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55th Street Records

















55th Street Records


by David Robertson












Title Book: 55th Street Records

Author Book: David Robertson

Editor: Nancie Clarke


© 2016, David Robertson


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Thank you to all the readers who support my work. I hope you enjoy my first story


David Robertson

Chapter one

Humble beginnings





Christian was your average kid. He lived in the City, in an old run-down apartment in the projects along with his sisters Jasmine and Laura. Their widowed mother had recently passed away and didn’t have much to leave but the memories of a simple past with basic living conditions.

Christian being a high school dropout became determined to help his older sisters survive and live better and was always thinking about what he could do for them to get the gold ticket out the projects. Christian and his sisters attended regular rap concerts and making music was one of Christian’s favourite pastimes.

Leroy was Christian’s best friend, although a little older and wiser, they had mutual experience when it came to family trauma. I think that it was the need for change that drove them to be such good friends, although I am sure Jasmine had a little something to do with it too.

On a Monday night, chilling hard, the whole family were at home, the sun was just setting and we were all digging into some pizza and listening to some fresh hip hop releases, when Leroy asked me what I would do if the time came between life or death. Would I be ready to do what was right? I had no idea why he was in such a strange mood. I could not remember any previous negative encounters that day…I asked “Do you want to hit the studio?” Leroy waited and replied “Today I just have a bad feeling bro. I’ve been watching changes, noticing things.” “Don’t let this run-down neighbourhood get you down “I said .I laughed…if stares could kill, I would have been dead. I replied “you can’t live wishing and hoping Leroy. We’ve got to make our move “He looked at me with a straight face and replied “let’s make some beats!!”

My sister softly touched my shoulder and said, “you guys are gonna do great and the world will love your music don’t give up boys.”…


It was our third track we wrote that I really liked. It had so much feeling. We have been working on our material for so long and we really believe in encouraging people to do what they are passionate about.

At the end of the day we wanted to do what we loved no matter the price…


As I grab the mike the beat kicks in I remember the days of my youth, as a young kid growing up sad and unhappy from the suffering and poverty.. Tired of hunger, tired of social class.. I turned my pain into strength. ,I used my words to paint colour into a cold cruel city scattered with broken dreams and empty promises.























Chapter 2

Times are changing




It was a hot day burning my skin. We were walking down main road, when Leroy mentioned he was over this day and we had to get home and out of the sun. Even 55^TH’S^ dogs didn’t bark because of total overheating. We were walking past the electronic store when Leroy noticed a great deal on an internet connection. We were mind set on getting it so we both decided to start saving and work towards obtaining that connection…but for now we hustled to get out the sun.


Three months working as a bartender and saving as hard as we could Leroy and I finally stepped into the electronics store ready to purchase our connection. All went well and we headed home. Within I few hours we were online and it didn’t take long for Leroy to find a few courses on internet development .When he confronted me his face was alive with light like never before.

He told me he had a plan to get our music out there. All we had to do was to study coding and programing and no one could ever take that away from us.


We enrolled in a course and sett all our energy to learning how to make web pages. Our first project was born. When we complete this we will be sorted said Leroy to Jasmine, and my heart melted. For once in my life I think I see some hope…finally not being judged for following my dreams…this is something good, this is something different and I have never felt more motivated to work harder.


Jasmine and Leroy had been spending a lot of time together and started becoming much more comfy and I could hear it in Leroy’s production. I want to say the music was sweeter, more flowing more joyful. We kept writing music and now we had a total of ten tracks. We were so proud of our work..


Today is studio day. My sisters bought us studio sessions to record our songs. Needless to say I’m nervous but Leroy has been a big help. I just need to remember that so many people have been through this before. We ripped our songs and we were so proud, and we had no time to waste since website was done…time to upload our album and link it to our payment system and then sent our message in a bottle…with hope and prayer we launched our website and shared it with every one…


I close my eyes and I can see a world better for us doing what we love, I clench my fists and just know I’m going to make it!





















Chapter 3

Unexpected call



I opened my eyes….something’s different today. I checked my phone to see the time. Leroy has been looking for me. Like one hundred missed calls, that can only mean one thing …my phone rang again…it was Leroy…I answered….he was in a state My sister had got attacked and robbed the night before at a concert She had been stabbed by some drugged fool. My heart was pounding in my chest as I rushed to the hospital running as fast as I could. My lungs were burning, I could not breathe….I was crying but I was not going to give up on Jasmine and neither was she on me…


I got to the hospital to find her sleeping and pale. The smell of hospital disinfectants and sterilized passages.. I saw the drip in her arm. The doctor said she was lucky to be alive…Leroy was speechless, nearly paler then she was.….I tapped him on the shoulder and told him everything would be fine…..I wish that I believed that myself but the gangsters at the concerts are crazy and now with all these drug addicts around no one focuses on music anymore….everyone is too busy looking over their shoulders. As my sister woke up I we wept together and she was still …

I gave thanks in my heart to a God I’m not sure exists as I walked home in the rain…I decided Leroy has this one covered and needed to be alone with Jasmine, I was going to need a drink…..


