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A Journey to the Land of Spirits

A Journey to the Land of Spirits

By J.L. Chan

Coypright 2016 J.L. Chan

Shakespir Edition

Shakespir Edition, License Notes

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Do you believe in spirits? Or maybe I should ask, do you believe in a land full of spirits?

Little white glowing orbs that dwell in a world beyond comprehension.

Do you believe in spirits? Or maybe I should ask, what if I could take you to the land full of spirits?

You could say I am not spiritual―or even partially. I mean, why even be spiritual, let alone believe in spirits, if one can never even see a spirit in real life? At least that was what I thought. My experience will truly be unforgotten. That long trip that only lasted the blink of an eye. What was it, really?


I am but a young teenage boy, ignited by the embers of life and charged by the sparks of energy. I live in the quiet and peaceful countryside, orchestrated by the voice of the birds, the flutes of the wind, and the bass of the sea. Vella dè Costa, Oriental Coast, the name bestowed by the locals. Indeed it was like lying in a hammock all day long. I study in a school, Edward Jr. High, the only school of this place.


“Hey, did you know that spirits roam in the countryside?”

“No, why?”

“Well, they do! They exist, and they are watching us right here, right now,”

“That is nice to hear, though I am not interested to know it.”

The same old story. Rumour. Spreading like a plague around the school. Why do people even believe in spirits? Have they even seen them? I am getting really tired of being repeatedly and continuously questioned the same way. The answer is always “No”. No, no, no. Spirits do not exist. They make it up. Why? Because they have nothing better to do! Of course! Tsk, tsk, tsk.

“Trish, Robert, Frank? What are you doing?” I asked out of curiosity.

“We’re trying to communicate with the spirits. Want to join us?” replied Trish, with a smile.

“Like I would. I have said it, I am not interested about this ‘spirit’ hoax,” I said with a thrust of rage.

“It’s not a hoax, Michael. We’ve done it before. Come, just try it. Please,” pleaded Frank.

“Yeah, it’s not a hoax! Michael, just do it, for once, and then never ever forever,” said Trish, siding with Frank.

They pleaded me, just to try out their shenanigan. I… shouldn’t really, but… God, it’s hard. They are my friends, disillusioned by these ‘spirits’, but still my friends. Maybe I should try just to show them that it really is their imagination… or maybe I shouldn’t? Think. Think. Think.

“So, have you pondered enough? Tell us your answer, Mike!” Trish said with excitement.

“You know what? If it’s just for once, then I’ll do it,” I replied.

“Hooray for Michael! Hip! Hip! Hooray!” cheered all three of them.

What have I just done? I have just accepted a request I shouldn’t have had. Ugh, sometimes, I just have to hate myself. Either way, I can’t get out of this now. Robert tutored me on how to perform this ritual of some sort.

“You just sit there, with your feet tucked under your legs. Posture yourself so you feel comfortable. Now, lower your head and look straight down.”

I did as said by Robert. Ridiculous I felt, honestly.

“Okay, I will ask you to close your eyes now, and empty your mind. Close it, softly, and think of something peaceful, something tranquil, something very much comforting for you. Do it for at least a minute and a half.”

So, I closed my eyes, and thought as calm as a cat would. My vision was black. All I could see was an empty, vast distance of blackness. Like I was thinking, there was no way anything could happen just by doing this. I relaxed my mind as long as what Robert mentioned. Still, nothing happened. What am I doing?



…Who’s there? Who said that?


H-how do you know my name?! Come out! Whoever you are!


Just come out! I want to speak to you!


Suddenly, my eyes opened. I… wait, where am I? What is this place? Where in the world have I been transported to?


This place… surely it doesn’t look like any place I know. I seem to be on an island, marooned far away from mainland. The ocean my eyes behold, with a palette of dark blue mixed with black. The skies, covered with floating purplish cotton. The sand, bluish, like my whole surroundings. The waves from the wide ocean splashing my feet… and the sea breeze blowing through my hair. I felt cold. Where was I?.. Why was I here?..

A vast stretch of fog covered the whole island. In the distant, a tiny glowing orange dot. Guessing in my mind, it was a boat, or maybe a beacon. As far as I could see, it was still quite far away. Anyway, first things first, I have to find a way off of this island. Looking behind me, I found a large dense jungle filled with oversized palm trees and dangling vines.

So, I entered the jungle, overcame by curiosity for what I could find in there. Of course I got lost! How could I not? I’ve never been into a jungle before. I ran and ran and ran… and ran… until I managed to find my way out. But.. wait! Wasn’t this the same beach as before? That was strange, did I just make a circle? Hmm, guess I should go back.

I reentered the jungle. Brr, this place gave me the creeps. Ah, I see a way out! Err.. wasn’t this.. wait, this couldn’t be, I swore I went another way unless―ugh, never mind. Time to go back in!

The jungle I will go! The jungle I will go! Heigh-ho the merry-o! The jungle I will go! ♪

I got so bored I started singing like an idiot. Heh. Okay, there was an exit. I swore to God, if I came back to the same beach again, I’ll blow my mind off. And… voila! Back on the same beach. Wait a second, was that light closer now? Strange… I see it was now closing on to me now. Should I wait for it to come? Actually, I should since going back to that eerie jungle meant I was going to end up back here again either way.

I waited for the orange dot to come closer. But… nope, it was not getting closer in any way. Yawn… I opened my mouth wide and inhaled in some of the breezy air. Immediately, I started dozing off. And then I closed my eyes.

Tweet! Tweet!

Awakened by the sweet sound of a bird, I opened my eyes. What my eyes beheld, a magnificent hummingbird with glowing white feathers. Majestic. That was why I loved hummingbirds so much. I couldn’t believe that one could exist here. Symbolization of freedom and will, two of my most desired personalities. Hummingbird―the animal I love so much. You are my life.

Now that I’d woken up, I stood up on my feet and observed my surroundings. I was still on this beach, and ah, the glowing dot has adopted the figure of a boat and it was going to dock here very soon. I waited patiently for the boat to arrive while the hummingbird flew around me.

After a while, the boat arrived and docked onto the beach. I could see the tall black-hooded oarsman who rowed this boat. His hood covered his face, leaving it a mystery. The sight of him, however, terrified me. He looked like the grim reaper except without his scythe. I did not know if I should step aboard.


This disembodied voice rang my head again. I think it was asking me to get on the boat.

“Tweet!” The hummingbird chirped as if it seems to be telling me to get on as well.

