2016 Free Real Estate Exam Prep. Study Guide How to Pass the Real Estate License


2016 Free Real Estate Exam Prep. Study Guide

How to Pass the Real Estate License Exam Without Even Studying!

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Where to get Actual State Questions & Answers

How to Study for Your Exam

Secrets to Passing the Real Estate Exam


Limits of Liability

How to Study and Pass

Your Real Estate Exam

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How to Study For Your Exam


This is the most important tip for passing your real estate exam is to STUDY!!! There is not substitute for the time you spend studying. However, every hour of study is not worth the same in value as every other hour. Studying eight hours straight one Sunday is not as effective as studying sixteen 30 minute segments during the week. During a long study session, the mind tends to wander. It is difficult to pay attention. You can find yourself reading a page and suddenly realizing you don’t know what you read.

These few basic points will help you in planning your studying:

Plan to set aside specific time periods each day for study purposes. Your study blocks should generally be thirty minutes to one hour. You should strive to set aside at least two periods per day.

Schedule your study in as quite a place as possible. Be careful not to get too comfortable, such as studying in bed. Your study session can easily turn into a nap. You should sit upright at a table or desk in a well-lighted area. Too warm a room or scheduling study after a heavy meal creates difficulty in staying awake.

Avoid distractions such as a television or radio. They make it easy to change the focus of your thoughts.

If it is necessary to study for a long period because of other commitments you should break up your study period by doing some other tasks every 30-45 minutes.

You are using a Real Estate Principals textbook for your studies. When first encountering new material, you should scan it quickly to get an idea as to what you will be learning. You want to get the main points of the chapter or material.

This scanning process should take no more than five to ten minutes for an average chapter. Reading the first sentence of each paragraph is generally sufficient, as usually the first sentence contains the gist of the paragraph and the rest is normally support material. By having a general idea of what you will be studying before you start; your comprehension will be significantly increased.

When using the EZ-PASSTM Study Program offered by United Real Estate Media, please follow the instructions in the READ ME FIRST document. This will give you an effective way to study the actual state exam questions in the EZ-PASSTM guide, so you can pass your exam on your first try! If you do not currently have this valuable guide, click here now to get more information.

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Secrets to Passing the Real Estate Exam

Studying by itself is not always enough. Learning good examination habits and techniques is also important. Good “examinationship” will mean extra points for you.

Knowing how to take an examination can make the difference between passing and failing. Many people fail the real estate exam before they enter the examination room. Be prepared and be confident.

Don’t study late the night before your examination. If you have done your preparation, the few extra hours of rest will mean more in being fresh for the examination.

Avoid the use of amphetamines. They frequently give a false sense of understanding.

They cause students to jump at an answer without carefully weighing alternative possibilities.

Allow yourself plenty of time to get to the examination location. Plan for traffic problems, parking, etc. Murphy’s Law states: “Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong!” and O’Brian’s Law states: “Murphy was an optimist!”

People are nervous at test time. Avoid pre-examination socializing. Talking with a group of nervous people will only tend to heighten your anxiety. Fear is contagious. Don’t listen to the “expert” who knows the ropes simply because he has taken the exam several times.

He is obviously doing something wrong. Remain calm and confident. This is key!

Take a seat as far forward in the examination room as possible. You are less likely to be distracted by students moving in front of you.

The Department of Real Estate allows the use of non-programmable electronic calculators. Make sure you have one and you fully understand its operation. Go through sample problems with it in advance. Some calculators will give wrong answers when the batteries are low. Remember “Murphy”: Have new batteries in your calculator.

Bring several sharp pencils to use for the examination. However, if the state supplies you with a pencil, USE IT, not your own. The test is electronically scored and your own pencil mark may not register. Different pencil manufacturers use different types of graphite in their pencils.

Pay attention to all instructions given by the examination tutor as well as those written on the examination.

If you are right-handed, place the examination answer sheet to the right of the examination booklet. If you are left-handed, place the answer sheet to the left. This way your arm does not crowd over the examination booklet while answering a question. Not only will it save time in finding your place, but it will also reduce the possibility of answering a question in the wrong section of the answer sheet. You DO NOT want to suddenly find yourself out of sequence by marking the answer to question 100 in the section for question 99 and find out you have been marking the wrong section for the past 15 questions.

Frequently among the first few questions it seems that there are some of the most difficulty. Physiologically it will throw you off pace and the Department of Real Estate has coldly done this on purpose. What you will want to do is skip the first 5 questions and start with question number 6. Once you have finished all the questions, then go back and do questions 1 through 5. Also, you will want to skip all the math questions in your first run through. You will want to wait to answer any math questions until the very end. This reason for this is that the brain takes about 10 to minutes to completed go from a comprehensive thinking to analytical mathematical thinking. Your exam will be timed and you will only have about a minute and a half for each question. So your time will be valuable.

Here is a run down of how you should approach the exam process:

You will be allowed one sheet of scratch paper. On this sheet make 3 columns labeled A, MATH and GUESS. Write the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 in column A and draw a line under number 5. These are the first 5 questions you are going to skip and come back to. Remember we mentioned this earlier in the beginning of this book. On this first run through you are NOT going to guess at any questions. Start with question number 6. Let’s say you know the answer and you answer it correctly. Then go to the next question, number 7. You do not know the answer right away and it might cause you to think about it for awhile. Remember time is valuable. Write the number 7 on your sheet of scratch paper in column A with the other numbers. You will come back to this later. You go on to question number 8. This one you know, and answer it correctly. You continue on answering correctly until you come to question number 15. It is a math question. Place this in the MATH column and any other math questions you come across on this first run through.

