A Big Kid Bed is Coming


















To my children, Madison and Owen, and

children everywhere. Never lose your adventurous spirit.

Run wild in your imagination. Remember to always create, laugh, question, follow your heart, and be kind.

Reach beyond the stars—the world is yours.












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Illustrations by: Greg Bishop Interior Design by: Ron Eddy

Cover Design by: Greg Bishop and Ron Eddy Editing by: Julie Breihan


Printed in China


ISBN: 978-0-9981936-0-1

Louie is an elephant hero.

He finds adventure wherever he goes.









“Whoa! Could this be a dinosaur egg?”














“And there’s a unicorn in polka-dot clothes.”

His yard is a vibrant jungle

Filled with lions, tigers, and bears. “Shhh . . . we have to be quiet.

Because look! What’s that, right there?”




















Louie has magical powers

That let him soar across the sky.

He zooms beneath the soft, white clouds With his cape trailing close by.



Louie loves being a hero,

But he’s been waking up tired and weary.





























He’s grown too big for his little crib,

And his days are becoming less cheery.



A big-kid bed is coming;

Louie doesn’t know what to do.


























He wants a good night’s sleep,

But isn’t sure about trying something new.

His mattress is soft and oh-so-big.

He can stretch, roll over, and play.

I think I’ll try and go to sleep.

Look! No bars are in my way!















The sun is down; the moon is up. Louie closes his eyes.

His bed turns into a pirate ship.

ARRGG! What a great surprise!

Now he is an astronaut,

Getting ready to travel to Mars.

He launches his ship up, up, up,

Beyond the moon and stars.

Louie’s new blanket makes a perfect tent,

Protecting him from the great outdoors. He camps among the tall, green trees.

Yippee! It’s time to explore!




































Louie’s covers keep him warm all night,

Until he sees the morning sun.































He’s no longer tired or sleepy,

And his days are filled with fun.

























Each night a new adventure awaits.

I just have to close my eyes!

Louie can’t wait to get a good night’s sleep

’Cause his bed is the perfect size.




Change can be exciting;

Louie’s glad he tried something new. He sure does love his big-kid bed.

And you know what? You will too!

A Big Kid Bed is Coming

Give Your Child the Motivation That He or She Needs to Quickly Transition to a 'Big-Kid Bed' Without Sleepless Nights As a mother of 3, I understand that the toddler years can be the most amazing, yet challenging of times. On one hand, it's hard to believe that your little one is growing up before your eyes (and it's the most incredible joy to be part of) but on the other hand, with growing up comes change and new milestones.These transitions can often be daunting for both the child and the parent. We created the character, Louie, with your child in mind. It's our goal that your child will instantly relate with Louie's adventurous spirit, independence and fun loving nature. He or she will giggle through this sweet, rhythmic story but also learn that change can be overcome by a little courage and that the outcome can actually lead to even more fun and adventure! We understand that there are many different tactics and tools to conquer transitions (and that each household may handle them differently), however, we strongly believe that before technique there needs to be a want and desire within the child. The same is true for adults. Think about it, there's no way you're going to learn a foreign language if you don't have the desire. You can be thrown into some of the best classrooms and programs but will have a hard time grasping the information until you're actually interested and motivated. Louie's Little Lessons sole focus is to ignite curiosity and motivation when it comes to facing change (then, the technicalities can be taught whichever way you chose), however, the first and most challenging step is establishing the correct mindset. We hope to help your child find the right mindset and courage for years to come.

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  • Published: 2016-11-19 00:35:15
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A Big Kid Bed is Coming A Big Kid Bed is Coming