Well then, I must ride the tide!

“Tweet tweet!” The hummingbird chirped ecstatically.

I reluctantly stepped on the small boat, and the oarsman proceeded to row the both of us away. The hummingbird followed on our trail. It appears to be guiding me. Was it my spirit animal? No, it couldn’t be. I don’t believe in spirits; I refuse to. I had no idea what was going on. All of this just baffled me by a ton.


In a moment, we were already far from the island. The hooded oarsman continued to row further and further into the ocean. The waters continued to ripple the calm sea while producing a harmonious rhythm. I wanted to ask him where we were going, but I kept shivering away in fear. The hooded man turned around suddenly and spoke.

“Michael, was it?” his deep and echoing voice asked.

Yes, but, how do you know my name?” I replied while shuddering.

“No need to be afraid. Was there something you wanted to ask?”

“Yes. Do you know where this is?”

“This is the Land of Spirits. We’re on the Sea of Memories, to be precise,”


Did the man just mention that we―no, I was in the ‘Land of Spirits’? There was no way that I could be in such a place. Although with all these bedazzling panoramas my eyes were unfolding, I had no idea what to believe in. This was too much for me to handle. I still had one question: that voice in my head.


Yes… that one question. Why was I chosen? Chosen to be, to traverse, a place encroaching with spirits here and there. My question. I’ll hold it into my thoughts for now.

“Aye, spirits. I too am a spirit. We live in these lands. That bird over there? It’s a spirit too,”

“I have one question,” my mind suddenly talked for itself.

The man silently waited for the question.

“Why am I here? What business do you have with me?”

The man glared at me with his blank eyes. It looked as if he knew I would pop a question such as that.

“Hmhmhmhm,” he laughed silently. “It is better for you to find it out yourself, Michael.”

…Clearly a vague answer. I felt like someone or something was trying to send me a message or a warning. I chose to remain soundless for the rest of the trip, wherever he was taking me.

“We’re almost to our destination,” said the man while overlooking the horizon.

I too stood up to see in excitement. Alas, all I saw was seawater, expanding the whole region.

“There’s nothing there,” I said with confusion.

“Wait,” he replied. And in a moment… “Michael… open your heart and feast your eyes.”

The clouds suddenly shattered like glass into a bright and clear blue sky adorned with the shining yellow sun. A blinding light blurred my eyes for a minute, and when it faded… a view I could not imagine. Still on the boat, I was approaching a sandy coast. The whole experience. Bizarre, as if it was straight of a storybook.

The boat docked into the white and fluffy sand. I turned around and the oarsman was nowhere to be seen.

“Woof! Woof!”

I heard a familiar bark. I peered at where the sound came from and… oh my, it was my one puppy I loved so much! Yankee! Oh, how I missed you. Wait, weren’t you gone? I swore I lost you when that happened… I tightly embraced my pup in a joyous reunion.

I then took a walk with Yankee up the slopes following the path. It looked like I was back into my country! What a tiring experience I had. How I was truly glad to be home. I returned to my house with him.

“Woof! Bark bark!” Yankee barked cheerfully.

Immediately at home, I started playing frisbee with Yankee. The good old days. Yankee had always liked playing with the frisbee. I enjoyed playing so much I literally forgot about the events earlier. Here you go, boy! Oh shoot, I threw that one too far out! No, Yankee, don’t chase it!

Honk! Honk! Screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeech

Oh no, no, no, no, no, no! This cannot be happening! Not again! I rushed into the streets. The sight scarred me. Yankee was hit by the car. Blood was everywhere. Yankee’s body―mangled beyond recognition. I cannot allow this to happen again, not after I got you back! There was no way in hell that this was happening!

Wait a minute… this was nostalgic. This had happened before. Was history repeating itself?!

Suddenly, the mutilated carcass of what used to be Yankee transformed into the hummingbird from before. A dark shadowy figure manifesting into a silhouette that resembled me smiled at me with a devilish grin. The surroundings then started to dissipate into an empty void of darkness.

“Chirp…” the hummingbird chirped with disappointment.

I blinked and I found myself back on the boat, with the oarsman from before. I must have slept and dreamed of my tragic past.

“Good morning, Michael. I’m a tad bit upset with you,” the man said.

“For what? I was just taking a doze,”

“You weren’t. You were simulating your memories,”

“You see―the Sea of Memories, it’s where all your past, present, and future are stored. You were supposed to relive your past and be strong. Yet, you failed. Miserably,”

“I don’t understand what happened. I don’t understand any of this. Where in the world am I? Why am I here?” I sternly asked.

“You will learn, Michael. For now, sit calmly while we continue on.”


And so we set forth for another destination. The oarsman said that I was not sleeping, but simulating my memories. Simulate? Like a hologram world? He also mentioned that I failed. What was there to fail? It was horrible for me to relive such a terrible past. I just didn’t understand any of this, nor why I was brought here in the first place. Sigh.. guess I have to start ‘learning’ whatever there was to learn.

“Enjoying the calm blue sea, Michael?” said the oarsman, triggering a conversation.

“Uh, yeah. It’s scenic and marvelous,”

“Well, we’re headed to somewhere north from here,”

“How long―”

“About thirty to forty-five minutes or so,” he interrupted.

“Continue enjoying the view.”

Just then, I saw an enormous cumulonimbus cloud. I feared a hurricane was going to blow both the boat and us away. I started getting more worried as we rowed onwards. However, the oarsman was seemingly calm. Too calm…

“Hey… are we going to like, plow through that storm?” I asked while profusely sweating.

He gave not a single response.

Thunder started cracking. Winds started brewing. In a flash, we were trapped in the storm. Rain poured and drenched the whole mass. The seas were no longer tranquil. The boat rocked hard from side-to-side like we were on a buckling bull set on max speed. Still, the oarsman remained deviantly calm throughout the calamity. I knew something was awfully sinister about him!

“We are taking a detour,” said the oarsman.

Phew! I exhaled a breath of ease. Oh, was I relieved to hear him say such words. I was scared out of my skin.

Crick! Crack! Crang!! Crick! Crack! Crang!!

The thunder echoed throughout the area. I couldn’t even hear myself in such a state. When I turned around for a bit, I saw something that I had not imagined up until this point. A colossal wave was chasing our stern, and it was catching up really fast―fast like meteor entering Earth! I became extremely petrified.

“Hold tight, Michael…” the oarsman said a cryptic line.

