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A Bad Cold

A Bad Cold


by Daniel Hargrove

Published by Daniel Hargrove at Shakespir


Copyright 2017 Daniel Hargrove


Cover art copyright 2017 Daniel Hargrove


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Table of Contents


01) A Bad Cold


02) Where Happiness Lies


03) Spiritual Privilege


04) Where Strength is Weakness


05) In a Small World


06) The Ancient Past


A Bad Cold


Some new awful trend

in the manufacturing of families

in the resolution of images of women

and the men they might breed with


Some foul interloper

interfering in my marraige

some tech genius

with a crappy agenda


Some clinicism about sex

where a pussycat

is not a pussycat

nor black


Some bland confusion

about personality

and what makes me feel good

some analytical companion


Some voodoo king

sacrificing the chicken

perhaps I am a chicken

perhaps I am soup


Where Happiness Lies


If the recording industry

perpetuates an illusion of happiness

by fabricating a woman for me

lies incorporated about what familial love means

through confluential harmony and continuum

I might be fooled

for awhile

but it will never work with us

because love is more

than simple harmony

true heart is one thing

and trueness of spirit matters

but true vision


is lost in that fabricity

never to be found

the spear is in the dirt

I grab it

because a savage notion

grips my dark soul

I run very fast

but not fast enough

to catch the antelope

the tiger may do it

and the lioness may also

but I am a poor man

and I work not for those reasons


Spiritual Privilege


The big issues we face

as a people

are dominated by propagandists

with an agenda of self-enrichment

important words

important words

hundreds of years from now

we’ll still have the fat cats

and the cast outs

with the mindless and fulfilled

in between

they shout us down

with lies


and more lies

about what is tasty

what is sexy

what is right

and what is wrong

the centerpieces of the media

the narrative elements of the delusions

you can have her if…

and this will make you happy

a bag of Frito’s

munch away

and why the hell not?


Where Strength is Weakness


I balled a fist

and thrust my hand

into the campfire

and held it there

my skin

begins to redden

I grit my teeth

as blisters begin to form

the smoke curls upwards

and a minute passes

the black of night

peels away the stars

and the song of crickets

keens up through the branches

a screech owl

mourns in a tree

and drops of rain

began disturbing

the dry dirt

something rustled in the brush

an armadillo

I think


In a Small World


My dream people

are dreamed by dream people

who are dreamed up

and some few levels up

the dreams of ancient wisdom

shapes our numinous presence

they come to me

my grandmother,

long since

passed away,

the grandfather I never knew

and tell me things

about myself

and how I should fashion words

to have a good influence

on the world of frames

and songs and stories

I keep time

in my closet

in the dark

where it can never escape

time is an old man

who smokes a pipe

and sits on a stump

he hums a tune

along with the birdsong


The Ancient Past


My dream world

has been hoodooed

and there is no way out

for my ancestors

who inhabit my mind

while I’m asleep

they tell me of my curse

but of course

I know

the curse is on them.

They seek venomous frogs

for the tips

of their arrows

which are so potent

the can drop an antelope.

The horns we use

for masks.

The skins, we will use

for shelter.

The meat, we will use

to feed

our children.

The fat, we will use

for soup,

and the guts, we will use

to feed the dogs.


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A Bad Cold

  • ISBN: 9781370473366
  • Author: Daniel Hargrove
  • Published: 2017-08-07 22:50:35
  • Words: 739
A Bad Cold A Bad Cold