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A Clear Vision






Copyright © 2015 by J. Samuel


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A Traveler’s Wish is to see the City

Where is the City? I wanna go now, to see all of the beautiful lights and things. I wanna meet people, and laugh and sing, and marvel at all of the wonderful sights and scenes.

The fun is like a high, a sugar high of fun, I didn’t win the lotto but it feels like I won. The people are smiling and enjoying one another—at the play, at dinner, it’s all full of fun.

These wonderful lights shine in the beautiful sky’s light, the life of the City is in everyone. I wanna travel the City and see the lights so pretty, laughing with my friends and enjoying everyone…

…Hoping the end of the night won’t come

[*Classic  *]



Grab a drink and chill out, the sun is out, kick back on a chair and relax. Take a deep breath and let out the stress, and think about how nice the day is.  


Dogs running, birds singing, soak in the nice sun, don’t think about anything but this moment. Grab a snack, turn on the radio, sit back and relax your mind, kill time by taking a nice comfty nap. 


Toss your cares to the side, don’t worry about a thing, no thoughts on stuff you have to do. Don’t think about the time, or a phone or nothing, …just you and this chair and the drink next to you.  








Dance, learn a tune, do something new, pick up a talent or think up an idea. Learn a new language, watch something different, figure out something else to do.

Read a book, learn to cook, do something out of the norm, play a videogame or ride a bike. Take a hike, go to the movies or skate to the park—have some fun, be happy that you’re alive!


My Dreams are fresh in my mind today, what will I do with them…?

How will I work towards my dreams today, will stress and my problems make me not? Will I see myself pushing towards a finished project, or will I sit and watch the sun go down?

Will the stress of my problems bring me down so low, or will I pick up a pen and write? Will the issues I’m facing lead me in the wrong direction, or will I stick to the plan and do right?

Will the stories in my head come to life on paper, will the thoughts of my imagination come true? Will I see the happiness of a character’s smile, or laugh at something that they do?

What is it that troubles my mind today? Is it really worth the time and play? Do I really want to see my dreams come true, or will the sun go down and I say, “What did I write today?”

Go to the Beach

Put on some sandals and go to the beach, it’s a nice day to swim and run around,

Pack something light, bring a towel to lay on, some tanning lotion for when you kick back.

Don’t forget swimming trunks and some goggles to see, take a vest; you can never be too safe.

Bring some coins for some ice-cream or a hot dog or drink, hurry up and pack, let’s go!

No distractions

Plan a trip for a nice day at the park, having a good time with family.

An open book, a picnic basket, a blanket to lie down and nap.

Some benches and trees, a cool summer breeze, with chasing and laughter here and there.

A volleyball game, some shifting of cards, a relaxing day free from all troubles.


What am I doing with the time that I have, am I chasing the dreams that I see? Am I spending time doing what I love to do, or is time the one who is spending me?

Do I see something bright in the future to come, is my time set to “Succeed”? Will my focus be where I want it to be, or will someone else be taking the lead?

Am I really spending time or is time spending me, what am I doing with my life? Do I really want to keep letting life go to waste, or will I take charge and live my life?

It’s time to get up and follow your dreams—not someone else’s lead. Stop wasting energy on something you could care less about—Go follow your dreams. It’s time.

Final Words:

It’s time to chill out and take time for you—you can’t have good health and happiness without doing so. It’s very important and crucial to enjoying your life the way you were meant to.


-J. Samuel

A Clear Vision

  • ISBN: 9781370387083
  • Author: J. Samuel
  • Published: 2016-07-29 11:40:11
  • Words: 827
A Clear Vision A Clear Vision