How am I supposed to brace myself for such impact?! We were going to capsize! It was hopeless! I turned around and attempted to face the oarsman. But.. holy mother of God. He was gone! Vanished into thin air! What in the world was going on? Was he leaving me out here to die?! No! This couldn’t be! I could do nothing. I squatted down and closed my eyes, bracing for impact.

Whoosh! Bam! Grugrugrugru…

The boat capsized. I was in the water and I was too fatigued to swim back up. I started drowning, and I had no energy to hold myself up. And then my mind went blank. Sinking into the great blue ocean. I couldn’t move an inch, let alone struggle. Plunging deep into the depths of the ocean. I then landed on a circular platform. I then realized I could breathe, so I attempted to stand up as well.

I observed my surroundings. The platform I was on was illuminating a bright green light and looked like it was made of stained glass. There was no sky, and below the platform was an bottomless pit. The whole platform was shrouded by a black-blue cloudy mist. Where had I gone to now?

“Tweet! Tweet!”

I heard a charming tweet again. I turned around and saw that the hummingbird was there. Its feathers glowing in the dim. Hey little guy, what were you doing here? Once more, the hummingbird was twirling around me, indicating me to follow it. Alright then, let’s see where you’ll be taking me to. Reaching the edge of the platform, a pathway magically showed up from nowhere. As I followed it and walked along the path…




The disembodied voice once again rang inside my head. “My soul sleeps so soundly”? What did it mean? More importantly, I heard a familiar phrase yet once more. “Open your heart”. This particular phrase. I could only be left thinking about it without actually knowing what it meant even if it had a meaning.

Pondering in my thoughts, it was soon enough I reached the end of the pathway. I found myself on another circular platform, but this time it was glowing blue and had a beam of white light shining down from above. The hummingbird flew in a circle around the light, escorting me to stand in it. Trusting it, I did. I felt a blast of fulfillment as the arrays of light glimmered me. I also felt something so nice, so… so good. The beam disappeared shortly after a while and a big white door appeared.

I walked towards it. My chest reacted with the door. Glowing really white, it shot a ray at the door, opening it and revealing an entrance. I did not know what had just happened. The door opened up to a stairway leading to somewhere. The hummingbird immediately flew ahead upwards. As I was about to step as well, a dark shadow emerged from the mist.

The shadowy apparition took the form of me. It then asked me to come to him. I hesitated for a bit.

“Come here. You need not worry,” said the figure.

I stepped towards him in caution. He appeared to be the same thing that appeared in my ‘simulation’ earlier.

“Yes. Come closer. I have something I need to tell you,”

“…Yes, what is it?” I asked nervously.

“Michael, you have to be very aware of what was going on. Although, I am very convinced you didn’t have a single clue, am I right?”

“Well, yeah,”

“You’re currently deep within your heart. What you had just done was unlocking it. That is good!”

“Now, I… will be watching you,”

“How can you be so trustworthy? I’ve just met you,”

“You can. After all, I am you. And you are me. We are the same. You can refer to me as your ‘subconscience’,”

“Alright then. I will be wary,”

“Please, enter the stairway. I shall see you in a while.”

I left him and scaled the stairs. I’d just met with myself and it gave me quite a good advice. I shall take the liberty to listen to his further instructions at every opportunity. After all, he was right about being me, and me being him. There was no one better to trust than yourself, right?


“Hmm… What just happened back there? I just talked to myself. It was totally weird. I should keep his words in my heart. He’s trustworthy; I know so―I believe so”.

I was left to wander in my thoughts while climbing up the stairs. Was that really my subconscience speaking to me, warning me of something? The more I traversed aimlessly here, the more I found it getting weirder and weirder by the second.

Before long, I could see a bright light shining from the top of the stairs. I walked closer to it and I saw a night sky, filled with sparkling stars and a glowing full moon. I stepped off the stairs and I saw that I was on an island. However, it was not the same one I was on before that disastrous boat trip. The island was filled with a dense tropical forest and there were ancient ruins lying everywhere.

I awed in my surroundings until I spotted a figure under a tall palm tree. I depicted the figure to be a girl around my age. It seemed to be waving at me, calling me to come to it. I tried stepping back, but I realized that the stairs that once were disappeared. They were left with nothing but the soft sand of the coast. I had no choice but to trust my instincts and approach it.

Slowly and steadily I crept closer to it. I saw that it was indeed a young teenage girl. She had long, blonde hair and was wearing a cherry-pink tank top underneath a zip-up jacket. The jacket, however, was left opened. She was also wearing denim jeans and a pair of lace sandals. She had the visual of a high school girl.


She yelled at me, asking me to get over there. I began assuming my normal posture and walked to her casually. She smiled as I stepped closer.

“Hey! You’re Michael, right? I’m Bianca. Nice to meet you!” the girl introduced herself while swaying her hair.

“Hello, Bianca. Yes, I am Michael. It’s nice to meet you too,” I replied.

“I’ve been expecting you. I live around these areas. I was told to escort you somewhere,”

“Wow. As far as I can see, you’re the most straightforward person I’ve met since I came here,”

“Hahahaha! Michael, who knew you were funny? You must know I’m a spirit too, right?” she chuckled, twirling her hair.

“Uhh… yeah! I knew that,” I said, rolling my eyes.

“Anyway, let’s get back to business. I need you to follow me. You can trust me, can’t you?”

“I mean―look over there! Your hummingbird friend. It’s asking you to trust me,”

The hummingbird flew down and perched onto her shoulder. It nodded and tweeted happily while looking at me.

“Alright then. I see I can trust you, no doubts,”

“Tee-hee! ‘kay, now follow me!” she said with a wink.

She guided me through the dense forest. The canopy swallowed the sky. The only thing that was illuminating the shadows was the light of the moon. Bianca seemed like a cheery girl, despite being a spirit. I attempted to start a conversation with her.

“Say… Bianca,”

“Hmmmmmmm..?” she titled her head, looking at me.

“How long have you been living here?”

“Oh! Ever since I was born here!”

“Wait.. spirits are able to live a human-like life? I thought they were just figments of one’s thoughts!”

“My, my, Michael. You still have nooooooo idea~” she giggled.

“You see, we may be spirits. But you should understand this: we can live, like you do. We’re actually supernatural entities, but with human-like qualities!” explained her, with the hummingbird chirping in agreement.

