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10 Lessons From The Wonderland

10 Lessons From The Wonderland


[[A Short Story Book for Those
Who Love to Learn While Having Fun]]

BY Morti Miscellany

Dedicated to:

All Beloved Animals


32 years ago, I was just an infant in the world of human relationship. I spent last 32 years trying to understand human behavior, psychology, interpersonal skills, relationship management, and management skills. These 32 years taught me one lesson i.e.

“This world is an amazing accident (for an atheist) or creation (for a believer) that presents us with numerous opportunities to learn every day. All we need is a curious mind and a playful heart that can read the encyclopedia kept in this global observatory.”

Few months back, I decided to put all my experiences into words and share it with our next generations. My experiences taught me that childhood and adolescence are best time to learn the management skills. However, it’s never too late to learn. My obsession with biological world made me dedicate this work to the diverse animal kingdom.

Considering the short attention span of growing kids and increasing number of kids diagnosed with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), I realized that the long management stories could become boring for these kids and adolescents. Therefore, I decided to keep my stories short and made it pleasant by including the characters from the pet world.

A separate fun fact section was added at the end of each chapter for kids who would like to learn little more about the topics discussed in each chapter. The straightforward management lessons are added to each chapter for adolescents and grown-ups who would like to learn the relevance of these lessons in real world. As you walk from first chapter to the tenth chapter, you will notice a gradual increase in the complexity of management issues covered in the chapter. It was intentionally kept that way to just provide lighter insights in the beginning of book but giving a strong and useful conclusion at the end.

In short, I tried to design this book for all young hearts (irrespective of age) willing to learn few management lessons while having fun.

CHAPTER 1: Individual

1.1 Short Story 1

The spring has arrived

And winter is gone!

The sky is clear

And trees are in bloom!

The city looks beautiful

With the fresh sunshine!

I have brought home

A golden friend of mine!

The Old Dinosaur dedicated above poem to the GG

GG was beautiful like sunshine. Its golden color was very attractive. It had black stripes on its body similar to a tiger. You must be thinking by now:

Who was GG?

The GG was a golden fish and the first friend in aquarium. It looked very calm and cool fish at first glance. It was impressively attractive too. The dinosaur was new to aquarium maintenance. He took all the precautions recommended by experts to provide best habitat for the GG. One fine day, the dinosaur decided that the aquarium should be expanded to make it a community tank. The dinosaur expected that the social interaction with other fishes would be good for the GG. In that way, the GG will have few friends as playmates and the groups are always considered more valuable compared to the individual.

The dinosaur brought home few more fishes and kept them with the GG. After two days, the dinosaur found one of the new fish dead. Few days later, one more of new fish died. It continued over next few days and the new fishes kept dying one by one.

The dinosaur started the analysis of the events. All fishes were young and beautiful. They were healthy too. There was appropriate quantity as well as quality of resources (water, food, oxygen, pH, temperature etc.) required for the health living of all the fishes. Therefore, it could not be a natural death.

The dinosaur started active observation of the tank to identify the cause of fish deaths. After few days of observation, the dinosaur realized that the GG was acting aggressively with other fishes leading to the injury followed by death for other fishes.

The dinosaur remembered a management lesson that he had learned during 32 years of his experience:

Few people are more valuable to society alone than in group. A person who is great asset alone can become a non-performer or even disruptive in groups. Each individual has their own quality and the leaders have ability to identify those individual qualities to bring the best out of every individual.”


1.2 Real-Life Management Lesson 1
p<>{color:#000;}. The team efforts are being publicized across the globe. It has become a custom to promote team-work and collaboration. Team efforts even have evolutionary advantage for human as well as other species. However, there are individuals who perform best when they work alone. The cause of such individual efficiency may vary from an early-life adaptation to a psychological fear. Depending on the reason of the individual efficiency, the person can turn out to be a non-performer in team or can even have a disruptive behavior. The leaders must be able to identify where to draw the line to bring best out of every individual/employee. The leaders should remember:

“Keeping an eagle and a horse in same team does not mean you can claim to have a unicorn. It will be more productive to think about a way to individually utilize a horse and an eagle than having an imaginary nonfunctional unicorn at the cost of two team members who could be very valuable resources as an individual. ”

1.3 Fun Facts From Chapter 1

The GG mentioned in the chapter is Gold Gourami. It is a semi-aggressive fish species that do not like to be kept with other colorful fishes. Evolutionarily, they consider other colorful fishes as threat for them. They also need large amount of water per fish. Hence, they are ideal to be kept in a big tank with lots of water.

