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A Few Haiku


Here is a collection of haiku of mine. They are not necessarily traditional in the strictest sense but don’t let that bother you. A couple of them are a bit dark; these express frustration and hopelessness. Most are brighter; these explore beauty and humor.



write poetry in haiku.

We get to the point.


Snow falls: clean and fresh,

beautiful, brilliant and white.

Where is the shovel?


Water flows in streams

to sing the songs of angels,

the music of God.


Dry poplar flowers

are little silver angels

in the winter sky.


Buddha sips his tea.

He sits on the bank of the

Brandywine River.


Purple flowers live

among dead stumps of corn stalks.

Spring precedes the plow.


It feels wrong somehow

to shop Amazon.com

with a Nook Tablet.


Life is a river.

We are caught in the current.

We can do nothing.


I have long thought that

I ought to be some place else,

if only I knew where.


Life’s a NASCAR race.

Drive fast around the oval!

I’m on a moped.


The way of artists

is resolute acceptance

of life and living.


Haikus turned inside-out

These five haikus were inspired by the movie Inside Out. It is one of my favorite movies. I offer no apologies.


Fear is my armor.

It tries to shield me from harm.

It weighs me down, too.


Anger is my sword.

It slashes at obstacles.

It cuts me as well.


Disgust is my sieve.

Poisons and faux pas don’t pass.



Sadness is da balm.

A little grief can heal wounds.

Too much can poison.


Joy is delighted!

New day! Fresh start! Go for it!

Drive everyone nuts!



A single non-haiku just for the fun of it

This isn’t a haiku but I like this one so much that I included it anyway. The annual Punkin Chunkin event inspired this one.


Way down south in Delaware,

a chunker made a pumpkin fly.

It soared a mile through the air

and hit somebody in the eye.

Don’t despair.

Why do you cry?

You have a spare.

A Few Haiku

  • Author: Tommy Baggins
  • Published: 2016-04-27 22:40:22
  • Words: 343
A Few Haiku A Few Haiku