations, and opinions – many of which are established by popular opinion, without solid, factual information – to judge everyone else, when we ourselves fail to reflect upon our own behavior. We do not repent, harden our hearts, hate correction, flee accountability, loathe in self-righteousness, and love has become a misconstrued concept. Admitting wrongdoing is like playing a game of Russian roulette to some people, when in fact, God knows every intricate detail of everyone’s story as it rests.

We are Called to Topple Structures:

We must deploy a counter-intelligence initiative in one accord; let Truth and Love be our fortress and foundation. The elitists are like a roof structure, the top points where the transfer of weight to the foundation begins. Although this small protected group at the top is unseen, their agendas exposed by observing their structure and foundation. The top is where real control is, but we have to be intuitive; we are not going to be successful at the top of a global agenda. The elitists’ network is larger, and more exposed, at the bottom. When you cripple a foundation, everything on top follows in order. In essence, this too is happening to us as we speak. The removal of Jesus – truth – has caused us to harden our hearts to our own wrongdoing. Elitists have crushed the foundations of America with their agenda and our structure has fallen to the equivalent of what remains: A divided nation misguided into disunity by misperception.

We have to start to think like them – without becoming one of them – in order to perceive, understand, and dismantle the core basis of their plan. We will reapply reverse psychology, assimilation, cooperative partnership, pressure, and targeted penetration – applied to our American and Christian foundation – back to these global elitists and their “Age of Reason” agenda. Since the elitists’ self-constructed system requires playing the telephone game from top-to-bottom, the top does not necessarily work with the bottom, but relies on the bottom to stand. “Age of Reason” elitists already penetrate their own foundations self-destructively with other foreign substances, such as threats, force, fear, and intimidation; coupled with the long-distance between the points of support and control.

Find the cracks and blow them open with relentless truth and never-ending persistent efforts. Then assimilate into every area of their foundation according to your specific calling. If they break one of us down, somebody else stands up. If we unexpectedly, with relentless pressure and penetration, crush the foundations all around us (ex: media, journalism, education, academics, medicine, health, business, economics, trade, innovation, entrepreneurship, technology, entertainment, religion, government, politics, etc.) by penetrating these presently porous and exposed industries, we can be the constant force that erodes the elitists’ foundation walls. We remain so persistent that eventually, with patience, the top can no longer stand without a bottom foundation or structure to reinforce it…and all at once, it begins to crumble. Sometimes, destructing only one main beam can crush an entire structure all at once. This is the core basis of our plan and what we are about to accomplish when we unite, after we become informed.

To those who “work” discreetly, without reason or explanation of their duties, without awareness of whom they actually serve, the time is at hand for you to expose the secrets carried out by many daily. Where will you be as the infrastructure for these corrupted individuals is completed? Why is it that you cannot talk about what you do? When no longer needed, where will you fall on the worldly pecking order? You are a temporary tool and you have the opportunity to become a mighty vessel for The Lord, should you choose to do so. Truth be told, what we are not supposed to know is elitists are currently striving against and amongst themselves in discontent with their previous plan’s failure, simultaneously attempting to tweak the future plan and implementation procedures moving forward. We are about to intercept that plan.

United we will stand, Divided we will fall:

Large or small, whether you feel relevant or irrelevant, we have all participated in the course of direction for this country, ourselves, and all people – for better or worse – and even both, as we will moving forward. It is time to lay down our pride and learn from our mistakes, starting with myself. With gentle patience and humble control through all life’s experiences, loving and loving one another, each of our callings, perceptions, beliefs, and behaviors are imperative to overcoming the bonds and chains of disunity this country is experiencing – even as we speak. Everything that is about to be discussed and brought to your attention is meant to inform you, create awareness, and provide perspective on the world in which we live in. In order to create change, we must first fix ourselves, followed by our broken systems and sub-systems. There is no intention to scare you, or perpetuate fear, but to share truth – hopefully stirring motivation, encouragement, and a desire for destiny within your spirit. We are the majority; we control this country by our power in numbers. God is our foundation. For who can stop the Lord almighty?

Despite that, this is also a warning call to sound the trumpets. For if we fail to unite, we will usher in the final steps of the “Age of Reason” agenda, a total takeover plan that we narrowly avoided on November 8th when we found common grace. Common grace is God’s grace for all to avoid man’s self-made, self-destruction – whether willingly, knowingly, deservingly, or not. Upon receiving common grace, on November 9th we entered the greatest test of faith our country will ever endure, “The Great Awakening,” immediately upon the conclusion of the former; this rarely happens on such a grand scale – one of biblical proportion.

“We the People,” the 99%, the majority of the United States of America, will determine the future outcome of this country by what we say, what we do, and how we act the next two years with our perceptions, perspectives, actions, beliefs, and assignments through individual purpose. The spark of positive change has already started and with such, it is the slow flicker and faint spread of flames that grows into that like a raging wildfire:

p<>{color:#000;}. Will we pass or fail the test? I believe that is undetermined right now; I remain optimistic and hopeful. However, I am here to be honest. I am not going to tell you everything is grand and great: not everything is grand and great, to be honest. We should start by simply being grateful that we narrowly avoided such destruction this past election, humbling ourselves to learn from our mistakes, finding mercy in God’s eyes as a result.

p<>{color:#000;}. Will you pass or fail your test? Only you can answer, or not answer, your specific assignment. Only you are accountable to it. Only you control your destiny. Do not let people who seek to destroy your soul control what you do, and who you are; do not afford them such unrighteous, unwarranted power.

We are all responsible for what we can control. What we do, not what others do.

We can only control what we can control; but what if we control way more than we actually believe or perceive?

Chapter 4: My Witness Statement

We can only speak from our own perspectives, what we have witnessed from our experiences. In all sincerity, and complete honesty, the totality of all I have come to witness or experience – or that which The Lord has placed inside of me – could not be logically contained or effectively serve purpose within one book, nor is all of it meant to be. The abundance is such that to deny the multitudes of facts and faith would be as dangerous a road to embark upon as it would be to lie to you, misguide you in vainglory, or hide such truths. The love shown to me, and grace afforded to me, are all encompassing. This place is not my home. I desire to hear seven simple words: “Well done, my good and faithful servant.”

I am a millennial raised by two loving, caring, and supportive Christian parents in a small suburban town on the Eastside of Detroit. Raised on Catholicism, I attended church weekly with my younger sister and mom, who is Catholic. My dad, a Baptist, attended his separate church each week. As a small child, I was skittish and shy, extremely quiet for a significant period of my life. I had finished pondering Catholicism – after careful consideration – around the age of 10 and thought it to be incorrect. I did not get how this type of rigorous structure was supposed to be instructional or intuitive. I wanted to learn. We were living in odd times, even then, and I could not understand why the church was not the voice of reason. I knew I had access to Jesus, just as much as anyone else did; God heard my prayers. Why did I have to confess to a Priest to repent to God? Why did I need to make a communion and conformation to show that I had “achieved” a religious standing?

The Catholic Bible. When did God call you to receive your own version of The Bible? The last time I checked, two of the last four passages stated: “For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, if any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book. And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book (Rev. 22:18-19). Writs of Declaration; you mean in the beginning of Catholicism, the church charged people money to buy a certificate to “heaven”? Lord have mercy.

Faith was all about Jesus, that part of Catholicism was most definitely true, but religion left me feeling as if I was in shackles and chains.

When two of my grandparents caught wind of my decision to stop going to Catholic Church, they sent me religious items every Christmas and birthday, Catholic items specifically, until giving up. They had lost all hope! They had no idea that my faith had actually lead me out of Catholicism, closer to Christ. Some Catholics, like those in my family, honestly believe that Catholicism is superior to Christianity or different at least, when in fact it is only a division. We can all be close to God and misguided with some of our missiles. Sinners will sin, too.