Holy moley in the name of God! Wow! I never knew spirits were just like humans, save for their itty-bitty hocus-pocus magic tricks. I might start to like this world after all. Although, as much as I hate to say, the voice in my head told me I was here to ‘learn’. Maybe this was one of it? Beats me. My brain hurts. I can know more like why I was here. Alas, it was time I started to understand.

“Amazing! Basically, spirits are living things, like humans, but are somewhat like messengers?”

“Not exactly. Mikey, if a human was sent here, we were trying to teach you something very valuable. More valuable than that Mona Lisa painting! If not, we were just living our lives,”

“Mona Lisa? But… Bianca! That painting is priceless!”

“Then it’s more priceless than priceless! If… that’s how you put it,”

“Okay? By the way, I need to know something: can you tell me why I was here in the first place?”

“I’m sorry, but I can’t. This is all up to you to find out,” Bianca said, sighing.

“But don’t fret! You’ll learn soon! Just you wait!” she said excitingly.

I expected such an answer. Sigh… I let out a disdained breath. But hey, she was right. I shouldn’t fret. I felt like I was learning something here. I could feel it like it was on the tip of my finger.

“We’re almost there… and… there we are!”

To my eyes, I saw a large dark cave. The hummingbird flapped its wings and started flying. It looked very much ominous and I did not feel comfortable… not at all

“This is the ‘Cave of Regrets’. You’re going to have to pass some trials. But you don’t have to worry a single bit, I’m sure you’ll pass with ease,”

“It’s all up to you now. Remember: your fears are your worst enemies,”

“Now, open your heart… and feast your eyes.”

And with that, she turned around and into the bushes and shrubs, away from me. I turned around and faced the cave. I was about to confront my biggest challenge. Gulp! The hummingbird immediately darted towards the cave, leaving me all alone. All right! With a huff and a puff―and also a big heart, I shall be stepping into the cave!


I stopped in my tracks. Turning around, I saw my subconscience emerging from the dark. He seemed to be more serious than ever this time.

“Stop, Michael. Do not proceed into that cave,”

“Oh, it’s you again. I mean me, I mean you, I mean―whatever. What brings you here?”

“As your subconscience, I forbid you to enter. You need to trust me. You will not survive in there!”

“If you go in, you won’t be able to come out. EVER!”

“Come with me, I’ll take you somewhere where it is safe.”

With an outstretched hand, my subconscience was barring me from entering the cave. Then again, recalling what Bianca said, I would make it in there. But at the same time… if I was to fail, it would be the end of me. Argh! This was difficult! I was left discombobulated. I felt like tearing my hair off! I was left with one choice: should I enter… or should I not?


“Michael… come with me. You know you can trust me,”

“Let us not waste time. Make your choice.”

I couldn’t decide. I was being pulled apart by two speeding horses running in opposite directions. This was way too much for me. Ah, but wait! If I recalled correctly, I said there was no one better to trust than yourself. Sweat ran down my body as if a new waterfall was just formed. Nervous, I was. It was time to make my final decision.

“I… I…”

My subconscience stared at me―glared at me―with his sharp red eyes. I definitely could not stall this any longer. Huu… I let out a deep breath. Looking at him, then looking back at the cave. Again and again and again.

I turned my back and faced him, reached my hand and clasped it with his.

“Wise choice, Michael…” he said with a sneer.

“Now, come.”

Facing around one last time at the cave, I couldn’t change my mind anymore. I was then dragged by him into the shadows of the jungle. Who knew what kinds of creature lurked around here?

“Where are you taking me?”

He gave a short silence before vaguely saying,”…Somewhere.”

Something about him was ominous. I just didn’t feel safe around him. Maybe I shouldn’t get too chummy with him. But… he was my subconscience. He guided me. He knew about me. H-he was everything about me. He was me.

He continued leading me through the thick forest. The forest was so big―it could be the Sahara of trees! The branches brushed my cheeks while I ran passed. Ouch! I rubbed one of my fingers on my left cheek and I saw blood. One of the branches had cut me. Fortunately, it was just a small wound.

“We are almost out.”

Thank you, my Lord. I was going to spazz out at any moment. My legs were sore, not to mention.

And after several tunnels of trees, I could see a light at the end. Yes! The exit! I totally forgot about my exhaustion and ran straight out.

The moment I stepped out, a spring breeze blew across my skin. I realized I was on a grassland filled with ancient symbolic ruins. A dirt trail ran across the green and into the distance. My subconscience instructed me to walk along the path.

“So, why are we here exactly?”

“It’s another way out of this island. The cave was a more dangerous path,”

“Basically, you saved me from my doom?”

“Indeed. It is my duty as your subconscience to put you on the right path.”

I enjoyed the scenery, strolling under the magnificent night sky. My eyes then picked up a peculiar rock formation. I immediately focused on it without any control. Suddenly, the whole sky faded white. The ground faded to white as well. I turned around, seeing that my subconscience was no longer there. I rubbed my eyes, seemingly itchy for no apparent reason. Then, I saw something completely out of my mind.

My whole surroundings have just changed! It was gloomy. There was no sky, but only clouds. Dark clouds. The ground was littered with wilted grass and flowers. I shivered in fear. Where exactly was I now?




The disembodied voice spoke once again. What did it meant by “feasting my eyes on the truth”? I couldn’t understand this. I couldn’t decipher it.

“That’s because you’re still naïve.”

I heard a familiar voice. I looked to my right and saw Bianca appearing from a distance.

“Michael. The truth is out there, but you can’t see it,”

“…What do you mean by that, Bianca? No… that’s not what I wanted to ask; how are you here?”

“That does not matter. You have to learn more now. It is time.”

With a wave from her arm, part of the scenery distorted and turned into a portal.

“Walk in, Michael. I’ll be waiting!” Bianca said, raising her index finger in a cute manner.

I stepped in and I found myself on the same map. But, everything turned the opposite. The skies were light blue, the sun was there, shining. The ground was blanketed with healthy grass and spectacular flowers.

“Welcome to my domain! Ahem, I mean welcome!” she joked.

“Bianca, what is th―”

“Atatatatata! Ssssh, just step in that light,” interrupted her, putting her pointer over my mouth.

“What light?” removing her finger, I asked in confusion.


An echoing tweet soothed my ears and there, I spotted the hummingbird. It flew across our heads and hovered mid-air. It then closed its wings and a beam of light shot from the sky.

Bianca looked at me, directing me to step in that light.