From now on in this first run through you will place all questions you do not know right away in the column A, any math questions in column labeled MATH. The column labeled GUESS will be for the second run through. Your scratch paper should now look like the image on the next page.

Continue with your first run through of the exam, placing math questions in the MATH column and unknown questing in column A until you get to the end. You will find that there will be very few math questions on the exam. They do not weigh very heavily on the exam.

Now you are ready for the second run through. Look at your scratch paper. Go to column A and start with the first question below the line under the number 5. This question has now had some time to incubate in your mind, or there was another question like it in the exam that you answered correctly. You now know the answer and answer it correctly.

Cross out the number 7 and go to the next one in the column. Continue until you come across one in this column that you still do not know or absolutely have not clue. Let‘s say it was question number 37. Cross out number 37 and place it in the GUESS column.

Continue on this second run though. Answering the ones you now know and crossing them out, and placing the ones that you still do not know in the GUESS column until you reach the end again. Your scratch paper should look something like the image on the next page.

Now for the third run through. Go back to column A and answer the first 5 questions. Do the same as before. The ones you do not know place them in column labeled GUESS.

Once you have gone through the first 5 you are now ready to go on to the MATH column.

Do the same with this column. If you absolutely do not know one of the math questions, place it in the GUESS column. Your scratch paper should now look like the one on the next page.

Now you are ready to attack the GUESS column. First go to the math question. If the math question has answers that look like the ones below, you will see that nothing in residential real estate costs $36.00 and hardly anything in residential real estate costs $360,000,000.00. So, you can eliminate A and D. This leaves B and C and a 50/50 chance at getting it correct. Take a look at the question once more. Look at the numbers that are being used in the question and the type of question it is. Is the math question about commission or annual interest? If so, the answer may be C. Or, is the math question about fees, penalties, monthly payments, monthly savings, or monthly interest? If so, then the answer to this question is probably B.

A. $36.00

B. $360.00

C. $3600.00

D. $360,000,000.00

Finally, finish the GUESS column with the comprehensive questions you had no clue about. Can you play the elimination game with those and give yourself a 50/50 chance on those too? If so, great! But still do not answer it. Locate the question on your answer sheet. Look at the answers you bubbled in for the 3 before it and the 3 after it. Does there seem to be a pattern? In the Department of Real Estate’s exam there are patterns and they usually happen in 4’s. If you see that there is a pattern of 4 with the answers like the ones below, continue that pattern.

35. B

36. B

37. (this one you did not know and is in your GUESS column)

38. B

39. C

So, for number 37 you will mark it B. If you do not see a pattern, and you cannot eliminate to make a 50/50 chance, do as the old college saying goes, “if you don’t know it, mark it C“. You will be amazed at how many question on ANY exam has the letter C as the answer.

So, now you have the tools to take your exam with even more confidence knowing that you have a better chance at passing your exam than anyone else there in the exam room.

Many people consider the examination in which they took to become a real estate license tougher than any examination they ever had in college. You can see that there are hundreds of unfamiliar terms and phrases too be learned which cover a wide spectrum of areas.

Do not be intimidated by the size of the task before you. You do not need to have an exceptional intellect or memory to pass your examination. What you must have is dedication to continue with your studies and plan to get the most of your study time. As said before, confidence is the key.

Many students are discouraged because of confusion. During your first few lessons, confusion is the normal situation not the exception. Many students have stated that they are confused and unsure until they start their reviews. Then things start to clarify and make sense.

Teenagers and octogenarians have passed real estate examinations, and you can too. A positive attitude and learning how to study and take an examination can mean your success.


The Department of Real Estate or Real Estate Commission regularly changes the real estate exam. However, they do not write new questions for each new exam. The state keeps a test bank of real estate questions. Each real estate exam is composed from this bank of questions. Questions are dropped from the bank that are either seldom answered correctly or nearly always answered correctly. Consequently, the majority of the questions are repeated again and again. Often questions will be changed slightly to call for a “negative” rather than a “positive” answer. Other times the question will remain the same, but the answer will be worded differently. The questions offered in our EZ-PASSTM Real Estate Exam Prep Program are questions from these “test banks”. We have ALL US STATES available. Studying these questions and answers (with explanations) is a great way to familiarize yourself with the examination you will receive by the Department of Real Estate or Real Estate Commission, and will substantially increase your odds of passing the exam on the first try.

As mentioned before, confidence is the key. What better why to give yourself confidence than to have the EZ-PASSTM Program along with the questions and answers BEFORE you take the exam. Knowing exactly what to expect on the day of your exam will boost your confidence level.

Thank you again! We hope this book will give you the confidence needed to pass your real estate exam and become a successful real estate agent.


Limits of Liability

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2016 Free Real Estate Exam Prep. Study Guide How to Pass the Real Estate License 2016 Free Real Estate Exam Prep. Study Guide How to Pass the Real Estate License