Growing up, I always perceived I was different; it was not my shyness or quietness though. I did not think the same way as people. I could never put a finger on it, could not quite fit it into words, so I refrained from saying anything at all. Everything seen, spoke, or heard read like a teleprompter in my mind and sensory systems. Words constantly scrolled across from side-to-side. I spelled anything and everything I was thinking, listening to, or processing. My mind and thought process were like a constant bubble trying to pull information (thoughts) back down, which floated up towards the top, disappearing if not lassoed and stored. Daydreams and distractions were inevitable. Unintentionally, I would place myself in states of self-hypnosis for prolonged periods, multiple times per day. Weird, I know, tell me about it.

Throughout life, it left me feeling isolated, like an outcast, but I was a happy kid. I watched and listened carefully, always trying to perceive how other people thought. I did not talk much, but cared about people, felt for people, and did not hold much of a grudge against anyone, even when they wronged me. The secret power to forgiveness is that it really sets you free; many people live their lives burdened and resentful, restricting their own progress, choosing the incorrect attitude and perception with free will.

I think my dad noticed I was a little bit different as a child too, my mom probably perceived me as sensitive. I was sensitive, I was not afraid to cry, but I was not soft. My dad first told me about the Book of Revelations, and Mark of the Beast, with blunt honesty and accuracy I might add, when I was roughly 10 years old. What he described seemed distant, but I had peace in my heart. I believe the Spirit led him. He has never been more stern or direct with any single message before, or since. I remember him telling me: “You let them chop your head off before you ever take that mark, you understand? Scared me half to death, but not in the way of being frightened or worried. There was an unescapable feeling that there was something “different” I was supposed to do; I was called for a different purpose. I have spent my whole life trying to find such purpose. One thing was certain then as it is now, though – I was damn sure I was not taking an RFID chip implant when the New World Order came about.

What was different than most households of faith though, especially ones where topics such as this are discussed, was despite the fact that my dad had read the Bible some 13 odd times front-to-back, he rarely ever talked about anything unless I brought it up. We did not pray at the dinner table; I have never seen my dad pray. He did not follow current events either, which was extremely peculiar. (He voted for the first time this past election, in fact). To put it in the simplest of ways, the best reflection of my parent’s Christian faith was their action and behavior.

I was a keen observer of everything around me, but most people probably had no idea – as is likely the case today. I always tried to remain humble; compliments have always made me feel extremely uncomfortable. Whenever I started to think highly of myself, for any reason, I prayed, “Humble me Lord, I am sorry for the wrong I have done,” starting at an early age. I have always figured I may as well repent and ask The Lord to humble me, finding mercy instead of being humbled swiftly. The over analytical nature to how I started to think, one may say, but that over analytical approach lead to the number one thing I have always prayed for: Wisdom.

Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. By no stretch of the imagination does God wish for us to live in fear, but to respect the power and authority He has over the world He created, including man, and the saving grace provided to everyone who accepts his son, our Savior, Jesus Christ. God is not required to work through man, He can most definitely move on His own, but predominantly chooses to work through man. God is not a magician, either, but he performs miracles. Miracles happen every day through, and with – and even without – people; life itself is a miracle, but it is up to us to perceive what we will.

Global elitists, such as George Soros, control the MSM like puppet masters, setting souls up for destruction, having no fear of God. This will be their demise. For its written: the love of money is the root of evil. Money is not evil, the love of money is. Many people willingly, even unknowingly, promote, persuade, and perpetuate a sinister onslaught to break us apart as the majority people, ultimately because of money. You do not think the perpetuation of lies is done free of charge by the media and others elsewhere? Even at a young age, I could see the world was constantly changing, and not for the better. It was not that I did not have hope, or do not have hope, it was purely an honest, impartial observation of everything going on around us.

God was not at fault, either, as we were transitioning into a darker place. He was still present, but people seemed to be getting further away from the truth. What I always knew was extremely important within this, however, was not to judge people. I had to remain honest with myself about my own faults and failures. It was not the people; it was the enemy and principles of a matter, which we judge. I knew I made plenty of mistakes then, as I do now, and sin was sin. I was not any better than anyone else was, and I was honest with myself about that. I was also open about it to others, sometimes maybe too forthcoming.

God kept pouring.

I was a kid raised with proper morals and values. My parents taught and showed me manners. Kindness and politeness instilled within me, thankfully, like second nature, typically. Disciplined when needed, I really did not cause very much trouble as a kid. There were rules, of course, as well as chores, but I had it easy in all honesty. For no explainable reason whatsoever though, my dad was extremely intimidating to me, as well as my mom…come to think about it. I did not like screwing up. The last thing I wanted was to face my dad eye-to-eye when I had done something wrong, while my mom would hop aboard any opportunity to target my guilty conscious. There were times I would take the fall for some wrongdoing I had voiced against to begin with, but it did not change the principles of the matter. Despite the difficulties at times to tell the truth, I usually managed to be honest and forthcoming, without being a snitch. This was probably the most frequent way I found myself in trouble.

I gained my parents trust, which was easy considering their philosophy to parenting, centered around, “Let him make his own decisions and learn from his own mistakes.” Risky, cannot say I would recommend this route across the board, but I think they understood I would not abuse that style of parenting; my sister required a different set of rules. My parents supported me, asked me questions and let me share my input, although my input by no means implied consensus. I saw my friends, some with divorced parents, other’s with only one. I knew I was fortunate to live in a stable household. I was thankful and blessed. When I wanted to work, my dad refused. “You can work the rest of your life, enjoy being a kid,” he would say.

My dad always encouraged me to have fun. I played organized and non-organized sports every chance I could. Sports were the greatest life shaping experiences I had. The beginning stages of growth in teamwork, responsibility, accountability, competition, work ethic, perseverance, motivation, dedication, determination, patience, and resiliency were from sports. I was fiery competitive, still am, but there were always boundaries to my competitiveness, as there are to almost everything. Fact of the matter though, I hated losing more than I liked winning. Losing requires humility and self-reflection though – if you intend to improve yourself for your team. My parents taught me how to win, and how to lose, they let me learn.

My parents never forced me to do anything, including play any sport. They never criticized my performance, but they cared about my character development. I received a participation award one year after our team had taken last place. I was walking back to the car, looking at the trophy, thinking, “What the hell is this “award” for?” My dad asked to see it, proceeding to throw it in the garbage. We were on the same page.

Cut from the baseball team for the first and only time in my life, I was 14. Sincerely devastated and confused, I could not believe it. (The coach’s wife and my mom did not along – come to find out some years later – so she had made him cut me, wanting to forgo mingling with my mom for the summer). Funny how stuff works though, it was a blessing in disguise.

My dad brought me to a tryout for one of the best club teams in the area shortly after. I threw ten pitches before the coach made me stop. He seemed so happy to have his hand nearly broken. I proceeded to play one position or another every single inning that summer. It was the best team I ever played on. I was very thankful and grateful for the opportunity. I started to see what prosperity might look like when dreams come true, realizing God truly had a purpose and way to use any circumstance for the good – whether the circumstances that led to such point to begin with were his will or not.

High School:

As I transitioned into high school, I hung out with the same four people every single day. If they knew what I experienced the next couple of years, they would never make mention of it to me. I hated school. Not because I was not smart – I have a high IQ – because of bullying. I repeatedly expressed my desire not to continue my education. Even sports did not seem to matter, but I never lost sight of my dream to play professional baseball. It was hope, a way out. Despite disassociating further from school because of the bullying, primarily, it never amounted to anger. Being bullied was difficult; anyone who has experienced that type of daily agony understands how distracting and consuming it is.

I could never imagine bullying in today’s world of social media though; it must never stop for some of these kids. My heart goes out to every single one of them, sincerely; at least I was able to escape it after school each day. It was a blessing for me as well – it taught me patience, resistance, love, and forgiveness. Life is about perspective. I cannot say I always saw the perspective then, though. Punched in the face on a regular basis, to this day, I have never been in an actual fistfight. I had no desire to fight anyone. I have never had a desire to hurt anyone physically, emotionally, or otherwise; I am a peacemaker by nature. I loved boxing though, but I would not box anyone smaller than me. Sometimes that resulted in getting beat – many of times, as a matter of fact – but it taught me how to lose humbly.

