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A Bag of Currency

A Bag of Currency




By Hiranya Borah






Copyright 2017 Hiranya Borah


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It is a small story about how fortune and misfortune come to a person simultaneously. It is a fun story and far from reality.

If however, my story resembles with some reality, it is pure coincidence only, nothing to do with any reality or any real person.

I thank all my friends and relatives for their encouraging words. I am thankful to my family members for their constant support. My sincere thanks are always due for Shakespir for their support.



Chapter-I: A Dream


I had a dream from my childhood to find a bag of currencies on the road to make me rich. But in last fifty years nothing happened anything like that.

It is not that I am not hard working; but any extra amount is always welcome to meet my never-ending demands from my family and friends during first part of the millennium. Being not corrupt also enhanced my desire to get a bag full of currency during that particular period. However, for last few years after attaining solvency due to different reasons, desire for a bag full of currency reduced considerably.

Chapter-I: He Fulfilled My Dream


Finally, God fulfilled my dream on 13th of January, 2017.

I was on a tour to inspect progress of a particular scheme in a state. As expected, a young officer along with a driver and a consultant of the scheme came to me at the airport to receive me. They welcomed inside the airport and asked for my boarding pass to collect my baggage. I told him that I had only one bag and my name was clearly written and could be seen from a reasonable distance. The driver took my hand bag and I was led to his car.

I had a hectic schedule of field visits. First, I was taken to a restaurant for breakfast and from there, I was taken to another district HQs where some other officials were waiting for me. Inside the car itself, the young officer gave a detail report of progress of the scheme in the different districts.

After meeting the officers at district HQs, we proceeded to the villages where the scheme was in operation. I was really pleased to see the progress of the scheme in the villages I was visiting. I did not know when dusk descended. When I reached the hotel situated in the district HQs, it was already nine PM. Hurriedly, I finished my dinner and went to my room for the night.

To my surprise, I saw three bags were stacked at my room instead of two bags which I carried along with me from Delhi, my place of posting. When I noticed the bag, which was not mine, I saw a small tag attached to the lace of the bag. It was written, ‘A small gift from an unknown friend.’

As I opened the zip of the bag, I was about to faint. It was full of currency of demonetized 1000 rupee notes (The Government of India/ Reserve Bank of India had demonetized 500 and 1000 note from 8th of November, 2016. Government had allowed to deposit the notes at the respective accounts by 31.12.2016. Further, the Government issued an order, if anybody is holding demonetized notes beyond 31.12.2016, he/she would be prosecuted). Is it a dirty joke or to trap me, it is a ploy?

Chapter-III: Full Bag of Money


I was in a fix, what to do with this full bag of demonetized currency. With a peep, I could estimate, it would not be less than Rs. 1 Crore. Government had already announced, anybody found with demonetized note would be arrested. I started sweating.

First, I thought to inform police. But I did not know how they would react. I might be arrested first and then they might start conducting an inquiry. If it would be like that, my reputation would be tarnished beyond repair.

Should I throw it from my room? I recalled, once an illegitimate baby was thrown to a dustbin and the person was caught by the public. I thought. ‘I am sure someone will see me throwing the bag and then I shall definitely be handed over to the police.’ Therefore, I dropped the idea of throwing the bag from my window.

Should I telephone my wife? I decided not to do that because she might be giving me a weird advice which would definitely land me in a jail.

I was fearing police might be arriving at my hotel at any time as the person who had planted the bag in my room, might have informed the police also by the time.

But, nothing happened like that on that night. However, whole night I was waiting something to happen looking at the bag. I could not sleep even for a minute during the whole night.

Finally, I came to a decision, I would leave the bag in the almirah of the hotel without telling anyone.

Chapter-IV: It Came Back


I was successful in leaving the bag at the hotel and proceeded to the next district to make few more field visits on my way to airport. As soon as I reached the boarder of the next district, another group of officers escorted me to the field. I heaved a sigh of relief.

For the next six hours, I could concentrate in my inspection in the field. My flight was at 6 PM and therefore, I told my escort officer to drop me at the airport by 4 PM.

Around 3 PM escort officer told me that my flight was late by an hour and accordingly he requested me to take a cup of tea at a restaurant comfortably with his field officials before dropping me at the airport. I agreed to his proposal.