They like planted aquarium. They will play with plants but never damage the plants. You can keep any immersed or submersed plant with them and both plants as well as the fish will act as happy companion for each other.

Gold gourami is hardy fish. It makes them best for beginner aquarists or kids. It is less demanding compared to majority of freshwater fishes. They are little picky about the food though. They like only small flake food made for betta family of fishes. They have hard time consuming pellet food as they have very small mouth. With proper care the golden gourami can be part of your family for years.

CHAPTER 2: Diversity

2.1 Short Story 2

Individual colors are great,

But rainbow need shades!

If the world is unicolored,

It would be quite dull!

The GG was great,

But needed playmate!

Hence I brought friends,

Who were quite different!

The Old Dinosaur dedicated above poem to the Diversity!

The dinosaur was happy with GG in the beginning. However, the nature is more beautiful when it is diverse. The rainbow cannot be made up of a single color. No matter how important a color is in life, it would be dull if it was the only color available in the world. The beauty of nature comes from the fact that it is diverse. Just suppose a possibility that every living and non-living object on this planet (or universe) has same color. The dinosaur needed to do something.

What did the dinosaur do to make his home more beautiful?

The dinosaur decided to prepare a community fish tank. Therefore, he researched for the fish compatibility and brought home seven more friends. Now, the dinosaur had total of eight friends from three different species. The dinosaur knew that the extra family members will need extra space and resources for healthy living. Therefore, the old dinosaur brought a bigger tank for the living of his new friends.

All the friends were happy. They had plenty of food supply to eat; plenty of oxygen to breathe; and optimum amount of light. Everything was going great for few months. All of the friends were eating well. A healthy eating habit leads to normal development. Overeating increases the chances of being obese. Four of the dinosaur’s friends were overeating. They became large and strong. They used to bully the smaller members of the family. They even started eating the food of smaller members of family and did not allow later to feed properly. The dinosaur noticed these changes. The dinosaur had learned earlier in life that the diversity is the most beautiful aspect of a team. Therefore, he decided not to interfere with the diversity of team.

Few months passed by and the dinosaur had to go out-of-station for a week due to some personal work. The dinosaur set the automatic fish feeder, cleaned the tank, and set-up the filtration system. He had done it during several trips in past and all the tank-mates were fine with this practice in the past. The dinosaur came back after a week.

Guess what?

Four out of eight fishes in tank were dead. The two out of four survivors were the weaker ones from two different species in the tank. The larger fishes of same species had bullied them and did not allow them to feed properly in past. The third and fourth survivors were from a fish species that is inherently slow eater and slow metabolizer.

The dinosaur checked everything. He found that the filter was clogged by the fish food. Probably the food pellets entered the filter and clogged the filtration system. The dinosaur checked the water quality and found poor quality as the filtration could not clean up the toxicants. The dinosaur found the reason behind his loss. However, how did the four fishes survive when the stronger ones could not?

The four survivors were the least active fishes. Limiting the activity level helped them maintain the low energy needs. Hence, they needed less nutrients and less oxygen to survive. Slower metabolism leads to slower rate of breathing in fishes. Hence, they passed less water through their respiratory system. It helped them minimize their exposure to the toxicants too. Hence, a disadvantage earlier turned out to be an advantage for these fishes leading to their survival under untenable circumstances where the stronger one’s from family could not survive.

The dinosaur remembered one more management lessons from his experience:

The diversity is very important for the long term performance of the team. A weaker (less useful) member in regular day to day business can turn out to be a great resource under some unforeseen circumstances.”


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10 Lessons From The Wonderland

  • ISBN: 9781370195152
  • Author: Morti Miscellany
  • Published: 2017-04-25 02:20:11
  • Words: 11366
10 Lessons From The Wonderland 10 Lessons From The Wonderland