One night, at a party, I reluctantly agreed to a boxing match upon repetitive challenging, and 45 minutes of antagonizing, from somebody I did not want to fight. We were relatively the same size, but he was belligerently drunk. I dodged his first right hook – which I am pretty sure was actually intended to be an uppercut – throwing one punch that landed him 10 feet backwards into a brand new TV. I dropped the gloves, walked out, and went home. I was disappointed in myself. Realistically, I could have handled many more hours of the same antagonizing; I had done it repeatedly. While I cannot say I necessarily perceived it then, God was building me up a backbone, even during this time, strengthening and correcting me all along the way. God would come to fight many battles in my life, many for respect and His glory. God always tended to make me see the point to correct within myself first, however, before understanding the underlying reason of such intervention.

I remember having a gun pulled on me by the age of 16 and a kid having his face bashed in with the blunt side of an axe shortly after that. I could not fathom this way of thinking, it still makes my stomach turn upside down. I did my best not to judge; sometimes it was hard. Tobacco was easily accessible. One store would take a $500 fine every week to sell to underage kids; they must have made a large profit. Alcohol obtained easily as early as 14, with generations of alcoholism in my family, I quickly found that I too carried this genetic trait.

My uncle nearly drank himself to death and now suffers from Korsakoff Syndrome: a dementia/amnesia neurological brain condition, causing people to lose relatively all short-term memory, along with most long-term memory, leaving no ability to care for oneself independently. While he is in the strongest physical shape of his life – built like a truck – his mind would seem like that of a child to strangers, fragile and rather undeveloped. Abused, alcohol is truly destructive and dangerous. I have witnessed the destruction first hand. I decided shortly after, and since, to remove alcoholism from our family genealogy. I rarely consume alcohol today.

The only drug more powerful than alcohol, in my opinion, was and is heroin. Thankfully, one I would never come to use. My high school was referred to as the heroin capital of Michigan. If you wanted to see people walking around like zombies all day, this was the place for you. In all seriousness though, it was really quite sad. I would come to see heroin in amounts to the liking that some, in sickness of their disease, may honestly kill for. I watched as many kids – even some closest to me – died from heroin overdoses over the years; jail or death seemed inevitable. Some overdose victims left in trap houses for days on end because of fear of reporting to police.

Heroin ran through my family, friends, and acquaintances. I thank God for those that were able to overcome its power; they deserve a lot of credit. I saw some escape, many after years and years of self-will, and Jesus, but sadly, many died. I watched the best shortstop I have ever seen, or played with, to this day, throw his life away, or so it seemed; he would get clean years later, become an engineer, and seemingly a very good husband and father to his children, but the power of heroin is nevertheless indescribable. This kid would have been a Major League shortstop today with the raw talent he had. This was a happy conclusion to a sad story though, and most stories did not have happy conclusions, period, when it came to H.

I was a junior in high school when the kid who bullied me on a regular basis challenged me to a wrestling match. I had no idea how to wrestle, of course. I do not even really know what led me to agree. Nevertheless, he proceeded to gather his wrestling buddies to watch. I was 120 lbs. and in a matter of 15 seconds, flipped him on his back, tangled his neck into a pretzel-like position, and pinned him into submission about 5 seconds after that. God put some sort of strength in me that I never knew possible.

It was as if God was saying, “I have had enough.” There was not much harassment afterwards – that is up until about two weeks later when he dropped out of high school, never to come back. There are few times in my life I have felt such relief. I still pray for him today though, and truly hope he has changed. I thank him either way because I needed this time in my life. I never would have thought I would come to say that, but I did; it was important. Life is about perspective and I most definitely see the perspective now. I started to enjoy myself more, playing golf and baseball, but it was not until my senior year of high school that I started to think about college seriously.

College: Bachelor’s Degree:

Receiving a scholarship to play baseball at a liberal arts university a couple hours away from my hometown, I graduated in 2006 and left for college at 17 years old that fall. My assigned dorm-mate was also my teammate, extremely outgoing and extraverted, a good fit for someone as introverted as I. We got along good, but shortly after Welcome Week he and another person from the team had agreed to swap rooms. That night, before my new roommate ever had a chance to move in, he broke his back snowboarding and never returned to school. While I obviously felt terrible for him, as a freshman who was not very outgoing, it became lonely sometimes. Despite the odd circumstances the first couple of weeks, I became acclimated rather quickly. I over enjoyed most of the first two years of college freedom and independence, aside from a tumultuous, non-healthy – often times very scary – two year relationship. I thankfully escaped the summer before my junior year started.

Changes started occurring around that time, as I had begun taking school very seriously - as I did life. Despite the steep dedication and importance to academics, the worst grade I would receive in any level of school, ever, came around this time with a D in Religion. Go figure. Intelligence does not impart wisdom unilaterally. The academic scholar, “well versed in scripture,” did not agree with or appreciate my “amateur interpretation” of Pulp Fiction on a final opinionated paper weighted as 75% of the total grade. How anyone can fail an opinion paper, especially when he or she exceeds the requirements, is absurd. He tried to reason, but it made absolutely no sense. I could only perceive he was choosing not to believe the insight I had, despite the multitudes of reasoning sitting in front of him, let alone respect my opinion. It was around that time I started to realize I might intimidate the “political correctness” perspective to “religion.” So be it, I cannot stand political correctness.

If Jesus were here in the flesh today, he would be the most politically incorrect person to walk this earth. If you tell me I cannot talk about my faith, or the truth, it is like telling a kid who loves chocolate: “Hey, there’s a Snicker’s bar in the refrigerator, but you can’t have it.” Do not tell me when and where I should be about God’s business, especially when I speak, as I am lead! God continued to wax strong my understanding and connection of worldly issues to His Word, like never before, showing me how He thought, how He saw us. It was around this time, during my junior year, I told another Christian leader that the church had fallen asleep. They were offended, of course. There was a trend growing, in case you have not noticed yet.

God provided reassurance that I was not wrong. Every time I demonstrated more courage, he provided more understanding. Every time my understanding was tested, I seemed to absorb more information through the experience, with refined knowledge, as a result. I am not saying I passed every test – by all means, I did not pass every test – but God was teaching me while setting the record. Every time I took a leap of faith, God kept fueling the fire He had lit in my spirit. Sometimes, I literally thought I heard – and think I hear – angels (like birds) singing, whistling, or clapping. It is peculiar…really peculiar.

For a long time I was very shy but not afraid to speak up when needed. I knew what it felt like to be a target, without cause, finding ways to handle private conflicts without involving everyone else, typically. I started speaking directly and differently around this time. I was not scared to speak up against what was wrong within my group of friends, and would wind up disassociating myself from many who took the wide path back home.

The desire to seek truth grew into a sense of boldness. Often referred to as the “professor,” I always tried to provide logic behind reasoning. Common sense has become logic these days, let me tell you. Plainly stated, I really did not care how others perceived me then or now (as long as that perception was not contradictory to God by some fault of my own. Those times I would go out of my way to correct a matter of misperception or behavior. I never want anyone to be confused about God because of me). I found myself speaking most honestly to those who were closest to me, as I refused to allow myself to conform to the worldly systems of this temporary place; doing my best to steer others away from the same. That included not allowing foolishness to seem acceptable when I knew better.

My grandma, for example, would never tell me I had done anything wrong, but would criticize others for something I may have very well done myself. I could feel a sense of resentment building against me as a perceived “golden child,” which I was not, so I told my grandma directly: “Why do you favor me when I do not deserve favoritism? Please treat me the same way you treat anyone else, regardless.” I am not saying I am something special for doing that. Examples like this, coupled with the lack of impartial favoritism toward those who seemed to favor, or compliment me, led many to find themselves out of my presence. Some interpreting my comments as “sarcastic,” “rude,” “ungrateful,” or “insensitive.” I plead guilty to the first, but I am honestly not rude, insensitive, or ungrateful. I do not stroke feathers; there is enough people around to do that, go find one of them. That was somewhat always my mindset.

