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A Blunder Worth Telling




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‘To my friends who have always been together with me. This is the least gift I can give you all to be a part of my life..’

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Acknowledgement and some thoughts






























Acknowledgement and some thoughts

First and foremost I would like to thank God. In the process of putting this book together I realized how true this gift of writing is for me. You have given me the power to believe in my passion and pursue my dreams.

Then thank you my dear readers and friends, for choosing *A BLUNDER WORTH TELLING. *I would like to express my gratitude to many people who saw me through this book; to all those who provided support, talked things over, read, wrote, offered comments, allowed me to quote their remarks.

My friends for always motivating me to do better and for making me able to pursue me my dream.

I am grateful to my family for being patient and always supporting me with my work.

Today I write for the change of mindset of Indian society. Yes I know I am too young for that, and before beginning this book my motives were different, like every other young individual aspires fame, money, I was the one too running for that. But now after completing this book, yes I could say that I write for a change. The change in me. Don’t remember me but always miss me. Cause missing symbolizes love and remembrance symbolizes admiration, and I want to be loved not to be admired.

Welcome to A Blunder Worth Telling

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“Search it fast Anirudh. We have only 10 minutes left for the next class.” I said.

He hardly noticed me and continued his inquisitor in books.

“Can’t you remember which book you read yesterday?” He said.

“No not even a single hint about it.” I said.

“What a fool.” He said.

Everyone in the library was looking at us. We were searching for books and turning pages like fools as if we had made a new discovery and was just one step far from it. But it was not so, we were not very bright students or so called book geeks to do so. Making it more clear it was just third time when I break in the library door of our school being a first year student. For the first time, I remember according to me I entered here because of a girl, Amandeep( a friend of mine) was following a girl and we( I and Anirudh) wanted to know more about her so we followed her. Though it came of no use as later we got to know that she was none other than one of the duffers of our class (me included). And since then my second visit in the library took place yesterday (no not for a girl this time). We friends decided a day to party and the party was thrown by the unlucky sufferer whose name was selected by chits. Unluckily yesterday my name came out, however I managed to skip the ritual and befooled them by saying that I don’t have enough money but would surely give them the treat later. God knows how they came to know that I had enough cash in my pocket for the party. So I found library the only place to keep my loving, dear and the only thousand rupee note safe. That day the note vanished from my pocket and soon from our country. I kept it in one of the most boring books which no one would ever prefer to read. But today when I arrived back here I couldn’t find the book in its place in which I had kept the money. That’s why we were busy looking in books for the last 20 minutes.

“Shhhh! Slowly. Everyone is looking at us. Let no one know about it or our money is gone.” I said.

“Wow I got an idea.” Anirudh said.

He stood on one of the table in library and made an announcement that almost gave me a heart attack.

“My dear friend, I am searching for a 1000 rupee note that was lost by my friend yesterday and he had kept it in one of the books, whoever finds the money and return us will definitely get half share in the note. Thank you.” He said.

Everybody stood from their respective seats thumping sounds of footsteps increased and everyone started searching for the note as if it was their own property.

“What are you doing you idiot.” I said.

“What??? Now you see your note will be here in less than 5 minutes.” Anirudh said.

“Why would someone take half share if they found the full note, you duffer?” I said.

“Err…..” He thought for a while.

“I haven’t thought of this.” He fell down and sat on a chair, took a deep breath and started thinking what a big fool he was (Admiring his own talent)

In less than 2 minutes the torn pages of Human Antinomy came in our hands. Now I remembered that was the book in which I had kept my money in vain



Chapter 1

Suddenly my eyes opened and I found myself in my bedroom. It was 2:00 Am and I was dreaming. Actually it was not only a dream but was one of my good old memory of the time I had spent with my friends. My heart and eyes both were almost filled with pain and tears and emotions tried fleding out of me but I controlled. Anirudh was my best friend when I was in school, better I say that he is and will always remain in my heart. He was very nice and helpful but only for me as we were the so called ‘Chuddy buddies’. Together we had lived all the pain and happiness. Our friendship was like soul’s heaven. Now 2 months had passed after our 12 board result and tomorrow was my joining for NSc Delhi. Thank god that Shashwat (my old friend from school) was also coping up with me for joining. As a matter of fact he was not coping up with me and was always ahead of me, though we were friends but not like besties. He was of generous behavior, hardworking and studious. Oh sorry!! I forgot to mention anything about myself. I was born in Lucknow the capital of Uttar Pradesh as a middle class family boy. I remember that my mother had told me once that I was born after a lot of prayers from Gods as I was the only boy child in my family after my 2 elder sisters so they had a lot of expectations from me like clearly saying, they thought me of like the only descendent of the family and they always demanded something big from me. And how talented I was that I always gave them a big…… a big shock it was, from school complaints to results. I somehow completed my twelfth from Saint Xavier School in Lucknow and was now going to Delhi for a glorious degree, as per the demand of my parents. Study had always been out of my reach since my childhood. I was much interested in creative things and trying something new which I remember once had resulted in a small explosion that took place when I was doing a chemistry practical. I don’t know what was my relation with H2SO~4 but whenever I saw it.., I just can’t stop myself to try mixing it with all the chemicals available. And as a result of which I got a burn mark on my left hand. I was scolded badly by my teachers, principle as well as my parents; from that day I always tried to maintain a mile distance from H[~2]SO~4 .~~ ~My school days just passed in all the fun with my friends. We were rarely seen in the class and ‘bunk’ had become a common word of daily use for us. I had a very tight schedule, waking up in the morning then hurrying for school as I was always late then bunking in school, and after coming back home I only had two works to do, one was sleeping which was my favorite job and another was to attend my dance class. But from now on I had decided that I will try my best, do hard work and will try to compete to the demands and expectations of my family from me or say try to throw some light on Kumar which was my family title by glowing a bulb ahead of it. Ahha!! Wait I forgot to mention about girls. We were in coed school; at least they deserve to be in some part of this book. Wow! What a topic to discuss on. The never ending topic it was and also I don’t know from where to start. I never got attracted towards any girl madly but all of them were the center of attraction. Some were good friend of mine and some only for simple hiii’s and hello’s. It is said that females are the most complicated animals to understand present on the planet. Yes of course they are, it is said by none other than me. Living in 21^st ^century now we could conduct various tests to understand the behavior and the mindset of even the most dangerous animals by help of technology and latest knowledge, but for women’s no, never. I will not even dare to try. Once I remember for Anirudh I tried to talk to a girl to know her feelings about him, she got me so confused that on the next morning I was in a trouble remembering that whether I was in love with her or Anirudh.

In this way my whole time after 2:00 AM passed in remembering my good old days, my sweet memories and thinking what would happen the next day in the college. I got carried away with my dreams and I don’t remember when I slept.



Chapter 2

“Ohh!! Shit.” I bawled when all of a sudden my eyes opened and I got a glance of the clock. It was 8:15 AM and just 15 minutes were left for me to reach the college. I can’t be late on the first day, I kicked myself in my mind that how silly I was. I gave a harsh look to my mobile phone on which I had set the alarm for today but I knew it wasn’t its mistake and started to get ready for the college. I was lucky enough to be only 5 minutes late and found Shashwat waiting for me at the university gate. He was neatly dressed, nicely combed and looked to me more like a professor than a fresher.

“Hey, where were you? Why are you so late?” Shashwat spoke.

“Just got busy with the tie knot.” I excused.

I didn’t want to tell him the truth. Why? I don’t know just I didn’t.

“Oh! Wait I forgot to speak to my mom. Wait for 2 minutes I must call.” I said.

I called my mother we talked I tried to finish my conversation as soon as possible Shashwat was getting eager to enter the university. She invoked few words of blessing on me and I took it as my good luck charm. I loved my mother very much and we were more like friends, so I shared a lot of things with her. I know many of you do have a friendship like relation with your mother or father or any of your family member but do you agree that you share all the things, even a small pin to a large elephant like talks with them. No, Right! If you do keep it up. But you all must have had a friend in your life “The Besties” with whom you must have shared your all thoughts even a rubbish talk and your feelings which you can’t share with others. In every stage of life it might be possible that the holder of this position may change, means in school life you may share your thoughts with some other friend and coming in college some other and so on in every successive stage. But in each and every stage someone always remains beside us. This friendship is above all the relations; you meet with a stranger, share and exchange your thoughts and one day comes when you trust that person more than anybody else in the world. So always remember friends this bond of friendship is very delicate and important choose your so called ‘Besties’ wisely, someone who could guide you from difficulties and can live your pain and happiness as their own.

Back to reality

We entered the campus there were many new students like us searching for their rooms. We managed to find our rooms kept our bags there and then moved out to roam around the campus and to get used to of every section. Our college was far from the city area so it provided a lightly populated, clean and green environment to live in. There was a huge board on which name of professors and some toppers who had great hand in maintaining the reputation of the college were written. As we were admiring the toppers I got a glimpse of a girl and for one minute the glimpse forced me to think that I had seen her somewhere before. I tried my best to remember her but I can’t .

“Hey! Where are you lost?” Shashwat said as I just got frozen staring at the corridor for few seconds.

“No nothing.” I replied.

I desired to follow her but as Shashwat was interested in other sections of the university so I gave up. For few hours we roamed in and around our campus. It was quite a big university and many students like us were admiring it. At night in our dorm we got to know that we were sharing our room with two other boys. We introduced ourselves and asked for their intro too one of them (Tanay) was from Madhya Pradesh and (Aarav) the other one was from Jammu. Till schools we studied in a united environment but now ahead of us were a diversified culture and believe me my friends it has its own unique fun to understand and live in diversified tone. We talked till midnight shared our views regarding our cultures. The bane and boons in our living. Everyone was very excited and was eagerly waiting for tomorrow when they will enter the so called college life. I had heard about the fun in college from many, but I can’t believe that from next day I was going to live that life. Again some memories of my old times in school came to my mind, though I was entering into a new phase of my life but nothing could replace my friends. They were the part of some memorable moments of my life and always will be. I thought how better this new start would be if they were with me.

I slept.



Chapter 3

‘Hey! Wake up. We are getting late.” Shashwat shouted in my ears.

I suddenly woke up. All the three boys were standing at my head and were staring at me like they had never seen someone sleeping in their whole life before.

“What?” I asked.

“Wake up, you must get ready or we will be late for our class.” Tanay said.

“Oh!” I leaped out of my bed and looked at the clock.

There was enough time for me to get ready for the class. I must thank my friends who saved me from getting late for my first class. I got ready, took my bag and we fled. We were allotted seats according to our names in an alphabetical order. I was seated in the third row between four boys. I took a look at the whole hall, no girl was even near me, and they were at least four seats away from me. Bad luck of my name I think. Aarav was seated two rows ahead of me surrounded by girls “What a luck.” I thought. I took another glance at the class and my eyes stopped on a girl. She was sitting in the front row, it was her whom I had seen yesterday and had thought that she some acquaintance of mine. Again I tried hard to remember but I can’t. Finally I decided to go directly to her and ask. She turned, our eyes met and I couldn’t believe she smiled. Yes she did!!! It means that there were no confusions and my all thoughts were right I must had known he in my past days. But suddenly another revolting thought came to my mind. Hey don’t be so overjoyed it could also be a stranger’s smile, like one we pass when we see a stranger staring at us and we smile in reply so they might avoid staring. Both conditions were fulfilled but which one was true no one knew except her. This contradictory thought of mine again led me to a confusion that whether I knew her or not. Finally I decided again to go and ask her, this was my second final time. As soon as I stood our professor entered in our class.

“Good morning Students.” He exclaimed.

Everyone was busy in their own talking and no one paid attention to him first but after a while all the students stood.

“Very well-mannered boy.” He pointed towards me.

“See and learn class these are manners, he stood as soon as I enter the class, as if he was only waiting for me, as if he was hungry to gain knowledge, I could feel his hunger, as if he has only one goal in his life to reach……” I didn’t want to write the whole lecture he had given. Though he praised me, then also I felt it like a joke. I somehow controlled my laughter. Everyone in the class was looking at me some were praising, some criticizing, some jealous but yes it was for sure that everyone was looking at me. The lecture helped me in two things, first it helped me in gaining some respect on the first day. My first impression was gone the best without any preparations. Thank god!!. Second, it helped all the students in knowing one habit of using the word ‘as if’ repeatedly possessed by our professor. He was skinny, wore a boneless frame and his tone sounded like a South Indian. “The Parabolic Curve” he started. Before coming in college I had made many promises to myself that I would study hard and would do no fun at all. “No bunking” would become a rule for me, I had to control myself and concentrate. But what a poor concentration, I on the first day unknowingly broke all the promises. Though I was physically present in the hall but mind was bunking the class. It was on the front row. No, no I don’t think that it was in the class of the love. You must be thinking that I was in love with her, like the love at first sight. But the situation was not something like that. I was just curious to know what was my relation with her, how I knew her. That was all. I wanted all my questions to be answered.

“Ssss fssss” I found someone calling me from back. It was Shashwat.

“What are you doing? Why are you looking at her continuously. Just focus and study.” Shashwat said in signs.

“Hmmm” I nodded.

I was happy knowing that he cared for me. He was like a mentor. Afterwards I tried to concentrate.