As we were taking tea, I saw the officer who had received me at the airport came into the restaurant and told me, ‘Sir, I am extremely sorry, my driver did not put one of your bags into the car. A few hours ago, hotel management told me over telephone about it and we rushed to the hotel and collect the bag. Now I put it in your car.’

The escort officer thought my bag was left by the driver who was supposed to keep my belongings inside his car. I was not in a position to tell him the real story. Instead I said, ‘Oh, thank you. I was not bothering anything about my belongings etc. once I arrived at your place since yesterday.’

With another apology, he left the place putting me in real trouble once again without knowing anything about iota of my trouble I was facing with the bag. I started sweating again.

Chapter-V: Dumping at Garbage Can


The officers escorted to me to the VIP room of the airport. My mind was engulfed with many thoughts. But all the thoughts were secondary one except one thought, how I could get rid of that bag with full of currency.

To avoid to show my nervousness I started reading a newspaper. On seeing me reading the newspaper, the escort officer and his deputy left the room. When they went out of the room, I shook my head vigorously to find out a way out to get rid of the currencies. Finally, I found a way out. ‘I cannot get rid of the bag as the escort officers are now sure that I am having three bags. But I can get rid of the currencies!’

I went to the toilet along with the bag containing the currency. Closing the toilet door, I put all the currencies in the newspaper and wrapped those as if they were some dirt. Then I looked for a dustbin large enough to accommodate the wrapped packet. The dustbin inside the toilet was too small to accommodate the packet. For the time being, I left the packet inside the toilet and came out with the bag. I put some articles into the bag from the other bag so that both are seemingly full of my belongings. Then I went outside the VIP lounge to find out where I could find a large dustbin to accommodate my packet.

I did not have to go far, I found one garbage can near to the VIP room. I went back to the toilet and picked up the packet and I was able to dump it at the garbage dumping can placed just outside the VIP room. As I dropped the packet, I saw my escort officer running towards me.

Chapter-VI: An Award by The Airport


With an apologetic voice the escort officer told me, ‘Why you are taking so much trouble sir? You could have told someone to drop the useless articles at the dustbin!’

‘Ok, no problem, it is fine for me.’ With a relaxed voice, I told him. Then I told him, ‘Let me go for the security check; so that, you can also go back to your place.’

After crossing the security check I felt little bit relaxed.

As I was relaxing on a seat, an announcement sent a shock wave throughout my body, ‘Mr. Wangshoo, you please contact General manager of the Airport Authority, Mr. Vijay Kumar near the security check counter.’

As I was going to meet Vijay Kumar, many thoughts were running in my mind. I was expecting an arrest order or a detention order by him for the packet of currency which I dropped at the dustbin near to the VIP room.

As I reached the security check, a tall handsome man asked me, ‘Are you Mr. Wangshoo?’ I just nodded.

He extended his hand for a handshake and told, ‘Congratulation sir. You are the winner of Swachh Bharat Contest for the week. It is not a big amount sir, it is only a memento and cash award of only Rs.500/-.’

‘Thank you. But why I have been selected for this award.’ I asked him with a surprise look.

‘You are the 10000th passenger who has used the dustbin, for which you are given Rs. five hundred. The memento is given, being an executive passenger, sitting in the VIP room, used the dustbin by yourself, which is really praiseworthy. This will encourage other passengers also.’

Sitting on my seat at the aircraft, I was thanking God for hearing my prayer by awarding me, by not giving a bag of currency of others, but giving me a memento and a small prize money of Rs.500/-. I also promised to myself, not to aspire for a single rupee without blood and sweat of my body and mind in rest of my life.



The author is a Government servant and a man of vivid experiences derived from his official postings across the country, travels across India and numerous visits outside India. He is presently placed at New Delhi.


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A Bag of Currency

It is a small story about how fortune and misfortune come to a person simultaneously. The protagonist got a bag full of currency notes which are already demonetized by the Government. Then his problem started. How he came out of his trouble? It is a fun story and far from reality.

  • ISBN: 9781370633142
  • Author: Hiranya Borah
  • Published: 2017-02-11 09:05:10
  • Words: 2189
A Bag of Currency A Bag of Currency