It also led some to respect me more, as I constantly settled arguments as a method of fair impartiality toward the circumstances. I am impartial. As long as you are reasonable, I will most always see how something may benefit you from your perspective or your mindset. It is my favorite business tactic: Find out how I can help you. I love win-wins! While I love people, and love helping people, I do not desire to be loved by man. I desire to be loved by God.

God loves me, but my own salvation is not good enough for me. I want to rescue souls. Honestly, I wish sometimes it were good enough for me. I have always seen people who were happy go lucky, without a care in the world. I often wondered why I could not just be happy like this as well – a point my parents would come to make, and still make, on several occasions. That “different” calling has always lingered in my mind, though, which is hard to humbly state to people without sounding arrogant. I dislike arrogance or cockiness, but I cannot understand how we can be Christians and at peace with the soul destruction that awaits those who have no salvation? How does this love one another as we love ourselves?

Although I have salvation, it does not mean everyone else does. I want the same for each person without it. I do not want anyone to die, so why would I want others to die, let alone billions of people to die? I simply try to follow where I am lead and speak when I feel the need to speak. In addition, even more so, the most important aspect I have always tried to maintain is a positive attitude and demeanor in public – no matter what is going on in any given moment within my personal life. Leave that stuff at the door; people have enough negative influence in their life. As long as I give it my best effort, I will always be at peace with the outcome.

It is not a matter of being phony; it is a matter of understanding how behavior effects other people, like a chain of physics. By simply saying thank you, or “have a blessed day,” I can see the light come into some people’s faces. Sometimes, this is the tiny spark needed to ignite a flame; and they never have to tell me so directly. I cannot tell you how many people possibly have found salvation by simply being kind, courteous, and polite to others – only God knows. Besides faith in Christ, this is our measuring stick of judgement in the end – how we influence people by our little interactions, like this, daily. The unseen is far greater than the seen.

I am sorry to tell you this, but it is not by going to church that we positively affect other people, that is for ourselves. It is everything in between the “spiritual refresher” where we bring people to the real Church, the Body of Christ. Most people do not get that; that is okay, but it will not change. So many Christians have this concept backwards. If you disagree with me, do you think Jesus would spend his Sunday mornings in a Christian church? Negative. His ministry would not be lead like ministries today. I believe Jesus would be down at a homeless shelter, bus stop, soup kitchen, or brothel, travelling anywhere to find the lost and weary, leading non-believers or the weary in faith to where Christians gather.

The whole point is to bring non-believers to the body of Christ, rescuing souls and restarting the process with each effort and person. If you are in church, you probably know Jesus, or you are exactly where you belong. So then, who are we rescuing by believing our lives belong strictly in the church, or that we should strictly associate ourselves with Christians? When you are saved, there are many other people unsaved whom I am more concerned about, because thankfully, you are saved. This right here, this is why people do not understand me. It does not mean I do not love you. I love Jesus more.

Post-Bachelor’s Degree & Master’s Education:

Near the end of college was really the beginning of when I started to realize that God had been building me up a backbone for someone, or something, for a long time. I was a long way from understanding the full purpose of such fortitude, however. I had finished working as a Juvenile Probation Officer when I graduated in 2010 with a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice, received the second highest award in the Criminal Justice program, nicknamed “Underdog,” and accepted a Graduate Assistant (GA) position working for the Director of Criminal Justice that summer. I made a goal during my senior year of college to submit 100 job applications by graduation, only to find that I had incorrectly placed my phone number on my resume, which of course, I never reviewed until six months later when I received no replies and had no job. As a result, I had scurried to make ends meet, resulting in (reluctantly) accepting a seasonal team member position with Target upon starting the GA position.

The GA position included a free Master’s Degree education, I chose Community Counseling. After completing years of thorough research on the criminal justice and corrections system – a year in conjunction with domestic violence – I was well developed and extremely knowledgeable in a vast array of advanced areas. I had developed a new rehabilitation model, approved to conduct primary research, and pursuing a formal proposal shortly before leaving the university.

By the time I was fully invested in the GA position, between lesson plans, curriculum material, teaching classes, holding student meetings, reviewing papers, grading and entering grades – all while continuing my research and schoolwork – I was running a significant portion of the main campus Criminal Justice program. I loved what I was doing and did it with responsibility, accountability, and seriousness. I’d come to decide many outcomes to certain matters, trying to let myself never forget a few points: a) That religion class, b) How I hated school most of my life, and c) That you never know what someone’s going through until you know what someone’s going through…I learned compassion.

I was also fair and just, consistent and impartial. I did not stroke feathers then, either. Those students quickly came to learn you did not write a BS paper, based around fallacies, expecting to blow it under my nose like smoke. I sought to provide understanding, not a grade, and I did not hand out participation awards or not review the work that was completed. Never cowering, I was very diligent and thorough. Similarly, I never had anyone vehemently disagree with a specific assignment or final course grade. They knew I was fair and just. I cared very much about their intellectual development, and honestly, most professors could care less. Teaching is an easy job when you do not do anything. There is a lot of freedom to get lost in, and it happens more than we probably think. That was not the case with this department, or university, but in general.

Professional Career Experiences:

Two weeks after starting at Target, I was no longer a seasonal team member, now working in Assets Protection as a Target Protection Specialist (TPS). Within three months, I received a promotion to Senior TPS. By the end of the year, following six months of strenuous interviews and preparation, I received an offer for a corporate position. I contemplated the decision, but ultimately walked away from the university and half of a master’s degree completed, including a 4.0 GPA. They were devastated. I never thought I would see a classroom of my peers or professors look so sad, some in tears. There was also a future professor position in the Criminal Justice department to be opened when I finished my masters. No one was expecting me to leave, to say the least. I knew I needed to go, though. I loved it there, and I was not sure why, but was following where I was lead.

Upon resigning from the university, I accepted an Executive Team Leader of Assets Protection (ETL-AP) position in 2011 at 21 years of age, Target’s minimum age requirement for executives. I did not know until after the fact, but I was the first person ever hired as a seasonal team member and promoted to an executive level position in Target’s corporate history. A significant achievement for the #2 retailer in the United States. I was also the first TPS promoted to ETL within Group 195 (Michigan, Indiana, Ohio and Illinois) in over 10 years. It was extremely rare what I had accomplished, if not what some would have otherwise deemed impossible.

Leadership is interesting – it will either humble you, incentivize you, scare you, or inspire you, sometimes all at once. I used the seasonal team member reference to spark hope with the team, and team leaders, through the course of my career with Target. It was an extremely effective strategy for inspiring and motivating work ethic. Wherever I went, when I talked, people seemed to listen. I am hoping that does not change just yet; this is the most important message I have ever delivered, but it takes a methodical effort.

One team member, who was practically homeless and extremely poor, seemed to be living in what I could only imagine were hopeless conditions. Despite his environment, this kids smile, work ethic, and attitude would light up the world! It did not matter what he faced, he would do whatever you asked with the biggest smile. You could see the light just shining in and all around him, constantly. He made me tear up, a few different times, with Faith and hope to move mountains; God bless him. He humbles me just thinking about it.

I knew why I needed to be in this position – in part – shortly after arriving in South Haven, Michigan. I was working even harder than before to fix broken systems, many upon many, as the store was without an ETL-AP for over 2 years prior to my arrival. I quickly found that it was a different type of workstyle than I was accustomed to. I was responsible for what seemed like everything under the sun. It was one month after starting that I was responsible for one of the most important parts of my job: Developing, strategizing, coordinating, communicating, planning, executing, and managing Target’s Black Friday sale (typically a three-month process in-and-of-itself). The plan, and everyone’s efforts, would result in an Honorable Mention of the Group 195 Recognition Reward. This was an extremely high honor in Target’s society.

