A day in the life of Dixie

We got a new dog in November of 2015 because our other dog (a poodle mix called Pepper) had to be put down after 16 years when we learned that she had cancer. We lost Pepper in September of 2015. Without an animal, the house was very empty. I started searching the internet in October and found a web site for our local shelter. Before we picked Dixie, we had tried to adopt a few other dogs on the site but they would always be gone by the time we got to the shelter.

My mom decided on a Friday afternoon in November to pop into our shelter to see if they had any smaller dogs that they were trying to place. That is when she met Dixie, a Dachshund-Wirehair terrier mix. She looks exactly like a Dachshund with the short legs and the long, low body. Mom saw her and took Dixie for a walk. She wasn’t totally in love with her possibly because Dixie had growled at her when the shelter volunteer took her out of the cage. My mom told the volunteer at the front desk that she would like to go home and get her daughter to come and look at the dog to see if we should adopt her. I liked her immediately (possibly because she did not growl at me when we met!) We decided to adopt her that day and got her home that night. My mom had the feeling that the shelter was very happy to place this dog as quickly as they could.

It turns out that Dixie had a few homes for the first seven years of her life. She had been born in Alabama and was saved from being euthanized by a rescue group and was brought to New Jersey. Dixie arrived at the local shelter in July of 2015 and was adopted. She was surrendered after eight days because the family’s older dog didn’t like her.

After we brought her home, it was amazing how fast she bonded with my mom and me. She obviously had been in a home where she was allowed to sleep on beds and furniture. The first night living with us she jumped on my mom’s bed and has slept there ever since.

Dixie’s favorite activities are eating and sleeping. She has moments every day where she has bursts of energy that we call “whacky attacks”. She runs very fast from the back of the house to the front of the house about 5 times, and then collapses on the couch! Unfortunately, she has gained something like 7 pounds because of her inactivity. She loves to eat but doesn’t like to go for walks.

When Dixie first came to live with us, she was very happy to take long walks around the neighborhood. Now she doesn’t like to leave the yard and keeps turning around to look at her house. We think she’s afraid that she’s being taken away.

If Dixie could tell her story to us, maybe we could understand why she acts like she does. But she can’t so we just have to love her as she is. So this is Dixie’s life in a day.


A Day in the life of Dixie.

This is a day in the life of our dog Dixie.

  • Author: Beth Nash
  • Published: 2017-06-03 23:35:09
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A Day in the life of Dixie. A Day in the life of Dixie.