Our lecture ended and everyone fled like they were released from zoo. I tried to reach the first row as fast as I could but she was gone. I looked out in some places but she was also not there.

“Hey! Wait. Are you idiot. Why were you staring at her. Everyone was looking at you.” Shashwat said.

“I don’t care.” I said.

“Okay!! Now lets move to canteen we have our next lecture in two hours.” He said.

“But I want to know about that girl.” I replied.

“Oh don’t be a fool, where will you find her in so big college. Wait till next lecture when she will come just ask.” He said.

“Right.” I nodded.

“But tell me one thing why are you interested in her.” He said.

“Because I feel that I have seen her somewhere before but I can’t remember where.” I said.

“Oh any love life?” He teased me.

“Not so fast its just me and my curiosity.” I replied.

We moved to the canteen and ate some light meal. In canteen we made some more friends but the group of four ( I,Shashwat,Aarav,Tanay) was becoming the best. We talked, laughed, made some tough calculations about girls who passed over the canteen door and enjoyed. I almost forgot that girl. Shashwat was studious but only at the time when he had to study else he was just like one of us. Sometimes I desired to be like him.



Chapter 4

It was the time for our next lecture , I didn’t want to get late so I stood and quickly started moving towards our lecture hall.

“Wait!!” Tanay shouted.

“Wait for us” Shashwat said.

I listened to no one and kept walking to the hall, I reached and no one was there. “What!!” I was the first one to reach. This was a great achievement for me ever in my lifetime, always the last student to reach his class today came first. Never ever in my school time I had been on time, I was always late and sometimes was sent back with a diary note. Then also I was somewhat famous in school for two things, First, holding the record of getting late and second being a football champion. Our team always won the football championship and always I was the captain. I never got chance to develop my interests in studies but always had a keen interest in all the sports. After ninth grade my parents also lost all hopes from me and from then never forced me to study. It was my decision to come to NSc to live a college life and also now I had decided to change myself and study hard.

In the hall

“Let’s sit and have some fun.” Tanay said.

I instead of sitting on my seat sat on that girl’s seat for whom I was waiting so eagerly.

“Let’s make some paper planes. It will be fun flying them during class.” Aarav said.

Aarav resembled me , always trying something different, who else except me and him would like to flew planes during first day of the lecture. We started making them and Tanay and Shashwat helped us they didn’t got involved in our plan but helped with the paper work. Now few students started coming in the hall. A group of girls came and I could hear their talks and reason for their giggling.”

“See how much face of Tanya has changed. She is looking like male.” Hahaha. All the girls laughed.

Surely they were pointing me as I was sitting on a seat that was allotted to a girl. No not ‘that girl’ now I knew her name it was Tanya. What was there to laugh. I thought in my mind, what a foolish joke it was. Now if I go to one of them and ask them “Where is Tanya?” then all of them will shockingly ask how do I know her name, then I will say “you all told me her name” and they will say “we never talked to you how could we.” And all this drama in the whole conversation will only lead to prove me wrong. That’s why I said earlier girls are complicated “beings” on the earth. I used the word “beings” here because if I had again use the word animal again, then any girl reading this book will surely behave like animal to me. I realized that saying them anything or any conversation with them was of no use. So I quietly stood and moved back to my seat. Our professor came in the class and started his lecture but she didn’t come. I waited for her eagerly, kept staring at the empty chair but it was of no use she was not there. My mind was still not present in the room, I kept looking everywhere in the class at everyone’s face examining how serious they were. Finally I got fed up of myself and thought “Who’s that girl. Nothing to me. Then why am I thinking about her so much. Just let her go to hell and study”. I made up my mind to study and before I even opened any of my books to focus something struck my head. I looked, it was the paper plane, inside was a message from Aarav. “ Why sitting ideal lets have some fun.”

“What” I looked at him and asked him in signs what to do.

“Open your bag there are many more planes, write a message and just enjoy.” He said.

First of all I took no interest in that stuff but soon an idea came to my mind. It was nice and easy way to get expelled from the class, once I got expelled I could search for Tanya outside. So to begin my plan I wrote

“Do your toothpaste contains salt, If yes then please use it, everyday I get afraid by seeing your killing smile.”

“Ching chang chu shi sha shu…..if you don’t understand please pass it over if you do then congrats you are a duffer.”

After writing few more funny messages one by one. I was ready for the execution of my plan. I started throwing the planes here and there in every direction. Aarav too joined me and enjoyed this act even more than I did. Very ugly expressions came from our fellow mates at whom I was throwing these planes. Our professor turned back took the notice of what we were doing but said nothing and continued writing on the board. What!! He said nothing to us, was it the failure of my plan. What a teacher he was, didn’t even bother what was going in his class. I can’t lose, I had never learnt to lose. And after other few revolting thoughts that came to my mind in the fire of anger I threw a plane at him, everyone stopped writing for one second, all of them stared at me as if they were shouting “Stop!”. Shashwat kept his hand on his head regretting what have I done. The professor face turned red he opened the plane and read the message. He looked at me. Out!! He shouted.

“Sir the same came to me with the message that pass it over, so I passed it over. Sorry sir” I said.

“Am I the only fool here to receive your pass. Is a big fool word written on my forehead.”

“Any questions about it.” Aarav made a comment and couldn’t control his laughter. The professor got even more angry.

“Both of you out. Now.” He shouted. He cursed the paper and we both were thrown out of the class.



Chapter 5

“What a shot!” Aarav said.

“Anger could do anything. You see.” I said.

We both laughed even though we were standing out of the class then also we were happy instead of being shameful.

“Let’s move to canteen and eat something.” Aarav said.

“No first we need to find that girl.” I said.

“Whoa …Love at first sight.” He said.

“No don’t use your brain, just help me to find her.” I said.

We looked in the canteen, many places where a girl could be found roaming, like gardens nearby etc. But she was nowhere last place left to look at was the girls hostel, but neither of us dared enter there.

“What a girls she is, missed her class on the first day.” Aarav said.

“She might not be feeling well.” I said.

“Ohh! Wow you know better.” He said.

“Not again” I said.

“Might she be in the reading section.” He said.

“Good idea.” I replied.

Wow I entered the library on the very first day of my college. Though it was not for study purpose, but for a girl then also I felt proud of myself. We searched in the whole library checked the visitors list she was nowhere to be found.

“Hey I think she must be a ghost the way she vanishes. It’s awesome.” Aarav said.

“Better if she was.” I said.

I got fed up of searching her, my mood started to change. I sat on a chair took a book and pretended reading it. Aarav too joined me.

Why am I so curious to know her. Am I in love. No it can’t be possible I didn’t got a feeling like the world slowed down and a huge orchestra began to play music and there was only me and her, like what happen in films nowdays. But this is real world anything could happen here no one knows. Between lot of contradictory facts approaching my mind I was unable to decide that why I was so curious to know her. In the middle of all this confusion I stood to keep my book back, from the gap between the shelf I saw Tanya going out of the library door.

“Hey Stop” I shouted.

It was so loud that everyone in the library started looking at me. She stopped. Now all my questions would be answered, I was finally happy. I couldn’t control myself and leaped towards her. Before leaping I said sorry to everyone for the disturbance created because of me.

“Who are you.” I said.

“The girl for whom you are searching I think.” She replied and smiled.

“How do…” Before I completed my sentence she spoke.

“My friends told me about how you were staring at me in the class and also I had observed.”

I felt embarrassed.

“Just a joke. Don’t mind. I know that you are suffering from a lot of confusion that whether you know me or not. Here is your answer, Of course you know me you idiot, How can you forget me.” She said in a joyful and frank tone.

I felt overjoyed by knowing that yes I was right there was some relation between us.

“Let’s move to canteen, we will sit there and talk, if you have time, I think we are disturbing someone.” I said looking here and there.

All the students in library were staring us.

“Yes sure.” She said.

I signaled Aarav to meet me later. He gave a thumbs up understanding the situation.

At the canteen table.

“So finally you are in front of me.” I said.

She smiled.

“Now please elaborate about what you were speaking.” I said.

“Don’t you remember even a single blink about me” She said.

“No I tried very hard but I couldn’t remember a thing, only I felt that yes I had seen you somewhere before.”

“What! How could you forget your past girlfriend.” She said.

“What??” I exclaimed.

I was shocked. According to me I didn’t had a girlfriend in my whole life till now how can she be my girlfriend.

“What are you thinking.” She said.

“Were you really my girlfriend.” I said.

Now first time I examined her from top to bottom. She was a beautiful girl of mid 20’s and looked quite fashionable by her dressing sense. If she was my girlfriend then I didn’t think that I had got any reason to leave her.

“So poor memory couldn’t even remember you girlfriends. No of course I was not. Do you ever had a girlfriend in your whole life Mr. footballer.” She said.

“So that means you were not my girlfriend.” I asked.

“No I was not.” She replied.

So sad she was just joking how lucky I would be if she was.

“Will you like to be now? ” I wanted to ask but I managed to keep my mouth shut. So she knew about my football this means she must had known me well.

“Oh, So you know about my football. Were you in my school.” I enquired.

“No not in your school.” She said.

“Let’s start guessing.” She said.

“I am very bad at it.” I replied.

“Just give it a try.” She said.

I stared at her face trying to remember who she was.

“Don’t look at me like that or else you will fall in love with me.” She laughed. I smiled.

“Samantha from school.” I said.

“I already told you not from the school.” She said.

“Okay!! I loose Please tell.” I said.

“ How can you forget me I am Aarti. It’s my pet name. You Remember we were in same dance academy for 3 years. Where you always felt shy in doing a couple dance with me, afraid of holding a girl’s waist.” She laughed at the last statement made.

“Oh!! You. I had never thought that one day you would have grown to be so beautiful.” I said.

“Should I take it as a compliment or flirting.” She said.

“Depends on you.” I said. She smiled.

“I accept that I have changed but you Mr. is the same as in old times.” She said.

I was just going to answer to her question. But suddenly she stood and said “Oh sorry I have to go, I forgot that I have an important work to do. See you soon Bye.” She said hurriedly walking by.

“But this is not fair you are going with an incomplete talk. Let’s have a dinner tonight. Will you?”

“No, not today please. I will surely inform you later. See you tomorrow.”

She went away towards the girls hostel.


Chapter 6

Now I started to think about her. We were very young when we met in a dance class. It was just our common interest in dance that brought us together. We were together for 3 years as after that I left the class because my result was going down and I had to focus on upcoming boards. I imagined the moments we had spent together. We were good friends and she was right I always felt shy to do a couple dance. Imagine how difficult it was for a young boy to hold a girl’s waist. At that time she was not so beautiful as she is now. Of course she was a better dancer than me and also was good in studies. Her friendly nature was her best part.

“So Love story started yet or not. Was she the one.” Aarav came and sat where Tanya was sitting.

“No. She is Tanya a very old friend of mine.” I said.

“But I had heard a word girlfriend from somewhere near around.” Aarav said.

“So you were listening to our talks.” I said. He was sitting behind us and was listening to all our talks.

“I didn’t said that…I said that I just heard it from nearby.” Aarav said and laughed.

“It was just a joke. We were friends and will be.” I said.

The last word will be had been said by putting a mountain on my heart.

“Okay. Let’s see. Now we should move back to the hall our class is about to get over” Aarav said.

We moved back to the hall. Aarav and Shashwat were already waiting for us there.

“Where were you both. We have been searching for you.” Shashwat asked.

“Just looking for the right girl for Mr. Harsh.” Aarav said and laughed. I looked at him and made some faces.

“I found the girl for whom I have been searching” I said.

“Good so is she your cousin.” Shashwat said. They all were making fun of me.

“No better if she would be yours” I said.

“I hadn’t ever seen her” Shashwat said.

“Then decide this after taking a look at her that whether she is mine or yours.” I said.

“Friends I think she is sister of none of you but Tanay.” Aarav said.

“See Tanay and Tanya, the cousins who were separated in a fair, even their name resembles. Wow such a beautiful story my heart wants to cry.” Aarav made a comment as Tanay was just standing and was not saying anything.

We all laughed.

But Tanay was still in a serious tone.

“What happened to you.” I asked.

“The girl sitting next to him threw a plane at him with a message.”

“What message does she also wants to be his sister.” I laughed.

“No even worst than that read it on your own you would die laughing he is still in a shock.” Shashwat passed the letter to me. It was something like this.

“Oh! Boi me am badly with to lub in you your smile gave a chest attack on me. I all lub u. After looking you I nothing do just looking u. I want in run to you. You like a vada pao in me. Your shrt a big ice cream In my mouth. I lub u all from my nee to head. Your hairs are black forest where I hide. Your eyes like a black sweat in white bole. Your ears are just fear. I cant stop the traffic my heart in to say u my thing. I cant just sit alon to you. I know my weak in English bt I no you good will see my feel against my English.

Lubing you…

“We fell down and nearly cried out laughing. If you were unable to understand it at first try, no problem we were also the one like you. What an English. We can’t stop laughing. We read the same letter 10 times and were going mad.

“Who the hell gave her admission to NSc.” Tanay shouted. He finally broke his silence.

“Lub u Tanay.” We said and laughed.