That spring, I began coordinating the second most important event for ETL-AP positions at Target: National Night Out. I developed many very close professional relationships with law enforcement, the community, and Target’s investigation center during the course of my career, large in part, due to events such as these. National Night Out is a community awareness program that incorporates Public Safety (Law Enforcement & Fire Rescue) with Target and the community. It is a public event, and another long planned effort and coordination between the ETL-AP, law enforcement, and local businesses. Once again, because of our efforts, we received one of three top awards within Group 195 for the successfulness of the event and turnout. Despite the low volume nature of our store, these two recognitions started to increase the awareness and attention to the area, especially among high-level management in Minnesota. I do not know for sure, but these events, in particular, may have very well lead to this store location staying open, period, as it was losing money rapidly (due to the low income community).

I continued to learn every day, eventually coordinating internal and external investigations and apprehensions (among a wealth of additional focuses) for two districts between Michigan and Indiana. Internal investigations and apprehensions were the best. Do not steal, especially from the mouth that feeds you. While I will never promote stealing, ever – obviously – if it were not for some of these boosters and internals, I would not have developed some of the perspectives and understanding I carry today. People will find any way, by so many more creative means than most would ever fathom, to steal anything from a Snickers bar, to cash, to totes upon totes of razor cartridges, for example. I was quickly learning the art of deception and trickery without being deceptive, the best exposure you can get, while refining my interrogation and investigation techniques.

Near the end of my South Haven lease, I walked away from a $5,000 difference on a home I was buying on Lake Michigan in June 2011. That home is worth twice as much today. Yeah, we all have regrets. After one circumstance lead to another, every house I lined up after that never worked out. With nowhere to live, for reasons understood later, it did not disturb my peace but it was awkward considering things just always had a way of lining themselves up. Even how I’d found my way to South Haven, when I unexpectedly accepted the position, had lined itself up. So, after weighing the circumstances, I moved back home with my parents.

For the next five months, I drove three hours each way, six hours round trip, five days per week. With 45+ hours of work and 30 hours of driving per week, my life consisted of work, drive, sleep, and repeat. It was a month or two after the commute started before I told anyone at work about my change in circumstances; I was worried about internal theft and I did not need people feeling sorry for me. I had too much work to do. It was one of the greatest blessings in my life, though. God showed me how much strength I had, that He put in me, as I never once thought existed. It helped me build patience too; traffic jams were inevitable. If there is one thing that will quickly irritate my patience, its traffic. It is a turning lane, not a merging lane!

I loved that job, and after establishing a routine, it really did not bother me driving that far. I came to actually enjoy the peace and alone time, honestly. Life is about perspective. What that commute had really done though was change my routine and pace, enhancing my perspective. Nevertheless, six hours of Christian music a day did me good. As a result, Christian music is still the only music I listen to today. It is true soul food. I do not know if they fully understand how much they help people. God bless those that choose the narrow path for what lies ahead, not in front. They helped me become a better person, closer to Christ. It is amazing how God will bring confirmation, clarification, or corrections to questions through means that you would otherwise believe were intending to apply to you, and you, only. Like no one else could hear the same song. Sometimes, answers to questions you did not even know you had questions about.

In November 2012, at the end of those five months, my grandpa was diagnosed with terminal cancer. The day I found out, I decided family was more important than money and put my two-week notice in. I still had 6 months left on the original 18-month contract I signed with Target. They were attempting to transfer me within three months, three months early (due to my commute) when an expedited request by my district business partner’s efforts lead to an open position two months early – ironically in the very city I live now – which was five months earlier than the total minimum contract requirement. Days prior to the position opening, which was about a week after my notice, I had a new job lined up back home. When offered the open position, which would not have started until roughly a month later, I declined. This was definitely one of those ‘fork in the road’ type of moves on the flow chart of life.

I very much appreciated their efforts (and the efforts of my supervisors) to keep me, but I could not wait another month and take the chance that my grandpa would pass away. I left $47,000 a year, with full benefits, and bonuses, for $15.00/hr. and moved back home. I did not miss the 6-hour commute for long though, come to find out. Shocker. Thankfully, I made the correct decision. My grandpa would pass away from stage four lung, kidney, liver, and colon cancer two months later in January 2013. Aside from my aunt – who passed away from a 20-year battle with Lupus in 2008 – my grandpa’s death was the first family loss I had experienced.

I was grateful he was no longer suffering, as my aunt had, and likewise, it was much easier to accept than an instant loss. I was thankful for the time left, which was much more than I would have had working for Target. His mind was in good shape up until roughly the last week of his life. I learned a lot from him, especially those last two months. There are few people I have loved, or love, more than my grandpa. God bless him. I will never regret that decision to leave Target and would do it over again, anytime. (Always put family before money. I would have to imagine that would be my deepest regret today, had I not decided to leave). The strange occurrence that I did not understand then was, despite how much I loved my grandpa, and cried my eyes out until reaching acceptance, I had felt joy when I should have felt sorrow during his funeral? That too would become clear when I heard the song “Just say Amen” by Finding Favor, for probably the fifteenth time, shortly after. Epiphany! It all made sense.

Upon leaving Target, I would work the next two years as a private investigator. I learned a lot about a lot, including the “worldly systems” that affect our entire social structure. In fact, much of what we will discuss later enhanced with this position, and subsequent duties, to say the least. It started to tie everything together. I was absorbing everything I could get my hands on, for the most part. I also learned a lot about myself, including how to handle stress. I quickly found that I had no idea what stress was up until this point, even after the commute or running a Black Friday Sale a month after starting as the youngest manager in an entire store. I quickly indulged myself within this job. Within a short amount of time, I was managing more than 40 cases, simultaneously, approximately 50% more than the average inside investigator. All while selling investigations over the phone like it was a side job. I was good at investigative research, critical thinking, and gathering human intelligence. Training that took a week, took me a day.

I won six straight Investigator of the Month awards between March and August 2013. The last person to win seven was my boss, who was the last promotion. Once management realized this, they changed the structure of the award. It was dubious, but in all sincerity, my boss was actually five times a better investigator than I was, so it was fair. I never won investigator of the month again, but received three healthy raises in the first year and was quickly making the same money as Target. God is good, all the time. I liked the job – I loved that job(s), actually – and the independence that came within it, but I was becoming a good liar. God will never tempt you, but he will test you. I found myself contemplating what I cared more about, again: money or my character. I chose character and took a leap of faith, following where I was lead.

It was a very steep leap of faith, in all sincerity, and I did a full face-first nosedive into it. God wanted me to be free, and free I am indeed. Despite the willingness to do so, it was peculiar when I felt as though I was not being lead into the businesses to started, but what would follow. I had no clue what that meant, or how to articulate it. Therefore, naturally, I told my girlfriend, who was – to be honest – not the happiest to hear. I could not help it. Sometimes you hear things you do not want to hear, or do not understand – quite yet. It does not change the fact that you heard them, however! Kim and I, my business partner and then long-time girlfriend, started two real estate companies in July 2014. We expanded a third e-commerce business in 2015 and own all three today. My philosophy has always been, “Work now and play later when I can afford it.” God loves freedom, but he also loves work ethic, dedication, and even prosperity.


There are endless life lessons that come with self-employment; I can promise you that. I work hard, a daily grind to say the least, harder than I have ever worked before. This is the toughest work related test I have ever faced, though. I quickly seemed to grasp and excel with each role through the course of my academic and professional career. I took that for granted, as I have come to realize writing this book. Lord, forgive me. God has been developing patience, persistence, and perseverance within me, as if you would never believe. I have never learned as much as I have these last two years. Through all of the lessons, learning, and even tribulations, I have found my purpose, exactly as God said it would be!

That is another reason I love God. He works everything to perfection, even when dealing with imperfection; and He does it by His understanding, which is far greater than ours is! Now, I need to trust that I am where I am for a reason. By the grace of God, my motivations have never been around financial gain. I did not care about money then, or now. Money is paper to me. If I could live my simple life, without money, and still help people, to the full extent to which I desire (which is abundantly, through a number of ways), I would do so. Likewise, possessions were typically the least of my concerns. I have always said, “I will probably never be rich, I’d give it all away.” I deserve nothing, but have much. I lived my life, childhood into adulthood, carefree but not careless. I gave a lot to people, tangible and intangible; I love giving. It seems selfish in a way, but giving makes me feel good. When we place the cares of others above our own, God is speedy.

