7 days

7 days.

My name is John Pilling. In 1996 to me there was that that very few people will believe in it but it was actually. Five days about which I now tell, I when I shall not forget, and recalling them, I feel fear also trembling which I tested those minutes when it occured to me.

I worked on one Canadian firm. The firm was engaged in power and communications. The office was in city Calgary. Once my chief Ashton has caused me to itself in a cabinet, there was one more guy Pit. Ashton has suggested me to sit down for a table glad with Pit. It has told, that in two weeks I and Pit we shall go to business trip for 7 days, 2 days from which will be borrowed with road round-trip. We will need to stop in one Canadian province and by means of one person to reach in an almost impassable wood thicket where on the satellite to find provisional seat and will stop on it and for five days to collect data about ground and plants, still to study lake. It is necessary to lead power networks between two provinces.

The good contract – has told .Ashton and has promised, that we shall receive good money on return. Ashton has told, that gives us day on reflection then we should answer. I have asked, why it has suggested us to go, in fact in the company about thirty experts. Ashton He grinned also has told to it is known, that at Pit there was no meanwhile a family, also it has asked and I have – whether I plan within the next few days on marries. I have answered, that while was not present. Well, here – has answered Ashton – ahead christmas holidays and at all children of family, except for you with Pit, therefore I have addressed to you and hoped, that you will agree. The contract serious also will be earned by us too seriously. It will Be necessary to collect weight of the information and to not think, that you have arrived on picnic – has added Ashton. Pit has told, that it is glad to such possibility and ready to business trip. I have told, that I shall answer tomorrow in the morning. Ashton on thanked us and has released on workplaces at office.

In the evening after work I reflected on offer Ashton. As a result, having understood that it is better to earn money and to vanish, I have solved have agreed. In the morning I have informed decision Ashton. It was glad and has told, that we what we shall not require, all expenses will be paid by firm. It also has suggested ourselves to buy all necessary and to bring checks for payment.

Date of departure has been appointed to December, 15th. Ashton has told, that the seat is in the north of Canada between two provinces, and has shown on a card approximate seat where a marker has put a fat point. It has told, that us will bring to the airport, whence will be special flight by the small plane up to small town Witvul in the West of one of provinces. There we shall have a rest, and since morning us the local resident will bring on seat Eugene which should meet us. On snowmobiles it will help to transport our equipment in the necessary seat, as well as, it will have a special arrangement by means of which, in case of an emergency, it will be possible to cause Eugene. Ashton has told, that for five days it is necessary to make measurements of a landscape, to measure depth of lake in several seats and to define, whether it is possible through a wood, in that seat, to spend electric networks. After completion we works on results should return to office and go home for a week of rest. About myself I even was delighted to such possibility. I love the nature, plus to all everyone will organize and well will pay.

The next days we prepared for business trip. To us told about district, in which we should work, how to behave in emergencies, such as traumas or a meeting with wild animals. On this case to us have given out signal Flares with a stock of charges to frighten off unbidden visitors. It was my first business trip in wild district, moreover and in winter. Earlier I went in business trips, but they were only two-rub days, and I lived in hotel, and here – in tent, start up special for such conditions, and all necessary also was.

The wild district in a distance from settlements is me agitated a little but I have decided to go and change the decision I did not want, that as have already told “yes”.

Day of departure.

I have gathered since evening, in the half ninth mornings I have arrived to office. The office had a car which should bring us to the airport. I have come into office. Pit already was there and talked to someone from colleagues. Having seen me, it has risen and has approached. It has told, that Ashton just about will approach and has passed to me a file with documents for business trip. We have sat down on chairs and, not taking off clothes, began to wait Ashton. Minutes through five has entered Ashton, it has shaken to us hands and has told – Let’s sit down on a path. It has asked us, whether we of that necessary and as at us have forgotten a spirit. We with Pit have answered, that a spirit fighting, and we wait for a command. Ashton has risen, and has wished us happy journey and that we have called on arrival in Witvul. Some person which too were at office have wished our of good luck. We lodge in the car.

The road to the airport has borrowed minutes twenty, Pit all road played videogame, I looked at street. There was a sleet magnificent flakes, and I began to understand that, almost two weeks I should live in such conditions, without a shower, without a toilet. Pit it, it looks like did not agitate in any way. It loudly listened to music which it was audible through the put on headphones, in parallel playing videogame.

At the airport we were waited by the person with the tablet on which the name of our firm has been written. Besides backpacks, on a back we with Pit had a whole cargo carriage of the equipment and other necessary things. The person who has met us at the airport, went ahead and movements of hands showed us a direction. We have approached to a separate output where two employees of security service of the airport have checked up our luggage, we have in parallel handed over documents and the command for landing waited. In a window we saw, how behind a wall of sleet on a platform there is a small two screw plane. When to us have returned documents, for us have asked to wait, while the plane will prepare for a start.

We with Pit have settled down on a bench near an output on a platform for landing. Pit almost at once has dozed off, thus, listening to music which even through headphones it was audible also to me, but, that in some detail played was, not clearly. I looked out of the window. Weather was not at all for travel. In the street was about 5, but thus there was a dense sleet through which the street was badly looked through, falling, it at once thew and turned to water.