Without hesitation, I stood under the beam of light. The rays showered me. I felt a blast of enlightenment and energy from it. As soon as I indulged in the feeling, I remembered having the same experience in that misty area. Yes… that place where I first met myself… The beam then disappeared a while later.

“It’s time for a test!”

I blinked for a second, and I found myself in a room. No doors, no windows, only brick walls, floor, and ceiling. No means of escape. I was trapped. I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t do anything here. Will I be here forever? Was I going to inherit claustrophobia?!

“Michael! Feast your eyes, look into the horizon!”

Bianca’s voice radiated from within the vacuum of the space, hinting me. With her words, I stood up and focused. Not a minute later, my eyes started glowing white. The wall in front of me started flickering quicker and quicker. Soon enough, the wall turned into a tunnel.

“Yes! Good job, Michael! You did it!”

I did what? Psch, not that it mattered. I had to go out the tunnel ASAP. I walked out and saw Bianca outside.

“Time to wake up,” Bianca said, snapping her fingers.

Woah! I saw myself back at where I was, with the rock formation in front of me. I realized I was back to where I was. I looked to my side and saw my subconscience there. Wait a minute… my eyes started picking on him.

“What is wrong, Michael?” asked my subconscience.

I didn’t know what was going on, but I had the weirdest feeling―no.. weirdest couldn’t describe this―the beguiling feeling that my subconscience… wasn’t actually my subconscience. What was happening? I felt like I could see through deceits and lies now. I knew what I must do with my newfound abilities. I must meet my true destiny.


The world that I was living with him was all a lie! I really didn’t know why, but the truth was screaming into my ears. Wait! The experience I had before… “Feast your eyes”, was it? Did it mean: To see the truth? Michael, does it, now? I couldn’t say if it was wrong or right, but this edgy feeling I was having right now was telling me I was wrong.

My “subconscience” stared at me with confusion. I was not even sure if I should even call him that. Because, deep down, he was not my subconscience, but a mere impostor. He played me like a puppet within his strings.

“Is something the matter, Michael? Speak,” demanded him an answer.

I stayed completely silent as if I had duct tape wrapped around my mouth.

Without thinking twice, heck even once, I dashed away.

“Just where do you think you’re going?”

He was on my trail. I had to go somewhere. But, where to?… I know: I should run to where I was before!

With that in mind, I ran into the dense jungle, leaving nothing but my ‘subconscience’ following my every footstep.

Pushing shrubs, bushes, and even small trees out of my way, I kept running and running aimlessly, hoping I would reach the cave.

“I was here to help you, Michael!” he screamed at me.

Hearing his voice, I looked behind to see if he was near. Ahhhhh! Ugh, I think I just landed on my face in the ground. Luckily, the leaves broke my fall. It looked like I tripped on a sprouted root.

Suddenly, I heard footsteps approaching nearer and nearer to me by the second. I quickly got up on my feet, and continued moving before it could come closer.

There it was! The Cave of Regrets! Without any further distraction, I was going to go in. That was until…

“Don’t you dare, Michael!”

Turning around, I saw the dark shadowy figure of me standing still wearing an infuriated face.

“You know what happens if you go in there, Michael. I won’t let it happen to you,”

“You’re lying. You’ve been lying to me since day one,”

“I wish you knew what you were saying,”

“I know what I’m saying, and doing, ‘subconscience’. Or should I even call you that?”

With those words coming from my mouth like a spouting broken sprinkler, it was enough to make him scream in rage.

“Michael! You don’t know anything! You’re too naïve!”

“I know you can’t understand what’s going on!”

“I know you don’t even know about that hummingbird!”

“I know you wish to exit this place!”

“And! I know that you don’t believe in spirits!”

“Let me be straight with you: I AM YOU!!”

Oh, my God! He knew about me. I stayed silent, completely flabbergasted by his exceptional knowledge of me. The trees were swaying violently in the wind. I was left drowned in my thoughts thinking about what led me to this dreadful site.



Huh?… This phrase again? This repeating line I’d been hearing ever since I got here.

Yes, Michael. Open your heart, and feast your eyes.

A voice called out to my name, repeating the phrase, but in a familiar voice. Bianca! Is that you? Can you come out?

Michael. You know you understand this whole concept. I trust you do. Just… believe in yourself.

Bianca, I… I don’t understand. I just… don’t.

Just believe in yourself….

Believe in myself? What am I now? Peter Pan? No… I shouldn’t think like that. Are you still there, Bianca? Hello?

There was nothing but silence. She had gone. She may had been just a voice, but she had told me a lot.

Let me reiterate: when I met that hummingbird, it had been acting like an escort for me. Like my guardian, or something. I was then on a boat with the oarsman, but my journey was cut short when our boat was flushed into the ocean. It was there I found myself in an “other-world”. I remembered I bathed in the rays of a beam, and felt something.

Maybe that something was an allusion to the first part of the phrase, “Open your heart”. If that was true, I “opened my heart”, allowing the giant white door to be opened. What if that door symbolized the passion in one’s life? Hmm… I was starting to get it.

Then, how about the second part of the phrase? “Feast your eyes”. Ever since I finished that leg of my story, I was able to see through lies and deceits. And… I was able to see a hidden tunnel in the cramped room. It could have mean being able to see the truth.

If I put them together… “Open your heart, feast your eyes” could mean “unlock the passion within your heart and see a bright light in the horizon of your future with your eyes”. Bingo! That was it; I got it now!

“Pondered in your thoughts enough yet, Michael? Sorry to burst your fun time.”

The impostor was awaiting an answer. I had to act, now.

“You know you can’t survive in there. It’s because you don’t believe,”

“That’s not true! I believe!”

His face turned from rage to aghast. Looking around, nothing happened.

“Hmhmhmhm hahahaha!”

“Stop making a fool of yourself,”

“I believe in myself! I’ve learned up a lot to this point,”

“You’re not going to deceive me with your trickeries! I believe!

“I believe!!”

My heart started glowing, and so did my eyes. In fact, my whole body started emitting a blinding white light. My “subconscience” shielded his eyes. With those two words, everything then stopped. The trees stopped swaying, the wind stopped blowing. Everything stopped in motion, like the clocked dared not to tick.


He was petrified. He could do nothing but watch what I had just done.

Caw! Caw!

My eyes picked up a sound of a raven. It was perching on a branch. Simultaneously, several translucent figures began appearing from the darkness of the forest.

I knew what must be done. I turned around and approached the cave without any delay.

“Goodbye,” I said to him.