I have always been receptive to criticism or feedback, considering I was my own worst critic then as I am now. (I definitely have learning to do, as well). I can sit here though and honestly and openly tell you I give the glory to God and do my best to remain humbly assertive. If I feel myself starting to think too highly of myself, I repent for anything that can comes to my mind. When I am feeling too low, I remember God’s promises, along with anything I am thankful for and blessed to have. You have to love yourself to love other people, and understand love period, but being in love with yourself is an entirely different matter. What becomes condemning in situations like these is when you allow yourself to be exalted because you have understanding. That is a dangerous self-righteous spirit. This part of faith to me is like sports: Never get too high, never get too low.

My agenda in life is simply complex: To share the knowledge, understanding, and perspectives instilled within me, rescuing as many souls that will salvation as possible. That is it. Not for personal gain, not for my glory. Instead, to hear “Well done, my good and faithful servant.” For my reward is not of this earth, or this life, but the promises God has laid in store for me – for you – for us! I try my best to walk by faith, I am nowhere near perfect at it, or anything else for that matter, but there is something said for standing your ground and thirsting for truth. I will always stand my ground, maintaining my desire to find truth and purpose in anything, showing others the love shown to me. God is fair and just, loving and forgiving, and the love that I have been given is abundant!

When I die, I hope my family throws a party, not a funeral. Do not cry; smile and laugh. I am exactly where I long to be. God will not take me out of this world until he is finished with me, something repetitively proven. Until that day comes, I will be here to stand as a testament to this society that is trodden down, hopefully preparing to build itself back up. When such time comes, I can only hope I have helped save as many people that will salvation as possible, even if it is by unconventional means or methods of understanding. My stomach aches for those who do not know the truth, are bound or blinded to the enemy’s will and are on the path to soul destruction. There are a million billion doors in the kingdom, enough for everyone, but only One-Way inside. Salvation is simple: We are saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ, if we will. Instead, many choose death.

While I have indulged in my fair share of worldly sin, I will never give into the worldly customs. I have stood like a watchman, taking record, observing, and developing perspective through experience. I have traveled the road less taken; it is not always fun. To this day, I would say most people probably respect me, willingly, by intimidation, or hopefully, out of understanding of who I actually am, but I perceive that very few people probably “like” me. That is okay, life is about perspective and faith has no feelings. I am not here for a popularity contest; I am on a mission.

Like many, I have often wondered why, despite never being forsaken, my life has always moved so sporadically, although even when sporadic, it rarely seemed out of place or without purpose. Life is not always orderly but order brings the multitudes into alignment, or chaos, but not necessarily by the method or will predestined before our being. Such will that designs which is foreknown from the beginning, most definitely constructed with purpose. We can only speak from what we have witnessed, or experienced, bringing clarity to confusion in order to break the smoldering chains of disunity. I will, as I have, speak truthfully and sincerely, so that you may know that I speak truthfully and righteously of things to come. Showing you that life’s experiences – blessings and tribulations – happen not by coincidence, but with perspective and understanding of – and for – a greater purpose not foretold to us by one Greater; but destined unto us, should we find our way?

I asked God for my revelation and started to find it.

Blessed is he that, whosoever shall not be offended in me. (Mat. 11:6) “He that receives you receives me, and he that receives me receives him that sent me”^^15^^ as Jesus said, continuing, “What I tell you in darkness, speak in light: and what you hear in the ear, that preach you upon the housetops. And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.”

Chapter 5: The Last Year

Truth be told, the closer that relationship to God becomes, the more it becomes one invoked with stark conviction and correction, more often than tender compassion and love – But grace, mercy, peace, and forgiveness are something that have always remained constant. I am a passionate and serious person and can be aggressive in the nature of which I engage in conversation, a turnoff to some, and a matter of refining patience and grace. Oftentimes exhibited when communicating a serious matter.

While we all have dreams, there are not many dreams I recall. When I rarely do, it is usually for a reason. I write them down in a journal and try to understand what God is communicating. I do not always receive the full message, but I try. Usually not right away, sometimes a while, sometimes never myself, often times in pieces.

On September 1, 2015, my birthday, I had such a dream.

It was incredibly short. I told nobody:

I saw myself outside of an apartment complex near an intersection….It was familiar to me, but I could never determine where or what it was. It was hazy and dark. I could not see as, all of a sudden, I was shot. One time or multiple times, I am not sure; I could barely make out anything from a distance. Regardless, I had an ever-present, all-encompassing feeling, for whatever reason, that I had one year to live). -- End of dream

I prayed, repented, and asked God, again, for a revelation. I needed him to show me what to do, now more than ever. I did not want to waste time. As a result, that usually meant working long hours, trying to get things done. I love work; it leaves me fulfilled. I did not always have this dream at the forefront of my mind, but for the next year, I made a good-faith effort to live my life to the fullest. As the next birthday approached, I found myself rescinding an increasingly present tension.

On August 31, 2016, someone who had truly been there for me, a good friend from childhood, who I did not see very often anymore, was the purpose for that dream. He has a heart of gold, just a few bumps in the road. With no violent criminal record, only a suspended license and a few prior DUI’s, including one that resulted in a police chase years earlier. He had been out of jail and back on the right track for the better part of time. Despite such progress, he still had not seen his daughter in years, although he paid child support every week. He was no physical harm to anyone, as he had never been a physical harm to anyone, and was working full-time, biking to and from work, miles from his home. He was truly doing well.

It was 4 a.m., raining, as he rolled a red light, his German Shephard in the back. (Nobody loves his or her dog more than him. Quite literally, this dog meant the world to him). Red, white and blues flicked behind him. Whoop, whoop! While he was completely sober, but driving without a license, he made the unwise decision to run – if that too renders such definition – starting a low-speed chase (20-30 MPH), while contemplating what to do. Regardless, in his mind, he was going away to jail, again, possibly for a while – just after he had bought his first house.

Everything happens for multiple reasons. Police officers, three squad cars, boxed him into a curb. With nowhere to go, and a wide-open median on his driver side, a very wide area to safely disable his vehicle and disengage the situation, he was pinned and stuck. It was dark and raining as, according to news reports, he reached toward his console; (how officers rationalized what they thought they saw, I have no idea. However, he was unarmed, entirely surrounded, and no immediate threat), as officers fired three kill shots through his front windshield at close range.

One bullet lodged in his shoulder, the other in his . The third missed. (He was shot in the exact same location of my dream, although I would not recognize the location until after the fact). He was still conscious, wacked with a baton in the back of the head, and rushed to the hospital. News reports indicated he stated, “Please do not let me die, just take care of my dog.” He had little chance of surviving, still, as his family arrived at the hospital. After obviously concerning for their son, his parents and family quickly turned to ask “How are the officer’s doing?” “Were they okay?” They sent their condolences, prayers, and thoughts out to those men, and their families, who had just caused their son to lay in the next room, ready to die at any moment, from unnecessary deadly force… A true act of grace and mercy.

Would you do the same[*?*]

Hours after I found out, I was crying heavily. I had just spent time with him a few weeks prior and was supposed to call him a few days earlier when it slipped my mind. It was then I heard God say, “This is for my glory, He will be okay.” With a touch of the Spirit, I knew he would make it through. I told his brother to not give up, do not let go of hope, he was going to be fine. He was happy to accept, but there was little chance someone could survive something like this. If he survived, there was an even smaller chance of not being a vegetable the rest of his life. I told him God had something serious in store, he was going to use him for an important purpose. I knew what God told me. I kept telling his brother to speak life. A week and half later, he was out of ICU, discharged from the hospital, and sent home to start making a recovery.

