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I have been writing poetry for a few years and wish to offer this sample of my poetry for your enjoyment. FREE.


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All I Think About Is You

There are people who are sweet to do anything for

Also loving and adoring more

You are the one I adore

That I only have eyes for

Of a darling so caring and romantic you see

And helpful when required to be

People watch us walking hand in hand

Feeling happy seeing us so grand

My heart beats so fast

Hopefully now in a relationship to last

When I am with you

I know that you love me too

Would I ever let you down, never

May we both live with good times together




































Lovers Entwined


Making love is not all about sex

People can do it wherever next

Just putting your arms around your partner

And snuggling one another

You both just sit there happy and chatting away

Knowing that the other is happy they say

Relaxing in each other’s own pleasuring times

Can be great fun sometimes

Being romantic, now that’s being a nice soul




























































My Sweet Love


How my life certainly is being

With a partner that I cherish to seeing

Coming home from work, through the front door

She is standing on the kitchen floor

Looking up at that blue summer sky

I put my arms around her waist oh my

She turns and gives a lovely hug and a kiss

That is just what I miss

Glad to be together once again

To lose her would put me in sane





































A Happy Couple


As I sit down to a romantic meal

With my lover who does make me feel

I love them so much

Like they do to me as such

We smile at each other

Holding hands and kiss one another

We get served with our meal

That we got for a great deal

Having wine with it too

To drink to such an occasion

Chatting and laughing together

One winking to the other

That’s how a couple should be

Ever so happy you see






































Caring for Another


When your partner is in unwanted pain

Especially if it’s some kind of strain

You want to help as much as you can at best

Like taking things to them while they rest

Like dinner and a drink

Then that poor person might think

What a lovely partner that they have

While they recover from their illness

And currently can do less

Than what they are use to

Which is why their partner does do














































































Times cannot be always be right

Especially when you are given such a fright

Of someone creeping up behind you

And saying BOO and up you jump too

Or in a haunted place in the dark you see

Where ghosts are said to be

All of a sudden a creaking of a door is happening

That is coming from where no one is standing

You seem to start getting frightened

Off you scatter out of the haunted place

It’s just a natural thing for us to do!

You would think twice going there again too!






































Joyful Times


It’s good when spirits are looking over you

At times to make sure that the things you do

Go smoothly and thinking about yourself

You do the same sometimes

Of thinking of them

When they were on this side of life

Happy times they were

Holding our hands when we were children

Given a cuddle when upset or crying

Through falling over and cutting our knee

They were always there when need to be

Always keep them near to your heart








































They Are Here


When we see that white light

That shines ever so bright

Its spirit showing they are here

Watching down on us here and there

To guide us when they can

On the right pathway as we stand

And move obstacles for us to get through

To let our lives be as smooth too

But we also have to make the effort

Doing our bit when our guides sit

Watching us as we go

And feel happy in what they achieve






































Letting the Past Go


There are times when we are low

Due to our past that haunts us so

After having a breakup in marriage

Or a family loss of some kind

Then move away to start afresh

Only to find that when returning to that town

That you once called home

People recognize you and bring up the past

That pathway that you had brought to an end

It can’t be helped when family or friends

Don’t see you for a while and bring up the old times

It’s just having the courage

To let that bad past slip away and replace

With happy and new fresh times




































Getting that feeling for abundance

Having it flowing your way for once

There are ways it can be done

Relaxing in a room alone

Listening to words and music from a video

Taking breaths in and out when asked so

Being told when once in tune

Money will be flowing towards you

In the universe as it’s what you’re asking for

While you meditate doing the Abundance meditation

For just a short while, sitting and concentrate

It has been proven that this is a working success



































































A Best Friend


Who’s been there in my darkest hour

To stop me crumbling like flour

Having a great friend is sensational

They are replaceable and conditional

Helping you out with all kinds of things

You helping them in return that brings

That’s when things go hand in hand

In going a long way between you

That friendship would last a lifetime too










































Having Company


On a warm summer evening

Sitting in a lovely garden relaxing

Of a large patio and a nicely cut lawn

With friends that have come around

To talk to about life more than anything

Relationships, work and money being some

Some are happy and some are not with their position

Drinking away, the wine and lagers flow

Oh what a joy having company

And letting the evening roll










































Friends Afar!


When you have friends who is ever so far away

Who lives in other countries across the way

Helping each other when in need

They are a true friend indeed

You return the favor

Despite the fact you are living afar

Phone or social network helps today

To stay in contact I say

But that’s what friends are for

Thank you my friends





































We Finally Meet


I have known someone for a while now

But have not met them yet and how

We had talked on the phone

Also known as a dog and bone

Having a laugh and a joke together

Using Skype that brought us even nearer

But now I finally meet them face to face

In such a lovely place

We hugged one another

One embraced the other

Am glad that we finally met

What will become from this day onwards I bet




























































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  • ISBN: 9781370160570
  • Author: P J Churchill
  • Published: 2016-09-06 22:35:14
  • Words: 1238