He was in a great shock.

“She seems a bit interested in you. That’s why she has mentioned some food in you. See how deeply is she in love with you that she could see a whole ice cream and sweets and all other food stuffs in you.” I said.

“Hope she doesn’t see a chicken kabab.” Aarav said. We all laughed hard.

“Ha Ha! That all stuff seems fun to you. Think how would I manage to sit next to that girl whole year. I think she would eat me.” Tanay said.

“We could only hope her to be a vegetarian.” I said.

“Not a nice joke. Make fun of me now when the time comes I will also.” Tanay said and started walking away from us.

“Byee lub u.” We said and laughed at him.

We knew that he would be normal till the night. For few hours we enjoyed the funny grammar and English and I almost forgot about Tanya. I even didn’t got a chance to exchange our numbers. At evening we went outside to see nearby localities and places. It was nothing new to see in Delhi, only the traffic could be traced everywhere. So after having dinner outside we all came back to the hostel. Now we divided work among ourselves. I was given the duty to cook. I can easily manage it as I had learnt some dishes from my mother. Rest of the work was divided among the other three boys. After completing our notes we all sat together for a small talk to refresh our minds.

“So what about lub you? What have you thought?” I said laughing.

“What’s there to think. Change the topic else I am going from here.” Tanay said.

“Okay. Calm down.” I said.

“You tell us something about that girl. What’s her name? I forgot” Shashwat said.

“Tanya.” I said.

“Ya right. So tell.” He said.

“I don’t know her so well now as we have after a long time and I didn’t even got a chance to talk to her. Tomorrow I will go to class early to meet her, and according to our past she was very nice and a good friend of mine we met in a dance academy and since then this is our meeting.” I said.

“Okay. So any feelings for her.” Shashwat enquired.

“No it’s not necessary to love every girl you know.” I said.

“Hmm. Right. But leave something for poor like us too.” Aarav said.

“Hmm.” I said.

“So now let’s sleep. I have to wake up early tomorrow.” I said.

We all went to bed

“Good night lub u all.” I said.

We all laughed and then we slept.


Chapter 7

I was sitting in the hall and was waiting for Tanya. Today first time in my whole life I woke up on my own and that also before the alarm. I was second to reach the hall after another boy Abhishek Verma was his name( Special appearance…:P). He was sitting in the second row and was studying sincerely. I was sitting idle and felt some shame seeing him study, so I also opened my book, though I didn’t study. This was the major drawback for me, I can never sit and concentrate at one point my mind always wandered here and there on useless things but never on the studies. Thinking about all these facts I didn’t remember when I slept.

“Ahmm Ahmm!”

“Wake up.” Somebody shouted in my ear.

I looked up.

“I think this is my seat.”

A beautiful girl was standing in front of me, though my vision was dizzy due to the nap then also I could tell that she was not only beautiful but even something more than that. I can’t express. She was tall, little short than me, was wearing a simple jeans and red top and her face gave the touch of natural beauty. I can’t remove my eyes from the glow her face gave. Her voice was so polite that I could listen the same sentence 10,100 times. Her smile was killing. The dimples on her face took my heart. If you say what the love at first sight was then this is it. Her dark brownish eyes were mesmerizing, the one in which I could look for years with a smile. I can’t decide whether I was in a dream or in the reality. If it was real then of course I was in love. Things were seeming to slow down it was only like me and her, one reason for this could be because I had just being woken up from my sleep and my head was feeling heavy, the reality also sounded like a dream to me.

“What?” She said.

“Pinch me.” I said.

“What?” She said again.

Suddenly my all friends came in the hall and seeing me with a girl they hooted. I got up from there and directly went outside pretending as if I didn’t know any of them.

“So that was Tanya quite beautiful she is.” Shashwat said standing on the door way

“Someone took my name here, I think.” Tanya was just passing from there and hearing her name she stopped.

“Are you Tanya?” Shashwat asked.

“Yes of course I am.” Tanya said.

“ Yes surely she is Tanya i had seen her talking yesterday with Harsh.” Aarav said.

“Oh!! If you are…then who is she.” He looked at another girl and got confused.

“She must be another contact of Mr. Harsh. He is finding too many of his contacts here, Specially girls.” Tanay said.

He was now completely out of yesterday’s coma and now decided not to even look at that girl.

“Where have you gone.” Tanya said to me. I was thinking about that girl, and completely went mad after my short introduction with her. Her face with the smile was still roaming in front of my eyes.

“Err Nothing.” I said.

Our professor came. We moved in and attended the class. All the distractions were gone for me, only one remained and that was something which I couldn’t ignore easily. I was looking at her, admiring her beauty. Suddenly our professor said.

“Now Harsh, Would you please explain us this parabolic curve.” The professor pointed towards me.

I stood on my seat. Tried to explain but nothing came out of my mouth except the word love. I shook my head indicating that I didn’t know the answer.

“See this is the condition, students like him don’t even know the basic class twelfth Math and they are studying in NSc..” and his lecture continued. Yesterday’s hero was today’s villain for me. I didn’t pay much attention to his talks instead I was thinking that on the first day she must not be present in the class, else I must had got attracted to her beauty the previous day. One thing was for sure that she was not only beautiful for me, her natural tone had attracted many. She was the center of attraction for all. After our first class got over we got a break for 2 hours. I tried to follow her but was stopped by Tanya.

“Hey Mr. wait why are you hurrying let’s go together.” She said.

We were sitting in the canteen and Tanya now got involved in our group.

“So they are my friends Aarav, Shashwat and Tanay.” I introduced them all to Tanya.

“And she is a very old friend of mine.” I said introducing Tanya.

“So old that he can’t even remember.” Tanya said.

I smiled.

“No that’s not true. I was just confused.” I said.

“Ha ha confused!! So many girls you have met in your life that you can’t even remember one.” Tanya said.

“Please stop now. Don’t tease me.” I said.

“You are the same, the one who can easily be teased and troubled.” She said.

The conversation was going only between me and Tanya and all the rest of three were looking at our faces. Knowing the situation I gave my friends sometime to interact with her.

“ I’ll bring some stuff to eat till then you all enjoy.” I said and went from there.

“So harsh told us you are his friend but didn’t tell us anything about you.” Aarav said.

“Oh yes then I will. I was born in Lucknow. I was quite interested in dance and had been learning it since very small age, we ( I and Harsh) met at the dance academy and then after 3 years he suddenly left me, our contacts were broken. If telling you about my hobbies I am very passionate about dance and music.”

“Then why are you here at NSc .” Shashwat said.

“Just for a degree.” She said.

I came back and joined the group. Our gossips continued and exchange of thoughts and ideas were nonstop. Now I realized that this is what we call a college life just having fun and hanging out with friends. The best and better than every phase of life.



Chapter 8

Back in the class for second lecture. Again the same love drama continued in the class. For once she turned her head, our eyes met. OH!! Shit. She understood that I have been looking at her for a long time. But then also she said nothing just turned her head back towards the board and smiled. Her cuteness was as par wide as the depth of my heart. After the lecture she just disappeared in the array and I didn’t even try following her. I desired to talk to her but I don’t know how to start, even I was not getting a reason to start. One week passed this way, my affection towards her deepened daily, her eyes gave a new shine and the bright new light of hope for me. She was beautiful how many times I need to say that doesn’t mattered at all, I will say and think about it every time she surrounds my mind. Also with the deepening of the love, the bond of friendship between us (I, Aarav, Tanay, Tanya and Shashwat) became more strong. We lived our life young, wild and being free from every thought, we were happy being careless. And one thing for sure, I was not the only one attending the class of love, I think Shashwat was the one too, how can he leave his brother alone in the high tides of love so he also tied his seatbelt and rowed his boat in Ocean of love. He never told me on his own but by his talks, actions and behavior I understood that he got attached and had a feeling for Tanya. Tanya was a nice girl and after knowing her and spending few days with her I could say that she was perfect. Frank, fashionable and all qualities that a girl in the middle of modernity and traditional touch were posed by her. She was awesome I agree. The feeling of getting to know someone in a better way after years was good one. Tanay was still suffering from a deep coma inside his heart which was to him given by that love letter, sitting next to a girl daily, who consider you like an ice cream cone, I can imagine how difficult it was. Aarav was happy alone, he was a cool guy and the biggest entertainer of our group his perfect timing and awesome comments at the right moment won everyone’s heart. Our group had everything from an entertainer to one who could give you a great advice. Yes of course do you have any doubts, it was none other than me, I can give anyone more trustable advice than that was given by the advisor of any insurance company. If no one else does at least I can highlight my some qualities. One important thing that I forgot to mention was that I started to study it was not so hard but to see my dream girl I daily went to the hall early as she also came somewhat early than other students. I pretended to carry more and more books so that my aim and moto was clear to all and I don’t have to face any suspicion. I didn’t concentrated much on books because my all concentration was on her face but then also when books are opened in front of you some knowledge is definitely gained and the same was with me she was giving me a reason to study. I was examining her from one week and though she was a simple girl then also her dresses doesn’t repeated at all, you know, girls always follow a pattern with their dresses. Sunday the blue one Monday yellow and like this the whole month schedule is made before in their mind. Yes they could save this data in their mind for approx more than one month, if you ask them when was the last time you wore this dress they can tell you accurately, that’s why I said girls are the most sharp and complicated animals Oh! sorry I mean beings on the earth. Even a simple girl like her couldn’t resist this pattern. Now my curiosity reached at peak. Daily she came in the class I cooled down my heart by seeing her but now I wanted to talk to her.



Chapter 9

*After one week *

Again as per my pre planned schedule I reached the class early looked at her during whole lecture and was involved completely in her thoughts. She was like a beautiful dream of mine. In the break we were sitting in canteen she was sitting just in front of me on another table.

“She is good for you I think.” Tanya said.

“What? Who?” I said.

“Don’t be surprised what do you think we don’t know anything, the way you look at her its killing in love dude” Aarav said.

“Are you in love? No I should say you are in love because I am sure.” Shashwat said

“ I don’t know whether am I or not but whenever I see her I just can’t explain what happens to me.” I said

“That’s love” Tanay said.

“Ya.. See Tanay knows better the one he is in with the fat lub you girl.” Aarav said and laughed.

“Now there is a surprising good news for you.” Tanya said.

“What.” I said.

“Before that promise me a party.” She said .

“Okay fine…Promise.” I said

“The girl sitting in front of you for whom you are looking up for so many days had moved in with me yesterday, we both are sharing our rooms.” She said

“And you are telling me that now.” I said

“So what. You had waited for one week can’t you wait for few more hours.” She said.

“So what’s her name?” I asked.

“Aanya” She said.

“So about what had you talked to her yesterday.” I said.

“Ha-ha pretty interested in talks of girls.” She said.

“No I’m not…” I didn’t even completed my sentence.

“ok ok I understand. She got very late at night so we didn’t talk much, just got time to exchange our names.” She said.

“Let me do something for you.” She said.

“What is to be done.” I said.

“Wait.” She said and stood from her chair went to Aanya and asked her to join our group.

“Hey! why are you sitting alone come along and join us.” Tanya said.

“Oh big thanks for offering but I have to go back to hostel to bring my books I forgot one. So sorry but I am just leaving.” Anya said.

“Oh then no problem.” Tanya said and came back

“I asked her to join us but your bad luck she had forgotten her book at hostel so she’s going back and so can’t join us now.” She said.

“Now please someone go and tell her that there is no book needed in the subject of love.” Aarav commented.

“Now Tanya you are my only and last hope please would you say.” She stopped me in the middle. She never let me spoke the full sentence or I should say that she knew me so well that always understood everything before I spoke.

“Stop buttering. I am with you. You don’t need to tell me what I shall do, I know what I ought to.” She said

Though I was talking and enjoying with my friends then also I was observing each and every step of Aanya she stood took her book and once looked at all of us and then moved out.

Next day the same story continued till the break. In the break again she was sitting alone, Tanya was giving me some more information about her.

“She’s of shy nature she wouldn’t join us if we doesn’t ask better we go.” She said. But first let me tell you something more about her.

“She is simple girl, interested in studies and craft work, she wants to be a designer she is from Gujarat rest you must go and ask her.” She said “okay.” We all stood and went to Aanya.

“Hiii.” said Tanya

“Why you always sit alone you can join us anytime you want. Should we join your loneliness ” She said.

“Of course please sit.” Aanya said.

We all sat. My heart begun to throb more swiftly and I got a bit nervous but I thought that let me start this in a simple way from friendship. I should forget all the things that I had thought about her in last week, to remove my nervousness, first I have to develop good friendship with her and then should attack on her heart. I have learned two important things from life, that a very good friendship between a boy and a girl have greater probability to end with love whether told or untold and a very good love story started just by love and no friendship and understanding probably ends on being ‘just friends’. This is life. Though I have ended these lines in few words but the meaning is much more deeper inside. That’s the reason why I wanted to start everything with the friendship.

Tanya introduced us to her. She smiled in reply.

“So tell us something about you.” Tanya said.

“Ahmm. What to tell I don’t know from where to start.” Aanya said.

“Let me ask you. So what feeling you have got now, enjoying this life or not.” Tanya said.