I walked into the cave. Looking around one last time, I saw my “subconscience” slowly fading away. I was going to face my toughest challenge now. There was no turning back. It was now or never.


Slowly I crept into the cave’s mouth. It looked as if it was swallowing me whole. Okay… deep breath; baby steps first…

Inside, the cave was really dark and quiet. My vision was limited, so it was hard to see where I was going. I was blindly moving forward, unknowing of whatever that lied ahead.

My eyes caught a glimpse of light just a few feet away. I approached it and found it was the hummingbird. Its glowing feathers illuminated the dark cave. Oh, how I made him wait for so long.

“Well, I’ll be gobsmacked; look at what the cat dragged in!”

A voice that sounded like a gentleman’s echoed the walls of the cave. I was intrigued on where it came from. I looked above, behind, and below me, while the hummingbird tilted its head, seemingly confused.

“Was something disturbing you?”

Again, the voice echoed around me. I scratched my hair, leaving on a train to Thoughtsville. I knew it was coming from around me, but where was it coming from?

“Good heavens, what in the Land of Spirits are you doing?”

The polite British-accented voice echoed once again. This time, I deduced it to be coming from the hummingbird. Wait a second… hummingbirds don’t talk, let alone animals. I wanted to speak with the hummingbird to confirm it was coming from it.

“Is that you, Hummingbird?” I asked in inquisition.

“Indee―hold your horses! You can hear me?”


“By grace! You must have had finally opened your heart!”

“If you put in that way, maybe,”

“I’d understand better if you could explain,”

“Oh, why yes; of course I can. But, we’re supposed to start your trial, not to dilly-dally,”

“Let us make haste. I will explain it to you on the way.”

The hummingbird perched onto my shoulder. We then moved onwards, with the light from its feathers brightening the cave.

“Now that everything is hunky-dory, allow me to tell you what I meant,”

“As you may know by now, I am your Spirit Animal,”

“In case you are wondering what that is, a spirit animal is the embodiment of one’s desires and true intentions.”

Ah, so it really was my spirit animal all along. Spirits may not have been what I thought after all.

“If you are my spirit animal, you represent my guide, isn’t that right?”

“Indeed. You can consider me to be your knight in shining armor, save for the fact that you’re male,”

“Anyway, us spirit animals become humanoid when our ‘somebody’, you can be an example, is not in the Land of Spirits,”

“If that is so, you would assume an animal form when its ‘somebody’ arrives?”

“Right on target! We don’t just take up any animal we wish to. Our forms derive from their desires.”

Wow, I’m astounded, like I was just smacked in the head by a baseball bat. Say… what if Bianca was a spirit animal? I’ll keep this in mind and I will pop the question when I see her.

I suddenly realized: what if the hummingbird knew anything about that “other me”? I asked him.

“Hummingbird, I saw a dark shadowy apparition that resembled me. Any idea what it was?”


It grew silent. The hummingbird was shocked and petrified when I asked him that particular question.

“You met yourself?”

“Did it… manipulate you in any way?”

“Yes… and it told me that it was my subconscience,”

“What a load of rubbish. That ‘thing’ you met was your negativity!”

“I’m pretty sure it tried to lead you astray with its deceits and lies,”

“I realized that, though not in an instant. It disappeared shortly after I radiated white light and began to see translucent spirits,”

“Yes.. it all leads up. You awakened the real inner you, and with that, you foiled its schemes, and you were able to see the lesser spirits,”

“And my voice.”

“Can you elaborate more on this ‘inner me’?

“Those who have yet to awaken themselves are only able to connect with those true to their hearts. They won’t be able to speak with their own spirits either,”

I see… I perfectly understand this otherworldly concept now. So.. the hummingbird was my spirit, but he would take the form of my spirit animal whenever I came here. And that faux subconscience, he was my negativity. Glad I was mostly positivity. Okay… that was bad joke.

“We’re here. It is time to test yourself and prove to be worthy.”

A gargantuan door stands in front of me. Behind the door begins my true journey. I will not step back. What if I fail? Will I be gone? My second thoughts spoke as a third party.

“Step in whenever you’re truly ready. I will meet you at the end.”

With those words, the hummingbird flew away while the door opened. I hesitantly stepped in, knowing what would happen to me if I failed.

A light blurred my vision. When I came to, I found myself lying on a flowery mound. The sky was blue, the clouds were fluffy, the trees were dancing, the birds were singing, and the air felt incredibly calm. It was peachy, yes. I stood up to get a better view of where I was at. I saw a village. I ran there, hoping to meet someone new.

At the village, a couple of housemaids were doing the laundry. I approached one and started a conversation.


“Greetings. What brings a young man like you here?”

“Oh, nothing, just dropping by. Say, what is your name, miss?”

“Sarah. Yours?”

“Michael, Miss Sarah,”

“What a cute name!”

“Oh jeez. Miss, I’m new around here. Could you tell me what this village is like?”

“You sure look like one. Anyway, the village is quite p―”

[_ *Groom* *Groommmm* _]

The skies suddenly turned dark, like a storm was about to shake the village.

“Oh my, I have to get these clothes inside. It was a pleasure meeting you,”

And with that, she grabbed her clothes basket and ran inside.

Within seconds, rain started pouring down onto the village like a tipping jug full of water. Lightning galore struck the premises. I was soaking wet. Suddenly, one of the lightning struck the village house Miss Sarah was in. It immediately went on fire. The fire spreaded around the straw roof and engulfed the house in flames in mere seconds.

I could do nothing but watch in agony, as the screams of villagers trapped inside screeched inside my ears. I was terribly afraid of fire, and even more so of people in pain.

A lightning then struck a nearby tree, causing it to timber near me, blocking the path behind me. With nowhere else to go, I was forced to run straight ahead.

Dashing like a bullet, I observed as my surroundings turn from a peaceful plain to a chaotic county. I reached the edge of a cliff. Looking down, it was a gorge with a one-way ticket to the afterlife. There was a bridge close by. Without further thinking, I approached it.

The bridge was suspended by two ropes tied to spokes on each end and looked very unstable. I had to walk carefully across, without looking down.

A lightning suddenly struck the rope on the left side of the bridge. It snapped it, causing the bridge to start breaking in two. I was only halfway across. I had no time to think. I attempted to reach the end as fast as my legs would carry me.

“Almost there…!”

I reassured myself. The bridge suddenly split in two. I was about to reach the other side. I tried to grab one of the wooden planks of the bridge to save myself. It was like a slow-motion scene.