My other sister Laura phoned me when she heard the news. She had some news of her own but didn’t think it was the right time to tell me but she had promised her man she would tell me that she was going to move out and get married….I finished my beer and hit the streets….times keep changing and I don’t know if I can do this….not that I have a choice…I kick off my shoes get in bed and close my eyes….where is my happy ever after, I nearly lost my family today …and it’s my only treasure I have.

I was walking down the street and someone was calling me…I turned and looked and saw an old friend…

We went to school together a while ago…really wanted this to pass quickly. We had meaningless conversation, she wanted to know how I was so we decided to get some coffee and share a smoke….one smoke tuned to a few, she knew quite a lot now….she’s still here…I asked for her number because I had to hit the road and when she smiled for a second things seemed alright. She was fucking beautiful…what am I getting myself into? “See you in a while crocodile” said Aimee and like that I think I was a little love sick ….I could not get her out my head…it was dangerous to give someone so much power over my emotions but I just can’t help myself.


My sister and Leroy arrived home. We all sat around the tv and had something to eat. Leroy checked our website and to our amazement we had sold 200 copies of our album….cash in!! We were so stoked…needless to say we hit the studio and planned to hit the first hip hop concert we could…times are finally changing and I looked at Leroy and said ”Don’t let times change you…hard work pays off !!”



















Chapter 4


We made it



We are packing…feels good we found a new place to stay in a nicer community. Aimee was so happy for me and we’ve got a big date. Our house warming party is this weekend, can’t wait to do our music live. I bought us a big fat system and we are going to bbq and have a great time. Last load is in .. we bought a new family van and I am so proud of it. We had to wait a little longer to get our new logo printed on the side. .. Finally …meet the proud owner of 55th street records….


Shower, shave, cologne, dreads tied to the back. I’m ready for my date. I’m sort of nervous. I get in the van and hit the streets, the neighbourhood is so nice, green grass and smiling faces …so this is what it feels like to be treated like a human … she’s beautiful, hair done ,tight dress ..She’s here to impress me. She gets in the car and she smells like hazelnut with maybe a hint of vanilla, definitely women’s soap and shampoo. She giggles, I was breath taken by her beauty. Tonight is about us and I can’t wait.




She ordered her food in the break we had from laughing. .”My tummy hurts” she complained. Apparently I am funny…this girl was amazing. On the drive home I could tell she didn’t want it to end. We rolled up to the house bass pumping, she looked at me for a while…I’ve never felt more safe…she might just be the closest girl I’ve ever been friends with…she leaned over and kissed me good night and said. “Sweet dreams crocodile”..


This weekend’s house party is tomorrow. I need to go shopping and decide that it would be a good idea to spent time with Laura and Jasmine who is finally moving around again without complaining… I figured she needed some time out…


We had a great lunch and really caught up on mom and what we can remember about dad…all in all it was a great day…as I lay in my bed and closed my eyes a sigh of relief overcame my body like a wave in the ocean….my phone rang. It was Aimee…she was coming to spend the night…


I lit candles, put on music dimmed the lights. There was a knock at the door. She was beautiful, no makeup, sweat pants and dreads to the back.., tonight is going to be the most fun I’ve ever had…



Chapter 5


Fresh starts


We were all sitting in the lounge having breakfast. Aimee was over and really getting along well with everyone…needless to say we have started seeing each other. She has really supported me and we are going to perform a few songs at our house warming party tonight….we all had our part to do to get the property ready for the party….night fell…people were dancing…fire was huge …it was time…I grabbed the mike, the bass dropped. I felt the connection so clear…my girl looking at me from the crowd, she was dancing. I was proud. I could do this…this is me I felt ready make a change…


We had a great night everyone had an amazing time…we were cleaning the house and I took a break…I checked my email and noticed something special…a big recording company wanted to sign us for a lot of money and have us do a tour….everyone was over joyed so we went out and celebrated….had a mad night again….


When I woke up. I messaged the recording company and declined their offer. When I spoke to Leroy he was furious…


I tried to explain i had some money left and wanted to throw my own concert….


It took a while but he came around. ..He started getting a few others to join the line-up for our party. Luckily I had saved some cash for this very thing…we went all out in renting a venue and rig. It was a nice farm with a breathtaking view and we charged a nice entrance fee…so many people showed up and we made so much money…


After the party Leroy and I decided to use the money to set up our own tour and we all agreed we would all go together as a family….we bought a tour bus and big rig and travelled all over the country. Our website became so big that other artists joined us…we were making so much money….our website had the world’s number one music downloading app so we started a studio in the hood to help under privileged producers and artists to reach their goals….



Aimee looked into my eyes as we lay in bed …she took my hand and I saw her get red….her eyes glittery…she took my hand and put it on her tummy and smiled….”I love you” she said..







The end.























55th Street Records

  • Author: David Robertson, Sr
  • Published: 2016-11-30 17:05:10
  • Words: 2438
55th Street Records 55th Street Records