Come to find out, after I had given him a book about purpose, later on, a family friend of theirs had heard the exact same message, while standing in the middle of the Vatican, at what appeared to be the exact same time. While I do not even know this person’s name, she had also given him a book about purpose later on. I hope he understands how much this is not coincidence. He went home a week earlier than expected, after most thought he would not make it out of that hospital bed at all, except by casket. Doctors had lost the bullet in his shoulder; he pointed it out in the hospital four or five days later. He pulled more shrapnel out of his shoulder in front of me.

Head pain and brain swelling normal, not to mention the damage caused from the baton to the back of the head. Doctor’s appointments on a near daily basis since that time, he will always face seizure risks without medication. His life forever changed. That is his punishment. He will be recovering for a while, a long time, but thankfully, he is alive. The media took no interest in the story, too much “goodness” for the cause of division. He would create potential unity, and hope, but [* God was preparing his .00001% miracle survivor – a man for a mighty, mighty purpose *]. He has not figured that out yet. Please pray that he does; he has a long road to recovery, and a testimony to share.

If you tell me I cannot understand what some people undeservingly, un-righteously, and wrongfully go through, I will tell you surely: love your neighbor as you love yourself, forgive those that trespass against you, and take not strife with a conglomeration due to a couple of bad apples, or a few bad decisions, or a circumstance gone wrong. Show love, give grace, and find mercy. It is not easy, sometimes it takes a long, long time, but if you think normal police officers go to work wanting to shoot people, you are absurd. Police officers want to make it home to their family at the end of the day; that’s goal #1.

I do not condone what happened, not whatsoever. That is purely excessive force, to say the least, and consequences should most definitely be had; not only for those officers who used way, way excessive force, but also for that department, as there are obvious missteps in training that led to such an incident. (I can think of at least five different “Operational and Procedural Law Enforcement” methods, which would have been more realistic, and applicable to this circumstance, then the force they used). There were many different ways to handle that situation, many, but that does not mean every other police officer is responsible for their actions. Would you want people to judge you based on someone else’s actions? How would that be justice? Likewise, not to share a message that gives such powerful perspective and hope would be equal injustice.

Those police officers judgment is not mine to have, but how I choose to handle the situation is. It is the same for everyone, regardless. Find the purpose or positive perspective in anything, for surely there is always at least one. The unseen is far greater than the seen. I pray he finds his purpose and perspective, just as I pray those officers are remorseful and find forgiveness, just as I also pray for those who desire strife find true purpose; letting circumstance and opportunity not squander away from their grasp, or for their judgement, but for the Glory of God, for the reward of their suffering. For without it, they only have suffering and condemnation, ultimately, because of perspective.

I would love to tell you this story got better. I am struggling to find purpose in this last part myself. At the beginning of December 2016, a few months after the incident, his dog passed away from seizures. He had epileptic seizures since he was a puppy and ultimately died shortly before the publishing of this book. As if what is hard for me really matters in the midst of this situation, I have had an unwavering feeling I need to stay back for a bit after spending time with him following the incident. I am not sure why. Reminded of the work at hand, this book, each time I attempted an effort, he has always seemed happy when I was with him and he makes me appreciate life – thankful to count my blessings and to speak to those when I feel lead to speak. I may not get another chance. (Which I am relatively positive was the silver lining in that dream from a year earlier). Not being there has probably not helped him, but sometimes … sometimes, we do not get to understand everything right away, we just have to trust. It is called faith for a reason. Seeing as God has not forsaken me to this point, why would he start now. Maybe one of those reasons is even to share this for him, for you?





Chapter 6: My rock

I was a sophomore in college, walking along a hallway corridor, when I heard God say, “There’s your wife.” It did not resonate at the time – I had a girlfriend – as I watched a beautiful woman with tan Brazilian skin, audacious curly dark brown hair, and a dark green Michigan State sweater strut pass by me. She was petite, and pregnant, her hoodie much too big for her – she was out of my league. A year later, the beginning of my junior year, Kim and I met unintentionally. We were gravitated towards one another. She would become my rock.

Now, if you were to define prayer warrior, self-made, strength, favor, and work ethic, you may as well place Kim’s name in the dictionary. I am not exaggerating. She has to be one of the strongest people on this earth, by far the strongest person I have ever known. Most people could not handle or imagine walking a minute in her shoes, but she would never tell you that. Truth of the matter, I have not told people enough about her greatness. Kim’s dad passed away before we met, she was a freshman in high school. The totality of experiences she’s dealt with in life before, since, and after would break most people, if not, at minimum, crush nearly every person’s faith.

I will never forget one instance that brought tears to my eyes. It was nearing the end of my junior year when I heard Kim walk in the door. Thumping slowly up the stairs, defeat was the only expression I could make out as the first half of her face entered the room. With sadness and disbelief, she appeared shell-shocked. Kim was a sophomore and had managed to post a 4.0 GPA that year, with a full semester and a half completed, including a large upcoming project also near completion. She was working three jobs simultaneously, 40+ hours a week, running back-and-forth constantly, doing her schoolwork and attending classes in between. Despite the craziness of her schedule, she was doing it all while simultaneously running track for the better part of 6 months. A daily grind, to say the least – even jotting all that rigorous chaos onto a wall calendar. She put every ounce of effort into what she was doing all day, every day.

The school had just informed Kim that she was ineligible for financial aid. Forced to pay her first and second semester out of pocket, she was set to owe roughly $24,000 to keep the 4.0 and 30 credits. Nobody would co-sign a loan for her, which was like pouring salt into the wound. Had her mom not remarried a few months too early, Kim and her siblings would have received a free college tuition with a federal grant for the loss of their father and household income depreciation. With practically no other choice, her 4.0 was laid to waste with six months of mistimed effort. She reluctantly dropped out of college, stopped running track, and continued to work three minimum wage jobs – harder than before – receiving an opportunity at a car dealership, with a pay increase and benefits, a few months later. Thanking God, I was very happy for her, it was the blessing she needed and truly deserved. The body posture and look of relief on her face was so warming, and enlightening, the moment she realized she no longer had to work three jobs. Today, she is the definition of self-made when it comes to her finances and finance management, not to mention her perseverance and courage. You can overcome anything; she has proven it.

Kim started to change, for even better, with the new acclimated role to her job. She soon excelled in the dealership with her work ethic, people skills, and drive for excellence. Kim was in a secretary/assistant type of position when she started to outsell commission salespersons with actual vehicle sales, and little incentive or compensation for doing so – if any actually. She marketed, sold, consulted, did her job, and even helped initiate new policy over time, not specifically in that order. In short, Kim was very blessed to receive the position, but rather quickly taken advantage of by others.

Shortly after receiving her new job, we moved into our third place together. We rented a beautiful hilltop lake house, privately secluded in the Irish Hills. Our house set overlooking the water on the opposite side of the road, hidden from much of the view below, surrounded by woods in the back. We had two dogs at the time, both Pitbull’s, one which we had raised from 6 weeks old, the other a rescue – a passion for the breed and deed we’d both become fond of. Pitbull’s have suffered from a bad stigma, for a long time. A stigma that is slowly changing for good reason. They truly are the best dogs in the world when raised right: loving, caring, forgiving, loyal, fun, playful, energetic, active, intelligent, protective, smart, keen, and uniquely driven to work. Raised incorrectly, their behavior is hard to correct, but it can be unlearned; we have proven that before, too. Even from the toughest of circumstances, every dog’s behavior can be unlearned and relearned. It is no different with humans, actually simpler.

I never gave too much thought to our dogs having a grander purpose in our lives, though. That was until Kim had several strange encounters with a neighbor the first few weeks following our arrival. Something was not right she said, repeatedly, after several occasions of odd coincidence, conversation, or circumstance. Despite attempts to introduce myself, there was no opportunity to do so until one day, out of nowhere, I watched two full-size Milk Bones float like Frisbees up the side of the hill as they simultaneously entered our dog’s mouths. Chomp, chomp, chomp… Immediately, coupled with everything else that had gone on, I realized why they had paid such close attention to the hill during the past week. In immediate discernment from the Spirit, clearly, unmistakably, he was trying to gain our dogs trust…

(Now, in full, honest disclosure before continuing, I have never been one to engage in confrontation recklessly or without cause, at very least, and never with malice intent. I am not a jealous person, either. If someone would gaze inquisitively at Kim, or whistle out the window, for example, I would just smile. She was with me. It was a compliment! Usually, especially during the first few years, Kim, would always wind up staring at me with her famous cross-eyed face, saying, “What’s so funny?” “Lighten up,” I would respond, “You’re beautiful!”).