I kept saying to myself. I can! I can! I can! I can! I can’t!! My fingers could not grasp the wooden plank, and I started falling into the gorge. Have I failed? Was this the end? This couldn’t be… No… this was not how it was supposed to be… It looks like my journey… has come to a conclusion…


Moments of bliss flashed through my eyes like a million of paparazzi flashing their cameras at me. This was the only time I felt truly hopeless, just tirelessly awaiting a dark end.

Every second lasted like a whole year. The whole fall was equivalent to five long years. Just when I was about to reach the ground, my mind went blank.


The sound of a water droplet echoed into my eardrums. I awakened in a black void. Am Idead? I thought to myself. Has it finally all come to an end? My clothes were tattered and charred badly.

[_ *Drip* *Drip* _]

More water droplets created ripples on the ground, yet no water was seen, only an empty space of nothingness.

“Your fears are your worst enemies.”

A voice! Not just any voice; it wa Bianca’s once again. Hey, Bianca! Can you hear me?

“Your fears are your worst enemies.”

Bianca repeated the line. It seemed that she couldn’t hear me, undoubtedly.

“Your fears are your worst enemies. Open your heart, feast your eyes.”

Bianca was trying to tell me something. What did she mean? Was she trying to help me or trying to make things more sophisticated as if it not already was?

Before I got to take my time to thoroughly think, my vision faded into white.

When I regained my consciousness, I found myself lying on a tuft of grass on a hill. I stood up and saw a village nearby. Intrigued, I went closer. As I approached it closer and closer, I realized something was amiss. Wasn’t that the same village that was obliterated in the fire? I shrugged it off my mind, but I still went to Miss Sarah’s house.

To my bewilderment, there she was! Doing her laundry along with a couple of other housemaids. I had a weird déjà vu feeling. I wanted to pinch myself just to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. Ouch! Okay, that did not work.

I walked towards her.

“Miss Sarah, I’d like to speak with you,”

“Sure, dear―but, how do you know my name?”

Apparently, she doesn’t know me. It was like time has just reversed itself from its apocalyptic climax. If time really did reverse, I better warn her about her impending doom.

“My name is Michael. I may have just met you, but there is something really important I need to tell you,”

“Hello, Michael. Go on, I’m listening,”

“There’s going to be a fire which is going to kill you and your family, and destroy this village,”

“Are you sure? Everything is fine and dandy here. Are you sick?”

She didn’t believe me. That was not good. I’ll try my best to warn her, even if it was like drawing a dead man’s hand.

“You got to believe me! Your whole life is in danger!”

“Look, Michael. I really think you need to see a doctor. There’s one by the corner.”

There was no way she was buying it. Just then, I witnessed the clouds stirring up in the sky. This was it. I needed to prevent her from entering the house.

“Oh, twiddlesticks, I need to get inside now. These clothes are not going to dry under the rain.”

“No, don’t! Don’t enter the house! You’re going to die!”

“I love how you kids tell fantasies, but I’m not one bit swayed.”

With that, she took her laundry basket and ran inside. I failed to stop her, but I could still save her.

Just then, the rain started falling. There was little to no time left for me to act. I have to take action now!


A flash of lightning zapped the roof of the house and set it on fire. The fire quickly spreaded across the straw roof and wooden house. I heard her screaming from the inside. I was out of luck. I was terribly afraid of fire.

“Your fears are your worst enemies. Open your heart and feast your eyes.”

Bianca’s voice called out to me in my head. My fears are my worst enemies, hm? I got it. I won’t let my fears dictate my every moments and actions!

I immediately ran for the blazing door. I shielded my face and closed my eyes, bracing for impact, and hoped for the worst. When I opened my eyes, I was inside the house, and thankfully, I was unscathed. The door, however, didn’t meet the same fate… hehehe…

I went to the kitchen and found Miss Sarah and her two daughters hurled up in the corner.

“Michael?! What are you doing here?” seemingly shocked.

“No time to chit-chat. Come with me, take your children too!”

Without uttering a single phrase, she grabbed her children followed me. I led them to the exit, except now it was on fire. I had to think quickly. I observed the room for a way out. Aha! The window!

“Okay, I want you to dive out the window on the count of three. Trust me!”

Miss Sarah silenty nodded in agreement.

“Alright, now… one… two…. three!”

All of us dived out the window. We escaped unharmed, save for a few burn marks.

“Thanks, Michael. I apologized for not believing you earlier. We are grateful to you,”

“No worries. I couldn’t bare to see you perish, could I?”

The fire around the village died down. Extinguished, as if I completed a feat. That reminded me…. I need to complete my trial. I had to get to the bridge.

“I need to go, Miss Sarah. I wish you and your family peace and prosperity.”

I waved goodbye to them, and they returned the favour. I started running to my destination.

It was not long before I reach there. I aligned myself with the bridge. I was going to get myself ready for a plummet, but of course, I was not going to plummet.

With a huff and a puff, I ran as fast as I could across the bridge, hoping it wouldn’t break too fast. To my horror, before I made it halfway, the bridge snapped in two.

I started falling once again. Was I going to fail again? No… this couldn’t be. Not again! I was given a second chance, and I sure as hell was not going to throw it away like that! I’ll make it!

I outstretched my hands, and attempted to get a grip on the wooden plank of the second half of the bridge in front of me.


I let a triumphant warcry. I managed to clasp onto the wooden plank. Yes! I did it! I started climbing back up to the other side of the cliff.

I made it… I made it! I passed the test! I dusted my hand, and let out a sigh of relief and victory. I walked along the path and continued on. My vision was suddenly blurred by a light. I shielded my eyes with my shoulder. Ugh, I feel drowsy. My consciousness suddenly cut to black. I’ve collapsed.


“You think he’s waking up?”

“I am very much convinced he will in the nick of time.”

I heard two voices. It was difficult trying to make what they were saying. As I regained my consciousness, my vision was so blurry―it was like looking through a foggy mirror. It took a moment for it to normalize itself.

“Hey! Michael! Wake up!”

“Now, now… don’t push him too hard.”

The voices began sounding more and more familiar by the second. I finally realized who they were.

“Ugh… Bianca…? Hummingbird…? Are those you?…” I asked putting a palm on my forehead.

“Wow, you must have had quite an adventure, didn’t you, Michael?” Bianca replied.

“You strained yourself a lot there. I am very glad you made it in one piece,” the hummingbird replied.