In minutes fifteen worker of the airport has invited us to an output then has opened a door. We have taken things and have directed to an output from the terminal. In the street we were met by two persons in orange waistcoats and, having taken our things, have shown us aboard the plane. I and Pit run have reached a gangway and have risen aboard. In a cabin we were met by the commander. The plane was small, is calculated on eight passengers and two members of crew. As a rule, plane one person operated. We with Pit have put things in a luggage space and lodge in armchairs. The commander has approached and it was presented, and has told, that flight will borrow about four hours then it has gone in a cabin. I have settled down very conveniently and was fastened. Testing easy excitement, I have decided to close eyes and will calm down. Having looked aside Pit which sat to the right of me through passage, I have seen, that it also has cast away a back of sitting and laid blindly listening to music. Now I have understood, why it all time listened to music is helped it to distract.

Through pair minutes the plane has begun movement. I looked out of the window, but because of a dense snow nothing was visible. I thought, what now to the commander who should operate plane in such conditions.

When we have flied up, I have fallen asleep, but have soon woken up from jolting which was very strong, I looked on Pit which also looked at me. I flied by planes earlier and got in different weather conditions, but it were greater liners in which jolting almost was not felt. Such sensation, that this plane threw in the sky with an ode of a side in another, upwards that downwards. Pit has shouted – John! Adventures have begun!!! – also has burst out laughing. To me had no time for laughter, but I have smiled to not show excitement.

The commander has declared, that we have got in a cyclone a snow with a rain that we did not rise at all from the seats. In salon it was dark, with outside too, behind glass there was a grey-dark blue weight. So proceeded minutes 20-30, but it seemed to me, that has passed some hours. Thank God, jolting has stopped, I looked in a window. There was simply white background, neither snows, nor the rain was not. In half an hour, the commander has declared, that soon landing and has advised us to be fastened. Pit has shown me the big finger, I have a little calmed down, has nestled on a back and began to wait for landing.

The captain has declared – the Lord readiness of 15 minutes! Soon we sit down! The plane began to heel to the left. Then I, have felt, as the plane has begun decrease. In a window I already saw the ground. All was white from a snow, roads, houses, trees were looked through.

Landing was hardish, us some times threw and threw about the ground, appear, that the plane will not sustain such rigid landing, however all has passed easy and we began to stop. When we have stopped to us there was a Captain and has told, that we have arrived to the airport, behind a board-7 it is snowing. – I Hope, you liked to fly our airline! Now will bring up a gangway and will help you to ship your things. Having shaken us of a hand, it has gone in a cabin.

While we with Pit collected things in backpacks, the worker of the airport has entered into the plane through an entrance door and has informed, that a gangway at the plane, it is possible to go down, luggage will deliver hardly later.

We with Pit send from the plane. Before us there was a take-off platform, a little not greater planes. The airport was some two-storeyed buildings, a viewing tower and to pair hangars. Weather was cloudy the strong northerly wind blew, the snow everywhere laid. The plane had a pickup in which loaded our things. The driver of a pickup has told, that we sat down in a cabin while load things. We and have made. When things have shipped, we have gone to one of buildings.

« Snow mountain »

Us spent to facility where there was a table and there was a bench. I have told Pit what I need to call Ashton (it asked as soon as we shall arrive). Pit, getting a light a cigarette, has given up as hopeless. I have passed on a small corridor and have left in the general waiting room where there were many benches, people was a little. I have asked the worker of the airport where I can call, it has shown a finger the tablet on which the tube and an arrow have been drawn specified in left. Having reached the specified seat, I have seen five payphones. I have dialed the number Ashton. After several hooters it has taken a tube. I was presented and have told, that we have arrived to a province « Snow mountain » – so its local residents, because a top of mountain always snow have nicknamed, is not dependent on a season! Ashton has told that very well. Still it has asked, as has passed flight. I have answered what not without adventures. Ashton has told, that we have contacted a conductor named Eugene – it the local resident and knows all territory around. It already in a rate of affairs also waits only for a call from us. Then Ashton has wished us with Pit successfully and fruitfully to spend time. Having said goodbye, it has hanged up.

I have dialed the number of Eugene. It has taken a tube. I was presented and have told, that we with the colleague at the airport. Eugene, has told minutes through 15 it will fetch us. I have returned to Pit which ate any sandwich and washed down with its aerated water. I have told, that is fast for us will arrive.

About minutes through 20 to us the young man dressed in the hunting suit and a greater fur cap has approached a strong constitution. It was presented. It also was Eugene. Eugene was the thickset guy with American Indian features, to it was no more than 35 years. It has greeted and has told, that the car costs at an output, now in it put our equipment.

I and Пит have taken the things and have directed beyond Eugene. The output from a building had a jeep with a body. We lodge in it. Eugene has told, that our equipment is shipped, and we shall go to its aunt to small cafe-bar on edge of small town Witvul which is in ten minutes of driving from the airport. On road to the city of Eugene has told, that in a warm season we could not perform the work as it is a lot of insects which simply would not allow us to work easy.


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7 days

Hello, dear readers! I represent to you the second work on genres of an adventure, mysticism. The story is very easily read! You will want to read through it on one breath. I hope it to you it is pleasant! This history from volume as two colleagues under orders of the head will go to business trip in wild district, for studying natural resources. Usual business trip would Seem, But, all will change after several days of stay in a wood. Strange things will start to occur at night. As a result all will turn back.......! In greater detail in the story!

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7 days 7 days