4 Things to Keep in Mind Before You Start an E-Commerce Website

This is a trend that has caught up too quick in India where there are more and more businesses wanting to sell online. With the big brands making a mark for themselves, everyone else wants to be a part of the rat race. Why wouldn’t there be such a rage? The results are fascinating where more and more people are purchasing all that they need without stepping out their homes and getting it delivered right at their doorstep. While people think that getting an e-commerce website is instant, they do not understand is that there is a lot that goes into making it perfect and accessible to customers. All the hard work is taken care of by the developers and coders who are the experts at the e-commerce development company in Bangalore while ensuring that a perfect e-commerce website is ready in no time. While you make all the efforts to ensure that everything is perfect, here are a few things that you need to check and set it right for a successful e-commerce venture. Keep a check on the URLs Not many know that URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator and is something that allows the multiple search engines to index your website when it comes to applying the techniques of SEO to it. When you create a URL, there is the need for you to make it in a way that is easy for the viewer to understand what your website is all about. The words in the URL should be separated by a dash (-), and the name should be clear without any numbers. All of this gives about a neat look while giving a boost to your website. Look for the page headings When you categorize products, they should have a heading that would let people know about the products displayed under it. Make use of only one H1 tag and not multiple that may confuse people. Also use H2, H3 and H4 tags while putting each one of them in hierarchal order while making it simple for people to notice and understand what you intend to convey. Too much of confusion and excessive placement of tags can create a disinterest amongst visitors. Integrating social media in the website Given the rage that Social Media platforms have, it is something that becomes a necessity for people when they can interact and share when they are at your website. When the arrangements are made in a way where all major social media platforms are integrated into your website while making more and more people come to your website and purchase products from you. The same can also be added to the final page after a customer has placed the order where they can refer the same to their friends by sharing. Make way for easy checkouts If you have complicated checkout procedures, there would be disinterest amongst the buyers. They would leave things midway and opt for the others. While ensuring that they have a personalised profile, there are multiple payment options, you have low or no shipping costs, helping out with promo codes, suggesting wish list items for better up selling, giving an assurance of safekeeping of their payment details, offering financing options for highly priced products and in all making the entire checkout process simple. While all of these are basics of E-Commerce website development would help you, it is likely that you will receive better results for your e-commerce website whether it is an old one or something that you have created recently.

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  • Published: 2018-09-11 14:50:06
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4 Things to Keep in Mind Before You Start an E-Commerce Website 4 Things to Keep in Mind Before You Start an E-Commerce Website