5 Proven Way To Make Money With SEO

5 Proven Ways To Make Money With SEO

By J.D Evies

Copyright 2017 J.D Evies

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If you’re starting on SEO or you have an interest in it, you must have some monetization goals. Often, we merely try to rank a site and drive people toward content hoping they convert to the offers we’re promoting.


This is the simple main idea everyone go after. But there are other ways to monetize sites once they’re ranking in the first page of Google or in other search engines. But most people don’t get the best of them.


These ways are lucrative if you approach them correctly. There are many SEO managers or even SEO newbies that are really crushing it. Because once you rank a site, to monetize it is simple.


After detailing every way you can make money with SEO, I’ll show you how to get free information to start optimizing websites.

First of all, for these strategies to work, your site must be ranked in the first page of at least one search engine.


p<>{color:#000;}. Rent Your Site


Renting a site is a very attractive way for monetization. And it’s ideal (very lucrative) for Local SEO. There are business and companies that are ranking poorly in the search engines. Their sites might show up in the second or third page – or not even show up at all. And here’s when your site becomes a valuable asset.


They would love to be on the first page of Google, in the position where yours is. Most of them, instead of trying to rank their sites for themselves, would be willing to pay you for that precious place.


Now, what you have to do is leave a clear notice in the homepage with the following information:


p<>{color:#000;}. One short sentence stating that the current site is for rent.

p<>{color:#000;}. Contact information (phone or email)


There is another way to automatize which I will explain in a moment.


How To Get Clients See That Your Site Is For Rent


First off, keep in mind that the people who will be willing to rent your site belong to the niche your site is built. For example: if your site is about supplements, another site about selling supplements would be very interested.


There are two ways to quicken this process:


p<>{color:#000;}. Contact them


You can make a little research in your niche and find sites that are ranking in the second or third page. Then go look for the contact information (it is generally located in the contact page). And then emailed them.


Some companies even leave their phone. You can call them, and make a proposition. You can simply tell them that you have a site ranking in the first page of Google and you’re putting it for rent.


To make it work, be very straight and clear, don’t go around explaining SEO stuff. They only care about being in the first page of Google. To complement your proposal, you can highlight a little bit of the advantages in relation to visibility their business will get.


If you don’t feel comfortable on the phone, I recommend you have someone else to do this task. You can find very talented people in Upwork that are good by selling on the phone. They can easily find potential clients for an affordable fee.


p<>{color:#000;}. Let them find you


If your site is ranking in the first page of Google. Businesses will find you with no effort. And when they see your message, they will contact you.


Moreover, you can have a programmer write a snippet of code for you. The idea is to provide a testing example. Click below for ideas.


Check out this website


p<>{color:#000;}. Rent A Page


You can also rent a portion of the website. This is ideal if you’re targeting several suburbs in your state area. For example: If you’re targeting Florida and your site is about cosmetic surgery, you can create a page per suburbs.


Another good strategy in case you want to expand to other states is to create a directory site. There are many businesses that would gladly pay you for having a privilege spot.


One way to organize your renting pages is by listing them in the header or footer menu. In addition, you can leverage on the homepage, and charge more for a page that naturally have more exposure.


The process of marketing is the same as the renting the site. Just remember that you’re addressing several businesses so you have to create one page per suburb, city or state.


p<>{color:#000;}. Affiliate Site


This is the most common method people use. The strategy is rather simple. You create content related to the theme of your site. And then you recommend a product that is beneficial to your readers.


To avoid some conversion problems, the product you promote has to be in close relation with the content you write.


For example: A site about a self-improvement can showcase a help coaching plan course or even brain supplement pills.


The content you publish can also be videos. Since videos engage more people into action you can base all your content on media.


For example: If your site is about green tea. You can publish videos that display antioxidants benefits. Below or next to the video you can promote green tea powder.


p<>{color:#000;}. Consulting


This is one of the most lucrative ways in SEO. Your job is to analyze sites and make recommendations about the site structure and design. Also, you detail certain procedures to follow and changes to make the site easily indexed and ranked by search engines.


Besides, you’re in charge to make the site look appealing so visitors have a good user-friendly experience.


SEO consultants can make full-income. Some of them even make more than $20,000 per month. And depending on the client, you can provide extra services like content writing or content marketing.


p<>{color:#000;}. YouTube Rankings


Ranking YouTube videos is excellent for monetization. And I’m not talking about Adsense. I mean promoting an affiliate program or product leveraging on YouTube views.


Also, if your video ranks well on YouTube, it can also rank in the first page of Google for your keywords. Besides, you have the advantage to harness on the popularity of videos, which can turn your media into viral content.


Monetizing video comes automatically. Once your video is ranking, you make use of the platform tools to redirect traffic to some offers.


For example: If your video is about playing the guitar, you can optimize the video description to display some programs related to media topic.

There are other ways to monetize sites with SEO. Ad networks like Adsense is one of those. But the reason I don’t include them is because you need massive amount of traffic to get significant result. Google average pay is about one or two dollars per 1,000 views. And you definitely won’t quit on your job for those pennies.


However, with the methods described above you don’t need lots of traffic to get a full-time income. These are proven ways to crush it on your SEO efforts.

Which Method To Choose


First off, I recommend you select one method and stick with it, learn to master it. Don’t go jumping onto all of them without dominating them first.


These methods are practical and very easy to implement. The only thing that takes effort and time is optimizing and ranking the sites. For this, I’ve prepared a complete and concise book.


You can apply these methods once you have learned the simple strategies I use to index, optimize and get fast rankings. And it’s totally free.


How To Index And Optimize Your Site Book


Yes, Totally FREE. I show the strategies I use to index, optimize, and rank my sites. Similarly, I explain the best practices on how to get your site indexed in just hours.

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5 Proven Way To Make Money With SEO

Find out ways to realistically monetize your site. I'll show you five methods to monetize your site once they're ranking. These methods are proven to work and easy to implement. You will know how to use them to start generating income.

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5 Proven Way To Make Money With SEO 5 Proven Way To Make Money With SEO