“It’s just one week. Till now everything’s running fine nothing special just simple routine.” Aanya said.

I’ll make everything special for you. I wanted to say.

“And what about your old days. Tell us something about your past.” Tanya said.

“You are making me repeat everything I said last night.” She smiled and continued.

“Okay let’s start from beginning I am the only daughter of my parents and so the loved one. My father is a business man he gives me all freedom I need. My mother died in Hurricane when I was very young and from then I and my father are living alone. After my mother’s death I don’t know what happened to my father, he isolated himself from the whole world and only concentrated on his business. I never went to school after that and privately completed my 12th by sitting at home. Loneliness surrounded me and slowly I got acclimated to it and started enjoying company of myself and I’m here now because I want to show that yes I can do something even by being alone and also to see what a real life living with strangers is, how good making friends is.” She said and her throat seemed to be heavy and I could see her pain in her eyes.

“Excuse me I will join you later in the class.” She said and left and no one even tried to stop her.

“Quite a painful story.” Tanay said.

“ I will never let her be alone.” I thought.

We left for our class.



Chapter 10

After the class.

We met again and they all demanded a treat from me. I was not in a mood to decline so I bought cold drinks and burger. It was always the best time of my day, being with my friends, one could guarantee a full day entertainment with us.

“Where’s your meal.” Tanya asked.

Rest of the three boys were just beginning to start their meal, they were so hungry that they didn’t even bothered that I didn’t buy these stuff for me, but seeing that Tanya had noticed they also stopped.

“Yes where is it.” Shashwat also asked.

“No you all continue to eat, I don’t feel like eating anything.” I said.

Tanya passed her burger towards me.

“Sharing. Would you?” She said.

“No thanks.” I said.

“Please take it.” She requested.

“Only little…” Before completing my sentence she put a burger in my mouth.

“Now eat.” She laughed.

At least she cared for me and I liked her behavior very much. She was little crazy, care free for the world, doesn’t even bother about what the world thinks but do care for her friends.

“Hey from one week we’re spending so much time together, having lots of fun, so much fun that we even forgot to exchange our numbers.” She said.

“Oh Yes of course.” I said

I gave her my number took her’s, and rest of the three were looking at us in such a way that in their life they haven’t seen anybody exchanging numbers. Tanya understood their curiosity and asked for their numbers too.,Also this gave them a big relief. After sharing things we went back to hostel. I didn’t want to study. My only desire was to think and get completely mesmerized with the beauty of Aanya. Thinking about my next step I messaged Tanya and so this way our conversation started.

“Hiii. ” I messaged.

“Oh! What a great luck, message from Mr. Footballer.” She messaged.

“And what about miss dancer.” I replied.

“Just dancing with Aanya.” She teased.

“Oh tell me what she is exactly doing.” I replied.

“Studying.” Reply came.

“Oh quite studious she is. Tell me what you are doing and how are you? I messaged.

“Just sitting, talking to you listening music and I am always better than fine. What about you?” She said.

“As like you always better than fine.” I said.

We chatted for a long time shared our interests and thoughts and enjoyed the company of each other. Whole night I thought about Aanya dreamt of her and planned how to begin my talk with her in a nice way.

Next day also I went early and was pretending to study my eyes were less on the books but more on the doorway waiting for Aanya. I had created many plans and had rehearsed thousand times in front of a mirror to say hello to her. I tried not to but still I was getting nervous. I remember my childhood when, I was not so big but young enough to understand the meaning of love. I was being given a dare to propose the girl and I ended being so serious and nervous that the girl almost became very serious about it. Not only her but everyone in my group, even the person who had given me that dare thought I was serious and really was the Prince Charming for her. Thank god before I got a slap they all cleared the things to her and saved me. I could never concentrate on anything because pounding over thoughts in my head was my favorite job. I generally thought about only two things, first my past and second my future. Sitting alone I usually remembered my past days and the moments which always brought a smile on my face and other time which was left I thought of planning future and making plans to improve. None was of use because my future plans always failed and remembering past though gave a smile but distracted me from my present

Today both the girls Aanya and Tanya came together.

“Good morning.” said Tanya.

“Good morning.” I replied and also I said good morning to Aanya, She also wished me back with a soft gentle voice.

“So Aanya here you come to see our Mr. football, remember what I told you yesterday.” Tanya said

“Oh so he is the one, then I could be more Frank with him. Nice meeting you Mr. footballer.” Aanya said and both the girls giggled.

“How many times do I tell you Tanya that I do have a name.” I said.

“I know but this nickname is better. ” Tanya said.

I smiled but my muscles twitched in such a way that it was a horrible smile.

“Please have a seat.” I said to both of the girls.

“ Yes of course we will. But not here we are going to sit on our seats as only 5 minutes are left for the lecture so bye see you in the break.” Tanya said.

Both the girls smiled at me and moved from there. I also gave a smile in return.

A sound of huge laughter came from the door of the hall. By even not looking at it I could tell that was Aarav. Now they came in the hall and they were directing towards me. Their devil faces cleared and I could swear that they were not coming with good intentions.

“Hey Harsh. What are you doing here.” Aarav said.

“Means? I should be here it’s our class.” I said.

“Let’s bunk today.” Tanay said.

“No of course not.” I said.

“Yes you would.” Aarav said.

“No I will not.” I said.

After the lot of yes and no. Lot of promises made and lot of fight finally I lost and I had to bunk with them. I was used to of it, as already told it was a common word for me, but first time in my life I felt guilty and afraid of it. Not because of the lecture but for the reason that what impact would it leave on Aanya. I knew I had no image in her eyes till now and even she wouldn’t care enough to even notice that I am missing from the class then also I was afraid.



Chapter 11

Outside the class we were not able to decide what to do and where to go to pass our time.

“Let’s move out and do some site seeing we have not been anywhere together. Let Delhi know who we are.” Aarav said.

We went to Lotus Temple and you know when friends are with you nothing could be left or saved from the commenting zone.

“Is this a lotus temple.” Aarav said.

“Where’s the Lotus.” He again said.

“It has its design like it an that’s why it is called Lotus temple.” I said.

“Oh my god I didn’t notice that.” He teased.

“Oh! What useless you are talking.” I said.

“No I’m not talking useless they are making world useless.” Aarav said.

“Whatever just keep quiet and enjoy.” I said. Then we went to Aakshardham temple.

“Are we here to only visit temples.” Aarav said.

“There’s nothing more here.” Shashwat said.

“Let’s hang out move here and there see some real part of the Delhi.” Aarav said.

“There’s no time left we have our next class and the break time is also about to get over in half an hour.” I said.

“Who said that we are going to attend the next class.” Aarav said.

“Don’t be a fool.” I said.

“Please we got only one day. Today let’s enjoy completely.” Aarav said.

Tanay and Shashwat also nodded. Then how could I oppose. It was fun being with them. After roaming here and there we went to a garden to relax. Being to the red fort was the funny part of all. Aarav stood on the top floor of the fort and was reciting dialogues of some super heroes. The people seeing the scene reported to the police as they thought he was attempting suicide. They left us all with a warning. Then we went to a park and decided to talk about our past.

“So Aarav you are the biggest entertainer and the best in our group you should start I think.” I said.

“Yes yes of course you should.” Tanay said.

“Me there’s nothing in my past you will take no interest in it so leave.” Aarav said.

“No still we want to know.” Shashwat said.

“What should I tell I don’t know from where to begin I was born in Punjab but was grown up in Delhi. I never got love of my parents, I don’t know why but from my childhood they both were busy in their jobs and handed me to a babysitter, as I grown up a little they sent me here in a Boarding school and since then I’m here, I have been searching for the answer of this question for a long time but I never got it , that why they did this to me and now I have also lost the hope. I always make everyone burst into laughter and got love from everyone, friends, teachers and all, but never from my family. Actually I don’t even understand the meaning of the family. Every year everyone’s parents came in the parent’s meet but not mine. They called me once a week and even in months to know whether I am alive on not. I miss the meaning of real love, I feel like crying when somebody talk of their parents that how much they care for them how much they love them. There’s a smile always on my face but deep inside my heart cries.”

I had never imagined Aarav to be so serious as he was now, his eyes were almost filled with tears and hardly he could speak anymore. Seeing his condition and listening how much pain he had suffered in life even I wanted to cry. I promised myself that I will try my best and one day will give the real happiness and the real smile back on his face. But for now there was a need of change of mood as all of us went in silent mode, so I tried to change the situation.

“We are always with you Aarav. Never feel alone.” I said.

“Tanay now your turn no need to tell about your past rather I will ask you a question.” I said and signaled him that I’m doing this to change the mood of Aarav.

“Which question.” Tanay said.

“Are you sure I should ask. It will reveal your all secrets.” I said.

“I have no secret.” He said.

“So what your heart says about Tanya. See the destiny, how good names you both have.” I said.

Everybody in our group knew about what feelings Shashwat had for Tanya though he didn’t spoke anything about it to us.

“No, not yet. I haven’t thought about her but of course I could.” Tanay said.

“What.” Shashwat said.

Everyone looked at his shocking face, he was horrified, surprised as well as shocked. His face looked like that anybody had just told him that he has failed in the examination. We controlled our laughter.

“Do you have any problem with that.” Tanay said.

“Of course I do have.” Shashwat said.

“What” I said.

“You all know everything then also you are teasing me just for fun. Right, I will kill you all.” Shashwat said.

We all laughed and there was a big smile on Aarav’s face too.

“So finally something is out of your mouth about Tanya. Would you tell some more.” Tanay said.

“What more, no nothing . let’s move back, we are getting late.” He stood and started walking back.

“Wait!. Wait let us join.”

We moved back to the hostel. We were very late and very tired too, so we just slept without any talk we had done enough talks on the way. This was such a nice day that can be counted as one of the best day of my life, it was filled with all the emotions happiness, fun, excitement and some sadness too.



Chapter 12

My alarm beeped. It was fifth time it was beeping at the interval of 5 minutes. Again as usual I was going to postpone it in my sleep but then I realized that I was late.

“Oh shit.” I got up from my bed and shouted. Looking here and there a aI realized that not only me but all the other three boys were sleeping.

“Hurry hurry.” I shouted in their ears they all woke up.

“We are late.” I said.

“Oh shit.” All of them said together.

We got ready in less than 10 minutes and reached the class just with the professor. Tanya looked at me like she was saying “meet me later I will show you girl power.” After the class we met in canteen. We sat and discussed how late we were and the two girls then joined us. Tanya thumped at my back.

“Ouch it hurts.” I said.

“From yesterday you all have disappeared without any prior information and even didn’t replied to my calls and messages. “She sounded angry.

“Oh I forgot my phone at home.” I said.

“I don’t care. Where were you? ” She asked.

I told her the whole thing about the day passed and then she cooled down. I was happy that at least someone noticed that I missed the class, and I was even sure that Tanya would, because in less than a month we became good friends, and we shared everything. No secret was a rule for us. I was quite lucky to have her in my life. I could expect nothing better than her.

“Oh then its ok but you should had told any of us or should had asked us to join. Right Aanya” She said to involve Aanya in our conversation as she was sitting quite.

“Hmm…Yes of course they should.” Aanya said.

“We didn’t got time to inform. They just took me directly from the class.” I said.

“Ok for this time but from next time remember.” Tanya said.


“Please feel free to speak anything.” I said as Aanya opened her mouth to speak something but she didn’t.

“No nothing.” She said.

“Sure?” I said.

“Ya sure.” She said.

Though our group was of six but we had some more friends. Actually it was not some, but many. Living in boys hostel how could we ignore our neighbors, and you know guys never keep a secret about love stories if they are not shy, so everyone knew that each beautiful girl was already booked and even the condition was that three or more boys were behind one girl and these three boys knowingly that they loved the same girl lived very happily with each other. This is very good and rare quality of sharing and spreading the love. So everyone knew that I liked Aanya and Shashwat liked Tanya and the news was spreading like wild fire. Thank God that this fire only limited. to boys hostel and not the girls one.

For few weeks this fun continued. Everyday we talked in the break had fun and then went back for the class. Our friendship was deepening day by day. I and Tanya chatted and shared thing a lot. We chatted at night as we didn’t get time in the day to share all our thoughts. She told me that she had started giving some signal to Aanya that I liked her but hadn’t said anything directly, but soon she would and it would be ‘yes’ she always guaranteed. I had also talked to Tanya about Shashwat without informing him. She denied in a very polite way and said “ I don’t want anything now, you know better how and what type of girl am I. I don’t have feelings for anyone, also I can’t try and take a risk. I haven’t thought about him in this way. Of course he would be my friend forever but not something more than that.” I never told Shashwat about her reply as he would of course get hurt and also he would kill me that why I asked her so early and that also without informing him. Rest of all was running normal. Aanya was becoming a good friend of mine as I told every love story should start with the friendship, so we were just friends till now. I got her number and tried to chat with her. Though we chatted but it was very less as she always slept early, this could result in slow progression of my love story, nothing else. But I compensated for this less talk by talking to her face to face in the hall early morning. Frankly speaking I was more comfortable to talk in chats rather than directly as everything always vanished from my mind when I saw her. I didn’t know what to speak next and always we ended in looking at each other’s’ face which created an awkward situation. The condition was so worst that I think she spoke more than me. Whatever it was, I only cared that yes we were becoming good friends. Talking about Tanay, Shashwat and Aarav, they were already my best buddies. I enjoyed a lot with them, their company was awesome and you couldn’t expect any more from any of them.