With no conscious state of speaking, I fired off a series of the harshest words of warning to anyone, or anything, I have ever encountered in my life. I do not take kindly to people who intend harm upon my Family; I am also protective in nature, so too are our dogs without trust. Kim’s face was that of stark curiosity, coupled with semi-utter shock. “I have never, ever seen you speak to someone like that.” She looked at me with a deep gaze, “What happened?” I explained what I saw, but did not remember what I had said, only a word here or there. “Something’s wrong” she said, “something’s not right with him, that’s extremely strange considering…” as she informed me of more details which I was otherwise unaware of. However, everything was circumstantial, up for interpretation at that point, still, so I watched – we watched – documenting the additional “odd” circumstances that occurred with semi-regular frequency, until speaking with our property manager a short week later.

Our property manager had a close friendship with the neighbor, come to find out, they were good friends. They were such good friends – as a matter of fact – that the neighbor had a key to our house! We were otherwise unaware, and shocked, but given the circumstances decided not to tip our hand before reviewing the lease and changing the locks. We provided no one else a key. Two weeks later, I was on my way home when Kim called, frantic… “Someone just tried to break in the house! I was in the shower and heard a kick to the door…!” Rushing home, I was there by the time police arrived.

We reviewed everything with the Trooper, who took Kim’s statement and confirmed the suspected break in, as Kim had stated. We provided what we knew about the incident. In addition, that which we had encountered with the neighbor, receiving a call back four hours later: “Oh boy, you guys were right on. Good instincts! Let me tell you what I have found thus far…” We proceeded to listen to a laundry list, needless to say, the specific details of criminal history rather irrelevant to the point of the matter.

Given the nature, they sure did not make Kim especially feel any more comfortable. I told her about the knights for the first time. It was not a story I shared with many people, but this was the first time I had perceived real fear on her face. I figured it was a good time to let her know that they were an extension unto her, as she was an extension unto me. Nothing had changed otherwise. We were safe.

A year and a half later, after Kim’s job had become stressful and her responsibility quickly exceeded her job description, she started to look for a new job. She appeared burdened by her loyalty to the company, which had given her a chance. However, after honest reflection and understanding, she graciously earned a position as a quality assurance analyst for a Fortune 500 company, one of the most highly ranked Great Places to Work in America. The job was roughly twice as much as she was making before, full benefits, and not to my surprise, she quickly excelled in that role as well.

In 2014, Kim made the (wise) decision to return to college. Before, and since that time, she has tirelessly pushed herself on a daily basis working full time, attending school full time, helping the businesses grow, household duties, cooking, grocery shopping, and all of the other responsibilities that joyfully come with adulthood, hardly ever complaining, never missing an assignment or any matter of responsibility.

Kim received a supervisor promotion in 2015. She is now the leader amongst the same team she entered into the company with a few years prior. In December 2016, she graduated with her Bachelor’s Degree in Business. I could not be more proud of her. She is the epitome of strength and resilience. If you do not think you can go to school full-time and work full-time, you most definitely can with work ethic, responsibility, and effort.

Like everyone else, she is not perfect, but she ran to God when no one would have blamed her for walking away. Instead, her faith roars like a Lion. I tell you, this woman is highly, highly favored in the eyes of The Lord. I found that I am only half the man I am called to be without Kim. She is my rock; my “help meet,” or “meet help.” To name one thing here would do injustice to the height of measures in which she has helped me – and us – grow, strengthen, and mature together, and separately. Thank you Lord for Kim, honestly and sincerely.

Kim has had, and still does have, many visions – most of which I am not privy to. Most of which she cannot share with me, actually. I long to know all that she has received, for without her, and her reassurance of certain matters, I may have given up a long time ago. In fact, I do not think I would be writing this book. She singlehandedly has kept me going, second only to The Lord. By far, she knows much more about my destiny, and our destiny, than myself.

It was March 2016 when Kim and I took another leap of faith and bought into a fourth company. Rather suddenly after that time, Kim received a vision that she partially shared with me. In brief (summary):

Kim saw us building foundations together, like houses or buildings, but these foundations were helping people grow and start companies. She also watched as prison gates opened, love poured in, and the lost and weary made content; the evil worldly powers forced to move, for me, because of Jesus. -- (refined)

Now, in full disclosure, there is a level of very serious un-comfortability in times like this, both on the spot and sharing such instances. I do not know how to modestly articulate that. All I can say is this: let anything I do be done for the Glory of God, not myself, for I would have no power to cast a stone if it were not for Him. I would not even make mention of this vision if it was not important to the mending of information for purpose.

What was God trying to tell me? I honestly cannot say I have completely figured that out yet. I do not even know that Kim entirely knows, either. What I have learned, however, is that often times God gives you the answer to something before it happens so that you can recognize the path when you come upon it.

Why did he not send me the message, then? I figured that out while writing this book, actually.

Part 2

History: Past & Present




























Chapter 7: Perception of Faith

When I finished reading the Bible, front to back, I was somewhat nervous. I made a promise to God and I kept it, but there was a new sense of responsibility. Now, to sit here and tell you I understand The Bible entirely, or to make you believe that doing so is some requirement to faith or salvation would be a blasphemous lie. However, any person who has read the Bible entirely possesses more understanding and probably (Lord, hopefully) stronger faith than they did before. You see, the more you come to know God, the more you come to understand the world around you. Many things just simply start to make sense with God, if you like to make sense out of things that is. The innocence of a child is ignorance in a way, just as a lack of understanding is unattained knowledge amongst non-believers, and even some believers, in fact.


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A Nation Divided: United we stand, Divided we fall

A Nation Divided United we stand, Divided we fall ...It's November 9, 2016 - America is A Nation Divided amongst "We the People." We are called to topple the worldly structures protected by our corrupted foundations waging war with truth deceptively and quietly. By dissecting and addressing fallacies amongst mainstream media, and the global elitist’s agenda, we will find clarity and truth as we prepare our individual and collaborative purposes to restore our Constitution as we retake America. With this time of restoration before restriction, we will restore the foundations of Truth and Love eroding by division, rescuing as many souls that will salvation as possible. We will examine the redefining of meaning, the deception tactics deployed to reshape our conscious, unconscious and subconscious states of mind, and gain awareness through many complex truths. The multitudes of which will have meaning and hope for every living, breathing person. By correcting the misperceptions that have been spread to divide us amongst each other - through a systematic review of truth, historical facts, past & present issues, and a deep analysis of our division - we will ‘Set the Record Straight’ on where we have been and the “total reset” we avoided with Common Grace. Visiting our recent history, we will review the record before a Trump Administration takes office and the mainstream media confusion-chaos-fest escalates. Each of us will determine the future course of this country and outcome, for better or worse. We must unify together to uproot the destructive worldly forces that seek power, control, and wealth at each of our expenses, supporting the man, the movement & the 45th President of the United States of America - God's anointed Cyrus (Isaiah 45) - Donald J. Trump. As we usher in "The Great Awakening," the greatest test America will ever endure, "We the People," the 99% and overwhelming majority, have two years to right the ship or lose our way. Will we heal our nation, fix our eyes, and straighten our paths to unite? WILL WE PASS OR FAIL THE TEST? WILL YOU PASS OR FAIL YOUR TEST? Show love, give grace, find mercy. Stand your ground and be of one accord. UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL. THAT WILL BE OUR TEST TO COME

  • ISBN: 9781532330889
  • Author: ANationDivided
  • Published: 2017-01-19 04:35:13
  • Words: 96262
A Nation Divided: United we stand, Divided we fall A Nation Divided: United we stand, Divided we fall