Bianca helped me up on my feet. I thanked her in gratitude.

“Michael, you really knocked yourself out there,” the hummingbird joked.

“Ha ha… very funny,” while I turned around to look at it.

“Uhh… is that you, Hummingbird?”

“Oh yes. You’ve yet to meet me in my humanoid form. Right, I am the hummingbird, but please call me Joseph.”

The hummingbird, or “Joseph” by now, was the same height as me. He wore a navy blue letterman jacket with a hummingbird crest on his left chest. Underneath it was a yellow t-shirt. He wore a matching navy blue jeans with brown tennis shoes. His hairstyle was that of a casual everyday teenager and had a facial figure of a Scottish boy.

“So… Hum―I mean Joseph, what are you and Bianca doing here? How did you two even meet?”

“Didn’t I tell you, Mikey? In the Land of Spirits, you can connect with others close to you too!” Bianca explained.

“It is true, Michael. We were here to well, congratulate you on your success,” Joseph explained as well.

“Yep yep yep! Kohn-gruah-chu-wei-shouns, Mikey! You totally crushed your trial!” Bianca said bouncily.

“Gee… thanks. If it wasn’t for you two, I bet I would’ve been lost.”

I took a glance on the place we were at. I was completely shocked. It was the very same beach I was on when I first arrive in the Land of Spirits. The details were not even point one percent off.

“Ah… Michael, I see you realized we are on the same beach where you first arrived,” Joseph said, picking up on my confusion.

“The beginning of your journey marks your end,”

That makes me wonder, though. Whatever happened to my “lesson” I was supposed to “learn”?

“That reminds me… have I yet to learn?”

“Learn about what?” Bianca asked, putting a finger on her lips.

“The lesson. Did I fail it?”

“Poppycock! You didn’t fail it, you passed it with flying colours!” Joseph replied happily.

I almost forgot about something with all this bliss flowing into me. I wanted to ask Bianca of whose spirit she was. Joseph nudged me to ask by tilting his head towards her direction.

“Uh, Bianca. I have something I’ve been waiting to ask you,”

“Whaaaaaaaat is it?” she said while fluttering her eyelashes.

“Since Joseph is my spirit… whose spirit are you to?”

“Interesting question, Michael… are you sure you want to know?”

I became more intrigued to find out when she replied with that. She’s a natural at making people more eager to learn.

“Yessssssss…” I said clenching my teeth.

“I… am… the spirit of…”

My eyes dilated by the second. I couldn’t wait any longer to know the answer. She must be doing it on purpose.

“Trish,” Bianca ended.

I was so shocked I think my neck just did a whiplash. Of all the time with her, she was the spirit of Trish. Heh, so I was that close to Trish, wasn’t I? I best not tell her about that. She’ll go insane. Ah, that explains why Bianca is so lively. Pfft.

My mouth was wide open while Bianca just smiled innocently at me.

“Guess this world has more secrets than it already has, doesn’t it? Hah hah…”

“You betcha!”

We both laughed, and Joseph joined in.

A while later, snow started falling from the dark blue sky. The snow glowed very brightly like a full moon. It was magnificent. I noticed that Joseph’s face grew serious.

“It is time,” Joseph said.

“Michael, you don’t belong in this world. It is time you return from whence you came.”

Bianca’s face became disappointed but agreeing to Joseph. She grabbed my hand and opened my palm, positioning it straight flat. A snowflake fell on my palm.

“You know what to do. Open your heart, feast your eyes, Michael,” she said.

I clasped the snowflake, causing an outburst of light from my fist. I then held it to my chest. I felt a moment of accomplishment and success from that.

“That was good… now what?” I asked with a concerned face.

“Now…” Bianca approached me, while Joseph tapped my shoulder.

“Wake up, Michael.”

“Wake up, Michael.”

I closed my eyes while Bianca chanted the words.

“Michael, wake up! Don’t fall asleep!”

When I came to, I saw Trish wiggling my head, asking me to wake up.

“Yes! I’m awake. Sorry.”

I saw both Robert and Frank sitting on the ground, talking to each other nearby. I was a tad bit dazed after awaking from the Land of Spirits. I took a look on my watch and my mouth just went wide open, like it lost a supporting hinge. The whole otherworldly journey, it only lasted for ten minutes.

“Michael… did you, you know, managed to contact the spirits? We were worried when you didn’t respond to us after the ritual,” Trish questioned with a very worried tone.

“Yes, I did. At first I thought it was a crazy notion to believe this, but I was wrong,”

“Wow, Mike! Can you tell all of us about your experience?” Robert asked in excitement.

“Sorry to say, Rob. This is a secret to me, and me only,”

“I told you guys that he wouldn’t tell if he did or didn’t! Man, but at least you learned a thing or two,” Frank said.

“Indeed. I need to go home now. And oh yeah, open your hearts and feast your eyes, guys! Catch ya!”

All three of them were left stunned after I said that. I immediately took my bag and went home. I went to my bedroom and took a sit on my bed. I pondered in my thoughts.

I was not spiritual―or even partially. I mean, why should I be spiritual, let alone believe in spirits, if I can never even see a spirit in real life? At least that was only my poor theory. That experience will truly be unforgotten. The one fateful trip that only lasted but ten minutes. Tell me what was it, really?

I stood up and looked in the window. I caught a glimpse of two white orbs floating around by the tree on the mound. I waved a hand at them. Heh, that must be Joseph and Bianca. The two orbs then danced around the tree and flew off. I guess that meant “Good to see you too, Michael, catch ya later!”.

I walked to my bedroom door and went out to breathe some fresh air. Now, that was an amazing story about my journey to the Land of Spirits, wasn’t it? Remember: open your heart, and feast your eyes.



A Journey to the Land of Spirits

Michael, a teenage boy, refused to believe in the spirit fantasies that were spreading throughout the countryside like a plague. He was then confronted by three of his friends, Trish, Robert, and Frank, all who were trying to persuade him into trying out a ritual that enables him to connect with the spirits. Initially, he denied, but he decided to test it to show them that it was all a hoax. However, what was in for him was unfathomable. And just a minute of silence, he had entered to the Land of Spirits, a world filled where mysterious and phenomenal entities reside. Thus began his journey to understand why he was brought here and for what.

  • Author: J. L. Chan
  • Published: 2016-01-04 16:05:08
  • Words: 10608
A Journey to the Land of Spirits A Journey to the Land of Spirits