Chapter 13

After 2 months

Again I was the second one to reach the hall waiting for the girls there. It had become my daily routine. Opening books and looking at the doorway. Also Abhishek was now clear about my aim to come early. Today I had called the two girls much before than usual time just for fun and was waiting anxiously for them, but as expected they were late. My anger was getting out of my control. I stood and started moving towards the doorway to cool myself down. Bhmmm!! I collided with someone and the next moment I opened my eyes I realized the beauty of the scene and desired that it always remained in front of my eyes. Tanya and Aanya were also coming from the other side hurriedly as they were late and by chance we ( I and Aanya) collided and the next moment I opened my eyes I realized that she was in my arms. This was a moment I wanted to capture in my heart, how lucky I would be if she lived there forever, only me and her. Our eyes met and her cuteness was adorable. Her scarlet cheeks due to shyness won my heart. Soon I realized that we were in the class and not for a romantic film shoot so I have to leave her from my arms.

“Are you okay.” I said.

“Yes I am. Sorry.” She said.

“No, I am sorry.” I said.

“You both shouldn’t be sorry. It’s the destiny and not your fault.” Tanya said and started laughing. She was examining this all from a distance and was enjoying the drama.

“So tell us why you called us early today?” Aanya asked.

“Just for fun.” I said.

“What sort of fun do you want to have Harsh.” Tanya said.

“I have a plan.” Aanya said.

At the same time. The three boys came.

“What plan?” Shashwat inquired.

“Are we going to attack the whole college or hi jack the whole hall if it is it, then I am dying to do that.” Aarav said.

Tanay said nothing as he was very afraid and was busy examining that the ‘ lub you’ girl was near him or not. From few days that girl had been following him and now he was afraid that one day definitely she would eat him.

“Wait at least listen to her.” I said.

“So I am here to enjoy the life my main aim is not to study but to have fun and I agree that we are having fun but it could be more.

“What a college life is if you haven’t yet bunked.” Aanya said.

“That’s my girl.” I thought.

No one had expected such a dialogue from her and everyone was surprised.

“Wow what a plan.” Aarav was so happy that he couldn’t stop himself from clapping.

“Thank you…Thank you.” Aanya said.

“Then why waste time here. Let’s move out and have some fun.” I said.

I was so much happy, that now I will get a full day to spend with her and couldn’t control my excitement inside me and started behaving wild.

Out of the class

“ So what to do next.” I said.

Everybody started giving their ideas.

“Wait! Wait. Its plan of Aanya so she is the boss today, let her decide.” I said.

She smiled.

“I don’t know much about visiting places here. You guys tell where to move next. I just want to have fun that’s all.” She said.

“Tanya you.” I asked her for any ideas.

“Take me anywhere except the temples, I already had been there and don’t want to visit them again.” Tanya said.

I tried to interact more with Aanya during this whole trip. We talked enjoyed and had fun.

“So any boyfriend yet.” I said to Aanya as we were alone for some time. What a damn silly question to ask to a girl why would she tell me even she had one.

“No not yet”, the expected reply came. “Actually I don’t believe on this time passing things I want my true love one who loves my soul not my beauty. One who cares for me during my whole life I got many proposals and is still counting but none suited me. I want only the one right guy who lives with me forever, who feels my pain as his and always remain beside me whatever the situation is.” She said and examining my face she continued.

“Sorry I think I’m being more serious. You don’t mind just tell me what about you.”

“No no good thought. I like your thinking about love and all.” I said.

She smiled.

“What about you Mr..” She asked.

What should I tell her, I love you I wanted to say her but didn’t as the result could be drastic.

“Just in the search of the true love.” I said.

“What are you both talking about. Something private or may I join.” Tanya came.

“No of course you can.” I said.

“We were exchanging our thinking about love, nothing more you tell what do you think what love is for you.” Aanya said.

She smiled took a deep breath and then begin.

“For me Love is an untamed force, you can’t explain the real love till you are in it. For me love is one which I got many years ago and after that I only got a disappointment in return love is which I forgot so hardly and now again life made me stand there on its edge. I don’t know what I’m saying, I don’t know what love is but I do know what the pain of separation is.” She said.

“It seems that there’s a great past behind you. Some secret, Right. You are breaking our promise.” I said.

“No.no.. I am just remembering this famous dialogue for fun. I thought you would laugh.” She said pretending to laugh.

“I know you better than you yourself do. Now tell me the truth.” I said.

“This is the truth.” She said.

“Stop fighting you both. She would tell whenever she would like to.” Aanya said.

I was disappointed from Tanya, it hurt me that she had kept a secret from me and it felt like one of the most close one of mine has cheated me. But as Aanya said so I went away from there.




Chapter 14


I tried to maintain a significant distance from Tanya. I didn’t talked to her, also I didn’t reply to her message and calls. I wanted to show my anger to her. Next day I went late for the class and as soon as Tanya tried to approach towards me after the class, I went outside and made sure that our eyes don’t meet or I will not be able to stop myself from talking to her.

“Where’s Harsh.” Tanya said next day in canteen.

“We don’t know, his behavior has changed a bit from yesterday. He talks less. ” Aarav said.

“And that’s all because of me.” Tanya said.

“Why what happened any fight between you and him.” He said.

“No just…” and Aanya told Aarav whole matter that happened yesterday.

“No problem don’t take tension he would be fine and will get normal in few days.” Aarav said.

“That’s okay but I hurt him, I want to talk to him anyhow.” Tanya said.

“Try, Try Of course he would.” Aarav said.

I was so tensed and confused that I didn’t attend my next class. I wanted to talk to her, ask her, fight with her but then also I didn’t because of my anger.

At night

“Come Harsh eat something.” Aarav said.

“No my stomach is full already.” I said.

“With air. Right?” He said.

“Come Let’s have a walk.” He said.

We went for a walk outside and our conversation started.

“So tell me what is the problem between you and Tanya, from yesterday you both are very worried. Why are you trying to ignore her.” He said.

“No actually I do want to talk to her but I couldn’t. She broke our rule and hurt me, She never tell me anything.” I said.

“Go and talk to her, running away isn’t the solution of any problem.” He said.

I already said I want to, but what would I say to her from which right do I ask her anything.” I said.

“Both of your situations are same. Both of you are suffering from equal troubles. I have seen a curiosity on both of your faces to talk to each other and also a pain and sadness today. Truly speaking I think you both like each other and are made for each other. I know you love Aanya but you are forcing yourself to love her. Think one day about this that are you more happy in spending time with Tanya or Aanya. You also do like her as she does but you haven’t realized that yet and please realize it before it’s too late.” Aarav said.

His lecture gave me a shock.

“No you are surely wrong. Tanya is very good and old friend of mine. I enjoy every moment being with her but that doesn’t mean I love her.” I said.

Though I was speaking some big dialogues, like she is only my friend etc. But I was still confused that whether I was sure about what I was speaking or not. In all this confusion I didn’t even noticed that Aarav left me alone in the corridor. Someone from behind put a hand on my shoulder.

“ Sorry.” Tanya said as she was standing behind me.

“No need for it.” I turned around and said.

“There’s a need please let me speak. You are best friend of mine and frankly being more clear you are the only person with whom I can share all my feelings and I can’t live alone without you even for one day. I know you are angry with me but I promise that one day I will tell you that one day when the time comes I will tell you that thing on my own without any hesitation. Please now forgive me. I know I hurt you but ‘you ignoring me’ is hurting me even more than that. I am very tensed can’t sleep eat or do anything. Please forgive me.” She said very seriously.

“Oh! You girls. From where do you bring such emotional dialogues. I know that my heart will melt as soon as I talk to you, that’s why I was avoiding you. Now see. Yes I do agree you are my best friend and even more than that and so I can’t be angry with you for so long. Sorry for all the tensions.” I said.

“See now we both are relaxed and could get a good sleep.” She said.

“In friendship these ups and downs are required, these all stuff makes the friendship more powerful and these will become our memories afterwards which we will always remember with a broad smile on our face.” I said.

“So when are we going to have a fight, to make our bond more powerful.” She said.

“I hope soon.” I said.”

“I am feeling sleepy but still I could manage for ten minutes, so let’s walk and talk.” She said.

“Okay.” I said and we started walking. We were alone in the whole corridor

“So what are your future plans.” I asked.

“Just to be the best dancer and to be famous, that’s all but I think I can’t .” She said.

“Why are you demotivating yourself, just do hard work and put yourself into it, I know one day you will be the best dancer in the world.” I said.

She smiled.

“What’s your plan about your future, you never told anything regarding it and it’s also difficult to guess. Mr. footballer or something else.” She said.

“No not the footballer I only want to be someone who is different from others, who could be identified in the crowd of many. That’s all I want to be.” I said.

“Quite different plan you have and I know you will always succeed.” She said and smiled.

“Then we walked few more steps quietly enjoying the cool breeze and the deep silence of the atmosphere around us. The weather was awesome. We stopped after a while.

“I think now we should go to sleep or we would not be able to wake up tomorrow. So Bye Good night have sweet dreams see you tomorrow.” She said.

“Hmm bye Good night. Take care.” I said and we separated.



Chapter 15


From next day again everything went normal. I thought about what Aarav had said, but it only gave me tensions and confusions, so I left thinking about it. As already said now bond of friendship between me and Tanya was growing to be stronger day by day. After that fight we became even more close to each other and enjoyed each other’s company. Shashwat was trying hard to impress her but he couldn’t, also he didn’t want to say anything directly to her as it could affect their friendship so it was becoming nearly impossible, but remember there is no word like impossible in dictionary of love. So he never lost his hope. I was still following Aanya and now I could feel that she was comfortable with me. I won her trust and now could succeed. Aarav was living his life happily and never made anyone realize about the pain in his heart but I never forgot my promise. Tanay was increasing his concentration power and now was focusing on his studies. Now my main aim was to make Aanya realize that I am the guy she desired of. Like her for me also meaning of love was simple ‘The relationship of trust.’ For me also it was not a time pass but a bond forever. Only few amendments were required in me to be the perfect guy for her. Tanya never talked about her love secret again and I also never forced her as she said that at the right moment she would tell me on her own so I waited for the right moment to come.

After 2 weeks

In the night we were eating and were having fun. Everyone was enjoying the meal except Aanya. She was in a serious mood no one noticed that but I do.

“What happened to you.” I said to Aanya.

“Nothing.. I am sad because I have to leave u all.” She said.

“What.” Everybody said but my ‘What’ sounded a bit loud and different.

“Let me complete. I have to leave you all for one month and go back to my home. My father is ill and his condition is serious so I must go.” She said.

I couldn’t believe what she just said. This was unexpected.

“When you have to move.” I asked.

“Today.” She said.

“Oh! What? And you are telling us now. ” I sounded a bit angry.

“If it wasn’t important then we would have never let you go.” Tanya said.

“I will miss you all.” She said and all of us parted.

Those one month were very tough for me. We also didn’t chatted, she called after some days as she was with her father and it was her family time and I didn’t want to disturb her. But Tanya never let me feel alone. She made that month easier for me to pass and my friends Shashwat, Aarav and Tanay, they were just awesome. No one could ever be sad or could feel alone living with them. According to my calculations Tanya’s birthday was near and I was planning something special for her. Giving gifts and planning something for any of your special one is always difficult. Though we all know that anything we give to that special one with love is always unique but then also the selection is very difficult and it took me five days to decide and to plan her gift.

“Happy birthday dear. Not saying much on the text just meet me tomorrow at 7:00 Am in the corridor.” I messaged her at 12:00 at night as today was her birthday. I was feeling so much sleepy that didn’t even waited for her reply and slept also I have to woke up early in the morning next day for all the preparations so I was in a hurry to sleep.

In the morning I woke up on time checked my phone, it was message from Tanya “Thank you very much and I will be there.” Aarav, Tanay and Shashwat were also involved in my plan so we all started preparing for it.

In the corridor she came searching for us.

“Anyone here. Harsh?” She said. She walked few more steps and then suddenly the music started and we all three appeared with the birthday caps like we wore when we were small kids. We shouted ‘Happy birthday’ and started dancing on the beat. Though we all were bad dancers then also we danced just to make her happy. We danced a lot on the corridor leaving all our shyness only for her. She burst out laughing seeing our dance and joined us. After few dance moves with her I bought the cake and the fun continued.

“So let’s move to class.” Tanya said.

“Who said that we would attend class today. Not every day a young girl turns 19. Are you saving yourself from throwing the treat to us. Sorry but no that’s not possible. There’s no escape. ” I said.

“Ha ha very funny. So let’s move for the party. Tell me where do you want the party.” She said.

“You are the birthday girl your place, your time.” I said.

“Hmm.. I am missing Aanya too much. How come our fun would be complete without her.” She said.

“Same here.” I said and everyone laughed.

We went out to party. Shashwat tried to interact to her and they got some time to talk alone. Whole day we partied hard went here and there on streets and enjoyed. Living with friends was superb. It’ s the most beautiful part of the life that surely one would never forget. There’s no more beautiful life than that of a student. Enjoy it as much as you could as those moments will never be back in your hands.

At night we came back in the hostel after lot of enjoyment and snaps, everyone was tired but then also we decided to sit and talk for some time as it was only one day when you had your best friend’s birthday and I wanted to make that day as much special as I could for her.

“So Tanya any wish you have that we could complete.” I said.

“Yes I only have one wish that friends like you all always remain with me till my last breath. And yes a big, big Thanks for all the surprises and dance what you did today.” She said and smiled.

Then after some talks we retreated to our beds. First time in night I thought of her instead of Aanya, she was in my dreams but as she was the birthday girl so I didn’t paid much attention to it and just slept.

Chapter 16

Now I was getting very much confused about Tanya. Do I love her? Have I got a feeling for her? Was Aarav right that we are made for each other? Each time I thought about it, my mind just burst with tension. I thought of confessing it to her but what would I say. I didn’t got a clue. I knew she was perfect and we were very old friends also she cared for me and understood me better than anyone else did, but then also we were just friends. This tension only remained for few days and after a lot of contradictory thoughts arising in my mind I came to one last point that, I love Aanya and Tanya is a very good friend of mine that’s all. I was thinking more about it than required and that’s all because of Aarav. Finally my mindset was clear and I gave my mind many reasons clearing all thoughts about Tanya and Aanya. First of all I and Tanya were such good friends that it must had led Aarav to a confusion and I took it as a positive sign for our friendship. Then I had spent such good moments with her that they all were coming in my mind one after the other. Actually all my good moments were coming in my dreams, what could I do if she was a part of all of them. Another thing that if I had loved her then why would I have got attracted towards Aanya so much? Why would I miss her so much? Why would I have love at first sight with Aanya rather than Tanya? These were all the clarifications given by mind to my heart.

After few weeks I forgot about all these stuff and now was waiting anxiously for Aanya’s return. One month had already passed and there was no updates from her. One night she called me.

“Hello.” She said.

“After a very long time.” I said.

“Ya just got busy.” She said.

“So your father’s okay now and when are you planning to return.” I said.

“That’s why I have called you to tell that tomorrow I am returning back and now my father is fine.” She said.

“Oh very good then. We all are waiting for you. Our group is incomplete without you. Come back fast.” I said.

“Okay Mr. Wait till tomorrow I am coming with surprises for you all.” She said.

“ What surprises.” I said.

“Oh my god it’s a surprise and you are asking what surprise. So funny.” She said.

“Okay then I will wait till tomorrow.” I said.

“So how had your one month passed without me.” She said. But realizing that it was an awkward question soon added.

“Means what sort of fun you all did.” She said.

How can I tell her that this was the most difficult month of mine to live without her. I didn’t got a reason to wake early, I didn’t got a reason to follow someone. All the reasons were snatched from me.

“Hello! Are you there?” She asked.

“Yes I am” I said.

“Okay I got to go talk to you later and see you tomorrow. Bye.” She said and cut the phone.

She was in a hurry and didn’t even waited for my reply. Whole night I thought about her, I was eagerly waiting for tomorrow, and didn’t even slept in the excitement. What will be her surprise for me. The most awaited question that kept my eyes opened. Next day I went to the hall early, I was to first one to reach the hall before Abhishek and seeing that no one was in the hall, I sat on a chair but after some time I came out and started roaming in the corridor. It was 4:30 Am and the surrounding was mesmerizing.

“Harsh.” Someone called me from behind and I knew that it was the voice of Aanya. I turned back there was very less light as it was dusk but it was enough for me to identify her. She was standing in other corner of the corridor with her bags. I ran towards her, she ran towards me like the one romantic couple in films stopped at some distance from each other took a deep breath and then hugged each other. She was in my arms, I couldn’t believe that. The cold breeze blew and felt even more cooler that made the moment more romantic. I could feel her breathing hard as she came running for me. I wanted this moment to be paused. We both closed our eyes to live this dream together.

“I have realized Harsh that I can’t live without you. One month away from you was like years of separation. I couldn’t wait any more and so came running for you. You are my destiny, you are my life. I am mad for you and finally I say I do love you, and really mean these words, they are coming from the bottom of my heart.” She said.

I was surprised and didn’t expected such a reply from her at all. I didn’t know what to say next my mind stopped working and my heart started beating faster. I was so much happy that I couldn’t express my emotions. I got the girl I loved now she was mine nothing could come between us.

“I love you too.” I said and closed my eyes to be with here forever.



Chapter 17


“What are you doing here.” She shouted. I opened my eyes. It was Aanya shouting in the hall, where I had slept. She was standing with a bag in her hand and we were still a far distance away from each other. What! This means whatever I had seen was just a daydream. I couldn’t believe this had happened to me. I closed my eyes, opened them again rubbed them, again and again in a hope that the reality what was in front of me changes back to my dream. I had felt so much sleepy that I fell asleep on one of the desk of the hall and was enjoying my dream till Aanya woke me up. Oh my dream, how beautiful it was , how lucky I would be if it had been true. I felt very disappointed. I wanted to close my eyes and go back to my dreamland but Aanya was standing in front of me and in reality this could be the more beautiful part.

“What are you doing here at this time.” She looked at her watch it was 5:00 Am.

“Nothing just…” I wanted to say that I had been deadly waiting for her but I didn’t.

“I was out for a morning walk.” I said.

“Here in the hall and that also while sleeping.” She laughed.

“I don’t know how I slept. The only thing is that I was enjoying my dream and wish they come true.” I said.

“Ahaa! It’s a morning dream. It must will come true.” She said and smiled.

“Now someone tell her that my dream was in her hand. She was the owner of my dream. Only she could decide whether my dream would come true or not.” I thought.

I smiled.

“So finally you are back.” A broad smile came on my face.

“So how were your holidays. ” I said.

“Just okay because they were exactly not the holidays. First of all I was very busy and second without you all friends everything seemed bitter.” She said.

“We also missed you a lot and have a lot of stories to tell you.” I said.

“Yes sure I also have a plenty of time to hear but now I have to go to the hostel to change and get ready to attend today’s class. We will talk in break time.” She said.

“Ya sure.” I said.

“What will you do till then? ” She asked.

“I don’t know, better if I sleep again.” I said.

She laughed and moved from there.

I banged my head in the desk in anger and got hurt. All my preparations of welcoming her, questioning her about the surprise and making her feel awesome had gone wasted. I had behaved like a dumb in front of her. Also though my dream was beautiful but it hurt me and was very painful as whatever it was, it was just a dream and nothing in it connected to the reality. The most amazing part of all was that out of all the anger, pain and other hateful stuff I was very happy seeing her again. It was like after years I had seen her. My heart again grew with a new hope and affection towards her.

In break time.

“So finally back again.” Tanya said.

“Hmm right, yes I am.” Aanya said.

“So how are you.” Tanya said.

“Now feeling awesome with you all.” She said.

“We are the awesome one.” Aarav said.

“Someone missed you a lot.” Tanay said, his sign was towards me and everyone looked at me from the corner of their eyes making fun of me.

“Who.” Aanya said.

“We all. Who else.” Tanay said.

“Oh! I also missed you all a lot too.” She said.

Tanya bought something to eat for all of us.

“Why all this.” I said.

“You haven’t eaten anything from morning. Aren’t you hungry and you are saying why all this.” She said.

“Oh! Yes thanks.” I said.

She gave me a ridiculous expression as I said her thanks, I also said sorry in signs.

“So that’s a treat. I think.” Aarav said.

“No that was only a treat for Aanya but you hungry people can’t be stopped so that’s a treat for you all too and yes always remember this.” She said and laughed. Shashwat too laughed very loudly like it was a very good joke but no one else joined them.

“So here I go with surprises for you all.” Aanya said.

“Oh yes! Show us we are anxiously waiting for it.” Aarav said.

“Here’s come jewelry for Tanya.” She said.

“Thank you my girl.” Tanya said.

“A watch for Aarav.” She said.

“Thank you Miss.” Aarav said.

“An empty wallet for Tanay.” She laughed and passed it to him.

“Very big thank you. I will fill it don’t take tension.” Tanay said.

“A set of headphones for Shashwat. Fill your life with some music. ” She said.

“Thanks. Definitely I will”. Shashwat said.

“And here’s the gift that took most of time to decide that what to give, A football for Mr. Footballer.” She said passed the ball and started laughing.

Thank you very much.” I said. I was happy that she cared for my interests and had thought even for a minute about me. We all thanked her specially I thanked her ten times for the gift.

“We too had planned something for you.” Tanya said.

Though none of us knew the plan. Actually there was no such plan neither did Tanya told any of us about this, but she signaled me that she didn’t got enough time to tell us about all the planning. We mostly talked in eyes so as no one else could hear our talks. She gave her a beautiful dress on behalf of us all and Aanya promised us to wear it on any of the latest upcoming occasions. And I knew that she would look an angel in that beautiful dress.



Chapter 18

At night

I was chatting with Tanya and Tanay was looking at my smile continuously and was observing me from a long time. Firstly I ignored him but after some time I can’t, as it irritated me.

“What.” I said.

“Nothing. Can I borrow your few minutes I want to talk.” He said.

“Now?” I said.

“Yes now.” He said.

“Okay say.” I said.

“No not here. Let’s move out.” He said an we moved out.

“So now tell what is it.” I said.

“Tanya is awesome for you and you too are good for her. Your pair is awesome and you both will be very much happy with each other. I know you will be feeling that I am mad and talking rubbish but I think that Tanya and you like each other. The way she cares for you and you too for her is awesome. Yes everything is awesome about you both. The problem is that you had never thought about her and that’s the reason you always ignore this talk. I know somewhere in your heart you too have a feeling for her. You are forcing yourself to love Aanya. Just come out of her and see that, Is someone there better for you than her. Definitely you will see Tanya being the first one.” He said.

“Are you and Aarav playing some prank on me. If it is then I am not a fool.” I said.

“No, it’s not a prank we are telling you what we feel is good for you and you must think about it.” He said.

“I have already made my thoughts clear about that. There’s nothing to think I and Tanya are just friends and you both are seeing a bit more in us and now I can’t explain you all the whole thing again as I already did to Aarav, so just leave this topic.” I said.

“Hmm.” He said and we parted.

I agree that I was happy with Tanya but that doesn’t meant that I was in love with her. Again her thoughts surrounded my mind and I can’t delete them from my memory at all.

Same time Another place

“Hey Aanya do you know something.” Tanya said.

“What.” Aanya said.

“Should I ask you or tell you about it.” She said.

“As per you choice.” Aanya said.

“What do you feel about Harsh? ” She asked.

“He is nice and a very good friend of mine also I feel he cares for me and yes he is the best one for me in our group after you. I feel.” Aanya said.

“Oh! But do you know. Harsh is in love with you and this is not something which happened in a day or few but since the day he had seen you, he only talks about you, thinks of you and for him everything starts and ends on you. As I would say he is a very nice guy and I can assure you that he will never disappoint you and will love you always. I plead you to just think once about him. Can you be happy with him and then take any decision.” Tanya said.

“Of course, I had got signs about it before also. He is a nice guy and yes I can at least think about him but give me some time, I don’t want to hurry in these type of matters. So I will think.” Aanya said.

Tanya soon messaged me the whole matter. I was happy knowing that at least Aanya would think of me, also I was thankful to Tanya for the help but as I was tensed by the talks of Aarav and Tanay so I decided to ignore Tanya and for few day just to remain away from her so that every doubt of Aarav and Tanay about us get cleared and I too will get some time to clear my mindset and all the confusions regarding her. This decision was hard as I couldn’t simply ignore my best friend with whom I had spent most of the part of my college life but I had to take this decision in pressure. Now while writing this book I think that this was a very wrong decision from my side that was somehow influenced by others. I took an immediate step without thinking anything about it and now I do repent for it.

I didn’t replied for her message and tried to sleep. I can’t sleep but then also to satisfy myself I closed my eyes and tried hard. Lot of things were running in my mind that distracted me. First time ever Aanya didn’t came in my dreams even for a moment I even forgot that there was someone named Aanya, not only her I forgot the whole world only I was thinking of Tanya. Will it be right what I am going to do. This will definitely hurt her a lot and I too will be hurt by my this decision but there was nothing else I could do.

Next day I went late for the class. At notice board I found out that there will be a parents meet next week. Hearing this my eyes went directly on Aarav. His face looked disappointed but as I promised myself, I will remove this disappointment of his face. Tanya passed me a smile in class, I couldn’t stop myself from passing it back but then also I avoided her and didn’t spoke a single word to her. In the break time instead of going to the canteen I went to my room for rest and also to ignore Tanya.

“Where are you.” A message from Tanya came on my mobile. She was searching for me and from yesterday she was trying to contact me.

After 10 minutes

“Are you ignoring me.” Again message from her flashed on my screen.

“I am giving her tension and I am also getting tensions by doing all this.” I thought. Seeing her and then ignoring her was the most difficult part for me. I can’t do this and surely required some change of mood and to think for a change I switched off my phone went for a short nap.




Chapter 19

A short nap was always helpful for me, I felt relaxed and got a brilliant idea. Everyone would be happy by my decision and also no one would object. For the execution of my idea. I wrote a letter and went away.

“Sorry my friends I am switching my phone off and going somewhere with a plan. I can’t tell you what is it. I can only tell you that I am going for a good purpose and will be back in one week. Miss u all.” Aarav read my letter.

“Any guesses where he could be.” Shashwat said.

“Just wherever he is prey that he succeed for whatever reason he has gone.” Aanya said.

At Punjab Airport

I was here in Punjab to meet Aarav’s parents and let them realize how badly their son was hurt. Yes, I was here to complete my promise, and to see Aarav smiling I could do anything. This was the idea I had in my mind to give a surprise to Aarav. To capture best moment of his life and this was also to distract my mind from all the tensions. So my motto was clear as I landed on Punjab airport. I already had taken Aarav’s address from his college form and was fully ready to execute my plan. I took a cab and reached the given address . His family was rich, it looked from outside as there was a huge villa in which they lived. I rang the bell a lady came out. She must be his mother. I thought. She looked like a working women.

“Namaste.” I said to her with bending a little and behaved like a well-mannered boy.

“I am Aarav’s friend. I am here to talk to you.” I showed my id card and a photo of mine with him so that she doesn’t think I am fooling them or I am a thief.

“Oh come.” She welcomed me.

There were many servants who were busy in welcoming me and it was a royal and a warm welcome. His father came.

“Hello sir.” I said.

“Oh sit.” He said.

“I want to talk to both of you that’s why I am here. Can I borrow some of your precious time from you.” I said.

“Of course you can but not now. At present we both are leaving for office and doesn’t have much time.” He said.

“Okay.” I said.

“You can come at 8:00 PM today. We are free then.” He said.

“Okay sir I will be here.” I said.

I came out and thought that Aarav was right, they were so busy in all their works that they even didn’t asked me how their son was or what was the matter that I came here to meet them. They didn’t enquired anything about him. I felt very bad for Aarav.

I got enough time to travel here and there. I visited many beautiful places and loved the city. The beauty of Punjab and also the food was amazing. I was missing my friends badly, how beautiful this moment would be if they were with me. The Dhabas in the Punjab provided quality food and the people there were very frank, polite and loving.

At night I went back to Aarav’s home and hoped that now his parents would be free to listen me.

Inside the house.

“So tell us now. Why are you here and How’s our son.” His father said.

“He is good and I must say he is very nice guy.” I said.

“Oh okay then. So tell us what you want to say.” He said.

“Sir your son loves you both very much but he has never received the same from you both. You were always busy in your jobs, I know you were doing hard work for better future of your son but at that sake his present is risked. He misses you both badly and want’s your love……” and going on I gave a very big lecture and told everything what had happened on the day Aarav cried for them. I made them realize that what a big mistake they were doing. Silence filled in the room. They had never thought that their son was feeling alone, as they were busy in rush of richness.

“What could we do now?” He said.

“There’s a parents meet this week. I request you to come. Your son will be very happy seeing you.

“Okay.” He said.

This was the only talking between us. They were shocked by knowing what their son thought. They couldn’t believe that their son had developed such a hatred for them. I also didn’t disturbed them or said anything to them and left back for Delhi. I was very disappointed on the thought that they didn’t replied whether they will come or not, their faces were expressionless so I was not even able to read their faces. I tried my best but then also I failed to give Aarav his happiness back, and I was really sad for it.

Chapter 20


Now during whole this trip I thought about all my friends specially Tanya and Aanya and realized their importance. For Aanya I was thinking that whether she would be missing me or not and for Tanya I was still confused whether I should ignore her or not. By ignoring her I was thinking more about her and was developing a feeling for her. In all this matter I forgot to inform my parents about the parents meet. So I decided that I will reach there late and till then will see some more stuff of Punjab.

On parents meet day

I reached my college. I wanted to run inside to see my friends. I was dying to see them so I started running towards the hall where the meet was to be organized and the scene in front of my eyes filled me with emotions. Aarav was hugging his father and mother, Tears were everywhere from their heart to eyes on my eyes too, and while remembering the happiness of that moment on this paper too. I couldn’t express how happy I was, it felt like a big achievement to me. Yes I did it, if I was so much happy you can imagine happiness of Aarav. There were lot of hugs and that was a very emotional moment. All of my friends were standing beside Aarav looking at the wonderful moment.

“Hey look.. Harsh” Tanay said as he pointed towards me from some distance. Everyone looked at me. I went forward to join the group. I was trying to hide my tears but as soon as I reached their Aarav hugged me.

“Oh you. A big thank you. I can never ever repay you this loan given to me. I can never forget you.” He said and listening to his such emotional dialogues I couldn’t stop my tears.

“Uncle and Aunty have told us all the story, how you reached Punjab and convinced them. You are True friend really we have no words for you.” Tanya said.

I just smiled and avoided an eye contact with her.

“This is the biggest surprise for me in my whole life. I loved it. Thank you.” Aarav said.

“No thanks in friendship. It was my duty to at least try and thanks to your parents that they understood me and made my try successful.” I said.

They attended the parents meet and everything went normal and everyone was happy specially Aarav.

Next day all parents returned and our normal schedule started which was not at all normal for me. Aarav was even more energetic and happy as he had never been before, so entertainment was at its peak. Now everyone’s life was getting complete and settled, Aarav was happy as he got his parents love, Tanay was happy in himself as that big fat ‘Lub you’ girl stopped irritating him. Shashwat’s life was also running fine. Only story of Tanya, me and Aanya were in the middle of the Great Indian ocean in which everywhere you look around from the far most point to the deepness of my heart was filled with love, pain and confusions. From class, to break times to messaging I started ignoring Tanya means my full concentration was on her. By mistake I was giving a special position to her. Now she also understood that I have been avoiding her. Then also she didn’t lost her hope and daily tried to talk to me and message me called me and irritated me till I switched off my phone. Though she knew that I avoided her but then also she never told anyone for help and always kept trying. This was the best part of her she never lost hope or got angry from me, that why I was doing this to her.

After 1 week

I was passing by the hall to attend my class as decided and planned I always came last in the class just 2 minutes after the professor came and was the first one to leave the class. Someone snatched my hand before I entered in the class from outside and took me to a corner. As expected it was Tanya.

“What do you want?” She said.

“Nothing.” I said avoiding the eye contact.

“Look in my eyes.” She said. I looked in her eyes filled with deep pain and questions for me.

“Then why are you doing this.” She said.

“What.” I said behaving as if I was not aware about what she was talking.

Everyone passing in the corridor was looking at us.

“If you consider me something in your life just meet me at 7 outside the campus at the main gate. Remember on the first day you asked me for a dinner. Today I am pleading you for a dinner. I am asking you nothing, saying you nothing, Just be there.” She said and left.




Chapter 21


After class

Her tone sounded as she was blackmailing me, I had no choice. I must go, but I knew if I would, everything would again be normal. So again a big cloud of confusion covered me from all sides.

“Should I go, should I not.” I was reciting all these words by tearing the pages of my notebook.

“What happened? Have you gone mad.” Shashwat said.

“No nothing.” I said.

“Okay. You know now I have decided that on this coming Valentine’s day I am going to propose Tanya. Sounds good ? Any plan by you? ” He said.

“Yes it is. I am also planning to propose Aanya.” I said. Actually there was no such plan before but I got this idea listening to Shashwat, the idea was just to close the matter as fast as possible and this could only be done by proposing any.

“Oh! Wow. This is the spirit of true brothers for life.” He said.

“Yes we are.” I said.

As the time was approaching towards 7 my heart beats were increasing. In the middle of a yes and no finally I reached the main gate on time. I couldn’t hurt her anymore and so I must go. I thought in my mind and went there.

“I am happy you came.” She said smiling.

She was looking beautiful. I couldn’t remove my eyes from her. I had never seen such beauty. All the words went out of my mind to explain her. Her cuteness was amazing.

“What.” She said as I was just staring her top to bottom with my mouth opened.

“Beautiful.” I said.

“Yes I am..” She said and laughed.

“Then also a big thank you for noticing and for the compliment.” She said. I smiled.

“So let’s move.” She said.

“Where.” I said.

“We are here for a dinner, I think.” She said.

“Oh yes we are.” I said.

“Then let’s move to a restaurant.” She said.

On the way first of all she talked on general topics and told me about how much Aarav was happy when his parents came on parent’s meet day. She talked nothing about ‘me avoiding her’. We were talking after 1 week and soon we both can’t control ourselves and there was a huge fight between us that who speak more. We tried to share all our thoughts of one week in one day. We were talking like mad people at the middle of the road. It gave me self satisfaction and I felt more relieved talking to her. It felt like my all tensions went away and happiness again surrounded me. I looked at the weather it was so romantic, clouds surrounded whole sky and very tiny drops fell from the sky just as the touch of the fog in the early morning of winters. As we were talking wildly on the road.

“So beautiful couple.” A stranger on the road commented.

We both heard it and for a moment silence filled the atmosphere. She blushed. None of us spoke anything for few minutes.

“So now would you like to tell me why you were ignoring me from 1 week.” She said.

Oh finally she had asked the question which I couldn’t answer even I don’t know the answer myself.

“I don’t know.” I said.

“Are you mad.” She said.

“Yes I am.” I said.

“I know better.” She said.

“Leave even I don’t care why you were. I just care that now you are normal and I am happy.” She said.

I smiled.

“So tell me how your one week passed.” I said.

“Disgusting and all because of you, tensions and all. Whole one week passed searching for you and trying to talk to you. But you Mr. , Never even looked at me.” She said.

Now who would tell her that I looked at her during whole class regretting what have I done.

“And yours.” She said.

“Same pinch.” I said.

We went to a reputed restaurant in Delhi.

“Order anything you want.” I said.

“Why! Are you giving a treat?” She said.

“Yes as you say.” I said.




Chapter 22

The weather was becoming more and more romantic and pleasant. We both were noticing the change but didn’t spoke anything about it, as a girl and a boy out for a dinner in such a weather, nothing could resist the changing of mindsets.

“So tell anything you like to.” She said. We had finished our meal and now were moving here and there on the streets to pass some more time.

“What do I tell? You ask anything you want to know.” I said.

“Awesome weather.” She said. And we both looked at each other. It was a surprising reply from her. She didn’t want to say that, By mistake it came out of her mouth. I smiled and said nothing. She blushed. Now her voice trembled as she spoke and she felt hesitated to speak more so I started the conversation.

“So any plans for Valentine’s day.” I said. I shouldn’t had asked her about it at this time.

“ No plans. Just a simple normal day.” She said.

“You tell.” She said.

“Nothing, No plans yet.” I said.

Though I had plans but I hesitated to tell her. Actually I was enjoying the moment with her, and only her. So I didn’t want to involve anybody else like Aanya in our conversation. We talked, talked and talked and never got bored of our talks. It was already raining but was light enough to walk on roads but now cloud grew darker and according to my prediction it was going to rain heavily. Knowing this I should have moved fast but unknowingly my feet started to slow down. We both started moving more slow as if we were giving an invitation to the clouds to wet us. And the weather changed it started raining heavily there was no shelter nearby.

“Oh we should run.” I said.

“No need.” She said. I thought that she would say let’s live this moment together. Let’s enjoy every drop of rain falling on our heart which was a desert waiting for love to fall and few more filmy dialogs.

“Let’s move to that club nearby.” She pointed towards to a club which was on the left of us. There was no such reaction from her as I expected.

We went to the club the environment inside was awesome. Loud music, hooting’s, dance and love surrounded the club. We sat in a corner enjoying the music. We were looking like two brother and sister had come to a wrong place by chance.

“So your first visit in a club.” I said.

“Yes,but absolutely not the last.” She laughed. She loved the environment there.

“Would you like to dance.” She said. It was a sudden proposal from her as she landed her hand in front of me. I wanted to say I will love to but a quick reaction can never be expected from me. My reflexes in the matter of girls were always quite slow. Seeing my expression that I was hesitating she spoke more.

“Still afraid of holding a girl’s waist.” She laughed

“Come on we had danced a lot together in our older times.” She said. Now I couldn’t resist and went to the dance floor to rock.

I didn’t even noticed and remember that when all my hesitation flew away and we were dancing like mads. She showed some breath taking moves. She was a professional and I was not even something near about her. I clapped for her a lot, motivating her showing her that she is a beautiful dancer. After few dance moves we sat on the couch, we felt so tired but there was a broad smile on our faces. This was the most enjoyable and precious day of my life, of course I could never forget. We used all our energy on the dance floor and now was feeling hungry too.

“Feeling hungry.” I said.

I knew we both were hungry and I was even more than her so now I couldn’t control anymore and asked her.

“Yes. We both are, I think.” She said.

We order any stuff on the menu without even bothering what it was. As soon as it came we attacked on it but as a girl was sitting with me I behaved like a human and thought if Aarav and others would be here then what condition would have been here. It was so sour and spicy that Tanya could tolerate only 4-5 bites of it and started shouting for water and snatched the first glass she found near her and drank it all.

“Wait! Wait.” I said as she drank the shot. Yes it was a shot and not the water. After drinking a whole shot she looked at me.

“Are you okay.” I said.

“Okay!! I am flying, Whatever it was I loved it.” She said.

“Let’s have some more.” She said.

“No no.” I said.

“Are you afraid. Let’s have competition who could drink it more. Are you afraid of losing from a girl.” She said.

I also got a competitive feeling and agreed. Though I agreed but then also I was in my complete conscious state and instead of drinking I threw it behind pretending to drink but Tanya was drinking it nonstop and after I don’t know how many counts I stooped her. Now the most difficult job was to control her as she was losing her mind and was becoming mad. There was lot of noise in the club so I took her outside on the road searching for any mode of convince but it was mid night and it was difficult to find one. We didn’t even noticed the time in all the fun we were having and now were late.




Chapter 23


Tanya was running here and there on road and it was becoming difficult for me to control her.

“Let’s dance.” She said and started dancing awkwardly on the middle of the road.

“No move straight.” I said to her and pulled her.

“You are sounding angry. Let’s talk. Wait! I want to talk.” She said and sat on the middle of the road. I tried hard to move her but she didn’t.

“Okay but first come in a side.” I said.

She happily stood with my support and started saying.

“What do you think. Am I a fool, you ignored me I said nothing and I am saying nothing just asking you am I a fool.” She said.

“Then why you did this to me, I was so greatly hurt don’t you know. You took my all happiness from me by doing this. You behaved like a stranger to me. No not even a stranger does like that.” She said.

“I am sorry.” I said.

“You are. Are you really sorry. Why you should be. No, of course not you shouldn’t be sorry, it was my mistake that I expected from you what I didn’t deserve.” She said. Her grammar and words were becoming worst as she went on. I said nothing and just looked at her.

“What are you looking at. Am I beautiful? Where do I lack tell me.” She said.

“Who said to you that you lack in anything.” I said.

“Then why you did this to me every time. You did same 4 years back and now also you are doing the same.” She said.

“What.” I asked.

“What? What? Why are you asking. Why don’t you understand.” She said.

“What are you talking about.” I said.

“You know. You love playing football, your favorite food is burger, you love ice creams and…..” so on she went on telling my all the hobbies, interests, my schedule and all.

“I do know you better you yourself does.” She said.

“You should know you are my best friend.” I said.

“Aha friends that’s the problem.” She said.

“Do you know. Do you want to know about what I was talking on the day we went outside, my thinking about love. For me love is you. Yes you are, but you always did same to me. Six years back we met I talked to you, and you easily impressed me. You understood me more than anybody else did and when even before I could think any more about you, suddenly disappeared without any prior information. I loved you , I could shout but none would ever reach you ears. I cried for you, missed you but then also loved you. I remember each and every moment we have been together, how you ate my lunch and I was fighting with you for that. Slowly I tried to fade you from my memories and even I was somewhat successful in it but then again destiny played on me. After 4 years you were again standing in front of my eyes, you know why it was difficult for you to find me in the beginning, because I was hiding from you, I didn’t want to face you but I couldn’t resist it for longer and soon we became good friends but it was only for you, I again was falling madly in love with you. In front of my eyes you loved another girl talked to me about her and I also tried my best so that you two can be together. I searched for my happiness in yours but I cried daily for you and is still.” Tears were flowing from her eyes.

I couldn’t believe what Tanya had said. It gave me a shock and once again all the talks and confusions surrounded my mind as the clouds in the sky. This was the truth and it was hard to believe. My eyes and mouth both were opened with surprise . Heavy thunders increased my heartbeat. I was thinking that how come she had controlled her feelings for me. It was much more difficult for her then I could imagine, then also she cared for me. All the nice moment we had lived together came like a flashback in my mind. All of them were the signal of love. After all the dilemma I faced, a big question arose in my mind. Do I love her? Was she the best girl for me? Was Aarav right that we were made for each other. In the middle of all these thoughts coming in my mind we reached the hostel and I dropped her in her room and went away. Whole way she didn’t stop to talk, continuously she was saying something but after getting a shock I didn’t paid much attention to what she said.



Chapter 24


“Hey where were you.” Tanay said.

I reached my room didn’t even bothered to change my clothes gave no reply of Tanay and laid on my bed. Continuously many thoughts were going on in my mind and it seemed to burst out. How would I face her now or she would. In the middle of all these tensions because of tiredness and stress I dozed off.

Next day I woke up. I was late and missed my first class. I wanted to remain in my room and go nowhere but in the break Aarav forcefully took me to the canteen. Every one of our group was there in the canteen waiting for me.

“Why were you late today for the class.” Aanya said.

“We all tried to wake him up but he is such a sleeping beauty he didn’t even moved.” Aarav said.

Tanya was sitting in front of me and my mind was blank. Our eyes met and she smiled. I was losing my mind thinking about her. Once I looked at Tanya’s face then at Aanya’s then again at Tanya’s and this procedure continued. I was becoming insane.

“What happened to you. Someone tapped your mouth.” Shashwat said.

Oh how could I forget Shashwat, he was also the hero of the story. Lover of Tanya and my childhood friend. How could I forget him. Even if I loved Tanya and could develop a feeling for her then also I couldn’t take what belonged to Shashwat.

“Is she a thing to be belonged. Have a right on her.” My heart opposed.

No I can’t snatch her from him. What would he think of me. A traitor, an untrusted friend, a deceiver who cheated him for a girl and what would whole college think that I finally caught someone’s else girl as I was not able to get mine. There would be a lot of talks and truly speaking I could ignore all those talks but the last which I couldn’t ignore was what Aanya would think of me. A guy who loved her just for show. Now Tanya had told everything to Aanya and nothing could be done. I will fell down in her eyes and she would even not like to see my face again. A guy who had said so big talks that I love her, I would never leave her and this is what he has done.

“Nothing.” I replied to Shashwat and went from there. Tanya followed and stopped me at some distance.

“What happened to you?” She said.

I was surprised by her question. She was asking what happened to me. Didn’t she knew what had happened last night.

“Well I am sorry for yesterday. I don’t know what happened to me. I didn’t even remember what happened to me. I tried hard but the last thing I remember is that I drunk some shots. I shouldn’t have done that. I am here to ask that yesterday everything went fine or there’s something to tell.” She said.

So I faced a new twist in the story. She had so badly drunk that she even didn’t remember a thing and I had to bear all the tensions alone and now she was asking me that whether everything went fine or not. What should I tell her. How could I tell her about the big tragedy that happened yesterday.

“No nothing.” I said.

I of course needed some time to think but I had nothing in my hand. After 2 days was the Valentine’s day and I have to propose one. But who she would be I couldn’t decide. I thought about both, if one was my soul then other was my heart. The body couldn’t live leaving any of them. Aanya was my first love but now I do was confuse that whether she was permanent or only the first. Tanya cared for me more than anyone else could ever do. She understood me better than I do and I too was very much comfortable with her. Both of them shown different, unique and attractive qualities. But which one was sufficient for love I couldn’t decide. My every thought ended on ‘ I couldn’t decide’. My life was full of tensions and confusions. Between all the confusions my hopes were decreasing and somehow I managed to pass 1 day and now the judgement day arrived.



Chapter 25


On the morning of the Valentine’s day I was lying stitched to my bed. I didn’t want to wake up and see the morning, I wanted only to remain on my bed and let the day pass but someday I had to take a decision, I couldn’t live with such tensions daily so better today solve the matter. Thinking this I woke up with a spirit posing like a Superman.

“Hey see our hero of today has waken up.” Aarav said.

“No we have two heroes now let’s see who wins and be the real hero.” Tanay said. They were pointing towards me and Shashwat as we were going to propose our respective girls today. They never knew that what dilemma was I facing and was just busy in all the preparations. My mind stopped working and my heart beat was becoming fast. I felt like crying and running away from all these situations. I needed a shoulder to cry but I was confused that whether Aanya’s would be better or Tanya’s to cry on. Everything seemed red to me. It was the day of love everything ought to be red but don’t forget red is also the color of danger and for me it was like I am holding a red cloth of love and two bulls confusions and tensions are running behind me. Tanay and Aarav gave us both the red roses and sent us outside with best of luck. Now I was thinking what will be going on in the mind of two girls. Aanya will be prepared for my proposal and would be ready either with a slap or with a hug. Tanya must be confused like me for Shashwat. She would be thinking that I didn’t know anything and must would get hurt in any case. Everyone was well dressed specially girls, every girl was expecting a proposal. There were very few for whom this was a normal day but for me neither this was a normal day nor the Valentine’s day it was an abnormal disastrous day for me. Everyone was holding a rose in their hand and some were with three and four roses, I don’t know what they were up to. I felt loosing my conscious state and my face gave no expression. I wanted to say to Shashwat “ Would you mind changing our girls” But it couldn’t be possible. Today I have to break heart of any one Aanya, Tanya or Shashwat and mine was already in pieces, It was badly shattered by one after another continuous collisions of shocks. I didn’t even got time to collect the shattered pieces How could I take a decision. No it was not in my hand. As we both walked on the corridor we found two beautiful girls approaching us. First time Tanya looked simple and Aanya quiet fashionable, they both simply deserved claps. I had never imagined any of them like that, they exchanged their dress up and increased their cuteness. Now while they were approaching me I looked at both of them. Both were looking beautiful and cute. Happiness was spread all on Aanya’s face but on Tanya’s face though a smile was there but I knew somewhere deep in her heart she was sad. I couldn’t let her be sad anymore. I decided, and moved forward but as I looked at Aanya and Shashwat my soul pricked me and stopped me from going onwards, but I have to overcome and should now at least propose any one. So I didn’t stopped and started moving towards them. Both girls came together and said “Hello”. I don’t know from where all the guts came in me but in front of them all I sat on my knees with a rose in my hand.

“I love you.” I said.

“ Please be clear.” Aanya laughed. Both of the them were standing so close to each other that someone from a distance would think that I am making a chance on both girls together. I looked at Tanya’s face.

“I love you….” Again I said.

“Aanya.” I said.

And that’s the end. I don’t know how it came out of my mouth. Thinking of all and making my first love come true I proposed Aanya. Just after proposing her I looked at Tanya’s face, I could see hidden tears in her eyes. Aanya unluckily accepted my proposal and hugged me but I was in a stun. My whole body had stopped working and also I was regretting what have I done. There was no trace of smile on my face tears fell out of my eyes.

“Why are you crying. ”Aanya said.

“Tears of happiness.” I lied and as we moved. I was continuously looking towards Tanya. That moment was nothing special for me and I didn’t remember a thing about it except Tanya’s face which was filled with pain. How can I hurt her?, I am still thinking. Though I agree that I should be happy getting the girl I loved but do really the meaning of love was what I thought. Do love is when something happens at first sight or it is a bond of understanding. Do love is when you see someone and a band of musician starts playing a romantic song for you or it is the caring nature which you possess towards someone. From that day my definition about love changed and I want you all to also change your thoughts if they are like mine were and that’s the reason for writing this book or you will also get nothing, just tears in your hand.





Now when I am writing the ending of this book which is after one month of my relationship with Aanya, telling you about situations at our college. Aarav and Tanay are busy in the entertainment and fun. Shashwat is now concentrating on his studies after getting a disapproval from Tanya when he proposed her. Telling about me and Aanya we are the love birds always flying in opposite direction and still behaving to be friends. Though I love her but I am still trying to love her. I don’t know the meaning of the above line but I do know that it is deep. Everything is running normal between us and it is as it was before. We are in a relationship only for name and are still friends and truly saying I also don’t have a problem in that if Aanya is happy. For me and Tanya situations have changed, we talk less, I can’t face her and she has also now stopped attempting much. All of our life have took a serious turn and that just because of my decision. We all have now understood what life really means and how to live it. I have been living my life for others, thinking about others more than about what I do care about and learnt a big lesson in return. Now I care about that what I really do care but it’s too late to realize and rectify. I don’t want to say whether my decision was wrong or right. Whether I did right by proposing Aanya or not. Nor do I tell you whether I am happy or not. I just know that in whatever situation I am it could have been better and I could at least be more satisfied with my life. Now how much weight of that satisfaction could be that all I leave up to you. I wrote because I have learnt a lesson, how to live life carefree, how to choose your partners wisely, how to take a better decision and want you all to learn the same before you all commit a mistake like I did.




A Blunder Worth Telling

A Blunder Worth Telling is a story of a young college boy seeking love, it revolves around the problems faced by youths in finding their one true love, the bond of friendship shared between them and their loyalty towards it. It is a story of six people from differnet parts of India meeting at a college and soon turning out to be bff’s. I am here to share my annoyance with you all. Youth! Filled with emotions and temptation towards attractive things. I am going to tell that a youth's life and their decisions are much more affected and inspired by what others think and not by their own mind, feelings and emotions. Most of the youths today are attracted and are running towards what majority likes from taking a degree to a girl. Sometimes they compromise their own feelings and thoughts just for the sake of others, who actually don’t care what they do. Should we really care about it? That's the biggest question here. And that’s the reason why I am writing.

  • Author: Harsh Kumar
  • Published: 2017-04-24 10:05:15
  • Words: 25144
A Blunder Worth Telling A Blunder Worth Telling